The Twofold Armored Spearhead

An Armoured Spearhead, is a formation of tanks, and mechanised troops at the front, with the intent to break through the enemy lines, while they are followed by less mobile forces like infantry. It is commonly known that the first use of an Armoured Spearhead was in 1940 by the German army, during the battle of France. It is less known though, that the composition of the German army itself resembled the Spear So lets take a look at it. The German army consisted of 10 armoured and 6 motorised divisions. Yet the brunt of the forces was made up of 127 divisions on foot. And of those, only 61 are considered to be fully operational. So if someone tells you that myth, poke them with this spear. Credit, were credit is due, this Spearhead analogy isn’t mine. It’s from Karl-Heinz Frieser, a German military historian who did the very thorough about the battle of France. Thank you for watching, please like, comment, and subscribe, and see you next time! Subtitles by CaptainBarac (Ben Giannandrea)


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