The Hospital FINALLY Gave Us Answers

I don’t like it for her but I’m so glad
that we finally have some type of answer Hi guys! Right now we are about to drop
Lonnie Jr off because he has school and I have to What is it called again?
Endoscopy. I have to have another [mumbles] Endoscopy. Endoscopy, there we go. Good job.
So I’m not going to school today. So we’re waiting to be checked in. Guys this was horrible. Someone had to stay home to do therapy with Liam and there’s
no way I would have been able to hop around with all 3 younger kids by
myself for hours. she did look at the She did. Look at the wheelchair guys. Crutches make you really really slow Danielle’s just watching her a little some Mickey Mouse. It only took
them one try to get the IV in today so she’s very excited about that. Ao a lot
of people have been asking like what was the result of the last biopsy. I
explained it in the video but I didn’t title the video where you would know so
it’s kind of random but she did test positive for EOE her last biopsy but
she also tested positive for- it was some hyperbole or something. It was a bacteria
so they put her on antibiotics for 2 weeks and they put her on an antiacids as
well but today basically is just to follow up. They’re gonna do the same
thing they did last time, just kind of check to see what it looks like. They’re
gonna do the biopsy and then we will have more information there I don’t know
I don’t understand we’re just waiting. Lonnie said Liam
did great in therapy. He works on the little peanut ball and he’s been working on
his-his core muscles so ehh. So Danielle is done with her endoscopy. The doctor came
and talked to me and I straight up asked him I was like ‘does she have EOE?’
because her last biopsy results I left there more confused than before. Like
everyone keeps asking me does she have EOE, what’s going on and I don’t know
because the nurse practitioner I saw, I didn’t see the doctor, she was very unclear
about it. She made it sound like the antiacids was as a precaution That is not what happened. Danielle does have EOE Her scope looks the same as it did last time.
He said that it’s good that we got rid of the
bacteria but she definitely tested positive for EOE and he never thought
that the bacteria was the reason that she was having these issues so at this
point they’re waking her up- and I’m sorry that thing is so noisy- in a week
or so when they get the biopsy results we’ll come in. I’m specifically asking to
see him and not anyone else. He explained it so much better like she was so
confusing. Danielle and I both left really confused. She even like took her
off of all restrictions so I’m gonna see him and then we’ll kind of come up with
a plan of action from there. I’m kind of bummed out for Danielle because we kind
of thought this was just a follow-up like we didn’t think this was a big deal
we thought it was the bacteria you know whatever it’s gone. But now it means that
she’s gonna have more scopes in the future which just kind of sucks for her
so I don’t like it for her but I’m so glad that we finally have some type of
answer. Everyone kept asking and I couldn’t give them a for sure answer
because I felt like I didn’t get a for sure answer. This is definitely one
of the hardest hospital visits I’ve had to do having a broken foot. Danielle
doesn’t react the best to anesthesia so we had to have someone help push her and
I’m over here like hopping. I’m glad we got it done. I mean, I didn’t think this
appointment was gonna be anything. I thought it was just precaution. I will be
honest, I did consider rescheduling it but now I’m so glad I did not. Okay. I finally got ahold of someone at Ortho.
I’m really hoping that they can see me today cuz I talked to my mom. My
mom had a kind of similar thing with her knee. Now I’m like freaking out that I’m
gonna have to have pins put in my foot. Uhh can you come in tomorrow? I’m sorry about that. No it’s fine. I could do around like 10
Oh wow, look at that. Guys look Curious George had this book before Lonnie.
It hurts so bad Danielle’s upstairs resting. I can see
you so much better now. I was in so much pain I had to take some pain meds. I realized earlier when I was talking about Danielle’s
EOE a lot of people don’t know what it is. If it’s untreated, it can cause
scarring in her esophagus and that’s why it’s harder for her to swallow, food get
stuck. If it gets bad enough she starts choking. Thankfully she hasn’t had a
choking incident so that’s really good. A lot of people always comment and say ‘oh
look, Jeffree Star has it’. We’re aware it’s the same thing Jeffree Star has. That
was one of the first things we looked up we’re definitely a very much like
research family like when something happens, we’re all about finding more
information kind of thing. And she’s been really nauseous like that’s why she
missed school. She missed school on Friday. I had to pick her up Thursday because she was
sick, not feeling good. And the doctor definitely thinks that it’s linked to
her EOE. What baby? Where? Do I have to walk?
