The UNTHINKABLE happened in Minecraft

*woof* Oh, my go- noooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo Gooooood Morning gamers! Welcome back to another beautiful day in Minecraft I had a live stream yesterday and someone told me to plant 4 spruce trees next to each other and BAM! Woah, woah Woahh. Why do I feel like it’s challenging Ikea Tower? Don’t worry, IKEA tower. You are beautiful forever. If you didn’t catch the live stream, don’t worry. You didn’t miss much I just walked around and it was very peaceful and very nice. I can crick with the Trident? 😮 JE- Oh my god Bengt. Can you get out of the boat? You’re not supposed to- *squeak* AAA! Sorry How do I get him out? Oh my god, they’re stuck forever Leashes gets them out. I keep forgetting. Oh he,- awwwwww thats so cute! So someone told me they go to sleep underneath trees. That is so cute ˢˡᵉᵉᵖ ˡᶦᵗᵗˡᵉ ᶜʰᶦˡᵈ Oh my god, I’ll put a little lantern. Oh, okay. Sorry, sleep. SLEEEP! (yeah because yelling at him will surely make him sleep) JUST GO TO SLEEP! Thank you, tehehe. I don’t know if this is true or not But apparently you can give them a sword as well cuz they keep stuff in their mouth just like Dark Souls Oh my god. Okay. Thanks Come on you can be just like Dark Souls Eat it. I can give him my badass sword and it will give him like fire aspect and stuff this sword is very important to me, but I want you to have it because you are important to me too. I need him to drop the leash somehow.
maybe if I give him porkchop There we go. He just spits it out. *weird sound* He’s eating it. Oh my god. Yes, that’s so cool So apparently he gets the enchantment we need to try this out this is so cool. Alright who wants to volunteer? All of you, that’s very well, I’m just gonna leave a look at him look at him Look at him bengt is going crazy! Oh my god, alright. Alright, I’ll just leave these guys here. You can do whatever you want them kill them Kill them now. Well, the backwards attack. Look it’s cooked chicken because my sword That’s so awesome. Well, I guess you two are the lucky ones oh My god, he killed them as well Very- very interesting technique that Bengt has using his Why is the chicken just not running away Incredible technique! aww they’re friends.. Oh and now he went to sleep with little chicken in his mouth *cute giggle* Now obviously I’m still homeless I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to build and we’ll probably build something or at least start it today. I’m really excited for What our new house is gonna be but this time I want to go big I’m always such a Swedish loser. And I always like oh, I just want to build a small little home for me and my pigs No, not today Today we go big we go all out. But first, of course, I have to terrorize my villagers. Yes. I have this new system set up which I think you guys are gonna really like. Sven has been guarding them to make sure Good job, Sven. So I have a I have a very well-hidden – what is it? – observer here Which if you can see there’s a line of thread here. So if anyone passes this thread observer will notice and the trap will activate Now so far not a single soul has managed to escape this prison right Sven Yes But just for a safety meas- no, the boat is not for you Sven You want to be the guard boat? Fine. Okay fine All right, let’s remove this and let’s watch them walk into the trap. You’re free! Oh no! Bahahahaahahah Anyone else want to be free? Why is that so funny? You guys are free. You can run. Look you can play both with Sven You know what to be honest, I think I only need one right now Let’s actually feed them a bit more I need more babies Keep eating and keep fricken. Oh It’s working. Excellent. I have to cover up the whole thing because babies can still crawl in through tiny holes Which is kind of an oceans and I haven’t made this with babies and oh Well, how do you do? Okay, this is perfect so this is my new transportation system, oh yeah, I showed her already Well, the reason you featured to it, you see the track doesn’t go up now. I Put the track over here and then it will go up up into there. Was that which so oh My God where huh in my spawner so I improved my spawner based on one of you 9 rolls. Oh It works. I’m supposed to me. I made it one by one, but it’s better if you make it 2 by 2 So now you can see my training is a little broken. I get the XP bang bang BAM, it’s full and The loot gets dropped in here Excellent. Well What you nine year olds told me are one of you is that you may think this is a fun roller coaster ride Well, I guess in a way it is they get their final final ride before the Before the eternal suffering Oh God. Oh, they’re all in here, huh? So I will they will be placed here Forever and that will make more mobs spawn if there’s a villager and they will move more towards the center as well I think I know one of those things is true at least So it’s time for our annual lottery. That’s right Sven One of these lucky contestant will be randomly picked They look like one giant guy hey, hey, sorry sorry, sir one lucky contestant Will get chosen as tribute. I think this will go pretty fast, but