The Top 5 Mistakes Newbies Make Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

– Hey everyone, it’s Charles
Ngo, A.K.A. Doctor Ngo, A.K.A. The bad boy of affiliate marketing. I’m back with another video. So I saw the shares, I saw
the likes, I saw the comments, the people have spoken. You all want more videos from
me so I’m here to deliver. So right now, it’s a different backdrop. I’m out of Kuala Lumpur. I had a great time there this weekend. I’m gonna be in Vietnam
for the next two weeks. After Vietnam, I’m heading
over to Singapore for a week. And after Singapore, I head to Manila. After that I head to Thailand. So every single week, it’s
a lot of travelling for me. But I’m gonna do my best
to keep sharing material with you guys and keep
operating my businesses. I think that’s kind of what this is about. It’s not just about making
as much money as possible, it’s also about enjoying freedom, having the time to travel, having the time to have some fun in life. Right, I’m not interested in
working 14 hours a day at home. That’s kind of lame. Ya know, I’ve got other shit to do. So today’s topic is the top
five mistakes that newbies make. So I’ve been in the
industry for eight years, I’ve seen newbies, thousands
and thousands of newbies come and go so I’ve kind of pinpointed the top five mistakes that
I see most affiliates make. So let’s start. The first one is most of them don’t have
a big enough budget. Alright, you’re not going to be successful in affiliate marketing with just $500. You need thousands of dollars. How much? It depends, okay? My recommendation is
usually at least $3,000. For me personally it took me $4,000 before I found my first campaign. Alright so I think $3,000-$5,000
should be sufficient. You have to invest in a tracker, a server, maybe someone to help you
design some landing pages, maybe some tools, so there
are some upfront costs. And then of course you have to have money to actually run traffic. So, I think that $3,000 should be enough. If you don’t have the money,
well you’ve gotta hustle. Get a side job, work at Starbucks, dig through your couch to
try to find some change, do some side work. How bad to you want it, alright? For me, I didn’t have much
money when I first started, so I sold my Xbox, I wrote on WickedFire for
like 15 bucks an article. Okay, you do what you have
to do to reach your goal. Next is not take enough action. I mean this is probably the top advice given to new affiliates. And why, because it’s the truest. You’re not going to
learn affiliate marketing from reading forums or reading my blog. Alright, you actually
have to take some action and launch some campaigns. Don’t be scared. And it’s tough, its tough because there’s this
human psychological trait called loss aversion where it
hurts more to loose something then to gain. So it actually hurts
more to loose 200 bucks testing a campaign then it
feels good to make $200. How do you overcome it? For me, to keep it simple,
when I first started I was able to save $500 a month. So what I did, is I thought, okay so this $500 I have each month is for affiliate marketing only. It’s to run campaigns. So when I lost that $500 there
was no emotional attachment. I didn’t think, oh man, $500,
I could have got a Gucci cap, I could have taken my girl out to dinners. Or I could have done some
other stuff with that $500. No, that $500 is just for learning. It’s just for affiliate marketing. So before I even loose that
money, it’s already gone. So if you want to learn
affiliate marketing you have to launch campaigns. Alright, like stop all
of the excuses, launch. Number three, a big one. Traffic source and offer ADD, okay? Basically, guys, there is no magic bullet. Alright, quit sitting around waiting, hoping that someone writes a magical post that’s
going to change anything. You need to sit down, take
action, and you need to focus. Alright, so look the biggest guys in affiliate marketing are snipers. Okay this means that they focus on a niche and they become the best they can at it. Okay, so this needs, like
I said in other video, you can’t just be a mobile guy. Mobile guy is what? There’s so many types of mobile out there. Okay you need to specialise. Are you a DSP guy or maybe
you could focus on an offer. Are you a pin submit guy? Are you an anti-virus guy? The idea is you have to laser focus because there is a rule I like
to use in affiliate marketing it’s called the 95/5 rule. In any given traffic source or vertical, 5% of affiliates make 95% of the money. So if you’re in four
different traffic sources how can you break into that top 5%? And the problem with
newbies is they get this ADD where they are working on one
offer or one traffic source and then their friend
