The Fidget Spinner Puzzle!

(Hi it’s me again. Sorry) So your probably all familiar with these plastic fidgets spinners by now, (Just a bit) You can get them in cool shapes like this batman logo. (That is a cool shape) And you can even get metal spinner like this. (What sort of finish has it got?) This one’s got a sort of rainbow finish to it and it looks really funky when it spins. (Wow that is funky. Good choice of words by he way.) But today I want to show you these really cool geared fidget spinner. (Omg. Are you still buying fidget spinner!) This one has four gears or cogs and it’s built in this triangular frame. (Well that’s funky isn’t it.) When you twist one of the gears it turns them all. (You never fail to state the obvious.) And of course you can use it as an ordinary fidget spinner as well. (Thank god!) And when you spin it and start slowing down the gears with your finger you get this really cool effect. (Wow Dave. You are easily entertained. We aren’t. Maybe you should buy a five cogged spinner.) The next one is the same sort of thing but it I made with five gears instead of four and it’s geld together in a square frame work. (Wow. You read my mind!) Again when you spin a gear it turns them all but this one is a bit different because the finger caps are also connected to the gears so when the gear turns the finger caps turn as well. (I can’t even be bothered splitting that paragraph up.) And if you hold the finger caps still and hold it use it as a spinner you can actually see the middle gear is stationary. (I’ve said it before but this music is my jam.) Pretty cool huh? (Sure Dave) And what I really like about this one is it’s a really good size to hold imbertween your thumb and your index finger and slowly rotate like this. (WHAT) (THE) (FLIP) (IS) (HE) (DOING!) And the next one we are going to look at is this really cool nine geared fidget spinner. (Are you having a laugh.) This one came with an Allen key so you can tighten up all the screws if you need to. (That is a really nice Allen key mate. Nice and chunky) Again it’s the same sort of thing as the last two and it looks like a complete work of art. (Hahhahahahahaahahaahahahahah. “Work of art!”) This one does turn the finger caps again with the gears, (Good observation Mr Holmes.) And it feels really well made. (Oh right. Great to know.) It’s got a nice bit of weight to it so it spins for ages. (Yay. Don’t have to type for a bit) As mentioned it comes with an Allen key to tighten up the screws. (Cool) But instead I decided to take this one apart to see how it was put together. (Sounds fun) (Hey you. Yes, you. The one who saw this massive message appear and went back to pause the video on it. This message is for you. I don’t know what I will write in it but I’ll make up as I go along. Let me tell you about myself. I am the person who looks for YouTube videos with pauses in the commentary and fills them. Why? Because I’m bored. It annoys a lot of people. If you are deaf by the way I am sorry but you shouldn’t be watching a fidget spinner tutorial. None of us should. Back to the video then.) (Missed it!) So I removed all the screws and I was able to slide out this gear, (Well done) Which has got this small bearing pressed into it. (Beautiful hands!) It was slid over this (bush?), (Did he say bush? I’m sure he did. I couldn’t make out anything else.) And housed in the casing. (Bushes don’t go in houses mate.) () (()) ((())) (((()))) So I removed all the other gears, (Finish the sentence then.) And ended up with this. (Good video so far…) Then I realised that these finger caps are actually threaded into position so I unscrewed them which aloud me to lift off the casings and reveal the final gear and bearings. (I can’t be bothered anymore. Get this over with.) So that’s our fidget spinner broken down into individual components. (tragic) What I though would be quite fun is to put it all neatly back into the case, (Yay are we done?) Including the Allen key. (Not the Allen key!) And give it to someone as a present. (Hahahahahhaahahah. Good one.) So it’s a bit like a puzzle which they have to build themselves. (So it’s a bit like the worst present ever.) I put this one back together and it was a good fun experience. (Must have been a blast) It probably took about ten minuets. (Slow coach. I pulled it off I five.) The pieces are small but they’re not to intricate or delicate. (Phew! I was worried they would be intricate) And I think it would be quite good to give as a present to see if they can figure out how it all fits together. (I’m sure they would love it.) The final step is to put all the screws in and then it’s complete. (Pretty) (Cool) (Huh?) Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. (The end) Stay safe have fun and as always thanks for watching. (And reading!)


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