The Importance of Pre-Framing Affiliate Offers

Hey, it’s Matt McWilliams here and I’m in the
process of getting ready to go speak at Dan Kennedy’s event here
pretty shortly in Cleveland, the Info Summit and , joining Ryan Laveque and
some other awesome speakers. And one of the things I’ve been
working on is the idea of really, pre-framing my talk. And what I mean by pre-framing
is basically everything
that happens before the moment I begin talking. What gets people in the
right mindset. You know, we do this with our webinars on
if you want to see our webinars, you can go to MattMcWilliams.
com/watch and you can check out, one of our webinars there. And we do this so that if you register
and you get there early, then we’re, we’re going to pre-frame.
You’ve got a video that plays, we’ve got a workbook that you download, some other stuff that we can do
to kind of get you warmed up. And, that pre-frame is so important. And so I, I’ve been talking to some people in
the industry like how do you pre-frame [inaudible] like what, what are the
three minutes before you go on stage? And then I’m going to tie
this into affiliate marketing
here in a second because it’s so important in affiliate
marketing. But this pre-frame idea, I think, I want to say it was Russell
Brunson that I heard talk about this, said he basically went from the boring
introduction where some guy stands behind a podium and says, you know, we’re also Brunson is the founder
of click funnels and blue, you know, like fall asleep, right? To be, I
like, um, like a 92nd video, you know, that it’s got some kind
of hype-y music playing. Which one of those
pre-frames better? Well, naturally the video where you’re hearing
from people like Tony Robbins and you know, and, and other legend
saying, Robert Kiyosaki, you know, pro like Dan Kennedy, I believe, saying
all kinds of Nice things about Russell, right? That’s a pre-frame. And so we’re going to talk
about the importance of
pre-framing in your affiliate promos. But every time I
think about pre-framing, or least lately, you know,
over the past six months, I think about my experience at
a place called Blackberry Farm. And Blackberry Farm is a super high
end resort in the middle of absolutely nowhere, Tennessee in the
mountains. It literally borders, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. And I was there for Michael
Hyatt’s affiliate giveaway, myself, Pat Flynn, Ray
Edwards, Sally Hogshead, and her husband and, Michael and
Gail and a few of Michael’s team. And the whole time we were there, we kept hearing about the Blackberry egg. What’s a blackberry egg. Well, it’s an egg that you eat at blackberry
farm. That’s really what it amounts to. No, no, no. So here’s the
pre-frame that went into this, right at dinner the night
before, Chad Cannon, Michael’s marketing director says, you have to try the Blackberry egg
and he’s starts describing this egg. And I’m like, okay, this sounds
really good. The next day we, we tour the, the farm. We get to actually tour the farm
they have there on the property. And I literally got to stand next to
the chickens who are delivering the eggs that I’m going to eat. And then at lunch that day
you gotta have the egg. You gotta have the Blackberry.
Let me tell you. Oh my gosh, I had the blackberry egg last year
and it is just ahh. Oh well, you know, they’re describing all the, the
tastes. So that night at dinner, Tara and I, we got the
blackberry egg appetizer. You know what, it was the
best egg I’ve ever eaten. The reality is I don’t know if it was
the best bag…The best egg I’ve ever eaten because like mentally
I was so prepared to eat
the best egg that I’ve ever eaten. That ended up being the best
egg I’ve ever eaten. I might’ve been, I mean, don’t get me wrong, you know what? When I think back it wasn’t the best
thing I eat that weekend. Not even close, because their food is so amazing.
But this egg stands out. Why? Cause nobody told me about any, I
can’t name a single other thing. I eat that weekend. Well I can name breakfast cause
the breakfast was phenomenal. But that’s a whole different story. I don’t remember the other stuff because
there wasn’t, it’s not like, you know, it wasn’t ingrained in my
mind. There wasn’t a pre-frame. I have no reason to remember. Like I, I literally don’t know
what I had the last night. I think maybe it was the
salmon. Maybe it was the steak. I don’t remember steak
fillet I have no idea. Literally no idea what I
had the last night. Um, no idea what I had for
lunch the, that day. Know what I do when I had the first
night except for the carrots only because there was a conversation about that.
But that’s again also another story. My point being, what do I remember? I remember the thing that was pre-framed
and pre-framed and pre-framed and drilled into me. Right? So it was great, but I don’t know that it was that great. So the important thing is here because
you need to make sure you’re pre-framing your affiliate promos. When you send people in
every email you send, whether they click or not, you should
be moving the ball down the field. I’ve talked before how, you know, one
of the things that differentiates, those people who close really well at
the end of affiliate promos and those who don’t is the fact that they’re mailing
consistently through the campaign. They are moving the ball down the
field and whether they click or not, you should be, that email should be moving them down
and moving them closer to a buying decision. And if they do click, they
should be clicking with an expectation. So you want to pre-frame in your emails. That means using words like amazing and
getting excited about it and talking about the impact that something
has made in your life. Sharing testimonials, sharing a story about
something you learned from
someone and how you applied it to your business, your life, your fitness,
whatever, and it improved. You know, you wanna you wanna
really pre-frame things. Story is a great way to do that. So use this pre-framing. Make
sure you use in all of your, communications promoting affiliate offers. And I can guarantee you much like I can
claim today that that blackberry egg is the best. The blackberry farm egg is the
best egg I have ever eaten in my life. I can promise you that people
will get there with the next, get to that sales page,
get to that Webinar page, get to that whatever with an expectation
that this is going to be good. It works with everything. It works, whether you’re selling or just
sending them to free content. So you could be sending them
to a Webinar and you can say, this is the one of the best webinars I’ve
ever attended. Here’s what I learned. Boom, boom, boom. It helped
me do this, this, this. They will go there with greater
expectations and ready to sign up, ready to attend, and ready to learn, and then ultimately ready to
buy. So that’s how you pre-frame. Make sure you’re doing it in all
of your affiliate communications. And I’ll see you in the next episode. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible].

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