The War Room | How To Target Affiliate Marketers

hey everyone welcome to the war room
with sharpen in this video I am going to go over my daily prospecting or sales
tip that I want to give out to all the brokers actually today I wanted to talk
about the easiest way to onboard people into GXbroker this is a way that has
been tried and tested by some of our most successful brokers it is by far the
lowest hanging fruit easy early adopters that you can convert to becoming a
broker in your network so for you to be able to make money as GXbroker you
really have to grow out the brokerage network so you can leverage the networks
and the volume that your brokers are doing and so how can you do that what
type of people would be the ideal fit for to become a GX broker and so really
to examine that you have to look at people that already are dealing in
crypto currencies and I think most people think of crypto currencies as
some very highly volatile speculative asset and that’s thankfully true about
how cryptocurrencies operate however one of the elements about where crypto
currencies have thrived and not really many people have paid attention is
within the realm of affiliate marketing and so an affiliate marketing company is
any product or service company that is marketing the distribution of its
products through affiliates and and whether your Amazon whether your Shopify
whether your Herbalife I mean everyone has heard about these large affiliate
networks and so traditionally affiliate marketing companies have had a lot of
difficulties with payment processing with getting commissions paid out with
just the whole Fiat banking system has not been very pleasant to them so with
the advent of cryptocurrency we have watched many affiliate marketing
companies go toward crypto they may be selling anything from soap to an
investment product but they are now accepting their payments for their
product and cryptocurrencies only in crypto currencies in some cases and
so if you’re a leader if you know a leader in one of these affiliate
marketing companies that only accept crypto and there are hundreds if not thousands
at this point with many many many thousands of Brooker with affiliates that
work for them they are only able to on board their prospects if their prospects
of Bitcoin or etherium or whatever it is and so the biggest difficulty for
those type of affiliates working in those companies is I can’t get Bitcoin
to my customers fast enough to sign up and that might not seem like a huge
problem but it’s a colossal problem when that’s the only onboarding mechanism
that there is and so one niche that we’ve been able to tap into is acting is
giving GX broker to those affiliate leaders as the onboarding mechanism for
getting their prospective clients Bitcoin or etherium so that those
prospective clients can sign up for their program in other words let’s say
you know affiliate that works for company X and company X’s created some
new token and that token obviously you’re only able to participate in that
program if you had aetherium let’s say company the leader at company
X has a hundred people in his downline who all need Bitcoin on a daily basis to
continue recruiting for their business you can plug in GX broker with them and
now that leader can sign up all of his affiliates get them crypto from the Fiat
that they have make money both in GX broker and in his program because we’re
not competing we’re actually enabling the growth of his business this is such
a easy sale for those guys because those guys are banging their heads looking for
ways to get their customers crypto faster and easier we provide the world’s
best solution for that and now they get to stack up their brokerage for that I
mean it’s a no-brainer we’ve had tremendous success working with
affiliate marketing companies on a corporate level but also working
directly with the leaders as they see that oh my god no matter what company I
join in the future I’m always gonna need to get them Bitcoin etherium or
whatever crypto and GX broker is the easiest ways to monetize that and so I
would make a very calculated effort to look at people in your network that may
be already involved in these companies and if you have known in your network go
on Facebook go on Instagram go on telegram go on these groups and find
people there are hundreds of thousands literally that are doing this
and for them this would be a no-brainer if not a goldmine and once you get them
in and they believe them to empower their business then they can look at the
different products at global exchange like the crypto to crypto and
everything in between and offer that to their client bases well that would be
the number one person I go after as a broker they’re the easiest sale they’re
already hungry they’re looking they get crypto and this is a no-brainer and a
necessity for them so that’s how I would do it
I’ll make some following videos as to literally what type of message is how I
would reach out to them what which one of the sales materials I would show to
them we are coming out with an entire webinar for people already an affiliate
marketing companies using crypto so that you can target them in one of our sales
campaigns and so this would be the first sales tip because it’s a no-brainer so
easy to do this is something that you can take out and implement today and I
hope you do so

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