The BEST RATATOUILLE EVER: Making a Traditional Spanish Pisto

today we are making a traditional
Spanish Pisto this is basically a ratatouille with vegetables and extra
virgin olive oil bienvenidos welcome guys to another fabulous episode of
Spain on a fork now the dish we’re making today Pisto is very
popular throughout all of Spain however it does differ from region to region some
regions use different ingredients other regions add different ingredients the
one that we’re making today is the most traditional one made with the simplest
ingredients you can enjoy this pisto as a side dish or even better as
a main course with a perfectly fried egg on top for an incredible dish now the
secret to this pisto guys make sure that use the freshest vegetables
possible and if you can get them organic even better and the second thing is the
olive oil make sure use a good quality extra virgin olive oil as this is what
really flavors this pisto I mean check this out the only seasonings we’re
using here it’s just fine sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper no fine
herbs nothing else the extra virgin olive oil is what really flavors it make
sure you use a good one for this recipe I’m gonna be using a Spanish olive oil
from the Georgetown olive oil company they sent this to me to try out here on
Spain on a Fork this there Hojiblanca Spanish extra virgin olive oil
amazing stuff perfect for this dish you’re talking Spanish pisto
Spanish extra virgin olive oil marriage made in heaven every kitchen needs a
bottle of this amazing Spanish olive oil link below where you guys can and should
get this amazing olive oil alright guys let’s get started
let’s begin by grabbing one large brown onion and we’re gonna cut this into large chunks
and as I’m cutting my onions I like to have a paper towel underneath for an easy
clean up and also you know I like to remove between 1 to 2 of the outer layers the secret here guys is you wanna cut
this into large chunks not small ones that way this pisto has some texture
about that size right there is perfect for the next ingredient we are going to
grab five large cloves of garlic we will remove the skins from them
I like twist them the skin is easily removed alright let’s come back to our garlic’s
what we’re gonna do here guys is we are going to thinly slice these moving on
we’ve got one green bell pepper and one red bell pepper again we’re gonna cut
this into large chunks this is how I always like to cut my bell peppers for
an easy cleanup that way those seeds right there don’t get all over the cutting board
you kinda wanna cut around it look at that and again guys we’re gonna cut this
into large chunks you know that’s the secret of this pisto you don’t
want to cut them too small that way it has a beautiful texture to it so these look
at that about half an inch squares big chunks guys again about half an inch
squares okay guys the last ingredient to cut one large zucchini I like to cut off
the ends we´ll discard that then we´re gonna cut this in half lengthwise okay then another slit right down the middle and then chunks about a quarter inch apart okay guys our
vegetables are cut now we can start cooking our pisto the secret
here is we’re gonna be cooking these vegetables in a low medium heat we’re
basically gonna be poaching them not frying them that way they can fully absorb that
beautiful extra virgin olive oil and give them a nice soft texture the pan
I’m using for this is a saute pan this is about a 9-inch size you can use
whatever kind of pan that you like let’s go ahead and heat this with a low medium
heat and I’m gonna add a generous portion of this Georgetown Hojiblanca
extra virgin Spanish olive oil I would say about a quarter cup okay guys after heating our extra virgin
olive oil for about a minute to two minutes let’s go ahead and add our
slices of garlic in there and start mixing them around in that beautiful
extra-virgin olive oil let me tell you the aromas of this olive oil are
insanely delicious about one minute after adding these garlic’s in there
let´s add our chunks of onion and again mix it around so basically guys we’re gonna be
cooking and stirring this constantly the secret here again we don’t want to burn
any of the vegetables we just want to poach them so they’re nice and soft so
for these onions we’re gonna go about five minutes we just want to see them to
be nice and translucent okay guys so it’s been about five minutes since we
added the onions into the pan they’re nice and translucent which means that
they are nice and soft now so now let’s grab our chopped bell peppers and let´s add them into
the pan both the green and the red and again continue to mix this so it’s been about ten to
eleven minutes since we added the bell peppers into the pan at this point this
should be nice and soft gonna have to be perfectly completely soft as they’re
gonna continue to cook as we add more ingredients in here so at this point
let’s add our zucchini in there and once again continue to mix so now what we’re
doing with this here we’re going to continue to mix it we just want the
these zucchini pieces to be nice and translucent which they’re starting to
get there then we’re gonna season everything and then we gonna add the
last ingredient which is the tomatoes traditionally people use fresh tomatoes
to make a pisto but you know more and more people these days are busier and
whatnot and even my mother who´s older you know what I mean
they’re using canned diced tomatoes why for when it makes things easier for