So apparently public school is going really good for Lonnie Jr and he’s
already made quite a few friends. He’s even gonna go to movies in a couple
weeks with a couple friends. I think it’s fun to kind of see our kids like get
older and do things they want to do. I’ve talked about this a lot with the kids is
that it’s important for them to learn and navigate life on their own. I’m not
always gonna be right there with them The kids walk to and from school,
sometimes they walk around this neighborhood, Danielle is learning to
drive. She’s studying for her learner’s permit so we want to make sure that
we’re doing everything we can to keep our kids safe. We’ve been using this app
called GeoZilla. GeoZilla is sponsoring this video so thank you so much. This
isn’t just your run-of-the-mill tracking app. This is for the entire family.
I’m trying to do this without showing our information so it’s a little bit
hard. And it will show you everywhere that that phone has
been but it will also show you if they’ve been in the car, when there’s
been harsh braking, when the phone’s been used. It will let you know how many times, it
will let you know if speeding has been happening now we aren’t the helicopter
parents where we feel we have to monitor every little thing our kids do but I
think it’s important once they start learning how to drive and being on the
road and things like that that we kind of check up with them and make sure that
they’re using those safe practices because texting while driving, using your
phone while driving, those can be deadly decisions. I’m sure they have a driving
app somewhere, I’m sure they have a location history app but it’s all in one
for you. It just gives me a peace of mind knowing, especially with the kids out and
about that I can just check. I can see where they’ve been. Ok so I wanted to
show you guys how this worked without showing our address so I kind of had to
zoom out but for example, click on Stephanie. It tells you what battery
everyone is. My favorite part is because you have certain routines and schedules
if you’re a working parent this works out great it will alert you when they’ve
left the house, when they get home, and if there’s an emergency you can send out
their GPS location to multiple like family members and friends. I love that
because everyone knows that my best friend Ashley lives here. Her channel’s
Always Love You, go check her out! I live on one side of Pinellas County and she lives on the
other. But it is super awesome, I will put the link in the description definitely
go check it out. Lonnie Jr finished his Algebra homework, that is good- I’m so
glad he’s having such a good time in public school. I was kind of worried
about it. Danielle’s still adjusting and it’s not her fave but I’m gonna give her
some time because it’s still the beginning of school, we’re still in
August. I’m so excited I have my ortho appointment in the morning but I am
going to go ahead and see what we’re having for dinner and just get started
on the rest of our night. So Liam never lets me cuddle him Look at that! Lonnie said he did really good with occupational therapy today. He fed
himself 2 things of yogurt with a spoon by himself Oh wow, what did you just lose? Tooth. You’ve lost your tooth?
Should I put it under my pillow today? Do you think the fairy
will come, the tooth fairy? Her might! Tooth fairy might need to go to the bank Alright guys. Hello, welcome to another day Lonnie is doing dishes like he always does- Another day. So today is my ortho
appointment but it is storming like crazy A tropical storm is actually heading our
way. It has a chance of becoming a hurricane so I think later we’re gonna
go get some waters. We’re really close to the coast, like we’re 3 miles from
the coast of Florida. When storms come in it’s- it is just horrible over here we lose
power easily Of course the one day I have an ortho appointment that it would be starting to storm Ok so you guys saw how bad
it was raining, right? Yeah I get to St. Petersburg and it is dry as ever. It
is not raining at all. so that is weird, it’s like sunny outside
but I’m glad because that means I don’t have to walk on crutches through rain. I spoke too soon. It’s starting to rain which means I better
hurry up and get my butt inside. That is done. He gave me a prescription for a
walking boot and a knee scooter. Everyone on livestream keeps telling me how much
I need a knee scooter. Basically I shattered my foot
he said that they could go in and surgically put a pin to hold everything in place He said it won’t get it to heal any
faster, it won’t get me walking any faster. If we let it heal as it is right
now, he doesn’t think it’s going to be an issue. So he’ll see me back in a week
I am tired guys. What are you doing? I hugging you You’re hugging me? Yes So Noah woke up and not feeling good, he has
a really bad headache Aww look at you So high. So high. Like a diamond. [Lex gibberish] So I have an
appointment tomorrow morning to go get my walking boot which is good. I’m so
excited I don’t need surgery but I’m gonna go ahead and end this vlog so I can
go ahead and edit it for you guys and again Thank You GeoZilla so much. If you
want to check out their awesome tracking app, go in the description below. Bye guys! [ending song]


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