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Samsung released the galaxy Note 9 today
and sadly we didn’t get a note 9 to review today but we did get a hold of
some of the pre-production cases to the Note 9 from companies here in Texas who sent out so some cases to review them in this channel now they’re not gonna be a full review we’re
just gonna get the first impression check them out see how they look and see
how they compare to the Galaxy Note 8 hey welcome back to this channel and if
you knew my name is Mario and we do weekly tech videos we focus on the
Galaxy Note 4 note 5 note 8 and now the Galaxy Note 9 so if you have any of the
Galaxy Note phones consider subscribing to this channel for weekly video first I
want to give a quick shout out to armadillo tech for sentinels one of the
pre-production cases so we can check them out today we’re gonna have the
final product very soon and we’re gonna have a full detailed review of them I
also want to give a quick shout out to I post cases for sending us some of the
pre-production cases to check them out on this channel again they’re gonna send
us the final product version and we’re gonna have detailed reviews of the cases
oh and I forgot to mention I have a couple of daily phones so the Galaxy
Note 9 that we’re gonna use to check out these cases so let’s check out some of
the cases from Apple’s cases so they mainly focus on flip wallet cases
they’re gonna be Italian full-grain premium leather and I can tell you just
by the first impressions they’re not cheap at all the first thing that we
want to check out is the location of the fingerprint sensor which it was the
biggest design change on the galaxy note 9 I can tell you I think I like it
better it feels like it’s just user friendly it’s it’s just organic is
easier to reach the fingerprint sensor compared to when it was on the side on
the Galaxy Note 8 I mean I kind of got used to it but now that I’m checking out
the Galaxy Note 9 honestly I think I liked it better when the location that
it is so I polsinelli when it comes to the cut out again on this design this is
gonna be a premium leather the leather feels pretty sleek pretty smooth kind of
like when you go buy one of those premium wallets at the mall that’s
basically how it feels very nice leather it does offer full protection all the
way around I feel like if you drop it it will give you some amount of protection
on the sides you got this magnet locks which also is gonna keep the phone to
stay in there so even if you drop it this is gonna add that additional
protection so keeping the wallet from opening and damaging the front end on
the front on the inside again it feels pretty premium it’s very well made the
stitches are right on point you do get two different compartments for if you
have credit card and you have one compartment if you have
like your ID on the bottom of the cutouts there’s not gonna be much
honestly it’s pretty much the same as the Galaxy Note 8 I’m something didn’t
do much of a change you still have your stylus pen which
it’s a little bit different on the galaxy note 9 they cut the actual that
the sign is gonna be a little more of a rectangle is compared to the no date you
got your speaker microphone type C charging port and you got your audio
jack pretty much the same nothing changes on the top again you got your
older microphone also very important on this one if you want to consume some
content you can just basically stand this in your desk it will also work as a
stand where you can actually watch YouTube Netflix and just while you have
it in your desk you want to take pictures use the camera I mean it’s
pretty similar to the other wallet cases it doesn’t get on the way once you get
used to it you can definitely NAB some pictures use it to take video it stays
in there it doesn’t come off at all shoutout for doing a good job in this
case now this all the case is going to be also premium leather has different
color feels good to the touch this is going to
have a Bible verse engrave so that’s something that you’re looking for
definitely check that out again similar design you got your magnetic locks on
the side keep the phone wallet from opening on the inside again you’re gonna
have one two three flights on this one to store credit cards and on the bottom
you have one more for your credit card feels premium stitches are well done
also you got your design so you can also use it as a stand if you want to consume
some content for example you wanna watch YouTube Netflix definitely you can just
sit there under your desk and on this story design this is the vintage boot
design pretty cool all style kind of feels like suede leather premium now
this one is a little bit up because it again is a pre-production but on the
side you got your design a sweep design very unique will make your note name
look pretty cool different from everyone else cutouts are on point similar to the
other cases bottom the top you got your magnetic locks on the side as well
inside on this one you got one two slots for credit card then you got your your
ID and you also have another slot inside you want to add like paperwork store
some paper or maybe put some money in there definitely you can also use this
as a stain as well to consume video while you’re sitting in your desk
thank you I post case for some of them up panel is about check out this
from armored it’ll take probably one of my favorite ones so far now this one is
called the band car series again another pre-production final product is not out
yet so this one first thing I notice is a cutout for the fingerprint sensor
again this is the first thing that got my attention it is right on point I like
it better than the Galaxy Note 8 easier to reach is more user-friendly when it
comes to getting the grip you get a better grip now this is gonna be more of
the military full grip protection all the way around kind of like the OtterBox
and UAG so you can have an idea this is gonna have full protection all the way
around also right in the front unit I have a plastic screen protector that is
gonna protect the phone from getting scratch you do have the cutouts for
their cameras and the speakers so that does not get in the way of the
functionality of the phone on the bottom you’re also gonna have these two covers
that is gonna protect the charging port and the audio jack from getting dirt and
dust in there so definitely this is something good very important something
I really like about this case is the cutout for the style of spend and I
always mentioned this in the reviews when you’re giving a case you want to be
able to get to your style of spray and as soon as possible when you need it you
don’t want to struggle trying to take it out because sometimes you know when
people are talking to you you gotta take notes real quick you don’t want to tell
them hang on let me get something you know you want to be able just to get
your style of spin out and just start taking out some notes being able to do
that on this case it’s gonna definitely gonna make a difference I can see I can
actually get my whole finger in there and I can tell you this is gonna be
easier to get the stylus spin in and out but we’ll check that out on the final
review another thing that stands out that I like about this case is that you
got the kickstand in the back you’re gonna be able to consume again some of
your YouTube content or Netflix while you’re on your desk and definitely
easier just to have it there and when you’re not using it very easy goes right
in there and it doesn’t even feel like it’s in there so again this is
pre-production once we get the final product we’ll go into the details on the
front you have the curved edges on the end so this is going to add additional
protection if you actually drop it from one of the corners so it will protect it
from breaking the glass there you have it guys so this was just the first
impressions of the initial cases for the galaxy note 9 I let me know in the
comment section below what you guys think about it
are you guys gonna get the galaxy note 9 which cases did you like the most which
cases that you want to review first so anything that you want to see make sure
you let us know in the comment section below thank you for watching make sure
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