The Plain Truth About Affiliate Marketing 2019! (4 Steps To Success)

In this video, I’m going to explain to you the truth about affiliate marketing in 2019 And then I’m going to show you my four-step affiliate marketing blueprint the videos come in right up Okay, step number one you need to focus on high quality targeted traffic so this is the process of finding people or eyeballs that are actually Interested in whatever you’re offering already or the type of offer you are presenting to them Maybe they’re in the niche of losing weight or making money online but these are the quality targeted traffic that you need to find that is going to help you with your Conversions and also help you in making sales and at the end of the day making your commissions, that’s step number one So step number two is to have a high converting sales Funnel right here, okay So this is the process in creating a capture page or a landing page? A high converting one one that’s proven to work. This is also the process of setting up your email autoresponder with at least 15 to 20 days of Emails going out to put your potential customers. So the sales funnel comes in as a package Okay, your capture page or landing page? Okay, then you can send them to a thank-you page with maybe a video of yourself Thanking them for joining in and then it sends them straight to the offer after that is done Then you have them linked into your autoresponder So that they are every day getting a daily email from you for at least 15 to 20 days even longer Okay, when they become part of your list so that you can continue to promote that product That’s step. Number two. So step number three is to have a great value ladder Step number three great value ladder. What is that? This is really the process of having a low ticket front and offer and then being able to Follow that up with a high ticket back end offer so many affiliate marketers seem to fail at this one thing simply because you cannot support a Campaign where you’re spending money on sales funnels on Autoresponders okay on traffic targeted traffic when you’re spending money on these you only have a small Ticket low front and offer that you are promoting You will never recover the money you’re spending you will never sell enough of those items That’s why you have to have the value ladder that promotes a higher ticket offer on the back end That’s something that I learned Not too long ago to be honest with you and it’s I’ve seen it work it works fantastic simply because you’re Providing a great value with a low ticket offer something that somebody is very interested in something that somebody Really wants to opt-in on and then as you continue to promote You you lead them into the onto this ladder into a higher ticket item Okay, all of your six-figure affiliates are doing this. Okay. Don’t don’t think that they’re just promoting one item on Clickbank At 30 bucks and they’re just killing it and making $10,000 a month. That’s impossible. That’s not Wharton doesn’t work That way you have to have a high ticket offer So I’ll remember find that quality high ticket offer that will complement your low ticket offer on the front end. That’s step number three So step number four is by far the most important step of the four steps. It’s simply this you Must take massive action You can have the best traffic in the world the best converting funnel capture page an autoresponder setup, but if you don’t take massive action immediately None of this is going to be worth anything. So you’ve got to take massive action Even if you’re not a hundred percent sure of what you’re doing even if you’re not even if you feel like I need to learn more you can’t fall into the trap of becoming a Lifetime student you’ve got to learn just enough to start taking action because in this business Time is of the essence. Your time is very valuable and Taking that action will give you the results eventually Even if you make mistakes on the first time like I have like we all have even if you’ve lost a few dollars promoting your first campaign like I did but it Gave me priceless lessons and learning that I could have gotten any other way other than taking that action So you must take that massive action That’s step number four and on a side note. I wanted to thank Nathan Lucas He is a mentor of mine a somebody I follow and look up to he’s crushing it as an affiliate marketer I’m gonna leave a link to his YouTube channel And the reason I’m thanking him is because I was inspired to do this video because of a video that he did and it looks similar to what he has I added an extra step because I believe that extra step is probably the most important part of being an affiliate marketer But thank you so much Nathan for inspiring me and for also you know killing it and being a great leader and representative representative of this business, so Kudos to you my friend. All right guys, so those are the four steps Those are my four steps affiliate marketing blueprint for 2019 I’ll learn these go after it and make it happen guys Okay. Looking forward to seeing you on the next video If you got some value out of this video Please subscribe to the channel hit that like button and don’t forget to smash that notification bell So you’re always notified whenever I do a video Thank you for watching guys, and I’ll see you on the next one and I’ll see you on the other side


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