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ladies and gentlemen say shown more fun we are a human tendency diminish pass poem The Walking Dead onslaught let’s play funny games come on contrast assessment and rain on the inciting of those experiences in that format tab cyclically detect an artisan zone often and Vic let’s interview honestly as I feel panels are not do bats eat Nutella containers are forgiven how is of YouTube the audacity in torturing it used as a YouTube inferno entities active Ian of door Chandan Christie no fantastic results on from minor finish kite if I win it’ll even give me a darker in down side it seems was a benefit and so here’s a courtesy indefinite how can use in Canal Avenue yes or to interview just by huge distinction if there’s also a carving system where you can actually carve Aziz or as Zorro in there in their chests or carve anywhere it’s as an extra core mash let me out that went carpet away it dynamically reveals the endoskeleton and the guts and everything it’s highly optimized so you can have tons of zombies that screen you can still get all before there’s also the impaling system so when you stab in so you can actually stab in and then embrace pull it I think what you mentioned with the feedback is context based physics so for example if I take a katana and I swing really fast based on the velocity and the angle it could cut all the way through that or if it’s a little spring slow or at the wrong angle it gets it could go in and then stop again stop and then you have to pass all these different strategy my knife yeah it was Bobby exactly everything HPD even with the shipping in the head box and that’s interesting even shooting the bloody pouch with a big piece that were a lot of times with games you get a blood decal it’s like they have a set detail and then maybe ten variations of those d account that it’s the same wherever you shoot by then for this depending on the angle that you shoot it up it dynamically creates the splatter okay so if I shoot like this they should have it seems like that and they show strength it’ll be a circle so that that dynamics flattering effect makes it feel more real as opposed to just being a bunch of camp yeah she’s very good do you have an idea one it’s it’s coming out in the fall we have it evidence Silla fried the release date yet but it’s a retirement coming up another type of the question yeah so there’s two pieces to it there’s two modes the first mode is campaign mode and the second mode of scavenger movement so campaign mode is a very long for a linear story experience over seven missions that is quite a few hours of gameplay depending on how fast a player and that we actually built we wrote a custom story with the AMC’s writing team from the show to actually interlace a episodic stories into the later seasons of their world so it actually ties any of some things with the show but it’s also a wholly custom actually hopefully I’ll be in the story where there’s new characters there’s a new faction called the Raiders there’s a new character probably stranger than and it’s absolutely across a large seven part series so that is that part in story driven that key co-op is whether you play with two players really yeah yeah the whole game so you do break it with show see all four characters are playable a single player but if you want to do a co-op we have a unique twist on the story for a break it was shown so it’s even more dynamic after that so it’s got a lot of ways even played twice through and have a slightly different experience with the talk mode and then scavenger mode of courses is also an T player this is more of an objective it’s like a dynamic objective basis so instead of it being a linear level design it’s a very large expansive map that’s non linear and you have to scavenge her as many item to see canvas in the time frame as the horridest group is continually approaching understand the dynamic objectives as you placed this mode and then eventually when a timer runs out you have Eugene show up in the band and you have to hurry up to get to today on as fast as you can and you can hold out longer than one past the time of entry to collect even more items but that point you have a huge heart that’s amassing and you have to hold after tongue against event and that in that mode it’s more for its dynamically generated over time so you could play it for it’s like they’re a lot of replayability with your friends and you can play with multiple people up to so you can do multiplayer that one is making scavengers he can choose any of the characters and you – so that’s such an easy but you can do two player scavenger mode for any of the characters alright yeah this sounds great I again we have some very great stuff serious yeah I just wanna how my guys taught me that much I didn’t get the chance to yes yes I just wanna speak it happened very good they kind of turned out that way we’ve been working on these titles for 12 to 18 months is our average development time Walking Dead was 14 months battle wake was about 13 months and then the latest one West Road was around 18 months including of the production and it just we didn’t necessarily plan it at the beginning and all happen simultaneously but the way it worked out with with our releases and with our partners ended up making more sense to release the early in Westbrook just announced as well that was announced yesterday and their release today we want you to had a exist we have four teams at any given time strictly on the studio side via we have about a hundred full-time employees and there’s anywhere between ten and twenty or more people working on one product at a time then of course we also have more payment operations and all these different things but for the core game products we usually have around four teams working on several projects sometimes okay so last question again because I told you a very big family EXO and it’s Dennis chance efecto coming for almost best maybe – well that’s a great question we have it we have five million to announce requests for a vector but it’s it’s certainly something that we’re thinking about personally I would love to see it on quest and it may may be possible in future but we don’t know we don’t know okay because it’d be very fun though I think Russia could work well it’s a clue because of this yeah specifically benefits a lot but okay well I’m so glad they got that game it’s my favorite too yeah there’s more generations to come you know and we were building at our big focuses we wanted to build a large portfolio wide variety mechanics and themes and once we have this which we’re getting at least having a pretty large portfolio that questions Musti we can start to look at our catalog and see what might make sense for us communities so time at the end of its just left to thank you from community 3 our fans for our district games yeah I like why it’s getting late very great tips some demo push the whole thing for our products thank you so much that’s amazing


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