The Skilly Waves Interview | Chopped Culture: Move Makers | Ep 007

Hey, what’s going on guys a seed. Oh god o chão culture. Yeah shout out to skille I know this interview is gonna get a little bit more attention since he’s a pretty well-known in the area That being said I’m humbly gonna ask you guys to head over to patreon and make it support where you can join the flag crew And help support the channel It’s only a buck a month and totally optional all the links are down below Once again shout out to stealing his fan base now Let’s get on to the interview the following program is rated M for Mature topics and language viewer discretion is advised Alright chop culture podcast move makers AC Delgado change the scenery big Thank you to our guest for letting us hold the podcast here today today I got a special guest artist rapper hustlers Gilley waves happy to have you on man. How’s it going on brother? I’m chilling man chillin on right on right on. Yeah, just hop into it, man Stay here first couple questions. What are your thoughts on the war on drugs? Alright so for the for the viewers out there Who don’t know steely let us know a little bit about you know who you want. What you do I guess for those who are not acquainted. I do music I’ve been in the scene around here in to a pause for a good minute, okay I guess to give a description. I just I make vibes man. I create cool vibes I’m not out here trying to Kendrick anybody, I’m not trying to be the next Eminem. I’m not trying to okay 2 Chainz. I’m not trying to swag rap I’m not trying to do any of that. I’m just trying to give you some good vibes Okay, my intent is to not sound like anything out, and there’s just give you enjoyable music – oh Yeah, yeah, so what’s your what’s your background like you know are you from the area? Actually, I was born in Mexico and for anybody that doesn’t know I’m like immigrant. You know parents are immigrants. Oh Yeah, I came over here when I was like three And it’s just been like constant struggle to live life Okay, it’s just you know I feel like I’ve had to work double hard for everything, but that’s cool You know cuz I feel like that’s just seasoned me to Who I am now I’ve pretty much lived in Jerome for the most Majority of my life my high-schoolers. Oh, okay, oh Yeah shots drone Like to cool teachers, okay, I mean aside from that I mean you know this is the area from so follow my voice is Hell yeah hell yeah, so what you know, how’d you get into the making music and wrapping yourself, oh wait hold on Mexico Did you come from Mexico? I’m from what I let me choke on oh It’s like but it’s funny cuz when people ask me stuff like that. I can’t get like you don’t know tell Okay, it’s funny because I’ve had like conversations thrown just like randomly like they’ll you know talk this or that or ask about this place? or You know certain Structural things that are out there, and I’m just oh yeah. I don’t know I’ve never been there Okay, so okay, but yeah, that’s but that’s area from that’s for my family. Oh 1014. Oh, yeah, like I said well How’d you get into music and rapping yourself um? It’s probably just the cliche Thing that most people say I used to write poems okay, just trying to sense the ladies And then at some point, I just thought it was cool actually I Want to say is when I first started hearing like Chicano type barretto dead there was even like Mexicans rapping comes to me. I’ll just keep the funky It was like I’ve seen Eminem, and I’ve seen like Snoop yo so to me It was like I’ve seen black and white I’ve never seen a brown person in the music scene okay So it was one of the first Chicano rappers that you like yo, I know I still fuck with homie um I thought mr. Shadow was a shit oh Yeah, I forget he probably one of my more favorite Chicano rappers, you know it was crazy cuz um You know not to jump ahead too far, but I actually one of the first shows I did with with my big, bro Joey Bravo when we were running as a los filthy hooligan show my guy That’s my dude him but We did a show back when they did a lot of shows at the spark called the Mardi Gras was in Boise that used to Be really popular, but okay. They brought him out one time it was cool because I was actually stoked This is probably out like I don’t know like 17 or something he’s really excited to bring out there, and I was at a bar and I was like not even a basic Everything’s lit But it was cool cuz I seen him for four or I was uh that you know He was one of the main acts and we had performed and did our thing or whatever. We really tore it up. Okay and When they mentioned the opportunity to get to meet him I was all excited shit cuz I was like Like I’m gonna tell him I heard this track off of you know until I died You know these like I was gonna quote all these things, and it was funny because when I actually got up to meet him Right away. He was like hey. You was a little home. He was on stage and I was like yeah. He’s like Oh, it was tight. Okay. I like right off top. He was you know giving me props and it totally Everything went out of my brain that I was even gonna mention Shit you know which is funny because I think Legitimately that’s probably the only time I was like I guess I found out on somebody that I was like. Oh you know Let’s say this person right right right, but I mean that was cool. You know I mean so but anyways back to That’s really what got me into music. I mean. Yes. We started listening. Just like there’s yeah. There’s like there was like Latin people doing rap – that was cool to me, and then uh when I heard a Chino XL oh and Big Pun okay I think that to me is what just solidified it that I was like. Oh, there’s dope latinus You know you’re not not not not just yeah like gangster rappers. Yeah Yeah, cuz you know in and punter like it’s like oh shit another level – yeah Sure like that. That’s actually I Guess what I would say, it’s like that’s the cool part of me about music cuz I’m like yeah Yeah, I’m the type of person where I’m like I Can pick things up really quick okay? And once I feel like I get the basics of it that I can maneuver it and use it or utilize it or do whatever I need to do with it. I’m kind of like done, and I’m on to the next I need something else you’re really adaptive Yeah, and music to me. Just feels like that’s the one thing that just I was always it’s always evolving You know I mean you can’t – art in general. I don’t feel like you can put like You know this is art. This is what it’s supposed to have not yet. I mean like I feel like a true creative It’s just like you know I was a kid that like I wasn’t trying to draw inside the lines when we had to draw in Elementary I was probably doing shit outside the box So it’s like shit like that for me so that’s really what got me and inspired me to get into music and that’s What’s kept me into music that it’s just you know you can always do something different Yeah, you know you can’t unless that’s what you’re shooting for if you’re just catering to a certain thing. That’s cool You know I mean, but to me That’s where I I called that’s what I would label a rapper okay rappers do sections of things or whatever Yeah, like a artist you could put them in any environment, and he’s gonna create I mean I got you so in that okay, so you that Lane opened up for you? You know with like Chino XL and Big Pun like you said and then what happen from then You just kind of still write poems at that time actually well. I think after that it was just really Like I said just the cult cliche thing I was over there just scribbling Oh, yes in class writing raps you know doing all that I? Think actually shout out to my boy Hector Nevarez bones he used to he was a huge part and my boy pee shorty Mandy My homegirl, Katie money. They are original They’re members from originally from untouchable when they when you were saying all those names. I was like that sounds so fun Yeah, okay. Yeah actually Yeah, I mean I know people Like that’s like oh wait. She oh yeah. Oh yeah, oh nine almost. Oh, yeah I think I was probably just starting to fuck around with shit And I probably had been like dabbling in like I don’t know if remember on the old school computers I had that one little recorder shit where you could just hit record, and if you had a mic It would just record it was just the most primitive of recording yeah, Absalon an old computer It was just like the interface was one yeah At one point figured out how to like record a beat yeah, and then like dove it with my vocals So like I I mean I totally can’t remember how I was doing it now, but yeah at some point I figured I’d do that so the funny shit was is at some point I really thought I was rapping and shit, so I was I had a collection of you know like little shits like that And then finally like I said when I it was through like kind of means through another homie we met That I met a bone and then I met Katie and I’m Andi and then All of them were really like it was cool because I wasn’t really like even in my like Like I’m comfortable rapping. I was just like you know I can rap still be in the foundation Yeah
So it was cool that with them that you know they kind of took a liking to me and kind of you know let me Let me do my thing with them I recorded a good a good like portion of what I first did accent my whole first tape man I shot my boy, and even like he liked him and Katie. They showed me like mad love like totally showed me and like Like guided me through that process. You know I mean those guys edited room – yeah, they’re from Rome like I said, they’re like original members from untouchable Burning-hot, they had that track out and the lady and stuff like that. Those are some dope tracks on that Yeah, all the time. Yeah. No I know But yeah shout out to them I mean, that’s why I did my first tape and after and that this was probably like my freshman year okay so they just kind of sort of about to ask little they kind of just like pick you up or something like the Funny thing was is sorry. I don’t think anybody’s ever really picked me up. I’ve just I’m like annoying you know yeah till like like kind of dig myself in I’ve just like I remember I did have a session at some point where something was cool And they told me that I should probably rewrite some of it though, and then I remember that the first time I heard that and that was actually that was the first time I had got some kind of feedback that like hey go rewrite your shit or whatever, okay, and Fuck at that age at like I don’t know I like yeah like 16 I mean you kind of take that differently from when you’re older so I kind of took that’s a hard animals like shit You know so anyway that went back. I wrote a bunch of stuff, and then I feel like I just put In enough work that you know the the people like sigh and maybe Maybe they didn’t necessarily fuck with me or its, but the work. Ethic is always there for me. I mean like I’ve always been Because I’m a firm believer in hard work beats talent any day know for sure yeah I mean so it’s like even If I didn’t have anything to work with I feel like I was putting in enough work that they were willing to be like well. Maybe we can work with something Yeah, you can free something up so but yeah, anyways after that um Yeah me I do my thing there with them. We started start putting out tapes after that I really I want to say that’s when I started bugging Joey Bravo when he first got on the on the radio I Remember that was like a huge thing because it was like the first like Latino like around this area to be on the radio Right that was cool and it Was funny because I used to call him like all the time like I like you could if you ever you know run into him everybody knows him like you guys can legit ask him the story I I think I was I was like a month straight. I called him every day every day just trying to rap to him, and he would not listen or not listen you would manage and I think if I if I recollect correctly I think one of those days I was just like you know I screw this I just was trying to rap or I just busted out wrapping and homeboy was like wait hold on and Tamia was that because I was just used to hearing click click So when he was when he was like hold on I was like oh shit You know I was I was mad excited cuz I think I got his attention finally or maybe I’m finally like you know gonna tell Me to fuck off or whatever You know it was cool That uh, he actually spared me some time I Spit him the verse and then I want to say if I remember correctly he actually like recorded me and played it live or Played it on the show ah yeah, so that was like super cool I think after that I finally linked up with them And we just I mean that’s been like my big bro like I said I mean he definitely helped me like flourish and a lot of aspects as a as a writer definitely cuz got virgin stuff man was he going to LSD yeah, uh He’s a bit of man for sure like so that’s what I mean, you know I mean like I had no room to be wet Like because like I said, it’s like I come from like I never got sugar-coated anything. It’s like if I had wack bars I had wack fucking we’re gonna tell you about it all week But you know the whole the whole time until I was in the booth again and proved differently Yeah Cuz that’s the first time I ever heard you was that uh you know during you know your run with like most filthy hooligans Yeah, I don’t I was like it’s like oh. Eh yeah somewhere around there. Yeah, I was really young um Where’d you end up getting your name from? Well, it’s funny cuz now you get it like go through the evolution yeah Yeah, cuz I’d like officially change this killer waves is just what it is Surgery was when you were with Young skills Yeah Well the funny thing is my thing with that is like no offense anybody out there that has the young and is over 30 But that was just my thing I wasn’t trying to hit 30 or be over 30 and be like young whatever you know I mean I feel like people be like I stole a muscle Like that. I just couldn’t do it for me. It was like you know shout out my boy my boy gutter He’s from Chicago, but at some point it was funny cuz he just started saying a wave all the fucking time It was like a you know like that’s what’s up or like cool or whatever like it’s some little swag thing he was over for a minute and I Don’t know why I stuck But I just thought it was dope and I was like you know and skill ease always kind of just been like you know Somebody didn’t want to call me skills It’s just always been my okay that let literally has been Since I’ve been going by young skills like they’ve always called me skill you like did you Okay, I probably getting a little bit of you But like did it did