I’ll try and follow three Actually, I kind of want to see them getting pigs. Okay. So when are you ready? Here we go. Three, two one three Two one Here we go. And There he goes lucky wither let’s follow him Sven See, I’m so nice to my villagers. They get a lucky chance to live a new life There he is perfectly placed excellent Why I’m actually gonna keeping them in the minecart for now because I think I’m supposed to get two or three of them You know, it’s it’s not really fair. Like I haven’t even written this I Just let other people have fun It’s really not about me. All right, one more lucky win there. Here we go. Three two one people and We have a winner. Congratulations sir. Sorry, I haven’t really outfit y’all get you a job eventually So, how’s married life Sven? H-how is it? I’m about to get married myself, you know Cool that’s good to know. Hey, hey get off my property. Oh, sorry It was me Damn Sven’s boyfriend Loki Savage all there’s Swen’s son So cute. So you guys said that I should make Sven’s son Purple because red plus blue Is purple but I wanted Sven’s boyfriend to be yellow. So that makes green. So he’s green just so we’re clear This is matter to anyone No. Oh, right. I forgot what I was doing completely. I forgot about them people up here There should be two of them up here. Oh, no, did he push the other one down? Why am I laughing That’s awful so now zombies will spawn on these squares they’ll they’ll be like, oh I want him I want his sexy body. He looks so nice Oh God, I’m about to fall in the hole. But I also still want him Oh god, that hole is really coming closer, but I love him He’s so sexy. But oh my god. I’m about to fall into giant pit Maybe there’s more of them down there. Okay. See you later That’s how I envisioned it. Have fun now Cool so, hopefully it works better now as you can see I put IKEA bird on my shoulder as honor of Ikea bird Thank you for your service. IKEA bird never forgetting my spaghetti Man Bank looks so cute next to Dinnerbone’s What who left the door open? Bank who left the door open!? Where is Dinnerbone? Oh my god. Alright watch this tonight, by the way Right in his face So I had this thing for a while in the background a lot of people seemed curious about it. I literally Oh God oh, no, I wanted to try out because you can make like Elevators with kelp and Minecraft. I actually want to try that for a very specific reason Okay, so if I remember correctly you do this. Yeah BA so we have this water flowing in our beautiful goddamn. That’s annoying But if we put one ah No, that’s not what I wanted to do. Wait How will is too strong? I mean my shovel. Ah, that’s not what I wanted to do either Okay, you place old son here. And then you’re like, oh it does it creates bubbles Not all the way though. Oh My god, what is happening flip flop flip flop flip flop flip flop flip it flip flip flip flip flip all the way up Baby, sween zooming seen soon then you take the soul sand Did I do it? Is that how you do it No, ah ah Oh, it’s working I did it I did it How do I get down from here Yelp do I have a bucket of water? Yes, I do. Okay, watch this gamers This is an old veteran minecraft trick you jump and then you drop the water right before you fall *Awesome Felix* Good thing I don’t have legs cuz otherwise I would have a hurt. Let’s try that again. I never actually managed to do it Here we go Yeah, you see that. That’s so cool Oh Smooth He-he, haha The idea behind this is to have a sniper tower Because oh you see that creeper over there watch this OOOOOH haha haha He despawn are you kidding me? Alright watch this first try Got’em moving target no problem And another one bites the dust But I wished Sven could see me Got him look at Bengt don’t worry Bank. I got you. Oh I hit the pig. Sorry See I swear there’s a witch spawn like oh that’s far. Oh My god, I am the lord of Triton, okay, it’s time gamers time to build our new house Are you excited? You should be right banked. I got a lot of spruce wood and I got a lot of stone and a lot gotten a lot of patience this time when I build like I said I’m gonna go figure All right, not a bad start right banked oh Yeah, I’m building another Japanese temple, whatever They just look so awesome. It’s kind of cozy underneath as well. Meanwhile, there’s one thing I desperately Forgot to do last time Which was building a freaking snowman, let’s do it right in front of Bank. I think he’ll like this I don’t know if this oh my god, that’s it. Ha ha ha What? Why does it look like that? Oh Oh, that’s creepy Sven is scared.. Sven, don’t worry, it’s safe! What are you? Hello? That is so creepy Why does it – is this a joke? Like am I getting – is this the texture pack Why do they look like that? Are they evil? Are they evil, Sven? Oh my god, they’re leaving trail of snow Wha? He’s peepee pooping himself. He’s the actual Peepee poo-poo. Ay ay ay, not too close. So yeah, my plan with the building is obviously finishing the temple I might have to move I might have to move Council of water sheep, which is obviously very controversial. Oh It looks like they have a – Water Sheep is riding the pig It has been done my