The Best Way To Earn MULTIPLE Affiliate Commissions

hey there Rachel Eisley here in this
video I’m going to share with you what I think to be the best way to earn
affiliate Commission’s off of multiple softwares and tools and courses that all
work together so you make more Commission’s if someone needs a landing
page software they’re also going to need an email marketing software or maybe web
hosting or maybe other little tools to improve whatever their goal is so the
key is finding similar offers to go with that so that’s what I’m gonna share with
you if you are brand new to affiliate marketing and just curious about it or
you’ve been doing this for a while be sure to subscribe to my channel because
I put out what I think to be pretty good content not so much fluff like to make
it good content so I’m gonna um share my screen soon to show you a little bit
about what I’m talking about and I want to let you know with affiliate marketing
that’s when you make a commission off the sale of something that you promoted
and you can promote anything you can promote weight loss pills you can
promote snoring stuff you can promote cameras from Amazon you can promote
books I personally like to promote different affiliate offers that have to
do with internet marketing and affiliate marketing and make money online and I
know it sounds kind of like meta but we need these tools anyway for our
affiliate marketing business running whatever offer you’re running so I just
kind of keep it simple I don’t like things to be too confusing I’m like well
how about I specialize in promoting affiliate marketing trainings or online
marketing trainings and software’s or automation tools anything that has to do
with like internet marketing make money online so I’m gonna show you guys let’s
see I’m using um OBS so let me make my face a little smaller put myself
and recording how about that um if you go to affiliate business in a box comm
this is a system that I created where you make affiliate Commission stuff like
eight different you can make affiliate Commission’s off like eight different
things so it says when we’re ready to go online business with the proven
potential to earn up to over four thousand dollars or more that is true I
make more than that from this instant download so you get the duplicatable
website in the system it should take you under two hours it’s for beginners
step-by-step tutorials and bonus support so you or let’s say the person you share
this duplicatable system with would enter their name and email and then they
would get to the next page that has the steps and this is what I give you guys I
give you guys this system so you just share this system and you can leave
everything the same except switch out your affiliate links so as my videos are
explaining how the system works and teaching your person you brought to be a
better affiliate marketer and make Commission’s you want credit for all the
software’s that and tools I recommend in here so this first section is just how
it works I’m kind of explaining it right now it’s gonna teach you to set up a
landing page grow an email list set up email automation do all the tech to get
everything live how to send traffic so if you’re thinking right now Oh what do
I even freakin do with this that’s what these videos share and they’re short
videos they’re like about ten minutes a little over ten minutes each one so the
first part there’s basically three parts of it three main parts part one is
setting up the website you need a website you need some you need this but
you need to under your domain then you want to put your affiliate links so
that’s why they show you how to do in that step you get affiliate commissions
from click funnels in this system in the video I recommend the $97 a month
version which is 40% affiliate commissions so that’s for each person
that is using this under your link every month that’s $38 so for the
year that’s like $456 they also might decide to upgrade to the 297 of month
version and that’s $118 Commission’s every single month the next I give you
the website template to import I show you in the video to edit the disclaimers
I share with you how to get a domain for GoDaddy
I don’t have a GoDaddy affiliate link cuz it’s not great Commission’s but I’ll
share with you guys where else you make Commission’s on here so you get the site
live each step I say how many minutes it takes next up is the email marketing
this you’re gonna get its G sweet pays a fifteen dollar affiliate Commission for
every new person you bring on um convertkit
it’s about like eight dollars a month if someone just gets started Aweber it’s
about a six dollar Commission every single month of each person but as they
grow their online business their bill grows the more subscribers they have so
then the more money you make from that I teach you guys in this video how to set
this up I give you email automation email sequences that will make you more
commissions you just copy and paste that so I give you all the steps in the video
so there’s a for now we’re at four places you can get affiliate commissions
from this part I like this part this is the driving traffic you can drive
traffic in different ways honestly like by me making a YouTube video I’m driving
traffic now so might use your video but in the system I shared with you how to
drive traffic through solo ads it’s a fast way to drive traffic you buy clicks
and you get commissions from click so I will get some commissions from the
clicks you buy but as you spread this system switch out your links so then you
get commissions when other people buy traffic click magic it’s for link
tracking so you can see which source of traffic is getting you the best results
this pays good commission so now we’re at five six six places you can make
Commission’s from I share with you exactly what to do exactly how to do it
just watch the ten minute video and implement and then okay this is what
I really like after people run the system I have advanced steps and that’s
where you can be more customizable you can customize the system if you want I
don’t suggest you do that at first until you really get it but down here is cool
because you can put affiliate links to these other things too like email swipes
a mini course that I created coaching calls you can watch this video and see
exactly how to do that and you can decide like oh do I want to put an
affiliate link to some other course or some other upsell that you think would
be better it’s totally customizable I just really
in love with the system I’ve been doing something similar like I’ve had other
variations of this throughout the past year and I keep improving it and I found
this to be the most comprehensive but easy-to-follow system that gets you the
most Commission’s so to check that out go to affiliate business in a box com
I’ll also put a link in the description of this video and I would just love if
you subscribe to my channel and push the bell icon and so you’re notified when I
put out new videos try to put out good stuff and leave a comment in the
comments of any questions you have or ideas also for more videos that you
would like to see okay I’ll talk with you guys soon


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