THE DEATH of Facebook Ads For Realtors ๐Ÿ’€

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and just recently Facebook once again change their Facebook advertising Algar and their updates everything they’re gonna allow you to do you can see this was posted March 19th of 2019 and it was written by a shale sandberg who is their chief operating officer? So I’ve seen a lot of this in facebook groups and our Facebook group all over the place So I just wanted to address some of the concerns and questions that everyone has about targeting for the real estate space Specifically and you can see this article is titled doing more to protect against discrimination in housing employment and credit Advertising and as we scroll down into the article it more specifically says anyone who wants to run housing Employment or credit ads will no longer be allowed to target by age gender or zip code? Now I know a lot of people are absolutely freaking out. They’re like mint. What do I’m gonna do I’m not gonna be able to run Facebook ads anymore or Instagram ads or any of this stuff and it’s my targeting to be completely off and The truth is guys there is absolutely nothing to worry about if you’re setting up your ads and you’re targeting the Right way now the truth of all this guys is Facebook has been making little updates and changes to their interest targeting Their demographic targeting for the last 12 to 18 months And so if you’ve seen all the little changes in updates of making over the last 12 to 18 months You know that it was already headed in this direction anyway, so if you knew was already head in this direction anyway You would have been already searching for a solution that would be able to combat all these things and all these changes that they’re making with the algorithm So I want to address this and I want to tell you guys the best way to actually go through and set up your targeting For your Facebook ads in the real estate niche Specifically so you don’t have to worry about your ads count getting shut down You don’t have to worry about your ads not getting approved and not following all of Facebook’s rules here targeting by gender Zip code age and all these other interests or demographic targeting options that they used to give to you But now they’re pretty much taking all of these away So if you read down here in the second bullet, it says advertisers offering housing Which is obviously real estate employment and credit opportunities will have a much smaller set of targeting categories to use in their campaigns Overall, and this is what everyone’s freaking out about and honestly the truth is guys most people will go through and they’ll post a link to an article just like this on Facebook or On in a Facebook group or on Twitter or something like that 99% of the people won’t even read the article. They’ll just read the headline And the truth is this is directly from Facebook’s newsroom But if you get this article from any other blog or any other news source, the headline is going to be super clickbait, basically they’re gonna say something crazy to scare you to get you to actually click on the article or for you to share the article on your Facebook newsfeed and the truth is most people won’t even Click on the article won’t read any of the article and won’t dive deeper into The issue to figure out how they can still successfully use Facebook Ads for their business so I want to basically break that down today in this video so that you don’t have to worry about any of these changes that Facebook is making now the truth is guys I have not used any of Facebook’s interest or demographic targeting in Over 18 months ever start since they started making all these changes I just stopped using those interest and demographic targeting and so now I don’t have to worry about when they go through and make any of these like scary changes with all these updates to the advertising algorithm All I do is I go through and I use custom audiences which Facebook basically tells you to do They give you the resources the tools to make it really simple to create these custom audiences now What a custom audience is is basically a way of saying hey Facebook These are all the people that have visited my website where these are all the people that are in my contact list these are all the people that have bought a product for me in the past you upload these into Facebook as a Custom audience and then you show your ads Specifically to these people now the great thing about these Facebook custom audiences is your ads perform ten times better then even if you’re using these interest targeting or these demographic targeting options that they used to give you because more than likely if Let’s visit your website if they’re on your email list, or if they bought a product from you in the past They more than likely know who you are Hopefully they like you and somewhat trust you to be able to go through and opt-in do business with you once again And if you want to expand this custom audience what you do and Facebook once again Gives you all the tools to do this is you create what’s called a look-alike audience Okay. So basically I look like audience is saying hey Facebook Here’s all the people that visit my website and I want you to create an audience that looks just like these people Okay, and so Facebook will go out and they’ll find people that look just like this audience. They probably have the same income They’re probably around the same age. They probably live in the same area. They have the same online purchasing behaviors and Facebook Does that all on the back end so you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with Facebook by? choosing all those options in their interest and demographic targeting So you’re in the clear? Facebook’s in the clear and overall your ads perform That much better now some of you guys might be watching this and be thinking well Jason I don’t have a custom audience like how do I go and get started if I don’t have anyone that’s visit my website if I don’t have any leads on my Database or anything like that. Like how do I actually get started with my facebook advertising? Well, there’s really several different ways to go about doing this and the best way is to go through and create a facebook Video where you’re talking about your business what you do saying like, hey, you know, my name is so-and-so I’m a realtor in the Dallas for Phoenix area or whatever you’re located and I’ve been in the game for you know three years or however long tell like You know a two-minute video about yourself go and promote that video to just people in your area Don’t do any interest demographic target anything like that And then what you can do is you will get video views on that video for just one penny per video view So for just one dollar you’ll be able to get a hundred people specific to your community to watch that video and then once you’ve collected about 500 to a thousand views Which that’ll cost about five to ten bucks. So very very inexpensive Then you can create a custom audience and you’ll say hey I hole want to create an audience of people who have already watched this video Okay, so you have that thousand people and say you spent ten bucks. You have a thousand people and watch that video Now you’re showing your ads just to those 1000 people and then once you go through and you get your first hundred plus leads Then you have now a leads database that you can go create another custom audience create a look-alike audience off of that audience and It’s just a very simple easy way to get started with your custom audiences in a very ineffective way with very targeted people in your specific area now I’m planning on making a video later this week on how to set up all of your custom audiences Which ones you should start out with the second custom audiences? You should do the third fourth fifth and how those look like audiences correlate with all those custom audiences So if you guys want to see that video make sure you subscribe to the channel because I’m launching that later this week walking you step-by-step how to do all of this so you don’t have to worry about all these changes that Facebook’s making with their algorithm because literally guys they do this on a pretty much monthly basis So anytime they do this if you’re freaking out and we’re in like, oh, man I shouldn’t be doing Facebook ads then. It’s gonna affect your business Dramatically and you don’t want that to happen You want to have that consistent lead source coming in? Every single day every single week where you could be setting more appointments and closing more deals So make sure you guys subscribe the channel so you guys can catch that video Also, give it a thumbs up this video right here if you guys want to see that video and want me to show you guys step-by-step how to make all this happen because really It’s not that difficult and your ads will perform that much better. So with that I’ll say guys. Thanks so much for watching I hope this video helped out and I will see you in the next video


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