The Ultimate RetroPie 4.2 Raspberry Pi Setup Tutorial 2017 (Install, Upgrade, & Transfer Roms)

This video is the ULTIMATE RetroPie 4.1 Raspberry Pi Tutorial and I’m going to show you how to install, upgrade, and transfer ROMs with ease So the first thing you going to want to do is go to Once there you’ll need to click on the “Get RetroPie” button On this page you’ll need to choose either “Raspberry Pi 0/1” or “Raspberry Pi 2/3” Click on your version of Raspberry Pi to start downloading the Image The next thing you’ll need to do is download the program “Etcher” This will allow you to write the Image directly to your MicroSD Card Links are in the description Open up “Etcher” and then select the Image Now select your correct device If you choose the wrong one here you could be overwriting another Hard Drive or USB stick Lastly, click “Flash” and after about three minutes your image will be finished writing and will automatically unmount Over to the Raspberry Pi now and with your first run the system will resize itself and then reboot once After about a minute of loading, the screen will come up telling you “Emulation Station” has started and then we’ll see the “Welcome” screen Now here what you’ll need do is you need to press a button and hold it down on your gamepad So it recognizes it This particular configuration is meant for a Xbox 360 or PS3 or PS4 controller So Press each button as it comes up and then once you’re done, hit “OK” Now that we’re inside RetroPie will go down to “RetroPie Setup” This is where we can upgrade and update our RetroPie setup Once in here what we will need to do is go down to “Update all installed packages” Choose “Yes” and be prepared to spend about thirty minutes waiting for this to go through and fully update Even though it doesn’t seem like it, eventually it will finish and you will get to this screen here Hit “OK” and go all the way down to the bottom and perform a reboot Don’t forget to choose “Yes” Once your system has performed a full reboot what you’ll need to do next is go into the “RetroPie Setup” again and this time we are going to install an experimental package So to do this what will need to do is will need to go down to “Manage packages” and then all the way down the bottom to “Manage experimental packages” Here you might notice a few interesting little tidbits like DraStic, the Nintendo DS emulator There is also “Virtual Jaguar” there and “attractmode” But what we want is about second from the bottom So, make sure you go right down to the very bottom Click on “RetroPie manager” and then click on “Install” This will go through now and quickly install the RetroPie manager which will be accessible through a Web Browser Once it’s finished installing, go down to “Configurations / Options” Here we can enable RetroPie manager to start upon each boot and also once we done that We can make it start right now Now before we go any further, what we need to find out now is we need to find out what our Raspberry Pi’s IP Address is and to do this it’s very simple on RetroPie Once you’re back to this configuration menu, all you need to do is go down to “Show IP” Make sure you write this down because we’re going to need it After we’ve finished here back on the computer Now let’s pop over to the PC and let’s open up a Web Browser So to access “RetroPie Manager” from your Web Browser, you need to go to your IP Address followed by “:8000” Here you can monitor things like your CPU, your memory, temperature, etc and how much space left is on the device But one of the best features of “RetroPie Manager” is the ability to upload BIOS and ROMS directly from your Browser So to show you how this process works, what I’ll do is I’ll upload a ROM right now So I’ll go and choose the system and that will be the “Nintendo Entertainment System” and I will also choose a ROM, which is one of my favorites of all time, “Super Mario Brothers 3” Now to save space on the device, what I’m going to do is I’m going to upload the “.zip” file instead of the “.nes” file Now the reason for this is that it will save about a hundred Kilobytes and that doesn’t like a lot but When you have a small SD Card every Kilobyte counts So you simply just drag and drop your ROM straight onto the web page and it will upload it and do all the rest Now before you’ll see the ROM appear in RetroPie, what’ll need to do is we’ll need to restart “Emulation Station” and to do that all we need to do is press “Start” on the gamepad, go down to “Quit” and go to “Restart Emulation Station” Once we’re back up we’ll see that “Nintendo Entertainment System” is in the list So now we can go into “Nintendo Entertainment System” and choose “Super Mario Brothers 32 And another quick tip in case you’re not aware, once you are in there and playing the game for a little bit and you want to quit and get back to RetroPie, all you need to do is hit “Start” and “Select” at the same time hold them in and that’ll get you straight back into RetroPie If you enjoyed this video then make sure you subscribe to my channel and also make sure 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