They WASTED $433.45 on Amazon…

– Okay, all right, fair enough. Hey– ey– ey– guy– Hey, guys, this is– guys, this is– This is Au– this is Au– Au– Austin. – Good evening. My name is Rod Flambe, and
I thank you for joining me for tonight’s very special program. Now, you might be wondering why I’m here, for at this point you’d expect Austin or Ken to come out
and introduce the film, but that is not the case tonight. Because it’s been a very
busy time around here. Very good, don’t get me wrong. But very busy, indeed. And so the editors came to me and they asked if I might have a crack at a project they had lying around and, naturally, I obliged. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy tonight’s very
special presentation. (synth music) (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Live from
Hollywood, California! It’s the Mistery Tech
24th Episode Spectacular! Brought to you by Bake-O-Flake Pie Crust! Now here’s your host, Austin Evans! Yay! – Hey, guys, this is Austin! And today I play Oregan Trail! Oregon Trail, like the state. Nah, it’s just for weebs who watch Naruto. “Try me, press Enter.” Oh, it actually works.
(Game music) Wait, this actually has
a decent screen, too! I’m always really suspicious when something seems to
be good on Mistery Tech, because it never actually is. Well, I guess that’s not totally true. – [Ken] Yeah. – Usually headphones are pretty decent. – [Ken] Yeah, I think the
headphones are decent. – Because you actually
care about the headphones. – [Ken] Exactly.
– Unlike the content. (sparkly harp music) – Atmospheric pressure-style
hybrid headphone. Okay. Oh, well that’s a nice presentation. So we have all these different ear tips. Oh, okay. Dude, how– Wait, so you can build
the entire headphones. – {Ken] Yes.
– That’s crazy. I am not going to go that in-depth. I have no idea. Like, you could spend hours just customizing the headphones. Every little component. To get the kind of sound
that you personally like. It’s the same MMX from most
decent in-ears that are a little bit on the pricier side. This one–
– [Ken] MMCX. – MMCX– Oh, whatever, you nerd. You audiophile. The MMCX connector is
superior audio quality. Back cover shell red plus catheter blue. They call it catheter? – [Ken] Yes. – Nah, man. Nah. So I’m going to put the red rear caps on to give
myself a little bit more bass. It’s hard to drive it sometimes, but once you get it in once, it’s fine. Nice.
– Yeah, bruh. – Yeah. (Laughs)
– Yeah, brah. ♪ Like ♪
– Woo. ♪ You look so beautiful ♪
– Yeah. ♪ And I’m so lucky to be yours ♪ ♪ And you’re taking me high ♪ ♪ Ain’t nobody like you ♪ ♪ I’m a-coming down ♪ ♪ Ain’t nobody like you ♪ ♪ I could go a thousand miles
as long as I’m with you ♪ ♪ Yeah, you taking me high ♪ ♪ Ain’t nobody, ain’t nobody like you ♪ – [Seductive Host] Mmm…
you’re listening to NPR. (sparkly harp music) – So I was too poor to grow
up in a school with computers. So yeah. – [Matt] We didn’t have internet. – We didn’t have computers. – [Matt] Because, yeah.
– It sounds like an episode of This Is– Sounds like how Matt
ruined his parents’ life. But they feel like they should. Kind of wiggly and old. So usually when we’re
dealing with, sort of, cheap, kind of, things, like Kenjamin, The screens are terrible. This actually looks pretty decent. All right, I want to travel the trail. Do I want to be a banker from Boston, a carpenter from Ohio? I want to be a banker,
that sounds awesome. What is the first name
of the wagon leader? (jitterbug music)
(beeping) (jitterbug music intensifies) (jitterbug music intensifies further) You know what, these
buttons are kind of bad. “It was 1848. Do you want a team of oxen or clothing for summer and winter?” Come on, we can all be naked, it’s fine. (jitterbug music)
(beeping) This is really the most
riveting Let’s Play you may have ever seen in your life. No issues yet, we haven’t
needed our weapons. Which is good, because we
have no weapons. (Laughs) “You must cross the river.” We can definitely do this, let’s do it. It’s only two feet! No, we’re fine, we’re fine! Don’t worry about it. Oh, no!
– [Ken] No! – We lost seven sets of
clothing, one wagon axle, one– Aww, man. We lost seven ox! A fire in the wagon! Wes has a broken leg? Josh has a broken arm. Matt has a broken leg! “Congratulations, you
have made it to Oregon! Let’s see how many points you received.” We did it!