that transition during most filthy hooligans or no actually it was after Because uh I know I don’t know if you wanna touch on that oh, no yeah, we’re good It’s just I feel like some people feel like we like. I don’t know broke up or set it up It wasn’t that it was just like you know I mean I I was running with him like when I was young getting into it Like I said it’s always I always got like the utmost respect for him and what he you know helped nomination I just feel like it was just that I was just a kid kind of get my feet wet doing my thing and I mean as all People I mean you’re gonna grow you’re gonna take a different route. You’re gonna do different things That’s really just what it was It was just like I just felt like I kind of just wanted to do my own thing and kind of Just grow as an artist. You know I mean so for me. That was really it. It was just that you know I’m as I’m kind of just doing my own thing and like I said I don’t feel like I have a label for my music because I can’t I mean I can do whatever kind of beat I can Be whatever kind of style like I just so for me. It was like you know I With the name thing it was just like Gillies always been a you know whatever like I said It’s always just been the even like a shorter thing for people not wanting to say skills or whatever okay? Yeah, and so the wave the the waves thing that was kind of funny because like I said I was just the homie was always saying it and One time I’m gonna say we were probably just chillin just bullshit and probably everybody’s just lit in the studio doing yeah Yeah, yeah yeah, and I want to say that that’s all they were calling me that nice skills you know I mean just whatever your shit, and then I just I just thought it was dope yeah And that’s just what it is and honestly I love the hell out of it bro because you can look up skille waves and I am the only motherfucker yeah in my research when I you know was trying to do like the I Don’t know ritual. Whack research or whatever the retro work Yeah, you I could I found like a few four or five you know I’m saying spelled exactly the same way without the Oh with the C at the end yeah, so I was like okay you know so it took me a while shuffling around so I didn’t yeah definitely I Think that’s honestly I just think as an artist nowadays like With so many fucking Lil’s everywhere young and whatever’s like. I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I’d like IM ffice eyes like the whole it’s cool to be you yeah, I mean yeah It’s cool to be you like you ain’t gotta be like and it’s miscible yeah Yeah, so my thing like that like I said, I’m I like it because like I said now that Now they uh you can catch me on all music platforms So it’s like now that you you know you tied me in on you on YouTube iTunes Spotify Pandora Amazon Google or anything like that And I’m the only artist that pops up under that alias so you know I mean I I just feel like it’s a no. Yeah definitely research fuckin you know when I typed in skew the way Even on fucking Google, just like yeah, your normal Google search should be opt up right away. You know picture you as okay, yeah Definitely a smart move so okay, so just take me a little bit to do okay So you’re in most filthy hooligans because I remember the first time I’ve heard of you was When you were there and but like the real real first time was with your like black and yellow remix oh So like yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, that was funny because I Never liked what six or seven years ago is oh? Yeah it? was well it was funny because How did that come about you know? I’m saying how did that whole thing happy and I mean you probably just hop on a fucking track sure But like there’s probably maybe a story behind it or something Oh, well, yeah, that’s what I’m saying the story is funny because anybody that like really knows we like knows I don’t do sports of any kind, okay You’ll catch me doing some jogging or something like that’s you know that’s where I get my my calisthenics in but that’s about it Okay, yeah like sports man. I’m you know I I enjoy Like basketball here and there like I’m sorry like I know I like like my Latin people my Mexicans are gonna hate me But it’s like a soccer. Yeah, I can’t it’s like so Gavin you’re from Mexico You know I’m just keeping it real, I just You know and then it’s like yeah Yeah, football like actually shout out to my girl cuz she actually schooled me on football but money now recently, but back then like this is where I the stories funny cuz I knew not like I Mean I could tell you what a touchdown was and that’s about it. Yeah So when I wrote that track it was funny because I had a homeboy that’s a moment that I want to say that it was just some one of those random ideas like hey, we should do a Blue and orange remix cuz fuckin everybody’s doing a remix right now, yeah And that’s literally what that train of thought was gonna And then when I want to say when everybody was really like let’s do this. You don’t I mean like I was like bullshit I don’t know what the fuck – right. Yeah like how I’ll be watching the fucking you know the Nothing, nothing football, so it was funny. My homeboy like just Gave me a bunch of names gave me a bunch of like different references. Yeah listen to last night. I was like okay He’s dropping names. You know so I would never expect. Okay, so give you It’s all it was funny. He gave me a list he fucking wrote down names wrote down like Just whatever Mentions but then with descriptions of what they were right, and I was like okay cool So what I ended up doing was just I really just like just composed my verses out of there like I’ll try to make the best sense out of what he gave me right right and Translated into Ryan. That’s really all I did and I mean to be honest like to this day. I don’t even like this song okay Honestly, I feel like every artist could say that that has you know a lot of music You know I feel like sometimes we take to certain songs And we want those to really like but it’s always the one that yeah The random is fucking song and to me that Honestly like it was cool because it gave me a lot of spotlight Um I definitely got him a lot of attention after that is super cool Um ended up like on the channel 11 news out here into him falls and everything um I had uploaded that online for like When like I want to say when like? Downloading and you know doing the whole getting music off the offline was kind of starting to pop yeah, and I remember Whatever links I was using at that moment that thing got like 70,000 hits on it Oh really, you know and then I remember with the first video. We have their fuck. There’s like I don’t know like ten ten different uploads maybe on YouTube of it Yeah, yeah, but I mean there was like a six thousand view one. There’s like a ten thousand view one You know I mean It’s crazy because like I said I’m sitting here every day like now like I’ll be pushing my shit like every day repost repost I’m sitting here like let me get five at least you know So it’s funny cuz it’s like things like that. I’m like I would have never expected You know the that to have that kind of magnitude, but I mean it is either way. I’m thankful you know it’s cool I you know it’s definitely cool to get Eyes on me. I definitely got I want to say more like state love I guess afternoon like I definitely feel like my I guess listeners or anybody that was kind of paying attention me was probably pay attention to me more after that so I was comfortable How much is your branch? so You know the black okay, so it definitely changed just because I want to say now I’m like you know I have it’s not this young skills thing. It’s not a you know. It’s not a group anymore It’s just me. You know it means something. I’ve been creating for Like two years now right right, which is this wave thing and you know when you break it down in an acronym it it’s a we are victorious every time and Yeah, you know I mean keep the gear lights everything. You know I got it tatted on me That’s how serious. I am about you. I mean it’s like for me, it’s it’s just I represent like like like the go-getters broke You know I mean like people that are not Afraid of challenges like that’s the mind state behind it like it’s and it’s not just music It’s it’s just that whole like I said like we’re like the we are victorious It’s just that my set of like I’m coming in I’m leaving with that w you know I mean like whatever That’s been like the mighty ever yeah everything man It’s just like and like I said it’s like and it’s crazy because nowadays the technology you can do so much for yourself Yeah, yeah, so I honestly like it like like I was telling you earlier I’m just I’m just one of those like if I can cut the middleman out. I’m cutting out You know if I can go straight to the source. I’m going to the source you know I’ve just shot some eye pops. You know I mean that’s how yeah what a shit man. Okay, so back in oh wait I remember back on. Oh wait You know when I started you know doing music shit – it was a motherfucking managing this dusty-ass OPC and shit like that you know it was really rough like so like you saying that like What kind of you were you were probably more into the seem that I was even cuz I’ll just doing by myself like how much Like you’re saying that technology stuff how much is that adults? Are you talking like studios yes to do by? Like where are you using in a? least actually a Shout-out to anybody that even remembers what these are cuz I mean don’t quote me on the technicalities of what I’m gonna explain But when you had used to have like floppy discs and shit and record okay Like I like legit had been on a mic like when that shit was going on What the you know, I mean like I legit I remember like sometimes like like way way way back like the homie being like yo these zip files above is it files you know on the zip disks and Having a whole little like the little cartridge stack like you slide the thing about you got all your little disks in there Yeah, so it’s like things like that I mean, and I’ve been in like nice studios with you know the whole soundboard the booth like it’s a whole room. Yeah Yeah, you know the whole the soundboard everything I’ve been in studios like that and I’ve been in like the the like the most like ghetto of studios bro like I’m talking like I remember one time this guy hit me up and Boise to go do a feature for him and it was crazy because Like the roaches were mad they were in there like he had a setup in this basement and And he had like I don’t know it was like it was like those weird basements. I have a bathroom in um I don’t know if you’ve ever been into anything like that I think so and they might have like a washroom like you know like a dish like and uh like a washer and dryer so it was kind of like a little setup like that and he had broken down the bathroom and the mic was actually in the black tub like Tomac was in the tub and Like literally right next door like the stairs like a broken toilet and shit, okay? and he’s had his little like you know his little desk and everything was set up right there and It was crazy because that was the first time I’ve ever seen I guess like the phrase of it doesn’t matter what you have is you know what to do with it cuz man? I mean like I said III, I can’t I’m not moving. I’m not even gonna front I was really like the fuck were gonna record in here you know homies So it was crazy because I mean we you know we did our thing I’d like my vocals and shit, and then we kind of just chopped it up and kicked there for a little bit He was cool, okay Yeah, yeah And then after that I remember he sent me back the record and I was really like the fuck I was like yo, I was like this just sounds like fire like I mean you know the vote I mean everything was like top-notch anyway Mind me that like par like a week later is when I ended up at one of these like nice house studios And I was sitting here like shit cuz I was even telling homeboy. They’re like gods. Just recording that love of audition, okay, so then it was a trip to me because once I got the end result from that studio and I was playing back whatever I got from the homeboy over here, and it was tripping me out. Cuz I mean it was Close enough you know so that’s really when I was like yo technology has gone from like I Mean it’s soup. It’s super easy now Yeah, I mean, but so that way you’re kind of like going your own way now like to you know What like I said? I’ve been in like various studios and everything I and I mean I and I and I keep it real – I’m I don’t know. I mean I don’t try to act like I’m trained in this like I just I’m self-taught with everything mine I just feel like I might ears pretty keen to that now cuz I’ve been in so many studios, so it’s like I Know what a clean vocals just sound like okay? Go man Cuz I like I said, I think before the you know we were on camera shit like I want to audio school You know I know how to do all that shit, but I’m 30 G’s and dead you know I’m saying yeah I was like you know learning take a fucking class online right. It’s all right Hey YouTube has been my best friend I’m just I’m gonna keep it real man. Just but what I’ll say to anybody out there That’s like wanting to do something like that if you don’t have the willingness to sit behind a frickin computer for like hours Yeah, and then applying it with still not knowing what you’re even doing then like don’t try it but if if you if you if you have that In you to want to do that yeah, I mean Then by all means like go ahead do it and you can’t do it, and it’s you mean It’s just on how bad you want to get it done? Hell yeah? Hell yeah, I so like Like I said I’d heard you back then and you know you’ve that was like six or seven years ago And she a lot of evolution you know a lot of movement You know a lot of recognition like do you consider yourself like an OG in the game now, or would you concede yourself? Ah, no. I don’t man to be honest. I just like Well cuz that’s the thing because I have a hard time like comparing myself to people okay? Yeah
