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Today on EposVox Retro Tech we have Creative’s mid-tier video chatting webcam from 2004 The Creative Webcam live! Make Your Instant Messaging Live!
with High Quality Video and Audio This webcam and included lapel microphone allows you to video chat at up to 640 by 480 resolution and take snapshots at a whopping 1024 by 768 This is the webcam to beat! It’s a step above the WebCam Instant but not quite as good as the CCD sensor barring WebCam NX Ultra Let’s crack it open, shall we? In the box you get a notice
that you will need QuickTime 7.0 or newer to get the most out of the software though I found this to not actually be the case You also get an installation CD, a multi-language quick start guide and the webcam itself In the plastic you have the webcam and attached usb cable along with the Clip-on microphone The microphone comes with an adhesive mount to mount it on the side of your monitor as well Convenient So let’s boot up our windows XP compatible machines, plug in the webcam and microphone, pop in the CD and install the software *Windows XP Hardware Insert sound* In creatives Webcam center here you can record video and take photos from your WebCam live! as well as some motion detection and other features In the settings menu you can change recording formats, which I recommend doing By default it’s set to WMV but that did not work at all for me Setting to AVI,
you can then actually choose your video encoder I simply chose MJPEG You can also choose an audio device,
in this case the Clip-on microphone we plugged in and the audio recording quality Click capture to begin taking photos and videos Below the webcam preview you can choose your resolution Normally you can take photos in the same resolution dimensions as the video feed but if you set the video mode to 640 by 480 you can then take photos at a whopping 1024 by 768 resolution Impressive if you wish to take a photo, click the camera button or touch the button at the top of the webcam itself If your shots are too far out of focus,
the ring in the front helps you adjust that The photos aren’t bad for what the webcam is, but they don’t really hold up to modern cameras of any sort in 2017 If you click on format, you can change color mode RGB 24 is perfect and you can change framerates here as well If you click source,
you can tweak some settings of the webcam though this particular model gives you very little control over the image Let’s record some video and this looks like some of the results
you can get in the 640 by 480 mode with the Creative WebCam live! it records at a smooth 15 frames per second and just about any amount of light
on your subject will actually blow it out and completely overexpose it as you can see here It wasn’t quite this exposed before I went to video mode,
but in video mode it gets even worse And if I come over here towards where the window is with the blinds completely shut I am way overexposed But you get a nice 15 FPS and a fairly detailed looking video the software does give you the ability to choose between a WMV or an AVI file with the AVI you can actually choose your encoder currently this is in AVI mode with the MJPEG encoder now if you do drop the Resolution down to 352 by 288, you are given a 30 FPS option, which gives you quite the smoother video experience
for a more standard video format, just at a much… much lower resolution Changing the white Balance in the white balance settings does reveal a more natural look to the color than the automatic mode but it is not That is pretty much all of the control you get You get to flip the image
and change a little bit of white balance, but this does look significantly better And there you have it Creative’s WebCam live! New in box, straight out of 2004! Does it hold up today? Let us know in the comments below! Hit the like button if you enjoyed it don’t forget to subscribe and remember Be kind, rewind! EposVox is a Patreon supported production Our videos would simply not be possible without the support and generosity of our patrons, whom you can see on screen right now If you’d like to join the inner circle
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