This lock requires 250 steps to open it! – Schloss 250

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mr. Puzzle. Today, we’ll talk about this puzzle here, which is called Schloss 250 in German, or in English, Lock 250. It is a combination lock that was created by Jean-Claude Constantin, and the target of this lock is to open it up. But to do this, there are minimum 250 steps required to solve it. It sound nearly impossible, but there is some, some mechanism inside, and as soon as you understand how it works, it’s just a matter of time how you open it. However, it is also another lock availabe from Jean-Claude Constantin that is called the Generation Lock, and this has many more .. um.. of these layers, here, and also many more steps to solve it and I think this one will keep you busy for days, until you open it. This one has 250 steps, and the difficulty of this one is not too high. I would give it a three because it can be, sometimes it can be a little bit confusing, but usually it’s not too difficult to solve. After the spoiler break, I show you how to solve it. Okay, at first, let’s, let’s have a closer look onto the mechanism. If I move these pin here, you can see that in the inside of the lock, there moving some pins up and down, and this enables, or releases, for example, if I move this pin over here, it releases this pin, and this can move one step. If I move it back, it can move one more step. And this is actually the idea that’s behind, because when I move this pin here all the way over here, I release this pin and can move it one step. And then, it goes step by step until the lock is open. And that is, of course, also what requires that much amount of time. I will do it now in a time lapse, and just, if I have something to explain, go back into normal speed. And now, I’m able to move the first step here with this pin up here. Now I proceed to move this one back over here to make the next step with this one. And I choose the camera perspective like this today, because if I do it in this condition, it’s gets usually stuck, so therefore, I’m doing it in the, in the upright position. So, now I moved it all the way over here, but as you can see, the upper one is still blocked. To release it, I need to move the pins one more time, to the other side. Lower two pins, like this. So I just do it right now. And if I’m over here, I might be able to move it And now, it’s the first time I was able to move this one. So you can imagine how much time it takes to open it. And you can also imagine how much time it takes to open this Generation Lock, with about ten layers, and, I don’t know, minimum ten steps, each layer. Now able to move the third step with the upper one, and I need to get all of them over here to open it. Now I think I moved in the wrong direction here, if I need to get this one back over, this one back over here. One step further. And now only one step is missing. And it seems we’re nearly done. I only need to move I think this one one more time. One more time, over here, to the left, and then I should be able to make the final move, here on the top. Yep. And now, I need to go back with these two, also. And now I’m able to open it up. So each one of these pins locks one layer here, and, um, it’s very difficult to see, but I just turn it around, you see these chamfered slides here, and, if I, for example, move this one from left to right, I push this chamfered sheet wood, piece of, piece of wood here, down, and this moves these sliders up and down. Very nice idea. From my point of view, not too difficult, but very confusing. As you saw, I also did the mistake that I moved in the wrong direction when I solved the puzzle, and therefore, I had to do some of the moves twice. Anyway, I solved it. It’s an interesting puzzle from my point of view. I will put the link in description where you can but it. If you are interested to see more, join my Facebook channel and my YouTube channel. And until next time, keep on puzzling!


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