I mean just cuz like this is gonna be where it we’re the little segment why price sound like I’m you know being egotistical or Narcissistic or whatever, but well I don’t think I’ve ever met a rapper who wasn’t you know right so? I just I don’t know I just feel like when it comes to music man. I like What I will say is and this is not you know me trying to shade anybody. Yeah, it’s just From the time that I’ve been in this and the amount of people out here that I’ve met okay That’s where I make my comments from that’s where I make my statements like sometimes people be like all you beyond On Facebook talking all i-share bah blah. I’m like. I’m not talkin shit, bro Like really just break it down and add it to and apply it to what’s out there Yeah, am I talkin shit or am I stating facts? You know I mean, and I’ve always been the type of person that if I fall into something like that I’m gonna fix it make sure I don’t fall back in that category. Okay. I mean but for for the sake of that It’s just like I don’t know. It’s just like people like the like people talked a lot more than what they work I mean and just like I said for me. It’s just one of those. I back it back to Just how I was brought up. I had to work for everything I didn’t give I never got a handout like like what like what the fuck’s a day off I don’t really know what a day off is you know I mean because I choose to do shit on my day off Hashtag never not work. Yeah It’s like so And I just feel like a lot of people out here, it’s just they’re really complacent I guess like they did a little bit of local Fame, and it’s like then like that that was cool You know neriman So do you like you not consider because I’m pretty sure you said you don’t consider yourself an OG like do you not consider yourself? An OG because like y’all trying to like okay I’m like yeah, I probably like spaced out there Yeah, yeah, I don’t feel like I’m og no no way you’re like humbled it Yeah That’s like kind of Well see my thing is this I got no issue getting in a studio with like somebody who’s 10 years older than me or 10 Years younger than me, okay, if the vibes, are you know know me, and the shit’s just fire just were like down to work Yeah, I mean, that’s that’s that’s like. I said um I don’t know it cuz I’ve you know. That’s why I said I Can’t see myself as some kind of OG or anything like yeah Just because I don’t feel like I’ve you’ve I’ve even put in enough work like what I’m capable of okay especially now because like now I I self engineer I produce you know I mean I arrange all my stuff. I graphic design anything. You’ve ever seen Graphically whatever for me. That’s all me you know shout out like my cousin Miguel Me if you ever seen like super dope photos for me. That’s probably that’s been him My homie Antoine he gets down on photos for me as well. He’ll yeah actually. Shad the homie Nick Nicholas a rebel. Oh, yeah Yeah, he just got some dope dope pictures of us out yeah You know I mean and then like all my official like camera work and everything I do is like my guard Mario No law school from interval studios That’s like that’s just my go-to for anything real visual that you see for me, so you okay? so you’re still working and speaking on that like what you know you’ve probably seen a lot of the Scene around here like no one does it change his you know back in date loss. You know It changed a lot because I and I speak because I’m talking like we like we used to do shows I remember doing shows like a couple years back and like the crowds would come out like crazy like people would I don’t know III don’t know and I don’t know if it’s the the content or the music or the people But or the technology and just how easy it is to get music now Yeah, I mean that they added to all that but the scene in general I think it changed a shitload and in the sense that I want to say people used to come out a lot more Yeah, but I also want to say that the scene wasn’t really watered down How it kind of is you know I mean like I said, I you know if you take offense to that like Sorry, maybe but water down with me boy There’s a lot of bullshit out here, okay? And I’ll just keep it wrong care about what and now that’s one of the things that I don’t care How anybody takes it like if you fall in that category you are gonna get offended just a lot of people following trends And yeah, there’s too much trend should there’s like everybody’s on zan’s Like everybody’s on lien everybody’s on this and that you know I mean not knocking anybody that does whatever You know I mean do your thing live your life. Do what you want to do, but? Coming from a creative aspect where and and just like I said, I was always the young kid around older people yeah Yeah, yeah, I couldn’t do anything wet cuz that was like I said it was Your wack your what? I mean and like now. I just feel like there’s too much I Don’t know like I just feel like the the passion or the time or the dedication or the effort is not really there You know and I mean because of the fact that it’s so easy to make you easy I mean so it’s like and it’s crazy to because I want to say the way the technology is and like YouTube everything going viral things like that I can definitely understand so because I have like a love-hate thing for the Internet, okay? I like I love it for the fact that it reaches what it does yeah, and massive amounts of numbers like mm-hmm Instantaneously like things like that like the reach of the internet It’s like if you’re not utilizing it and you’re artists in 2018 you’re stupid like you don’t exist yeah like you’re stupid like But then I come from when you had to build an audience. Yeah, like you really had to be out here You know I mean like talking and walking and meeting people and shaking hands and like before name yeah, like you really had to put in some work right right so I Know so usually you’re saying is like you from back then like what you’re seeing now is just like you know Okay, but, but and that’s the crazy thing what did you expect is he you know other rappers? They see what can happen so they expect that to happen to them just know that’s the thing that trips me out It’s not what they see in it, and think it’s what they see and it does happen right. I mean, it’s like you see like I like I don’t care. What nobody says man. I’m like fuck little punk dude. I don’t know if like you know I don’t fuck with the music like I I’ll keep it real the beat selections is dope like I’m definitely not one to knock the turn up like yeah I might fuck around and not know there was him and be turning up beat school Okay, but when you break down the content the contents like like lucky like fuck man. It’s like okay you know if you ever seen that that chart with the Humans evolving I feel like you don’t play that that would be like the reversal Music okay good, but if you really pay attention to what’s being said on the record he’s got some shit You shit as long right, so here’s my thing though. Fresh. Where’s my thing you show a bunch of kids Younger than that yeah, they have access to studios and music creation and production or whatever. What do you think they’re gonna do yeah? They’re gonna do the same shit why because this dude’s racking in Bank. Yeah, I mean I get it. I understand it. I get it I’m just not one. I’m not cut from that to go do it. I’m not gonna do it. I’d rather still sit here Spit my vibes do my Yummy yadda yadda whatever really trying to like give you some flow or whatever, and if nobody listens to me. I’m fine I’m cool Cuz I come from the at least at least I was doing me yeah I mean like cuz that’s my biggest reason to to not want to Switch up what I do or try to act like anything or try to copy shit. No I for you Yeah, yeah, and you know uh you know speaking on that I gotta give it to you man. Cause like you know Like I said, I’m barely getting to the scene like that with this show and stuff You know trying to you know get the feel of it And so I you know I do try to keep my ear to the ground shit So I look you know SoundCloud u2’s Facebook’s all that shit, right And I’d you gotta give it up to you like you do got that catalog that a lot of people around here Don’t you know I got a catalog baby. That’s what we do like how many approaches you do you think you’ve put up um Like from start to finish start to finish honestly. I probably have like 10 or 11 projects like legitimate that are recorded audio that exist somewhere I bet I don’t you don’t have no I Know managed to read to I like three or four albums that nobody ate no then the funny part is You know like I’ve you know I’m sure every artist has gone through shit like that But you know they’ve they’ve had in and outs or falling outs with certain years or maybe they started with people and they’re just so rock with the same people right right I know I’ve Unfortunately had probably like two or three of those kind of situations and in the midst of those, I’m Prettier than positive. There’s like one or two projects and each one of those so okay, and I’ll keep it real there’s probably like one project that I wish that I could somehow reverse time and go find it and and and like and Like I don’t know and manifest it and put it into audio because I really felt like that would have done something for me But you know it is what it is. I just you know that back project never came about but I Don’t know if I want to talk shit. I probably have like 15 projects. Okay. You know but if Under the skillet waves alias I think I’m up to like four projects now for official projects I put out my very first project was actually after the name change and It was just called the skillet ways the mr. Waves project was that the one with the graffiti or was that some on the cover No, that’s uh. It looks like a cartoonish bubble. Um either way if I can find those links also anything yeah Yeah, you guys could check those out, and then after that I put out I did last year I’d put out the flood and that was really cool cuz last year. It was really cool I got a lot of attention for that. You know so shadow everybody that really like supported me on now and on That was crazy for me too, because I actually That’s when I was like you know, I wasn’t doing music for a while like a couple months And then I really was like god I need a like Quit fucking around and I really like focus on this music or whatever, right? And I’m shot to my girl cuz she definitely like loved you You know I mean because she like I don’t know what what it was about it But she really got on my ass on some like you know are you do you do This as a hobby, or you really try to do some here right? She’s really like she’s really calculated She’s very organized, and I mean I definitely feel like that’s not to rubbed off on me, okay It’s been it’s funny too because she like listens like hello country, and she doesn’t even like rap okay But when it comes to like me working She’s like oh my ass like you know you know you don’t like what are you doing? So that’s good. I appreciate I appreciate the hell out of her for that because I feel like that really like Came back to this music. It’s so like the grind. Yes. I started writing shit down You know I mean, I started being organized. I started you know It’s kind of working. This is like a creator creative like you I don’t I don’t know maybe a stereotype, but just like it’s not inherent to be like I’m super organized yeah And like my thing is like so I tell people I’m weirdo think people believe me But like my brain like honestly if I could ever break it down for people It’s like when I say like I’ll remember it I feel like my brain will pull up a tab or something it makes a note and it like puts it back there right so It’s like and that’s kind of always like you know my reasons for I’m not gonna write it down, right You know I got a die. I know I need some my head. It’s in my head. Yeah, but like Any way that it was just you know, I just really got dedicated, so I really applied and So while I was recording the flood I was like in Boise Recording I was also in Napa shout out my boy Cruz Rios, that’s um kre. He was the one who was helping me put together a lot of that project Shout out my boy babes out in Boise as well he I was started working with him Shot my guy Spencer Woodburn I did a couple of joints that are at his spot that he helped me put together for that for that project as well shot my guy ATG But yeah, it was crazy cuz that all producers and yes That self producers in tears. I mean they they’re dope as well check them out I mean there’s people that I fuck with as well for sure But that project was like me working out of like three or four different studios, and I legit was like Going to Boise like maybe once during the week and then on the weekend as well You know I mean I was in that general area like twice a week So like when somebody tells me you can’t drive down in the Twin Falls for a studio session. Yeah, they’re full of shit You know you got okay 15, you know we’ll call it you know 10 to 15 projects Is that kind of why I don’t wanna make the whole podcast about this But like is that kind of why you make you have like you feel some type of way about you know No like it’s not that I feel some type of way It’s just it’s I feel some type of way about the shit. I can talk okay, if that makes it, okay, okay? you feel like it’s a fucking obviously wrong, but it’s like a Deserved not arrogance, but deserved earned earned Earned asshole. This is called sure yeah, all right My thing is this if this makes sense to anybody if I could put it this way um Just say you’re home. He does concrete right okay? He fucking lay you like the nicest sidewalk in the world chores like chingon, right? So and he’s been doing this for X amount of years, and I mean he’s top dog in the area. Whatever whatever I That make music would not have the audacity to go talk to homeboy. Yeah about a crack in the sidewalk Talkin about like I think he should have done it this way and you have you had So my thing is you know I mean not to like ‘whoa myself or nothing, but it’s like It’s it’s it’s in the sense of that that somebody who’s that established and what type of work they do Some fresh fish or some person that has that had no knowledge or Intel about what they do trying to give an opinion to me It’s like it’s irrelevant like it makes no sense You know so like I said, it’d be like a lot of people and they want to talk shit about me. I’m like Can you sit in a studio and do what I do in a studio right okay? and and and I don’t think you know that that probably does sound arrogant, but I’m just it’s just It’s just like an athlete you step on court with whoever you gonna play ball with yeah. Yeah, he’s gonna Talk shit to you the whole time Why because he’s 110 percent with what he knows what he can do with that ball in the court okay? It’s my same thing here. I feel yummy so when somebody wants to talk that shit. Don’t expect me to be quiet No, I got you because I know I know what I got sitting in the bag and the other bag You know to be like so that’s my whole thing. It’s just like I felt like I put in enough work I didn’t know enough stuff I have enough ammo So if you know I mean somebody ever really wanted to be like well you you don’t know shit. You don’t do shit Okay, cool BAM. Here’s my catalogue boom boom boom boom. I got you. Here’s all the credits to what I did in that You know mean and that’s good I don’t know
