in this video I’m gonna share with you
the pros and cons of affiliate marketing if you’ve been thinking about starting
an affiliate marketing business and you are not sure if you are ready to fully
commit I hope that this video gives you clarity if the pros outweigh the cons
for you I my name is Rachel ously and I do affiliate marketing online marketing
different ways of making money online there’s a lot of overlap in between the
different methods of making money online so this channel is all things online
marketing with also affiliate marketing videos so if you’re into that stuff be
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the cons of affiliate marketing after we get into the details so let’s go with
the pros first my favorite thing about affiliate marketing is that there’s
unlimited income potential the sky is the limit there’s no one telling you
like what your cap is gonna be what’s sealing there is there’s no climbing up
a corporate ladder and you asking for a raise and your boss telling you no you
can’t get that raise because if this is what we’re paying everyone I remember I
had a job one time and I asked for the smallest raise and they said no this is
not cool so what’s affiliate marketing I think the biggest thing biggest Pro is
that you are in charge of how much you make you can make a hundred thousand
dollars a year and if you’re good with that great if you want to make a million
dollars a year that was affiliate marketing you can it’s up to you it’s a
still it’s gonna take time it’s gonna take a learning and implementing and
testing but there are affiliate marketers that do make that much the
next Pro to having an affiliate marketing business is it’s not that
expensive to get started you don’t need totally buy inventory there’s not a lot
of start-up costs compared to other businesses and other businesses a lot of
times they out of business with affiliate marketing
like yeah maybe you could run out of money and not be able to pay your
subscriptions for certain software’s but you can always get back on track and
start up the business again so it is low cost to get started but there are still
expenses like paying for software’s and paying for education paying for traffic
and testing so it’s not that it’s free it’s really not I mean there’s different
free methods and free ways to get started but eventually you are gonna
have to invest it’s like if you want to make money you have to not be afraid to
spend money also that’s really important to attract money into your life as well
and grow your business is to be able to invest back into your business but low
cost to get started you can sign up for affiliate offers a lot of them for free
and get your affiliate links for free but you eventually will want to start
growing an email list and paying for an email software you’ll probably want a
funnel software if you’re serious about affiliate marketing you’ll want to do
some link tracking I should do another video of all my business costs and
overhead because there’s ways to bootstrap it and then the third Pro to
me is anyone can do it like anyone can learn not everyone’s gonna succeed it’s
because people give up but anyone can learn this stuff there’s so much
information online like on YouTube if you can understand English and read and
you don’t have to be even be that great at English you don’t even have to like
go on camera and you don’t have to be great at everything I hire people to do
things as your business grows you can hire for the things you’re not that good
at but things don’t have to be perfect just get started and start learning and
you can only get better and better it’s and it’s not like we’re trying to get
grades at school like oh I getting my paper graded I just got a C in the class
and now I’m not gonna get into a good college it’s all up to you like I want
to do a plus work because I know the better work that I do and the more I’m
into what I’m doing without being a perfectionist the more money that I’m
gonna make in affiliate marketing so you get the rewards to not just graze
but you get paid and rewarded and money the cons though I would say information
overload so yes information is out there but a
lot of people get information overload there’s so much out there and they’re
not sure who to listen to and there’s all the Guru’s and all the videos and
all the trainings and all the courses and all the webinars and all the things
on your to-do list to study and it could get overwhelming and then you could get
paralyzed and then not do anything so that’s a con but that’s with any
business it still costs money and you could still be making scary investments
into it so you might decide hey I really want to buy this course in its thousand
dollars I really want to get this coach and it’s $2,500 I really want to spend
$500 on testing ads right now I really want to scale to spending $1,000 a day
and ads like if you really want to grow it you need to learn to overcome your
fear of investing into it and calculate like think do you have more time to do
this or more money to do this if it’s something that you can’t afford to hire
out or pay for well it’s gonna cost your time and then it is your time worth that
there are certain activities in my affiliate marketing business that I can
pay someone four dollars an hour to do I could pay someone $10 an hour to do I
could pay someone $20 an hour to do I would even pay people $100 an hour to do
certain things because the things that I’m doing our
thousand dollars an hour and you get to that point as you get better and better
and then the third con is just most people don’t make money with it because
they give up they give up they are learning the wrong information and like
spamming or ruining their email marketing because things are going into
spam because their spam people or there may be starting
get-rich-quick scheme things and feel scammed or actually do get scammed for
some quick make money online up lying opportunity and it doesn’t work for them
or it doesn’t work right away and they thought it was gonna be really easy and
they realized it’s actually gonna take work in time and money because it’s real
business and you weren’t born to be a scammer or spammer anyway and then they
give up and you can meet friends doing this and build a community people doing
this and then other people quit and fall off of it so it’s real important to
surround yourself with people who are serious about their affiliate marketing
online business so in conclusion I do think that the pros outweigh the cons
that’s why I still do it that’s why I get up and work on my trying to grow my
affiliate Commission’s every single day whether that making videos learning
something new sending out an email whatever tasks I’m working on in my
business for me the pros outweigh the cons because I really get excited about
the unlimited income potential I still have fun doing this so even the
days where I’m like this sucks I hate this I just identified like okay well
which specific tasks do I actually hate do we even need to do them or they even
moving the needle forward and get someone else do them so if you’ve been
thinking about starting an affiliate marketing business and you’re ready to
commit I say go for it I’ve I did it I committed and the results show
themselves it’s really important to look back also on your past three months six
months one year and see how far you’ve came and the growth of your business so
I’m gonna put more resources videos trainings in the description below so
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