The Best Type Of Coating For Dirt Bike Parts!

hey what up everyone in the last video I
asked you guys whether I should leave the hub’s from our cr250 as is with this
brushed finish or go ahead and powder coat them and of course like 95% you
said powder coat so it looks like I’ll be spraying some powder today before
powder coating you’ll usually want to sandblast the parts but since these hubs
already have a scuff finish they’ll be perfectly fine without any sandblasting
so the first step is to give the hubs of really deep cleaning it is super
important not to have any oil or dirt left on the part before spraying powder
so I’ll be wiping them down with this eastwood pre-painting prep it is really
similar to an acetone or mineral spirits product as I’m sure you know powder-coating adds
thickness to a part so anything with a tolerance such as where the bearing sits
in the hub the brake rotor mounting surface and especially the threads on
the rear hub all that is gonna have to be masked off with some masking tape
that can hold up to high heat as you can see the masking process is
quite tedious but it’s definitely worth investing some time into the cleaner the
job you do the end result will be so much better and you won’t have to be
driving powder off of surfaces where it shouldn’t be on one thing to keep in
mind when you mask over a hole you’re gonna want to poke a hole through the
masking tape before you run the part through the oven
if you don’t poke a hole through the tape once you run the part through the
oven the tape will shrivel up around the hole and it’ll leave some exposed areas
so just a little slit will do doesn’t take much so the rear hub is all
finished up with masking and the front hub should be quite a bit easier I’m
gonna knock this one out and then move on to the next step the masking is now 100% done just gonna
give the parts a quick wipe down with the cleaner before preheating them in
the oven at 350 for 10 minutes and what that will do is burn off any remaining
oil and residue one thing to consider when you’re handling the parts is your
skin has oil in it so I prefer to wear a set of gloves whenever I’m working with
a part besides during the masking process alright I’m gonna work on one hub at a
time the front hub is at first before I toss it in the oven I’m gonna thread a
lag bolt into one of the spoke holes here and what this will do is it’ll give
me a solid ground so after the first coat which is going to be Chrome it’ll
be tough to give it ground and so I’ll use the screw as a grounding point and
that should work pretty good for the second coat now I’ve got the hub hanging
from a hook and it’s in a spot where it doesn’t really matter a whole lot I’m
just gonna hook it on to the rack here and toss it in the oven just pull the
hub out of the oven and I’ve got the powder coating gun set up over here with
a chrome powder as soon as the hub cools down I’m gonna give it another wipe down
and then it’s game on to start shooting powder while I’m waiting for the hub to
cool off I think I might pop in a pizza I mean why else would I have an oven in
the shop so this is the final wipe down before spraying powder she is all ready
for action and a clip on the ground right here and get spraying just gonna
test the flow of the powder real quick here make sure there’s enough coming out
all right looks good looks like I’ve got it coated pretty
evenly always good to check it over before putting it in the oven so for you
guys I didn’t see the last video on powder coating the shock spring
basically how this works is I have a chrome powder right here this is going
to give like a really reflective finish and it’ll serve as the base layer for
the color coat that I’m going to put on top of it and so the color coat that’s
going on top is going to be a translucent so it’s going to shine
through or it’s going to show through to the chrome base and it’s going to give
that candy or like an anodized look to it into the oven we go it’s gonna bake
this one at 450 for 12 minutes but 12 minutes is up we should have a
shiny looking part now look at unreal it is mind-blowing the capabilities of
powder coating I mean this powder looks almost exactly like Chrome so I’m gonna
have to time this perfectly as far as sprite in the color I don’t want it to
cool down too much or else the powder won’t stick but also if I spray it too
soon the powder will fluidize on the part and the finish won’t turn out very
good you guys guess that I am spraying these parts in the same red that I used
on the shock spring so for this coat I have it in for 10
minutes at 400 I am really anxious to see how this one turned out damn that
looks amazing let’s pull it out so the front hub cannot look and
incredible and I’m hoping that I can nail it on the rear hub as well gonna
follow the same exact steps preheat it wipe it down spray the chrome and then
top it off with the red now I’m gonna peel off all this masking
tape and get some tasty shots of Hubbs all finished up you I know you guys enjoyed this video so go
destroy that like button so right now I’m waiting on a bunch of parts for this
bike to show up and I’m really hoping to get these wheels back together soon so
keep a lookout for that video alright have a good one I’ll see you later you


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