two you always have the best tomatoes you know when tomatoes are not in season
you don’t want to use tomatoes that aren’t ripe in a pisto
when you use the canned ones you’re always guaranteed to have beautiful tomatoes
alright guys so it’s been about eight minutes since I added the zucchini into
the pan and as you can see here it’s becoming nice and translucent and we
don’t want to overcook it that way it doesn’t fall apart okay so at this point
let’s season it let’s grab a generous pinch of some fine sea salt throw it in there
some freshly cracked black pepper put as much as you like I love freshly
cracked black pepper and let’s mix this together alright once our seasonings are
well mixed in there it’s time to add the last ingredient now like I told you guys
earlier traditionally you use fresh tomatoes but more and more people are using the
canned tomatoes now why because they’re always ripe
they’re always delicious and you can always get this all year round
so two 15 ounce cans guys and again let’s season now the tomatoes
with a little sea salt freshly cracked black pepper don’t be afraid to season
your food that way it’s full of flavor and last but not least let´s add a pinch
of some white sugar this is gonna cut some of that acid from the tomatoes and now
comes the fun part let’s mix this all together and we’re
gonna see how this pisto is gonna come together okay guys so there’s some
good news here at this point once we add the tomatoes everything’s well mix we
can finally stop stirring this we’re gonna let this simmer you can go as long
as you want here remember we are on low medium heat so nothing is gonna burn
here you can even go to a low heat I’m gonna leave this to simmer you know
about ten to fifteen minutes that way all these flavors can truly develop but
if you need this quicker you know you’re on the run you’re on the go you can hit
this to like a medium high heat and it’ll thicken up a lot quicker so we’ve been
simmering this between 10 to 12 minutes all these flavors have beautifully
developed again you can leave this here longer or you can leave it shorter if
you were to go shorter just make sure to turn up the heat that way everything can
develop together and as you guys can see also in this pisto I’ve got a
nice little sauce right there that’s how I like to serve it that is how my mother
likes to make it certain people don’t like there pisto to have that
sauce right there they want to be completely dry you know like that so
that’s how you want to make your pisto before you add the canned diced
tomatoes into the pan make sure you drain through a sieve and it’ll get rid of
all that liquid and then you just have the chunks of tomato and then you won’t
have this little sauce right here but trust me you want that sauce right there
this gives it such an incredible flavor alright guys we are done here
let’s go ahead turn off the heat and remove this okay guys our pisto is done again
like I told you guys earlier you can serve this as a side dish or as a main
course with a fried egg on top that’s exactly how we’re going to serve
it so let’s go ahead and fry up a perfect egg we’re gonna heat this to a
medium-high heat we´re gonna add a generous portion of this georgetown
olive oil the extra virgin one about right there about two tablespoons alright
guys we’ve been heating this oil for two minutes so it’s ready to go we don’t
want to get to a smoking point let’s add one egg in there then guys these are
organic free-range eggs it does make a difference so the secret to perfectly frying an
egg at least Spain style is you guys can see how much olive oil is on there right
you want to grab that hot oil okay start putting it on top of the egg
basically in Spain when you get a fried egg either at home or you go to a restaurant
we never flip the egg what you do is you´re cooking the top part with the extra
virgin olive oil this gives it an insane amount of flavor
alright this egg is done look at that 2 minutes drain the oil from the egg put
it on the plate okay guys now I’m gonna grab some of this beautiful pisto
look at this this looks incredible add some to a shallow bowl for presentation
oh my goodness this looks incredible we’ll top it off with our fried egg
again guys you guys can skip this this is a total vegan dish but with a fried
egg it takes it to the next level quickly salt that egg and a little
bit of black pepper okay guys our pisto is done seriously it smells so amazing
here words can’t describe how good this is let’s give this a try and see how it
tastes look at that beautiful creamy egg yolk
man oh man this looks so good here we go Bravo
first things first those vegetables such a beautiful texture to them you almost don’t
have to chew them they’re just so soft and tender that’s the secret to a
beautiful pisto you wanna poach the vegetables not fry them incredible
flavors and that extra virgin olive oil that Spanish one from the Georgetown
olive oil company it’s what really flavors the pisto absolutely
delicious and then that fried egg on top you know that’s an extra that’s how I
like to eat it and a lot of people here in Spain eat it like that too as a main
course it´s just that creaminess from the yolk mixed in with the vegetables
explosion of flavor before I go I’d like to thank the folks over at the Georgetown
olive oil company for sending me over that beautiful Spanish extra virgin
olive oil it is absolutely amazing again guys link to their shop in the
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