Tiffany Young Magnetic Moon MV Reaction – SHE LOOKS GOOD IN THAT DRESS!

hey what’s up everyone its Tennessee
back with not a reaction video and today I’m gonna be watchin and reacting to
Tiffany Young’s magnetic moon official music video I
mentioned my previous video Tiffany is my favorite a member of girls generation
anyways I know she’s starting to become a solo artist and today I’m watching her
latest music video called a magnetic moon I haven’t actually watched this and
I can’t wait to hit play now before I continue on I just wanna say thank you
so much everyone has been watching and commenting and all my videos really
appreciate it and if you’re new here my channel covers product reviews unboxing
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that you don’t miss out on any of my new videos every week okay let’s get started okay first couple baits are really
likely it seems like it’s a dance music or EDM then stop music I like her voice
the vocals anyways I’m really excited okay it looks like the music video is kind of
inspired by lady gaga but er than that her costume Designers a
little bit of a bit of a unique style obviously with that headpiece in there
as well the choreography seems to be okay so but
yeah that’s just couple of initial things I picked up but anyway let’s
continue on I was gonna say I like that dress like that weird dance that they did I’ve
seen that somewhere before I think his name one of the comedian God on YouTube
does that as well cheap art that’s right yeah you’ve made a couple of videos of
him dancing like that in the subway or something in New York that’s what
reminds me of it but I do realize it’s a proper dance move but anyway I like her with her hair down rather
than you know it’s all braided up by now I just prefer her with her long hair
down overall I like the song it’s nice it’s
simple kind of has that like edgy EDM sound
from I can get it there’s no album yet it’s just a single although she has a
calendar of events of like a mini tour happening in America oh yeah Tiffany I’m
pulling me to you yes you’re pulling me to you movi 101 one I hope one day
she’ll perform on Ellen should get more notice in the States if you poor
performs there absolutely I mean she’ll definitely get a lot more sort of
traction with her career if you know she goes into a talk-show host like Ellen I
hope one day she does perform not only in the Ellen DeGeneres Show but also in
some of the late-night talk show talk show in America you know last coming
here from exo Sun River look hopefully I pronounced that right I wish Tiffany
management could promote this song harder than letting fan and Fanning fan
fan to do it on their own like please don’t be like SM this song could be that
hit but chase s mhm the promo true I mean I think she’s still contracted with
her bullish so she’s definitely still under SM label but I think she’s also
under transparent arts but yeah Eric and their own label should be promoting her
music herself more than the fans do but I don’t know we live in the social media
world nowadays where anything is possible you could go viral on YouTube
or Instagram so yeah look that’s it for me today thank you so much for dropping
by and watching my reaction to tiffany Young’s magnetic moon music video if you
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this is Dennis I’ll see you in the next one bye

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