The easy way to do affiliate marketing (Affiliate marketing 2017 Tutorial)

♪Get em up, get em up.
We can go 12 down. ♪ ♪I’m in the ring with my hands held high ♪ – What’s going on guys,
JR here and in this video I’m going to show you an easy
way to do affiliate marketing. So we’re here in my Facebook group. I have another video that I’ll link to on how to grow a Facebook group. But the key is, once
people are in your group you wanna be leading
them to affiliate offers. So here’s how I do that. I have a free academy
where, basically I cover just a bunch of different
topics around digital marketing. If anyone wants to check that
out it’s And in this academy,
I’ll just show you guys what it looks like. In this academy, first of all it’s pinned to the top of the page. So anytime someone joins my group this is the first thing they see. They get this invite to my free academy and in this academy they
can create an account and everybody has their
own individual account. This is all done in
Clickfunnels by the way, but there’s other platforms
out there Kajabi and I don’t know what else, honestly. But, ya this is made in Clickfunnels and when I login this is
what it kinda looks like. This is what the login
area, the membership area looks like for everyone in my group. So this is totally free I
give this out 100% for free. So I have a welcome video
and then I walk through the basics of all these different things. Facebook ads, copyrighting,
affiliate marketing, Facebook groups, YouTube marketing, how to use a bridge funnel,
how I hit my first 10k month, client onboarding videos,
email follow up hacks, closing hacks, and then I
do like live funnel builds and some Clickfunnels training and then I have bonus content for people who get
Clickfunnels through me. So how does this work for
affiliate marketing if it’s free? So basically, what I wanted – I wanted to do something
that was two-fold. I wanted to, One build up the
good will in my group with me, give back to my community,
and just be able to help them. And B I wanted a way to promote, to get people in front
of my affiliate products. So how I do that is in this academy, and again I’ll link to
this under this video so you can check it out and see how can sorta formulate yours. But this could easily be
the basics of weight loss, the basics of fitness,
it can be tech basics, it can be whatever niche you’re in. The basics of that niche. So you can just walk through it, so in the first video one
thing I do is I welcome them and I tell them that this academy’s free, but there are affiliate
offers throughout it and if you choose to take
advantage of one of them, the main one I’m trying to
lead people to is Clickfunnels cuz that’s one of my favorites. If you take advantage of that, you’re gonna get all
these bonuses right here. So I make sure I put
that in the first video and then I put the link right here for them to try Clickfunnels. If they don’t try it there, it’s no big deal because
there’s a bunch of other videos that I’m teaching them
things and I’m showing them. Like for example: Facebook
group growing basics. Here’s another link to
the Clickfunnels trial. In “email follow up
hacks” I have a link to Clickfunnels trial and a link to get an active campaign account
which is the software that I use for my clients. “YouTube marketing basics”
Clickfunnels trial. Down here I know there’s there’s, let’s see, “How
I hit my first 10k month” there’s a link to Dan Henry’s webinar for his “Facebook ads for
entrepreneurs course”. So this is a totally free academy, so what happens with
this is you constantly want to be making offers. So an offers not necessarily
you on the phone trying to convince someone to buy your stuff. An offer is someone that’s
consuming your content. So while I’m sitting here right now, there’s people digesting the
content in this free academy. So I’m constantly making
offers throughout the day and the more offers I make the more likely I am that someone’s gonna
take advantage of it. So when I’m first starting out, my mindset is kind of, not “How can I make this super attractive”, and of course I want
to try to do that too, but being a beginner I’m not going to know
exactly how to do that. But I do know that as a
beginner I can make offers, I can hustle and get these
offers in front of people. So you ask, “How do you get
someone to join your academy?” Through your Facebook
group, your cover photo, on your Facebook profile, your cover photo in your Facebook group. Do YouTube videos. Whatever
niche that you’re in and you’re interested
in pursuing whether it, and it doesn’t have to be
make money online stuff. It could be the dog training
niche, it can be crochet, it can be fitness, it can be some- like obscure niches like traveling and travel collectables or just travel. Anything that you’re interested in, we all have that passion; fitness, basketball, tech, whatever. You can make a free academy and it’s not always going to
be called the “Free Academy” cuz that sounds kind of weird
if you’re in the tech space. But if you’re in like the crochet space, then the “Free Academy” might work. So just name it whatever suits your niche. So the main goal of this is
just to get people signed up. Now another big benefit
of this is build up your email list tremendously. I remember, I think like in
the first month of doing this I collected like a thousand emails. Where if you’re running
Facebook ads for that and getting emails at two to three dollars an email that’s two to three
thousand dollars right there. Plus these people, you can market to them over and over again. You can put them in an email sequence to try to try and sell them
these same affiliate products. And now these people trust you because you’ve now provided
them something for free. (Clears throat) So hope that makes sense, that’s all I got for you guys today. Make sure that you subscribe and join the notification squad below. Follow me on Instagram @TheJRRivas and if you’re interested in
checking out this free academy go to to sign up and I’ll be back at
you guys again tomorrow with another video. (Heavy bass music)


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