That’s how I feel when it comes to that it’s like you can talk Anybody can talk shit about anything that anybody does But if you can’t do the same thing that that person can do em You don’t got no right talking not fit I feel you Okay, so this was yeah, so you know we got that type of artist But then like you know in one your recent you know your recent social posts You said that you were gonna be back in some orders this year like you know some of those artists that you fuck with oh Yeah, so I’m excited so Last year I was recording shout out my guy. Um too. Fresh my boy fed we’re live right now from the cheese factory, but the He he let me come in here start doing some work really I mean So I’m forever grateful for that and in the midst of that. I started working offering studio time It kind of has my way to like I don’t know I I felt like I was just trying to help okay For those people that really like you know really were trying to work really were trying to You know put in some you know some effort somewhere. Yeah, yeah Here’s the boss right now So you know I mean after he you know after I started Recording and working with people like I said, I was I was just looking for Those same people that had those attributes that I had when I okay Wanting to record because my biggest issue after I was not working with my boy, Joey Yeah, it was I was like young so people didn’t want to take me serious or people didn’t think I really had it Like I just was not getting a shot right right But I had the I had the funds to pay for students time if I needed to yeah I had the bars, and I had the songs to work on but yeah, yeah I mean nobody would take me serious so my whole thing with this. I was like I’m gonna Weed out through what’s out there and work with those people, okay, so anyways I’m sorry sure I got to work with like 15 or 16 artists and and out of all them There’s five that I really liked and these four that. I’m kind of pushing behind is our locals They’re here in town as well. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, shot my boy, Roy Wilson super nice He’s actually like he plays instruments. No no that excuse me and uh He just started rapping Okay Which is crazy? so if you guys want to see him on a battle on a Battlefront of rap you guys can check that out you know maybe we actually I throw an event like last year those dope that he stepped up and Banners and then I got my boy Roly He he’s just you know it’s got a like a dope. You know dope swag to him. He’s dope music my boy known He’s a younger he’s probably the younger one out of everybody out here, but he’s from Twin Falls as well He’s just nasty with like to me like that cats. Dope you know I mean I could just I like to keep the glasses. No, maybe not uh he’s got like the longer hair, okay Yeah, he’s dope he um Like I said, I just like his style I’m gonna interview him all – yeah, yeah And then my boy, CJ okay crazed and he’s just don’t bro He’s just he’s been in here a few times with the homies, and you know I like his vibe We definitely got a few records already like in the cut as well so I mean, but other than that and then shot my boy Aires, man. He’s out from From Boise, but he’s saying as he produces. He does all that like I’m trying to really like solidify him in the team But I fuck with him as well. He’s super super dope cat But yeah, I’m focused this year on Wanting to push them you know I mean like I said, I’m not I don’t know bring him along as shooters Yeah, like I feel like a lot of people feel like uh, I’m super all about me and shit But I’m really not like you know I’m cool on the spotlight thing I like my whole thing is like if I have a platform or followers or whatever it might whatever may be behind me I’m very appreciative of what that may be yeah, yeah And my whole thing is just I just want to bring other dope people onto that platform with me. Yeah Why not yeah, okay? This is like I said I’ve you know I was I was never raised as an envious person Like a you know means so for me It’s like if I’m eating we’re all eating you know and I mean and but for my thing is like You gotta put it work, though You gotta mean are you more comfortable in that setting we know with like cuz I said with the hooligans and then with Untouchables, and then are you more comfortable like working with people like collaborating. I’ve always been able to work with okay You know mean like I’ve never had an issue like not being able to work with someone like Like when it comes to music you like do you throw a beat? And we can catch a vibe like like we’re already I mean we’re you know we’re going in For me is I’m excited because this is the first time I’m in charge of something okay, and it’s kind of an idea that I had last year that I’ve just kind of been prepping but This year I want to put it into effect cuz like I said I just have the people that I feel confident that I want to stand behind and be like these people or dope yeah I mean, that’s just what it is oh? Man like okay. I just seen that post the other day. Um well. How did you work when we had each other on Facebook? whatever and so like is the reason why you pick up other than like hard work is the reason why you pick these guys because like I’ve heard You know going through all your music and shit like I feel like I don’t tell me if I’m wrong I feel like you pride yourself on your lyricism, maybe uh I won’t say lyricism, but I will say like just if you really listen to what I’m saying like I say some cool shit Okay, you know I mean I really think I do and but mine is more of a I’ve always prided myself in like delivery you know like Not really what I’m saying, but how I’m saying it to you, okay? I mean so it’s like I guess I’m always kind of like you know when you’re spitting game to a chick okay You can say whatever, but if you say a real real Rico suave you know what I mean that it’s a whole different You know I mean icing on the cake type thing. It’s just how you how you dress it. How you marinate? Oh, yeah, my things just deliveries what I like to pry myself in okay? Okay, the reason why why I’m picking these guys. It’s I’ve actually I have songs with everybody I Like the vibe when I was working with everybody individually and to me it’s just uh, it’s These are artists that I would have on my playlist you’re in voltage just to make it simple You know I mean it’s people that not just because I record them I have them in my shit like These are people like you don’t mean as we’re sitting here creating songs that maybe is not a collab with me But your own independent thing right now These are artists that I’m actually sitting here like yo She just like this is lit like I’m sitting here mixing it down or whatever. It is. You’re enjoying it You know okay? And like I said not to knock anybody I did work with I’m not saying that is that anybody wasn’t up to par like that. It’s just these people I? Took a liking to them um mainly more as people okay to be honest because I mean I have like hella good homies In the music scene that uh I don’t do any music with yeah like ever, but like any time I’m in the area It’s always like say what’s up, and chop it up like so because for me like I said It’s more of a I got a vibe with you as a person giving life to Anything you know I mean because I’m really not with the whole like Smiling it was self. Um you know I likes all this like fake Handshake shit at shows and you know I mean a lot of shit that people do you know I mean? It’s like my whole thing is just like If you want fuck with me, and I know that we’re cool I you get know you know it’s like we could be in the same vicinity and enjoy our night like we’re cool I don’t like the whole like shake my hand, but then you’re across the table like man, yeah Yeah, yeah, I mean like I can’t do that shit in it And I folks movie to like the 5 if it’s not right Yeah, just not right Yeah, so it’s like so I with these guys like I said I know these guys I could hit them up and be like yo, bro. I’m just at the studio I’m just you know mean Shanker to kick it and like they probably come to like it You’re so like and uh and and regardless music wise I just think everybody’s like is is like is dope to me For the reason that they all sound like them. Yeah, yeah, and that’s just what it is like I feel like We’re aiming to at the end of this month so probably at the end of January if not the very first week of February we’re gonna drop a Cipher with us on it, so I think what we’re gonna try and do is maybe get people involved in like have everybody’s audience kind of like maybe help us pick a beat like a ultra beat or whatever and My plan is kind of just get everybody in and we’re just gonna like one take just fuck the beat up You know then after that hopefully follow it up with a video shortly after that okay, so okay? So going back to like you know you won’t you know you saying like your deliveries? Will you pride yourself on who some you’re like influences in hip-hop um? I’m not gonna say influences because I really don’t feel like I listen to a lot of people like selectively all the token like I Really like how the out of your room my like I’m I dominate my playlist like 75% of the shit on my phone is probably me Okay, I guess so But people I do like It delivery wise Busta Rhymes to me. He’s always been so nice. Yeah you Exhibit is nasty. Okay like the way. He would just like you can’t hear exhibit on a beat Yeah, I mean like to me. I think what first really got me stuck to him was uh? What’s the difference between me and you okay? Yeah, I mean Just so just so many just it would like it commanded retention respect. No you know cool, uh Like newer people. I like I like Big Sean Big Sean’s cool, man. I like his flow I just like the randomness of the fucking the ad-libs to me. You’ve always been tight my mmm Drake I mean I like Drake you know and I mean I like Nipsey Hussle, okay like a lot of West Coast people were dope King a little just high that’s crazy to me too cuz like when I hear your music. I hear like heavy East Coast not flow but whatever like you know what I’m saying like that flavor You know where it’s just like you know you’re you’re fucking packing You know every syllable in with likes just fucking rap fire-type shit. You know so that’s weird that you’re like to me Anyways that you’re like you know that’s my thing cuz That’s what I like to emphasize when I said that it’s cool to be you you’re gonna be like and it’s and I hate when somebody says hey you sound like this person, okay And I’m like because my main thing to that like my like Automatic rebuttal for that is give me three records from that person you just named yeah I’ll give you three of my favorite records playing back-to-back And you will realize I sound nothing like you just compare me to it and you’re gonna end up liking the three songs I just showed you I got you here I mean so like That’s always been my thing cuz it’s funny cuz the one that I get all the time and I still do much to this day I don’t get it because I don’t hear it is a Everybody’s like oh, you kind of sound like gez the the sheesh is what it is. I think I think I’m say I only heard Futuristic okay ever heard yeah That’s that’s who I heard started doing that and because I actually met him the first time he came to voices yeah And it was it was mad funny shot my guy Chris Till we went out to that show I didn’t wanna say that well. You know yeah, it was interesting yeah, that’s right now I’m just keep it real. I got from you know it was cool. It’s a fun I live you’re not yes And it was cool because I met him when he was literally in the crowd like we wouldn’t have a South because like Nobody knew who the fuck he was And it was crazy that like that next time we came around everybody was on his A little affair, you know there’s like just that one ad-lib which I? Don’t know. I don’t maybe maybe I have I don’t know whatever Maybe just the way you say it Like it’s a little unfair to say oh you sound like jeez because one fuck yeah, and see that’s my thing I thought we come from I always like to get in people’s like in their shit like no hold on like I’m never been one to be like I like I Take any kind of comment with a grain of salt. You know I’ve never been one to take anything to heart I’m just not that kind of person yeah But my thing is my curiosity is what piques every time cuz I’m like okay Well if I sound like this person explain it to me Not I mean and the funny thing is is 99% of time people can never explain to me. They’re just like oh it Just does and I’m like what what the fuck does that mean like yeah? I don’t I don’t like you know and I mean I need I need the layers like explain it like why like did I? You know did I say this like that like you know and it’s like nobody can ever break it down so that’s why that’s my Favorite rebuttal when anybody says you sound like such as such okay my cool. Give me three songs Here’s three of mine like I said it happens every time two and then like Oh well nevermind But anyway that shit you sent me was dope Yeah, it’s always a win a win-win thing for me because people want to like I don’t know playing devil’s advocate here But maybe people want to like connect you to something so they can tell other people I don’t know whatever right? Yeah, maybe, but they can be like oh yeah. Here’s you know homeboy? He sounds a bit like whatever Maybe maybe the right anyways what’s your? influences outside a pub I really don’t have any feels like I just I think just recently like I said I probably just started like I don’t mind country now. I actually like a few songs, okay so That’ll even outside of music and shit go outside of music. Oh, I mean outside of music I I Mean I can’t say I do anything else, I really don’t like I don’t want to work uh, and and I get off of work, and I’m here like you know I mean I’m in the studio, I’m mixing I’m recording somebody, I’m Working on my own shit. I might be just catching a vibe like anything shit But I mean for me like, bro. I like like I’m like hip-hop all day I’m using this what I do this were like this is what I’m trying to do I’m trying to eventually wake up and pay my bills because of music so like that yeah I’m in it like all the way okay. Yeah, I noticed you said something about bad rap, but um have something right here Yeah, what’s with the scene like in the area? Actually uh You wait do you know I don’t know you know it would