The Simple Launch Process – How to Create a Coaching Program

Are you ready to launch your coaching or your
course? Then you’re going to love this. This is the simplest launching process ever
and I’m about to give it to you right now. All right, welcome back. These five steps that I’m about to give you
are apart of the simplest launching process ever and it’s something that I shared inside
of my program. Create & Fill Your Coaching Program, so if
you’d like more details on that program as you listen to this and you feel like, well,
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building it and getting clients, or I need a client contract or I need, you know, help
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get an invite to join us inside of creating a failure coaching program. So this is a piece of that, but if you’d like
more, click the link in the bio or go to LaTisha.TV/coaching. Okay, so step one, here’s the simplest launching
process ever before we get to step one, what is a launch? A lot of times people try to do a launch,
but they put a lot of pressure on it and they feel like, oh, it’s a launch, like a birthing,
a baby, I’m doing this thing. And they have what’s called failure to launch
because they end up not launching anything at all or not starting. A launch is simply when you open the doors
and you tell people now you can buy. That’s really what it is. So just getting it down to the basics. If you think of a restaurant in your area,
typically their launch is, you know, they have created the burgers already and a, they’ve
opened the doors but they haven’t had a grand opening yet. So you know, people are coming in and you
know, they’re eating their or whatever. And then after, like a week or so, they have
a grand opening. That is essentially what a launch is. So even though you’ve created your course
or your program or you’ve written out what you want to do, and maybe you’ve gotten a
couple of people that have asked about it or you kind of talked about it, you haven’t
made this grand opening yet. And so that’s essentially what a launch is. It doesn’t have to have a lot of moving parts. I’m going to give you the simplest launching
process right now, but it’s just a way for you to tell people, hey, the doors open and
now you can come by. And what we’re talking about as launching
could be your coaching offer. It could be your course and you basically
you’re wanting to get people into those programs. Okay. So step one is to remove the focus from yourself. So I talked about this a little bit already
as far as you could be blocking your money. If you are, you know, being a little bit too
much of a perfectionist and you’re scared to fail, the best way to get over that is
to remove the focus from yourself. So if you stop worrying about, well, people
are going to be looking at me a certain way or I’m going to fail and start thinking about
instead the people that you’re here to help, right? Because you do have a message, you have a
purpose, you have a reason for getting out there. And if you don’t get out there, the message
is still going to get out there, but you won’t be the messenger, okay? So if you want to be that messenger, you’re
going to have to get over your fear of failing and you’re gonna have to get over yourself. So remove the focus from yourself and put
the focus instead on your ideal client. Okay? Step two, reconnect with your why behind the
why. Okay. There’s a reason that you started doing this. Was it that you wanted to earn more for your
family? Was it that you’ve always wanted to do this? Like what was it that inspired you to even
get started? Uh, reconnect with that why behind the why. Okay, so you want to stop comparing yourself
and focus on the true reason that you’re sharing what you’re sharing. Reconnect with your why behind the why. Once you’ve gotten that in place and you got
in your mental state in place, you can move on to step three, which is pay attention. I want you to pay attention. Where are your people the most active? Where are your ideal clients? The most active? Is it a certain organization? Is it in a certain Facebook group? Is it, you know, on a certain Instagrammers
page? And then where are you personally having conversations
with them? And if you’re not already having conversations
with them, then that’s something that you should start doing. When you have conversations with your ideal
clients, with the people that you want to bring into your coaching or your courses,
you’re not only going to get more content or the content that you want to create that’s
going to draw them in because you’re going to see the questions that they’re asking,
things that you know, conversations that they’re having, fears and doubts that they have. But you’re also going to start creating those
true fans who are going to be excited to work with you. They are gonna say, I like what she’s saying. It sounds interesting. Let me go and see what else she’s about. And they’re going to read the rest of your
stuff that you’ve got and then they’re going to be excited about working with you. Step four is to start sharing your story. Okay? So you want to share your story when it comes
to how you got started, why you got started, what makes you passionate about what you do. Uh, what was your turning point? What was that moment when you realize that
this is your message, what was the moment that turned everything around for you? How did you come up from where you were, where
your clients probably are now, so that you can bring them to where they want to be? Like, what is that story? Okay, you want to keep it clear. I know a lot of times there’s a lot that we
want to share because we do have a large backstory, but you want to only include the things that
are relevant to the, the natural flow of your story. And I go into this a lot more inside of the
Create & Fill Your Coaching Program offer, but when you’re sharing your story, like for
example, when I shared my story of, you know how I started my business, I also have a story
of how I got out of debt, but the how I got out of debt story is not really relevant to