– [Ken] Oh! – [Austin] Only one broken
arm and two broken legs! This isn’t so hard. No one got dysentery. How much was it? $17? Yo. – PICTAR. “Convert your phone into a real camera.” Have they not tried the Pixel 3? – [Ken] Or our RED Hydrogen? – Let’s not go there, man. (luau music) So apparently we can DSLR our phone by adding some real physical controls. I mean, it works with
basically every iPhone from the 6 all the way to the XS Max. We have Samsung S6 and up. Note, Huawei, Xperia. It seems like it should
work on most everything. So we have a zoom ring,
exposure comp dial. Shutter, half and full release. How much is this? – [Matt] $100. – $100? (sucks teeth) Mmm. I mean, stuff like the
zoom makes no difference. I assume, unless they’re
taking advantage of the secondary camera. You okay? Oh! Professor Pikachu! (laughs) Another strap, whatever. And then, what are these things? “Download the PICTAR app.” All right, all rignt. I like how I literally download the app, and the very first thing I see is an upsell to buy the new Pixar Pro. “Press the shutter button.” Okay. “Good, now half-press
to lock focus exposure.” Wait, aren’t I supposed to
put this on my phone already? “Find the Smart Wheel.” Okay, that’s actually kind of cool. So you going to use to change which mode you want to shoot in, okay. So now we’re up and running. I see my battery percentage, so if I want to say,
“Zoom,” I can zoom in. All right, and obviously this
is just purely digital zoom since my phone doesn’t
have a secondary camera. And I can change saturation contrast. Oh, look at that. (Clears throat) Look at that. (laughs) The button is not good. Do you hear this? (Clicking) (Beeping) It’s so slow. I’m going to crank up saturation. Because, honestly, I think you look better when you’re orange. – [Ken] Yeah, I don’t know
what you mean by that but– – Because you just turned orange when I turned the saturation on. – [Matt] Huh. – And this is my Instagram filter. Okay, these are all terrible. I guess if you really
want physical controls, but to me it doesn’t
really add a whole lot. I mean, I don’t like this app very much. I would rather use the standard app or something that’s third party, but it’s okay, I– (groans) Nah. – [Ken] I’ve got something better, though. – Okay. – Oh! What? What? This is a thing? So this is Hot Wheels rivaled– branded, but these are way bigger. You control this using your phone? We gotta– Face off? What do you call a game of Rocket League? Drive-off? – [Matt] Drive-off. Race-off.
– It’s time to race-off! Oh. Oh. I got to versus Josh now. He’s going to destroy me. Ready, set. (Toy cars driving) (Austin laughs)
– [Josh] Whoa, you– That was so fa– Okay, okay. – Next item, please. A Quadcopter. This just looks like a
really (honking) drone. – [Ken] You don’t have
to be mean about it. – I like how this is the upgraded version, which is exclusive for e-commerce. I don’t know if that’s a selling point. At least I get my own space in the sky, which is all I need in life. I have tried– This company has made
helicopter little guy that I used to play with a lot. It was actually really cool, and it was, like, $20. So I’m assuming that this
is hopefully not too bad. Okay. All right. Well, the first thing I notice is that the remote is much heavier than the actual Quadcopter. Which may or may not be a good thing. It’s got a camera on it, which
is important for a drone. How do you plug this guy in? How do you– Just this whole thing slides? Oh, it does. Do I unpl–
(crowd yelling) Oh, let’s go right there. (mumbles) (crowd yelling intensifies)
(mumbles) All right.
(crowd cheers) So I think that is charging. So give that just, like, one minute. “The key features of the Quadcopter: a four-axis structure makes the Quadcraptor more flexible and rapid when flying. Built in six-axis gyroscope as well as a simple modular design” when you eventually destroy it. How do you record on this guy, I wonder? Should I read the instruction manual? – [Crowd] No! – Going to need a little
bit on how to hit record. (beeping) (Quadcraptor flies up) Whoa, okay, okay, okay, okay! (Quadcraptor crashes) (beeping) It’s flashing red. Does this mean it’s recording right now? So this is what it looks like with the video from the Quadcopter. I don’t know if you
can hear it very well– (Quadcraptor buzzes) but the cool part about this is that– (Quadcraptor buzzes) (Quadcraptor crashes)
Okay. I almost had it. So, Matt. (Quadcraptor buzzes) No. I’m going to get this. I’m going to get this, guys! (giggling) (inspirational music)
Nope, nope. Hover, hover, hover. Just– Ow! (Honk), that hurt! (music abruptly stops)
(Quadcraptor crashes) I’m feeling pretty good
about this right now. Any thoughts? – [Ken] Yeah. (inspirational music) (crowd cheers) (applause) (celebratory music)
(applause continues) – If you made it to
this part of the video, why haven’t you rung
that notification bell? I mean, come on, it’s
literally right down there. You just have to click on it, and then you’re presented
with wonderful notifications all about the most recent episodes of the Austin Evans channel. I mean, who would want a deal like that?


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