The Social Media Secrets Behind Europe’s Biggest Digital Marketing Event

I’m responsible for the overall marketing
and communication activities, which include social media, side events,
PR, content and marketing. This year, we wanted to make the social media buzz around the DMEXCO
a bit more tangible and visible to the visitors. Therefore, we decided to install two big social walls in the middle of the DMEXCO Boulevard. It is basically the main access between the different halls, and it’s where you get the most traffic and the highest possible attention. We are also here today
at the DMEXCO social media booth. It’s been launched this year and it’s basically the on-the-ground homebase of our content team. And for them we also installed
the social media wall behind me. There’s another wall upstairs in the press department, especially for the journalists and the media influencers. So we have multiple pitch points with the social media walls at the DMEXCO this year. Each year, we define a different hashtag. So this year it’s #DMEXCO19. Plus, we have a yearly motto, and this year it’s “Trust In You”. So we use those two main hashtags. And we usually start very, very early
to educate the community about what kind of hashtag they should use, to invite them to use the hashtags. And on the ground at the DMEXCO, we use the social media walls to kind of engage people, let them know: okay, use the hashtag #DMEXCO19 to show that you are present
and engaging with the event. The moderation of the walls is handled by our social media team, and we use the wall in unmoderated mode. We only edit single posts, in case they don’t meet the quality
that we expect from them. In general, we have very positive
mentions on social media so this is the perfect solution for us. But just in case some kind of a sh*tstorm comes up, I think it’s very good to know
that you can switch to moderated mode, where you can just publish single social media posts and be fully in control of what’s being shown.

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