be fun. I just like I I’m more interested in like creating that scene here, okay um Yeah, I’m I’ve seen a few attempts at events or things like that part like a few years back Or you know here and there, but my thing is like I’m not not Touche to anybody But it’s like I’m not trying to fucking make it an event and I’m not trying to make money off of anything look I just want people to come out and see some more fucker spit some bars, okay Yeah, I mean so like any time. I have seen it prior to when I did it It’s like everybody made it an event like you know come to such and such or blah blah blah Or this is a venue Or you got to pay this much blah blah my whole thing is like and then when I asked them like yo Did you guys get paid to get battle or? No, you guys get paid to battle yeah And most of the time like like nobody would say that they got paid okay my whole thing I was like well that makes no sense to me because if people are coming to watch you guys you guys mean shit Yeah for sure so Anyways like like I said, I’m not trying to shade anybody Minds Just I just felt like I could throw an event and I felt like I had exactly what I wanted to do for the event so when I went ahead and did my own shout-out to my guy David out and Nampa he came through and dizzle. He was dope he was the main event and guess my boy, Roy out he’s from here in swim And then hit dizzle yeah, MC dizzle. Oh yeah, and then the homie Higher thinking came out all the way from like fucking Oregon or something I think he battled with a homie out here his name’s local from haunting he did and There’s was more of a little off the top kind of freestyle battle But Roizen davis there’s was a like composed like they had they were aware they were battling each other They had time to compose material, okay okay, and my whole thing was just I Wanted a battle to happen that bad that I hit them up and I was like, bro I want to pay you guys to come battle like I want to watch it that bad I mean, and I’m gonna try to get you guys a crowd there, but regardless I want to film this and we’re gonna try to create something out of this sort of like a in its infancy Maybe like yeah, it’s it’s super infancy I’m still trying to throw the second event but I had some people like flake out last time so For anybody that’s watching this now I’m price still gonna be in the midst of organizing the second one so if anybody feels like you guys got bars I’m disrespect another But yeah, that’s my that’s my that’s what the battle scene here, there’s not one and I want to create one I mean and if I can help And if it’s not me I want to help start it somehow But it’s just I feel like a lot of people out here Talk a lot of ideas and don’t follow through or don’t commit or derive the work or whatever But yeah for me like I said this year. I’m just focused on I’ll be honest. I’ll focus on the scene I mean I wanna I want to add something to it or like or expand it or or just make people more aware that there’s Dope shit going on okay with these artists out here Whether that be the battling or that be the team that I’m choosing this. You know kind of get behind and push this year, but Yeah, the there’s no battle scene and we want to make one here Yeah I mean I feel like there’s a lot of because I’ve heard I Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the club if you want to rap to me, bro Yeah
You should I mean? Like when I used to be out and about and like I’ve I known I heard a lot of dope shit You know and then I’ll keep it real – I see a lot of people on Facebook Subliminally some dissing each other all the time. Okay, you guys are whack like fucking hit me up listen I’ll get you guys set up in a battle You know I mean like once you quit throwing all these little whatever whatever shots on Facebook is wack as fuck like yes You know way for sure you know whacks. Yeah, I mean, it’s all it’s all funny. It’s all rap yeah I mean so like unless you guys really got issues. That’s cool I get that too, but like for a lot of the blah blah blah should I see online like? Tech throw some names out you know mean And if you guys start doing that I’ll you know you mean if you guys really want to square it off on some rap shit Holler at me well. We’ll get you set up you see my first battle event like the video we threw was super clean Like I said my boy, Mario film that one as well, and it just you know It’s it’s it’s just super dope it was a cool vibe. It was all acapella There’s no beat because my whole point with the battles is I want to hear some disrespectful as bars. Yeah Yeah, I mean like no no rules no except No, nothing like you’d like your family is up for grabs everything shit like it’s going down. You know like That’s my whole thing with the battles. It’s like do you follow any like other scenes are like URL and fucking oh? I’m super heavy on K OTD Super dope right. Yeah, okay, king of the die URLs cool like the smack events and stuff out there who’s the other guy Greg a try? Yeah, there’s a few of them your favorite IMC’s editor. Ah man. I got bro. I because I really be watching okay Yeah, I folk with disaster even though yeah, he’s like a polarizing guy. I got a book with him, bro Hey um I want to say just in His prime like he’s when he’s really in his bag and wants to battle bro like past days my guy. Oh Pastor nasty bro him and hollow the dawn Why do know you know? He’s from like Queens. I want to say okay hollow the dawn and And past day like those Those are those are like my like when I want to be entertained and with like I said I mean those guys really want a battle And I talk shit like when they really get in their bag like those guys are entertaining who’s the little guy He’s like real short. Oh immaculate. Oh, man Yeah, I know you kind of fell off a little bit, or I don’t know whatever, but who knew levels man I thought was so much real. I don’t know if he’s Brown, you know is connected to him alive when he I thought he was so dope when he came in but the thing was that That he never went. You know no disrespect to him or nothing, but it’s like I don’t feel like he really ever had the bars there. He was just Yeah, like like the best roaster at a house, but Like you came in you better not have some fucked up outfit on cuz you roasted all night You’re gonna have like a fuck the facial feature or something cuz ya Know at you so like him to me. I don’t think he like battle rap I think he was just really good at talking shit. You know Bunny, you know because I don’t know if he ever got into it enough to when he started doing the shovel dance like shit like That to me it’s like it was like I’d get more out of a kick out of him be like oh, yeah And sometimes he’d be like way to fucking trash too even yeah, I mean that shit stuck to me You know so like even that like what go back to when I say like the delivery thing like people like that the delivery is What like what sells it to me so like I guess that’s the shit that’s cool But yeah, I mean yeah, I like I’m like a yeah, bro. I’m a nerd when it comes about a rap yeah Now for sure and okay so like delivering stuff like that notice that like I don’t I see your salad as a I don’t tell me if I’m wrong whatever like almost like boom bap. Ii a little bit. Yeah, happy back back Pacquiao, whatever Yeah, um but I noticed now. I would like you know songs like no break. No break Scuse me that slab dope shit and like the wave mixers that you do know That’s those are more leaning towards like a trap in mainstream shit. Yeah, can you speak on that transition? Yeah, actually all those records you named shots on my boy 76 and res, Alvarez okay? I met him last year, and we’ve like just been cooking up fired like like that kid is Like if you’re not getting beats from him right now like you’re fucking up in life like Yeah, if you ever see a wave mix on anything I do that’s just me rhyming song track You know I mean and one thing I pried strong in my remixes is they don’t sound nothing like the original so yeah? Yeah, I mean like and I hate when somebody does and this is just me. I mean I hate when artistry does a song and Re words the flow okay, cuz it’s not that’s not a remix You’re just rewording the whole song and so and then what I mean by that is Like I hear people redo Drake shit all the time yeah, and I hear Drake on the song the whole time, okay? I can you remix it and I still hear Drake just with different words, okay? I mean so my whole thing is like when I do a remake sure when I hop on a beat I have no intentions to make it sound like the original likes on this yeah Yeah, so like if and if anybody thinks I’m talking shit like SoundCloud me look up my 0 to 100 remix I don’t even say 0 to 100 now one time I mean and it’s just hella bars And that’s just what I do want remixes, but uh, but yeah like Tracks like that are fun of me cuz it’s the energy you know I mean and And like I said I I can go from boom bap to a mellow jam to a high fee Jam so whatever because you probably got like for each Each of those songs you probably got like I don’t know what another five six seven Oh, yeah, just like you know they were yep. Yeah. Yeah, like you’re I don’t Borrow hip-hop versus like the rap sheet yeah, I’m saying um no. I just I got it. I got a catalogue, bro Okay, I mean I’m like Denny’s, bro. You want like breakfast. I got breakfast bars You want some for the interview for the afternoon? I got something heavier you want to sell flight for dinner I got you with the vibes Like I got whatever you need bro. Okay? Yeah. Yeah, um how many shows have you done, and yeah, I’m sure this shit mound a Lot okay liking a lot. I don’t think I could put any like number to that to be honest. I wouldn’t know I’ve had some memorable shows. Oh for sure last year I Went out to Salt Lake twice yeah, yeah And that was dope because I had been there like twice before that but they were like little like tiny like barbed Little like kind of shows like yeah, yeah But last year I got a chance to open up first know the product at The car show that they do and that was crazy pen you know it was like By the time I opened up because it was funny I got there, and I literally had I had a show with the homie 7 show was out here, okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah And we got we got some music coming all the way so If you’re looking for the only vibe street that collab that I did with them is gonna be on there and it’s just super nasty Okay, my boy 76 did the beyond that it’s just flames, but I had just done a show with him And I told Falls the night before because they had brought him out here and then I took off for mile falls with with my team when Boy sauce my little brother and We took off and headed it out to Salt Lake the next morning. Yeah, and literally literally right when we got there It was like 15 minutes, and I was on the stage okay I didn’t have time to like like go to the restroom like nothing like I didn’t even get to collect my thoughts like I was Just over on stage okay, and it was crazy because I asked I was like um It was an open venue, and the the the stage was outside So that’s the first time I’ve ever like performed outside on it like on dope like stage and the sound was like Immaculate coop of course. Oh yeah. It was it was just clean bro like if you like like breathed You could hear it like you know it was crazy clean. Yeah, and the crowd was super dope Is that the first year you know right now? Yeah, okay? Yeah right now, yeah? and then it was cool because of the fact that I Was actually nervous because I was like oh I’ve never been out here really like on a crowd god this big and to me It was big because when I went up. There is like 400 some people in the crowd and and they’re like Oh, you know you’re good. There’s like 400 people already You know I was like you know I’m buggin out cuz 400 people out here is like the shit really pop so it was cool and I was able to get a little bit of the footage and stuff But it was funny because the whole time they had this big pit in the middle that was like half full and like just tons of people hour around it and I Was confused the whole time in Hawaii all the people were barricaded into the back yes But anyways I’m story short later when snow the product came on I figured out that was a VIP area, so if she had him break it down. It was like fuck VIP I need a fighter vibe with everybody She had the massive ass crowd But when I came up it was still dope it was fun because I legit had like a you know I don’t maybe there was 400 or not you know me to me It looked like a shitload of people yeah And I had like hello vibes when I was up there like they fucked with everything I did I was telling people to jump people were going crazy Yeah, I mean I’d like the elevation was different, so I was all like out of breath like it by the second story But it was cool, man. You know people reviving with me? I have never sold that much merch and took pictures in my life like as Soon as I got offstage like I was probably there From I want to say it was like two o’clock when we came on and then we probably balanced like about eight But I shit you not bro from 2 to 8 o’clock. I Was signing autographs I was signing shit. That wasn’t even mine. I was like signing people’s brothers and sisters and girlfriends It was cool bro like like that the people out there were super dope I sold a lot of merch Like I said, I just made networked a lot for sure because then I was able to Come out a second time. I got invited out a second, so I’m tell you to open up for a Warren G oh, and look that was dope to it that one was at a bar and It was it was cool. The same same thing I just came with the energy that I did when I came last time and I mean people ate it out And there’s anything I just you know merged out the ass all night, and then went home happy It was it was it was cool time. Oh, yeah Let me ask you this when I went down to Arizona like I was trying be rapper to all that shit But I went to school and like when I would go to people amen you know I read blah blah blah are you from Idaho? Yeah, there’s like with a foot pedal. What is that right now? I say, Idaho you hope now. They’re like uh Any and I can literally have just that Idaho, and they’re like they might be talking and they’ll be like hell So what part of Iowa are you from I would Idaho bro like there’s cows and show their Every time and then and it’s funny too because anytime I’ve said I’m from Idaho like the Instant look and it without fail is always like confused as fuck okay because they’re like you’re from, Idaho Yeah, like yeah, I’m from Idaho when they’re like nah, man. I thought you were like from so I always get that out either I’m from like Cali somewhere or I’m from like New York somewhere, but it’s even though I can see the New York, yeah Yeah, it’s either one of those every time and I’m like nah bro fuckin. You know careful Mexico’s drom It better always be like under s. Yeah, underestimated didn’t like over. Yeah, yeah So what is it? What is it like for you when you’re on stage? Oh, man. It’s like the ultimate rush, okay like And so if I ever really want to blow my horn, it’s when I perform, yeah Shout out to make I seen that footage. Yeah, it was like yeah Bro we had the smoke machine out You know I mean we had strobe lights going on and therefore my last my like the closeout to myself I was dope I had my like my brother and my homies come up They were all like masked up like like Halloween masks and they’re like right on the last drop of the beat I had like I even talked to the crowd was like oh I need I’m gonna have the lights cut off, and then I need you guys to like bust out your camera phones And I need you guys to light me up so you can make this epic so it was cool Cuz I had planned it for a minute But I was like so nervous that the crowd was not gonna fucking you know even like not fuck with the idea like they’re like No