lord Yeah, I might have to move a little bit it’s fine Oh no, he’s dying NOOOOOOOOOOOOO AAAHHHH DAMN YOU WATER SHEEP! Oh my god! so I don’t know if this true or not but I heard that you can – oh my god there’s thunder okay Okay I’m going back. Oh Bengt is scared! Oh no.. He’s scared of thunder. Don’t worry, you’re safe in here Don’t worry, don’t worry about it, you’re safe in here So, does my channeling work or does it have to hit something to do it OHH, It still works, baby Oh So what happens if you do it on different things like: sheep. They die. Okay cool. That’s good to know Is there anything else that, I can use it on Like a spider No Zombie It’s so badass, I love it so much Creeper, aww mann whoa What is happening why is he blue? What what’s a blue creeper Woahhh, it’s so cool Look at you, huh? Oh, uh oh They make bigger exp- woah, he dropped the head what?? wait, so if a creeper blows up other mobs then they drop an item?? (question mark)?? Blow up blow up! Creeper, oh, man What? They drop heads! Stop hitting me! stop! I’ll take their heads. I thin- I don’t know. AAAAHHH so many of them Back off children Pff, BAHAAAAH Oh no, you’re deady deady I’m too strong Swedish Zeus Did it drop? yes, ha ha. Oh man. Ooh, I want an Enderman head. Ooh, Let me go to sniper tower. Can I wear their heads? Oh my god I can Sven, booo. Oh my god Sven is gonna freak out Hey Sv- ow. Hey Sven booo Ula Britta, it’s me. Shh, there’s Sven, don’t tell Sven. Hey Sven! boo YEAHHH Okay, Sniper tower, let’s go. All right, it’s sniping time. All right, you see that zombie? HO HOOO HA HAAAH So this is what it’s like to be a God among some mortals? pff-PFFF pf pf pf pf pf pf Why is this so funny, it’s really- (Felix pretending to be God for a solid 9 seconds) Whoa, hey, hey, you can’t do that. That’s illegal Oh uh oh Uh, why are there so many of them here? Strike them, strike them all. I’m one of you guys I’m one of you guys I swear No head ? All right, that was fun though. People would’ve been like: What? Hey Sven! *sss* NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHH EATTTTT!! OH MY GOD, Ohh.. *pewds in complete shock* (the caption authors too :{ ) No, I’m sorry oh Oh Oh Sven, I’m sorrrrrry :(. I’m sorry, it’s me. It’s me. I promise look look look It’s me, PewDiePie ooh Oh my go- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo DIE Ohh, I wanna cry (T_T) (me too) *sobbing* God, Sven Sveehehehennnnn Ea-heheheheeheeaatt I thought you were gonna die.. I thought you were gonna dieeee *more sobbing* I was just trying to make a joke *even more sobbing* oh, my god Okay, what happened here I’ll let you guys free and this is how you repay me? I need to do fishing Go in! they’ve turned my dock into a frick chamber. Stop it. I need something to calm me down. I need something to cool my nerves a bit, good old fishing That’ll always do What? There’s a- You can have the dragon’s head. You have a human head?? how? sorry I’m learning about the game while I’m playing It’s really weird, but you can make fireworks out of the heads. So the creep red is a fire. Oh my god. That’s so cool Can you build a snowman in the nether? No! Does it have to be snow Sorry, I’m sorry What did you leave a snow trail Okay, I just Google you can make you can make a fire assist potion and then they will survive in the nether Obviously I have to do that. I want to build one that’s just stays here Cuz I like that he was just putting snow anywhere Yeah, just keep keep doing y- you’re doing great buddy you’re doing great. Make more snow! Okay, and then we turn it into a splash potion. I guess we’ll have to be really fast What should I name the snowmen? dumb ball? Yes Okay Let’s see how he fares against some enemies of the nether Should try and make that potion land on me as well Okay, we’re gonna have to be really fast First cut the pumpkin Oh God okay. Well, well the snow just not melt. Wait. How do I throw the potions again? Right click, Okay Okay, come on come on dumball Okay, okay I gotta make the hotkeys come on dumball We got it! It’s working He’s throwing snowballs at them get him Dumball, you got this man yeah You got nothing on us No, dumball! How? Dumball. No-o He was like father to me He was like my own chil… Oh God, I’ll take that The trident rules all! Yes Rest in peace dumball. Okay, there’s one final thing I want to do So this is a regular fireworks, but then now it becomes a creeper shape. What? Okay, so I want one blue one and one yellow one All right gamers, follow me. I Sven, I brought all your friends Sven ? Look, they’re so happy All right guys get your seats Sven’s boyfriend. There we go. Oh, that’s so cute. All right guys, you ready for this? It’s a creeper face It’s so lame Wow Thought it would be a little bigger They love it. They LOVE it! Thanks for watching another episode gamers, hope you enjoyed smash Like if you did check out the merge to support the channel: Sven, Joergen, whatever you want. We have a ton of great options, and I really appreciate it. That’s it for me for now. See you guys next time. Bye. Bye SUBS BY SIHAM SALAMEH


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