The Ripple Effect of Podcasting & Growing Your Audience with James Martell

(dramatic music) – And you get to experience this. This is what I call the
Podcasting Ripple Effect. This is what the business we have. We’ve got about 500 audios out
there working on our behalf on iTunes, 500 on Spreaker, Stitcher, about 350 on iHeartRadio. I would bet there’s gotta
be thousands of places people can find our show. So imagine now, you create
a quick little 15 minute, nicely produced, great intro and outro at the front and back end. You take the time, you
do a nice job on it, you’re proud of it. Anybody that hears it
is gonna be impressed. First place you put it is on your website. If you set it up properly, five seconds later, all the podcasting
directories will update. Five seconds after that, all your social media
accounts will update, and five seconds after that, your newsletter can go out automatically, Google+, the smartphones are updated, the tablets, the podcatchers, wifi-radios, everything’s updated. So, and then of course, there’s
social media sharing buttons around all of this, so
people can share your episode with their friends. And we always build into
our scripts an invitation to share the show. If you’ve liked what you have listened to, or you know somebody who would value what we shared here today,
please share with your friends. Future’s bright. So imagine this, actually
this is interesting. Somebody asked me this the other day. He goes, “How long should I podcast for?” And that’s an interesting question. I think maybe this is the
missing link in the presentation ’cause it dawned on me
it’s a good question. How long should I podcast? So then I asked him, if you had 5,000 loyal listeners who are listening to
you on a weekly basis, how long would you podcast for? “Well, I would podcast forever.” Of course you would. If it was the primary strategy you used to get all your content out online, and to make sure your Facebook
and all your social media, and all the podcasting directories and your website and your newsletter and everything was always up to date, how long would you podcast? “Well, I would always podcast.” Of course, hour a week, why wouldn’t I? So imagine you have developed
an audience of 1,000 or 5,000 or 10,000 plus loyal listeners, predisposed to buy what you have to offer. You have a killer
on-time content strategy. You’re receiving calls
or visits with clients, that saves you time. You’re firmly positioned in Google. You have content working for you today, tomorrow, next week,
next month, next year, two, three, four, five years from now ’cause if you organize
your episodes correctly, and you put your shows together. The way I like to put ’em together is you don’t stale-date your content, you create evergreen content, so it’s gonna work for you for years. Your website’s always up to date, social media is up to date, your newsletter goes out to your audience
automatically and on time, and you’re a recognized expert because of your web
radio show and podcast. Second you become a podcaster, I can tell you this from experience, your level of expertise
automatically gets raised. People look at you a
little bit differently. It’s like when you’ve written a book. You enjoy all the speaking
engagements you ever want, you are getting approached for book deals, joint venture proposals
and business opportunities. You have a reliable source for getting all of the customers and clients
that you want and need, and if you think it sounds a
little bit, maybe far fetched, let me share what’s happened with us. So this is our show, and it gained, for the first seven years
it went out twice a month, 1st and 15th, today for the last, I guess, five years, five and
a bit, four and a bit, it goes our every week. We’ve missed eight episodes
in almost 12 years. That’s it. We launched the podcast in June
of 2003, the Affiliate Buzz. It helped to sell 5,000
copies of my $167 ebook, brought me my first
large speaking engagement at Commission Junction University in 2004, and I think you were there too. – I was.
– You were there. Allowed me to establish
myself as a recognized expert in affiliate marketing, outsourcing
SEO for the last decade, sold out two $3,400 25 seat bootcamps, it actually was 3,400 but most
people bought it at three, the early bird, signed a book deal with 1&1 Hosting, the largest hosting company
in the world in 2006 as a result of the podcast and them getting to know who I was. They flew me actually
to Germany for a week, then flew me to Valencia, Spain to take in the America’s Cup yacht race. So here I am sitting out in the middle of the Mediterranean
Sea on a spectator boat, watching this race. Hundreds of instant customer calls, people phoning up, saying,
hi, I’m ready to do business. I’ve been listening for
you for three months or six months or two years or five years. So, on numerous courses. The show was picked up by
WebmasterRadio in 2009, really expanded our audience, speaking engagements at
dozens of conferences. It fueled the whole concept of the school of internet marketing, which I’ll share with you in a second. Recognized as number two
in 2014, so last year, as one of the top 25
most influential people in pay for performance
industry at number 14, and today we recorded some 300 and, I think 375 now or something. So, and that’s all great. But the real benefits of
it has been the trips, the travel, the freedom, the ability to take the kids, Arlene worked at home for the
whole time they are in school, so she need to go out and
be a mum in the class, put the dreamcar in the garage in 2005, which I had custom-built, which is just like the
most cool car you ever seen in my opinion. (audience giggling)
Yes, there’s a mattress in the back. Podcasting is in the news. Who is this again? I don’t see who this is, but six Reasons Every
Entrepreneur Needs a Podcast,, five Reasons Your Small Business Should Start a Podcast today. The surprisingly profitable
rise of the podcast networks. Podcasts are back and making money. So, I think you’d agree, there’s probably an opportunity here. How many think they might
like a podcast of their own? – [Announcer] 10 times your finances, 10 times your business, 10 times your marketing, 10 times your life. Hit the subscribe button now.

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