I fucked this guy like do rap and shit right so it was cool cuz like when I actually told them and then when it was getting to that part of The beat I was like God I need phones out phones out, and it was such it like like I don’t know who’s crazy, man I almost want to say I had like an out-of-body experience Bros because I like legit just boop boop boop like you see all these lights light over Oh, and then like right when the beat hit was like perfect like the we had the like confetti poppers. Yeah like um So we popped those, and it was just a party after that bro a straight movie like I don’t know I just like Music anybody can make music okay anybody can anybody everybody has a dope song Every other motherfucker has a dope verse like if music is not that hard to do. I’m just keeping it real music It’s not hard to create Performing and showcasing what you do for that’s a whole different piece. You know I mean, and that’s where that’s where in that Lane I’ll talk all kinds of shit bro. I’ll talk shit all day. I got you. I I mean when I when I perform I want to make sure that if it’s five or five hundred people. I don’t care I’m gonna make sure that those people enjoyed leaving their house. Yeah, Mike because I Man, I don’t know how many openers or whatever like I said like that I’ve sat through that I’m just like I’m sitting here respectively because I fuck what you guys get you know I mean but like You know people that I might be with her whatever light might be just going off talking all kinds of shit You’re gonna mean and my whole thing is like I don’t blame them Yeah, because I want to see a show yeah I mean, and I honestly like I wanted to say this and I think this is just a cool platform to say it, bro So I honestly think as artists all over the state I want to challenge everybody to start like picking up their performance Okay, all right like like step it up like let’s keep it real You’re like we don’t have people that shows yeah, because people are not performing okay I mean like it’s cool to rap over your shit on like your all your vocals on a Speaker like that’s cool for the homies Yeah, I mean but like When you got a like? Crowd of people like like like let’s give them a reason to want to come back to another show okay I mean, okay, I like and like I’m keeper I’m gonna keep extra Funky like fuck a headliner like we can make like dope local shows Yeah, if everybody’s like yeah You coming out and like you know I mean like show now every time we come out You know I mean so That was my that was just my thing for this year like it was my first performance for the year and I was just super excited and I had it all that planned out and And I’m gonna keep saying I’m waiting to see who’s gonna be the first person to bite my ideas, but either way I’m not tripping. Yeah, you too cuz like That’s what I want to do. That’s my aim bro. Like I’d like if if me Saying whatever, I’m saying now and spark somebody want to say well Fuck skills i’ma show them up. This next show cool better form that’s better for the scene Yeah, I mean that’s better for everybody here like I’m not stripping off that I’m not gonna get offended no That’s like all I know is it is is what I did when what I said? We’re like it’s parked somebody to say fuck it. Yeah. I got sauce to like boom. What’s up? Yeah, and then imagine if the whole site full of dope artists that really can do that start doing that yeah Cuz then at that point you put it on the map issue Yeah, yeah and just going back to like the crowd thing like because when you’re you’re put on the show the crowd is in Individuals anymore, it’s so fuckin like they could smell you know they they’re like sharks manage Yeah, but they see you ain’t fucking yeah fucking right you know and you know right though. They’ll be like, bro. I’ve done I’ve done shows uh Actually one of my first shows way way back when I’m not gonna say I got booed But I definitely like like I definitely got like the whole like Fucking board ass face like you know like face emoji like who the fuck is this guy So I did and I remember feeling how I felt knows like I’m never gonna do that again? Yeah
Yeah Me and it was dope cuz then I reference to this last Performance and I remember when I hopped out After we did that hopped into the crowd and I landed in front of this kid and it was crazy except remember looking at him And I grabbed him by the shirt And I just straight grabbed my shirt and started jumping with him well like we turn it on, bro Okay, and the kid was like ah you know And it was crazy because like everybody that was like recording it like I emphasize to snapchat it Yeah, so it was cool cuz during the week know I’ve seen various angles of that that whole like end of the show and it’s crazy because My brain now like calculates a whole different scene of highway, okay? yeah, cuz I see all these different angles from from whatever, and it was cool because I actually saw that video of Whoever the homegirl was that caught that video, but in her snapchat. You can see me grab The kid by the shirt, and I’m like let’s go okay We just like start jumping into it so it’s like but my thing is that man is just when it comes to performing. It’s like Like if I’m leaving my house. I want to have fun. Yeah, so I feel like if I have that mentality I’m to assume everybody out the show has the same mentality right of course yeah, I mean they’re paying tickets Yeah, so I’m gonna cater to those people I’m gonna make sure that that I get off stays in there like y’all skille ways is a shit like yes I’m sure here, and I mean like and that’s my home Tech because like I said it’s like Anybody can make music anybody can make music yeah, I mean just like anybody can make a product But if you can’t sell your product if you can’t sell the performance you can’t you can’t like really Present this to somebody in their face and them enjoy it, then you need you know you need to step it up And like and for me like I said I just I’m just lucky enough that I felt like when I was coming up. I was putting in enough situations around pressure Yeah, I feel like I just I’m good at it now Yeah, what did you learn because it takes you got to learn how to do that shit? You know I’m saying to perform Where’d you learn all that um it? It’s just that like I said I just like was from your oh geez and shit, or did they just watching people though And my thing is that I always feel like people don’t engage with the crowd Yeah, yeah That’s like a city that that’s like that’s like cardinal rule you have to like off top like make sure the crowds even awake Right everybody, so I I know I always like to The ladies are cool Cuz you mean the ladies always coming out to like have a good time sure sure It’s all I always want to make sure you know that there Talk to everybody that’s like drinking and having a good time anybody who’s just in general there to have a good time I want to make sure that I’ve acknowledged them and that they’ve acknowledged me you mean because After you connect energies like that then you’re good to go. Yeah, I mean and then And and I’ve seen and I’ve seen shows I’ve been to shows where people like talk to the audience and I’ve always thought that was Cool as long as I don’t like be on all kinds of like you know all this preachy shit, but like yeah I think I went to a Church, where was it um? I want to say Russ I watched the rest show when he came out here to Boise okay, and at one point He was just talking and you just seem like a chill dude Okay I mean like like you could just like chop it up with him or whatever like he just seemed cool like that so and then oh and then uh That’s where I got from the first time. I seen the game when he came out here to Boise He came out to the Knitting Factory and then motherfucker was so cool like awesome like the big homey Type shit like that was like yo like like he was telling jokes. He was like talking about the flight there He was shouting out like I guess he likes some homeboy like picked them um He didn’t outride and like so I’m doing a busted hoop D. Gave him a ride He like took him to the mall gave him like bottom of parrot cakes just for giving him a ride like so it was cool To me that um he just felt like I could walk up to him be like what’s up dog. Yeah? and he was like you know I mean like give me DAP or whatever like so if Like I after after that performance to me I felt like I was just like yo I like I need there’s there’s a difference in just performing what you’re doing and then per for the people there like connecting Yeah, okay I mean so after after after that show just The way that the his response how people were like y’all like the fucking like he was like I mean it was crazy Bro like – he would just pass – take his hand out like there’s hope the would light you know I mean what suck teachers try to touch his hand yeah, yeah And it was like that whole vibe to me was cool like that you were just uh So you kind of picked up from him – yeah, you know if you don’t like connect and people you’re gonna be forgettable Yeah, yeah right exactly so it’s just like if if you can I don’t know. It’s like if the crowd can feel like you’re personable I guess I Mean, then I feel like that’s always in the advantage of the father of the performer local artists or anything like that But if you come up there like mad weird and like don’t wanna talk and just trying to perform And you know I like you like even if it’s dope I’ll credit it if it’s you for being dope But for me to say that something like Stuck out yeah. I can’t do that you know The the crowds not gonna want to invest yeah, right because like there’s so much shit coming out Yeah, it’s just so much shit and like in order to grab their attention, and you know you know get that emission from them Yeah, like of course you gotta you know connect with a minute. Yeah in that way. I I see what you’re saying Yeah, as you were saying so I was working with a second trio. Oh It was dope um we didn’t actually get to like Work in person, but I mean he’s super chill cat. I hit him up for some work when he was down here and We have actually like two records that are sitting in there One of them is definitely gonna be out for sure on this only vibes three, and it’s just it’s just gasps, bro That’s all I can say like anybody that that is not acquainted with them. This will definitely be like a good like like First first take verse from him that you’d be like yo I want to go check out his shit cuz he’s definitely super super dope on that Now he’s definitely good enough. Yeah, yeah and then uh Yeah, I mean that was it that movie I I wish I had more to speak on that But I was like we’ve just like we kind of chopped it up here and there on social media. He’s cool He’s kind of you know he wasn’t like a weird like a weirdo or nothing so that’s cool Cuz I’ve met some weird people, bro How much like people that I thought were gonna be cool or like not really cool, so yeah? Yeah, I got you Yeah, cuz you’ve opened up for quite a few people. Yeah, yeah one of the coolest people though, I have ever met though opening up was probably like I Remember open it up for 841 times. Oh, she was super cool like I was just like smoking on the back just like super slang talk like that’s Just cool vibe um other than that I think Like I don’t know I’ll be honest like I’ll do a show and I don’t really I don’t really like Fanny I’ll tried to like me people like I’ve seen a lot of people They’re like I gotta get a picture and he posted the over do it. We’re working We make it moves like yeah That’s cool Rover like you know I mean like you gotta pay to get the picture taking the shit My whole thing is I I just you know I just I I just always Appreciate being able to have like the crowds and like rock with the crowds, and I introduced my sound to them People fuck with it. That’s cool. If not I mean I don’t lose. No sleep. I’m still doing what I’m doing What’s your dream record label if you could be on? My own, or just trying to stay in D. My own okay. Just because There’s kids younger than me that are self independent and owned and fucking doing it so I mean It’s footprints on the moon. I’m trying to make a neck an extra set there you go, okay What about your dream tour my dream tour? Honestly, it would be like overseas some overseas. Yeah, like I don’t I like I just keep it real I don’t care to tour the tour to the US like it would be cool, but I mean I watch so much like Because of the battle rap stuff that I want The hip-hop and in and that vibe of music is so big overseas Yeah, like like I said. I’m not one to shoot for the skies I’m shooting for the galaxy so it’s like if I can make it out there like it. It’d be suit I like I love like the like all the technology from like you know Japan and Tokyo mission And I think I’ve seen a few artists that I like that I follow that have toured out there And they’re – they’re tours of crazy bro like the lighting the staging like the way that they set stuff Yeah, like that’s for me and honestly I think what would make it dream for me is just being able to have access to those kind of like Stage props and things like that like My ultimate thing would be to be on some kind of stadium show with like Fucking you know sparklers people flying like Like yeah, like I’m like like I like if that’s a goal That’s a goal like this. I’m at some point some point my