The Sad Truth About Affiliate Programs – Be Aware of Them and Learn How to Protect Yourself!

Trading like a trader Hi friends from YouTube! You are watching Robson Hayashida’s YouTube channel and a few days ago a lot of my friends were asking me about Adam Tsui, like they were asking when he would come back to my channel so today is the time! So Adam Tsui is back! Whenever we talk about business, investments, online marketing I think you guys as well, if you are watching our channel is because you are interested in online marketing imports, exports, any sorts of businesses but let me tell you guys whatever you start this kind of business you may encounter people who try to sell affiliate programs to you you should be aware of those people by 1997 funny Sony of said about a lot of fun about yeah
that’s right I think ninety-nine percent of the
people in about losing money name be someone other so from you are making these guys also I think by a big thank you to the program there work right after your from the program this work frankness and you and the one good thing going over there 5:30 you people right is the first thing
with you Google only certain things right with
you the invite who are and five when they first got the name of that
company’s 10 or you yeah factor Middlesbrough and followed by go to work spam and yeah for all your oooo we both strong for right so you have to go although resold in Sacto threatened okay and only thing that could happen what’s all is check what I’m profit ok
yourself right what kind of character the program
itself and most of the cases your staffers they’re not that I am
there’s no certainly father itself exist and it
sounded like a real up from and whatever the fuck go there the bell that’s right 0 you guys wants you successful like her go and right the white with us okay 0 all %ah spy and spot you

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