says this one’s better so they switch to that. And then the affiliate
network says this offers hot and they switch to that. Well by constantly switching, you’re not actually learning anything you’re not actually developing
the knowledge needed to be successful. So what I recommend, the next time you have a
traffic source or offer that you think will do well,
sign a contract with yourself. That you have to spend
$500 before you switch. Or perhaps you have to spend
$2,000 on this campaign. After spending $2,000, now you can pivot, now you can change to
a different campaign. The issue with most affiliates is they quit right before the campaign is actually going to be successful. I’ve seen this over and over again where they’re making
progress, but then they, bright shiny object syndrome. They see another campaign,
they switch to that. But I’m looking at the old campaign, they were only like one or two split tests from making it profitable. But they couldn’t because they had ADD. Alright so that’s three. Number four, not testing enough. There are so many variables to test in an affiliate marketing campaign. Angles, adds, landing pages,
the offer, day parting, week parting, testing the bidding, testing different countries,
if you’re a mobile, have you split tested the
operating system, the carriers. See I could go on and on all day about the different things you
can test with any campaign. So most affiliates, what they
do is they launch a campaign, alright, they launch a
campaign, it’s not making money, so they quit and they’re
on to the next campaign. Well you don’t find profitable campaigns, you create them, you develop them. So even me, I’m like one of the
best affiliates in the world I still fail some of
my campaigns, alright? So I launch a campaign and its -50% ROI, I’m happy, I’m excited, because
I know if I apply my formula my optimization system,
it will become profitable. Because with each test it improves, it becomes more and more
profitable, alright? So, next time you launch,
start developing a system okay? Start testing out the ads,
start testing out the angles. You need to find your own secret sauce. And the last one is, doing it alone, okay? Affiliate marketing is really
tough to figure out alone because the competition keeps increasing. So the quickest way to improve is to network with other
people or to get a mentor. So, my recommendations
is join a private forum. I recommend Stacked Up Money, so type it into my blog,
there’s an affiliate link. Hook me up, I got like baby
mommas and kids to feed. So join a private forum,
Stack That Money’s good. Another thing you can do,
network with other affiliates. Network with affiliates
that are in your area. Or perhaps go to conferences. Like you can go to a
conference really cheap. Just get the cheapest pass, or you know, sometimes you
don’t even need a pass, okay? Like share a room at Airbnb. Get the cheapest room. Or get the cheapest flight. If you’re in America, you
can do ASW for three days for less then like $500. Alright, there’s no excuse. Even if you don’t have any experience, go to a conference. Alright, if you’re in Europe, go to Stacked Up Money
European conference. If you’re in America,
you’re in a nice advantage because you have like Ad
Techs and you have ASE’s. Last tip, for as far as doing it alone is to find a mentor okay? Mentors are not easy to find. How do you find one? Well, just ask. I mean you see someone at a
forum that seems intelligent, why don’t you try, network them, ask. Or go to a local meetup in
your city if there is one. And look nothing is free, alright? Like why would someone help you for free? Is there something you can do? Take them out to dinner,
take them out to lunch, try to get some tips. Do you have a skill? Are you a programmer? Well try to do some work for them. Are you a designer? Try to do some work for them. If you’re interested in
getting mentorship by me, I do have a training
programme out right now., go there. Sign up for the email list
to get some information. So right now I’m travailing the world. I’m throwing workshops. Singapore sold out. L.A. sold out. I’m coming to New York in June so get on the wait list for that. And you can learn all my systems and how I have profitable campaigns. Alright, so those are five tips. Look it’s tough to be a
newbie but I promise you that A, this industry is real. B, it’s worth it. Like I’m travelling the world. I’m making like five figures a day. I’m not doing anything. My systems, my employees,
they run everything. This is an amazing life
that I couldn’t have done this without affiliate marketing. So this is real. Be persistent. Work hard. Alright I’ll see you
guys in the next video.

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