lotion. Yeah Into my set like and I gave you an hour of vibes, and you just left like five Oh my mean like this mile fogger was like doh. That’s a nice t-shirt or social Yeah, like I feel like I’m capable of something like that I have something like that okay, and that’s what I’m gonna work for you mentioned, Japan. Do you fuck would like like Korea’s like? What’s his name Keith Abe and fucking rich chick yeah, rich Brian? No You know what’s funny, I think The only like Asian, dude that I really fuck with there’s this guy like from Cali somewhere I forgot his name, but he like he just did a song with mozzie and It’s like called mando or something like that, but like he’s doing like the auto-tune thing shit Oh, I’ve never really seen like Asian, dude really like in his you know swagging that out or whatever, but it’s cool like you know I mean, I’m not I don’t judge because of backgrounds are nothing but rich singing at me seem like a joke and It just I guess it’s just one of those internet jokes that works still doing shit. Yeah, I mean for me It was I think the first time I seen him it was also random add were like people from like wu-tang clan and shit were like Judging his video oh no shit like Raekwon and shit Ringo was I really like fuck away like he was like yo, this is this is fresh I’m trying to hop on this remix and shit like that so but yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen that too That’s back when he did that stick or something Yeah, that was a wild bag that way and I think like they had like another group But they were playing their videos, and they were doing like a reaction video shit So you know doesn’t say to like I think your style music would do really good in like the UK maybe try that market yeah Like like the local area like I don’t know Spanish yeah, it’s like my aim is like global okay? I mean, I’m like like fuck me in local. Yeah, I feel you Yeah, I fucked with a lot of like animal. I mean imagery in my branding and Like I noticed that wave Panda. I really fuck with it. What’s the story behind that so to me? I don’t know if I called it the right thing yeah, my thing with the Panda is just like It I don’t know it to actor so it feels like it’s a ninja to me okay, because of the setup yeah this like and you know but the bigger thing is the whole It’s like the last of a dying breed okay mean and and and where the the the the ideology behind that for me is the fact that like I don’t like I consider myself like a 101 like I don’t know what I mean like and And the reason I say that is because like I said you throw me in a room With nobody that knows me and I’m gonna leave in the room half the rooms gonna like me. I got you Yeah, I mean like I like I just do what I do you know to me and When and the last of the dying breed part still applies to like the music cuz I did I take my time on my music I don’t sound like anybody at least I’d like to think so I don’t sound like anybody I I’m consistent with what I do. I work all shitload. Yes, and when it comes to work That’s when I see people makes crunchy faces and fucking you know what I mean like not consistent in that department and You know I mean And that’s where I say like I’m the last of a dying breed or that that idea behind that with the pendant where it’s like You know I mean those things are becoming extinct so the way I see it in music like hard workers becoming extinct Okay I mean so it’s like you few when you find somebody with that like real real hard core like I’m gonna really make it out the mud like you don’t see a lot of people like that Okay, where at least you do, but not a lot of people are really applying it You’re gonna mean right versus just talking of it everybody can talk it up. I met plenty of people like that Yeah, I mean, but a select few that I’ve seen that I have respect for that I’m like yo, I’m motherfuckers working like the no I see what you’re saying and yeah But the imagery helps fuckin sell merch to uh. Yeah, yeah them and the Panda ladies love the Panda, so there you go Yeah, I think I even seen a I don’t know if is your post but Yeah, seven was wearing the shit to know yeah, yeah when he came down I laced came up with some girls. That’s cool He posted it up on his on his on. It’s like only social media, so that’s cool. Fuck it man Yeah, so it’s no secret that you blaze. I’m saying. Yeah a good part of your music focus is on that subject matter Yeah, a little bit, but like what are your thoughts on like the holes and lene wave that’s been halter nowadays So my thing is this like like anybody that does know me like you know I’m I like to like Dabble in the Herbal Essence, you know I’m saying But I don’t pump it to nobody like I don’t I don’t try to emphasize it like it’s cool I don’t like put it in people’s faces. That’s what’s it a little bit Yeah, like you know when I touch on under records. I’m very like slang about it, okay You know I mean like I’m never like directly like hey man smoke, sweet. I don’t do shit like that I’m just real like yeah, I mean like rule like coded about it if I decide to do anything like that but To me and cuz to me. I don’t like it’s not a drug. You know no mean. I don’t it’s not it’s not man-made It’s not chemical eyes. It’s not I’m definitely pro for it. I see a lot of like The the benefits that it would have for people if it was legal. Yeah, you know and and a lot of the the help And it would provide to get people off these like fucked up like real drugs that the pharmaceutical game is I mean cuz like Not to get suits based off, but it’s like when you’re comparing those things It’s like the you’re not going to the doctor to get fixed, bro You’re getting at this and this is just me and I mean I’m conspiracy like motherfucker, but it’s like yeah You’re going to the doctor to get plugged into what their little system is like Because I don’t you might as well opiate issue Yeah, cuz I I don’t I’m a logical person, and I don’t understand how you need one thing But then you need two other things Two other two or three other things to counteract the two or three other things you already have I got you that makes no sense To me right, so, but anyways like yeah, but like the lien And there’s an and all that shit like I’ve never been want to dabble in it I’ve been around it plenty and the reason I don’t like it is just I mean motherfuckers look like zombies bro, okay? That’s just you know. I mean if it is a Yeah, he’s a fuckin opiate. Yeah is like yeah, and I get I get the whole like life’s hard Demons bah-bah-bah. Yeah, yeah, I get it I get it and I don’t judge but It’s to me if you ask me It’s it’s it’s stupid because I don’t I don’t I don’t understand how somebody likes being in that like like veggie vegetable state yeah, I just Cuz and like and you know not to say that other people can’t function that’s just the the situations I’ve been around yeah, when when people are on some shit like that There’s just a bunch of mush mouth like You know I don’t know the fuck’s going on so it’s like I’m more focused dying and shit, yeah And then the crazy thing about that shit to me is People still see it and people said I’m gonna fuck like they’re like all about it for like a week And then they don’t go fucker anymore is back to ya man party on Friday. Good bars by God I mean, this is and that’s the fucked-up part cuz that’s that’s just that’s life right yeah Yeah, it’s like the whole like when somebody dies now I feel it’s so wack when people are like rest in peace this and rest a piece of that Okay, cuz I feel like people are just aiming to get some likes on a fucking post I see me and if I offended anybody out there like fuck it cuz that’s that’s what I see yeah I’ve seen plenty of you know Losses on you know movie stars or whatever or people write rings like that I’m not one to blast it on social media and say nothing like that Yeah, just because my whole thing is like respectively if I knew that person it’s like my condolences, and that’s what it is You know I mean, I don’t need fucking My internet following to be like oh man, but I don’t know it because I don’t know you know all I’m saying is Rp But but like I said, and I see stuff like that happen with the people that overdose on shit all the time like cool I don’t know whoever the last person that just did like I think that ran like a week and then like I don’t have not heard one One mention of that dude, you know it’s like it’s crazy Just how the Internet is men like the Internet to me is like I said love/hate thing like it’s cool But it’s fucking stupid a lot of times. Yeah, yeah And then that shit’s always like not to get too far until we like that’s just more easy It’s easier to like put bullshit in there versus like just wheat yeah yeah, yeah and yells and like and like I said my reference to why I don’t think weed is a drug because you Grow it like a plant right plant. Okay? It’s a flower. You’re gonna read you want to break it down That’s what it is, but it’s like when you are throwing in any kind of like Kim substance or compound or whatever to achieve this out of that and then Still do this carry like like when you got man hand in there. Yeah, that’s a drug because you’re creating it here. You’re like Fucking people up. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, because I mean I’ve been around like a lot of well cuz of the music. I’ve been around a lot of shit Yeah, and and the thing with me is like I hate when people are like oh weeds like a gateway drug And I’m like no it’s not cuz I have never in my life ever felt like oh I just feel like pop myself with needle real quick. I’m gonna go fucking Papa Whatever just because like I seems like next-level shit like hundred-foot Yeah, I’ve always thought the same to like gather you wanna push it on you in fucking junior high and shit like yeah Weeds a gateway drove my when you get older you’re like how the fuck you go from you know Smoking a blunt or whatever the fuck you get let’s point whatever to like sticking a fucking needle in your toe or some shit Yeah, I mean that’s a big old fucking jump. You know What they do For the music yeah, I don’t I don’t agree with Glamourizing it like people do because people are so poor Impressionable young and so fucking people like fucking lose and don’t even do Zant yeah He’s got like a whole following yeah, then or that you know And then a future doesn’t even fucking drink lean and like that’s all and that’s what he capitalized yeah, right? Yeah, yeah, I mean it’s I it to me It doesn’t make sense I got you And and if I would ever get blessed with a platform like that what I do something like that no all right, yeah Yeah, I mean I’d I’d be like Getting motherfuckers on their hustle like you don’t like build something with you Like I don’t know man. It’s just Different strokes for different folks I got you. Yeah you in when your post you said you hit me with the link I’m gonna hit you with a link Okay, this is just a like a nice What does PSA for anybody who does music if you add somebody do not fucking send a link as soon as it Add you like that is the most like? Fuck you. I’m about to block you and delete you like okay fax off top any day like dead ass okay, like that it my thing is like because like I said I come from when you how to meet people at Persia mm-hmm and If people don’t like you in person right then II like your music I mean so now my and here’s where I apply love and hate now you could be a complete weirdo Yeah, like of the max, but be a good artist okay Put out a DOS on you go do your first? Real set or somewhere and people meet you and people do not fuck it like you can hear just fuck Or just you’re just not a people person right yeah But then I’m over here you mean like like I said I come from where I had to like You know mean I get that FaceTime FaceTime with people like converse with people like You know like like like I said be personal like you like I am a product I had to be able to sell myself – yeah, yeah and like that like the internet like I said nowadays is just yeah a Lot of that real people interaction is gone because of Technology right I mean like you can sit in the table with like everybody the whole squad whatever and Maybe two people are talking because everybody else is on the internet got you on the phone on a hamp on whatever being a zombie Okay, you ever get more fogies coming at you sideways because you’re like man. Fuck you well I get that all the time Yeah, okay. Oh you have a space stuff and just like yeah people hit me up like all the time and It’s cool. Yes. What do they say like? You know I get a lot of questions for hands out, so I’ll just put it that way okay Or some shit like that. No. It’s just people want fucking I Don’t know if people don’t understand that there’s work behind everything. That’s what I’m do you – max I’m like not to kill you up yeah, man like what? What do they expect like you’re gonna You’re gonna fucking share their song, and it’s gonna put you on. That’s what I don’t get cuz I’m on the same fucking boat Yeah, I’m not no bigger And I tell that to anybody that I ever meet that I really fuck with I don’t see myself bigger than anybody here like Just like you said earlier the whole og thing I can’t say that about right Cuz I don’t feel that way because I’m I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near my halfway mark on my battery So like I’m I’m juiced up. I’m ready to go. Yeah. Yeah, I mean and so Yeah, I just I can’t you know I just saw where he’s just go go go go Yeah, go see And and that’s the funny thing because like a lot of it when I do get shit talking Is probably because I said no to somebody okay, yeah and that’s when I say that I’m like man like people are just so soft around here like okay and But I but I say that in regards to I think if I was brought up different I was I was around different people I got you I was around a way tough crowd so like I said to like for me to sugarcoat some something to somebody now I can’t do it cuz I don’t know how to sugarcoat. I never got it so to me. It’s just normal I can understand how why I price come off as a prick maybe sometimes or like asshole or whatever. I just admitted I’m yeah, I’m with the yeah well Yeah, but that’s my thing it’s like all I know is that when I know somebody’s asshole I ain’t coming around in window bullshit Okay, so if I solidify that with the people that want to come talk to me that weeds out all the bullshit Yeah