the how I started my business piece. So it’s not something that I included when
I talk about my business story. You want to kind of tailor your story to the
journey that your ideal client is making because really their story is not about you. Your story is a way for your ideal client
to connect with you so that they can say, she knows exactly what I’m going through and
therefore I want to work with her. You definitely want to break up the text. A lot of people, when they share their story,
they just share like chunks and chunks and paragraphs. Break it up so that people will be interested
in reading it and then make sure you share your offer at the end. Usually what I do as a teaser, so if you look
on my about page, if you were to go to and click on the about page, you’ll notice
that my story is there and at the bottom my offer is an email offer. So it’s hey, click here to get something via
email. Sometimes you’re going to be sharing your
story on a sales page, so it might be a little bit shorter, and then you’ll go into your
actual offer, which is your course or whatnot. When you’re first testing out and creating
your story, just go ahead and go directly into your offer. And what I’ve been doing inside of the private
student group, or this course is I’ve been going in and helping people with their story
and their offer and kind of critiquing it and sharing with them and helping them transition
and all that. So if you do decide to sign up for the course,
then you also get my personal help with that. Step five is just share your offer. So you’ve been telling your story, you’ve
been interacting with people, you’ve been going to where your ideal clients are hanging
out, and now it’s just time to share your offer. So how do you do that? Well, you can do it on a live stream. You can do a short IGTV video, you can do
a Youtube video wherever you feel like you could get the most traction. Typically I tell people to share it in a live
stream simply because live streaming is still kind of new and it’s easy to, you know, tell
people like, Hey, I’m going to be live on this day with this topic. We’re going to be talking about this. And people are more likely to show up because
they know that they can’t watch it later since it’s a live stream. And you can even tell them, hey, there will
be a replay. One platform that I recommend that was very
popular, some people fell off, but it’s actually been really helpful in the last couple of
weeks is Periscope. So I started, I actually built my coaching
business on Periscope by doing Periscope videos and live streams and telling people, hey,
tap the link in my bio to go sign up for my email list. And that’s how I built an email list from
like 10 people to like thousands and thousands of people after using periscope. And then I started dabbling in a little bit
of Facebook ads, but it was Periscope and that was how I built my platform. That’s how I built my message. And how I got comfortable, more comfortable
with speaking off the cuff with like not scripting. I have like a couple of lines of stuff that
bullet points that I want to make sure I cover, but I don’t have a script for my videos. So what I would recommend is check out Periscope. The benefit that you’ll get from Periscope
versus going live on Facebook is that, or even Instagram is that people can share your
streams on periscope. So you have the ability to reach more people
with Facebook, your live streaming to your own people. And although people can share, Facebook does
not prioritize those shares. So even though people are sharing and it’s
helpful, the algorithm is just not in your favor. I’m just going to be honest. With Instagram, you don’t even have the ability
to share someone’s live stream and then it expires after 24 hours. With IGTV you do have that video where you
can leave it there, but it’s not like a live. So there’s no interaction while you’re on
the video. Periscope has it all. You’ve got interaction while you’re on the
video, you’ve got the ability for people to share. You can use hashtags and connected to Twitter
and people can find it on Twitter through different hashtags. So you have the ability to create and grow
an audience where people can discover you. And that’s why I’m kind of falling back in
love with periscope. If you want to follow me on periscope, just
go to and you’ll be able to find me and follow me there. So I hope this is helpful. This is the simplest launch process ever. Let me share really quickly on how you share
your offer in your live stream and that short video, what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna
provide some valuable content. So helping people with your topic, talking
to them more about it, starting a conversation, and then letting them know, hey, I’m now opening
the door to such and such coaching program. Or I’m now opening the door to this course. Here’s how you get it. Tap the link in my bio, which is the other
great thing about Periscope is they can go tap the link in your bio. Same thing with Facebook but you’ll have
to edit afterwards and put a link in the description. And with IGTV or Instagram you can’t say tap
the link in my bio while they’re watching it. So Periscope really wins from that perspective
as well. And then let them know, hey, tap the link
in my bio, here’s where you can get on a call with me so we can talk about your needs and
help you get started with the offer. So I hope this launch process has given you
a little bit of breathing room so you can just do your own. It really is just about having the conversation,
telling people what to do, how to get it, and then going from there. So I hope this was helpful. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. And if you have other questions on launching,
just leave them in the comments below and we’ll keep the conversation going. And if you’d like more information on Create
& Fill Your Coaching Program, just click the link that’s in the description box. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you
guys in the next one. Okay, bye.


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