It’s so like if somebody really is persistent and talk to me or work with me that just proves that that person really has like determination of where yeah, yeah, I mean and Usually actually most of the time those are kind of people I click with okay that they might have hit me up and I might Have like brushed them off, or I might have not really like paid attention of the first whatever Yeah, I like they hit me up again or they made an effort like It’s like I said cuz that’s when I say the whole life people ask for a lot of handouts like With no understanding that like like are you gonna put some work in behind this unit right? Yeah, like that so it’s like for me. That’s that’s what that is I got you, so have you okay last couple questions here, but like have you ever been in Ruby I mean like an actual beef with anybody Like we treating time bars, and shit, you know I’ve had like like actually last year. I was like this chump a student I’m just gonna like it’s like the famous beaver is what I like to call the famous beer Yeah, so anyways like not to touch on that too much It was just like I’m waiting for somebody to really give me bars like I think it would be fun And I think anybody who’s a real MC. Who’s a real like? What I come from from the like we rap you know Mike and I rap like We we get excited for something like that, but every time there’s probably like 10 times I’ve been called out okay when I get excited every time okay, and I dissect it every time And I don’t respond anything Because it’s not anything worth responding to like I like you know because it’s corny because people make these like quick little mentions and like Boom right here boom right there, and that’s me. It’s like I’m waiting for somebody to like give me a whole fucking section of ours where I gotta sit there and be like shit Okay, where the Emma doing mom is gonna want to be like no I got a respond or I gotta say something but no man. I mean I’ve well at least for me I’ve never and if somebody has had beef with me. I don’t know maybe that’s on their end, but okay I’m not even the type of a person that is like generate that much energy and effort to have a beef right right okay? I’m to focus on your me what I’m doing. Not for you. I feel you all right, man I’m gonna hit you with the speed round so we could wrap this shit up Good all right dream collaboration dead or alive oh Man that’s a fucking shit I have like an extended clap dude. I would have like shit I’d want to have like some kind of like interlude like bridge intro from like Chino Excel Okay, I would like some nasty vicious beat by like, maybe like DJ for me or something like some old grimy like okay New York like East Coast ID behind there alright yeah, and have him like open it up with some kind of crazy just you know have the beat formatted to let him do his thing and Then maybe have like fucking no no like exhibit come in on the fucking on the hook and just real nasty just yeah, I mean I’ll come in and sauce it up on the second verse and then I don’t know if I could get a verse from pun on there, too. I mean that will be like legit that because those are the first night What’s your favorite song forty no Excel Wordsmith or Smith I love last laugh with uh Cypress oh yeah, yeah, that was where Smith to me is just Fuck man the the shitty did in the in in that in that song is I feel like I can still replay it and still Catch that I might have not even caught like all these times. I’ve heard it Yeah, use be for sure that guy’s got so much like rhymes with in rhymes is ridiculous. Yeah, what’s your musical guilty pleasure? My musical guilty pleasure. What do you mean? I love like Colombian music. I’m not even Colombian you know And I kind of fuck with uh I Kind of fuck with do you know is there like bebe, Rexha, you know? She did some stuff with Jeezy, but she’s like a pop singer Honestly, I think you’ll probably just be like if you catch me drunk at a Mexican dance. Okay. I like the little I mean that’s probably it last probably because I don’t have any like I have like Like a very very very few amount of like Spanish music you might play this okay? So it’s like but and catch me at dance Brock uh Tonight I call the text ah Text okay American reinforce imports okay see top 5 Dead or Alive Mmm. I don’t have one. No you know Not even a maybe not even one maybe in there I Don’t know man, cuz I could like I said it to be honest I don’t listen anybody that much so I’d be like the hardcore like that’s my idol like I’d you know I just I feel like I focused too much on trying to make myself on that list okay fair enough. All right. I’d you snap I G Y G okay less people more just about the the media Okay, the stuff you’re uploading content the art. I was the last movie so last movie I saw um all that Was it twitch or light or something like that by Will Smith on the Netflix one? Shitty reviews, and I thought it was I thought it was dope that’s why I won’t trust Hollywood no more. You know I’m saying yeah It’s all good what your favorite a to Follow them all yeah. I plan to be covered up at some points off right you know I’m planning to get like just you’ll see I just I like art Road. Okay. I mean yeah, I like art and to me that’s just my And a lot of my tats are like cartoony type remakes and shit like I got Goku and shit. Oh shit, okay I got a speak wishing on them. I’ve got like the little Mario guy with the sugar skull. Okay, okay, okay? Yeah, I mean I’ve you know it’s all like Characters you know characters. I to me. I guess that’s just like the kid in me okay I got just you know I put that on my skin. It’s just guy I feel like everybody everybody has that everybody still has that kid and some people let him fall asleep And not wake but for me. That’s just you know I mean, that’s just kidding me. I just it’s art. There’s a reminder, too I like it and Then I don’t have like the whole like This tattoo means this and this means that like I have a few like that but for the most part. I just cool Just like I like it. Okay. I speaking on the Dragon Ball Z I got Hercule pilaf Yamcha and krillen during a mosh pit who dies first Krillin yeah? Or if piccolo is there then yeah, all right, I know wait y’all. She’s the one usually was holding down. Yeah, yeah All right, what’s the smallest in the biggest crowd you perform for? A smallish crowd I’ve ever done was probably Some random bar show okay? I liked some random to her stuff that we were supposed to do and I don’t think that It was promoted, right So it was like the locals it like the random dude with no teeth that was in the back just on free whiskey all know The biggest crowd I’ve done um shit I Want to say it was a it was a show I done it in fact at the Knitting Factory one time, okay? But I got to be honest I camera who I open know for I just remember it was a packed house Yeah, and like people like tort like I tore it up and people just like ate it up so okay cool you’re on death roll with you last meal ah I’d have to phone it phone in a phone call to my mom And she’s down on the most bomb it’s like homemade like those days a Tina, okay And fresh beans would like a slice of cheese, yeah that’s cool, so that be that via and then give me a Strawberry lemonade okay I’m good. I’m good all right last couple of years You’re always stuck on an island for a year you get three albums in a movie, but you can choose Shit three albums in a movie a movie training day for sure fuck. Yes, Denzel. I just watch it. Yeah Denzel’s my guy. That’s like my top favorite movie. Yeah, yeah albums house The chronic 2001 okay, that’s a slasher just you know I can vibe to that anytime I put it on Current music Current music to be honest and I know people might not even like my answer But uh like Russ’s playlists that he put out. They really got him popping like his. I just I like it. It’s a good It’s a good assortment. It’s a good fucking. It’s a good little mix. Okay. I’m shot so my guy Casey bibs He’s the one who really got me on the whole rusty. Anyways, yeah So that one that one Ah you know honestly, I really really and seeing my picture random bro like I honestly this There’s this cat named T fly from like the Long Beach area I want to say because the West Coast cat he’s a singer yeah, and he’s just fresh, bro He’s got this mixtape series called any are you okay? And I think he’s got like one through four or five or so much But it’s like number two and that whole thing is just super like funky West Coast vibe He singing like it’s just that’s my shit. So I probably have that that tea fly one That rest is playlist on phrase come up and Grunt the chronic, mm. Okay, I think I could deal with that on an island that Has vibes alright? Alright oh shit social security number non-believable oh Ok so what is 2018 or last couple question? What does 2018 look like for scaling? The wave is coming okay, and it’s gonna splash very fucking profuse Nami shit yes I’m not sure and anybody that gets hit and contain Contaminated by it is gonna. Enjoy the vibes okay ten-four. What about the next five The next five I I’m not gonna be here I’m gonna be producing dope music somewhere out of state alright, and then I’m gonna be kind checks for myself There you go, okay. Yeah, what other projects you what projects you have coming out in the next couple months I know you didn’t mention them, but just a wrap it up. You know Oh, yeah, so to wrap it up like I said, I’m I can officially say that you can catch me on any music platform I’m finally on everything like I said iTunes through Pandora Spotify. Okay, whatever whatever you use. I’m on there okay? I’m skillet waves. I’m not hard to find. I’m on YouTube There’s plenty of video console in there if you guys have a few guys if you’re not acquainted with my with my material Projects I have coming out And my first one that I’m gonna put out is gonna be the only vibes 3 and that’s just gonna be the closeout to that little series of mixtapes that I’ve been doing and For anybody that has heard the first and the second one the third one is just nasty, okay That’s all I’m gonna say I saved all the Banger bangers for that one and then after that I’m gonna focus on Around April we’re gonna start flooding just the whole anything we can internet here the valley whatever like with the team Everybody’s gonna have like a little project out around that time and every week There’s gonna be content every week starting starting in March or April for the rest of the year There’s gonna be one piece of material every week from myself for my guys the team whatever But I mean I’m a hold you to a song. Oh, yeah Yeah, yeah, you can play back. We give you at the end of the year and ask me if I came through Yeah, I’m like is I got a team in motion and that’s what I’m focused on this year that ciphers coming out of my cyber Is coming out at the end of the month? Hopefully if not the very first week of February and with a video to follow up shortly after that so you guys can get acquainted With with myself and the team okay? And then again when we’re time shot my guy fresh for like let me be in here in a studio and create You know an amine, so it’s too fresh all day the wave shouts a chop culture for the for the invite I appreciate it here. I Mean yeah, that’s pretty much it man. Oh, and then uh my little brother wraps. Oh, so That’s tie I’m really excited for that. He’s got some likes yeah, big trouble on this shit, man. Yeah, it shout out my Brodie’s The splash Bros mean here. We got we got some cool shit that we’re gonna put out I’m really excited to share that because I was super surprised I didn’t even know this was a surprise with me this year, so that’s cool And he’s got bars. That’s all i’ma say he’s got bars so family yeah I’m excited man, so a little thirteen-year-old kid is gonna be giving like some people run for their money Cuz I wasn’t writing raps out 13. Yeah, I’m excited for that I so like you said your own everything But if you had to choose like one platform for people to like follow you and like you’re all constantly uploading a shit What would that be um? It’s based gonna be YouTube on YouTube Yeah, it’s if I had one And if I have one it’s gonna be YouTube just because that’s where I feel like you can you know? like I said I don’t think I act any different when I’m on a camera or when I’m off a camera so like I mean I don’t you know I’m not faking the funk for anything so Anything you find with video material of me that yes is just me you know YouTube is probably something we’re gonna. We’re gonna emphasize and focus on this year to really build some Some catalogue there on visual concepts. Do you have the YouTube nope already? Yeah, like I said anything you guys Yeah in every one of you go to interval studios At and subscribe and like I said any official video content you for me this year is gonna be on that channel, okay We’re shooting a hit like a thousand subscribers this year, so dope tour as soon as we can right now We’re like that seven we’re pushing like eight. I think almost so like I mean like I said it Helps us And it’ll be dope you know I mean because we were heavy on building content this year like my music videos this year or oh? They’re gonna be nasty. Yeah, check out the Rolling piece it’s a remix that code a black track. I just did my little take on it shot my bro on the bit He’s in the video I’m just doing my thing on the beats, and it’s a wave mix That’s just the first one just to get it started for the year, but my next video I’m gonna drop is gonna be to my song called matrix. So if you’re not acquaintance with that you can find it on soundcloud And that one’s gonna be a movie bro like it’s gonna be a movie like a shout out to interval man that she looks like A fucking movie yes, yeah, it does really we’re gonna stop, yeah I know a lot of people were like hey when you’re gonna have storylines in your videos, so I’m definitely. We’ve art We’re already on it, and you know expected you see some super fire all I ask is you know everybody out there They’re really fucks with it like I just you know I might not seem like shit But one share adds up a lot, and I appreciate every time somebody does share any of my content I mean like that helps out a lot And yeah, regardless though. It’s it’s all work all the 2018 is all work. He’ll yeah. Yeah, I expected man Oh, I’ll definitely hold you to but yeah, man. Thank you for doing the show I really appreciate your parents make sure to check out helia on his social channel to ask you like Wave YouTube Interval studios YouTube channel see all his music videos like you said links are gonna be in the description down below make sure to LIKE Subscribe comment share all that bullshit like and follow everything had child culture a lot creative AC delgado subculture peace the fuck out we out


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