tik tok memes that make me smile all the time

fuck hey, come over here
oh look at this flag yeah that’s the LGBT limited flight then tell me
something why are all the lines straight we are in a Code Red
I repeat we are in a Code Red okay class get done it be quiet please
penis penis which one of you with said penis which one of you this is me
walking back to the target bathroom to relight my ass how’s your mother
snow out psycho what you gonna do nothing with you under the covers
no homo spooning with you just like we’re lovers no homo our lips touch for
a minute or two but no home Hey yes we have to do something to do mommy mommy did you know dog spelled
backwards is God that’s right dear you’re such a clever little girl kill
your parents Tracy I will God oh hey this again I just can’t wait to be king
I don’t want to wait I don’t want to wait for you you need to lose some
weight here I’ll cook she’s a girl in the world it fits well over here she saw me she what do you want I what sock no I don’t
have any socks for you and why are you wearing ski goggles inside like you’ve
never even been skiing fuck you you have to leave right now oh girl you’re so cute
be still I said be still what’s up everybody welcome back to Jays crazy
life now I’m a troublemaker what can I say my parents asked me to come to their
bedroom so we could have a serious chat but it’s all kind of crazy trouble I got
into this time so you’re smoking pot now my son is a
pothead you are grounded mister don’t think about what you hate you guys guys
look I stole dr. Phil’s mustache he opened the door or I’m gonna throw rocks
through your windows you dumb whore what makes me happy
fills me up wit see those bones in my jobs don’t have a flaw my sanity than me I know what you are say it out loud
say it vampire are you afraid this is why we don’t show ourselves in
sunlight you’re beautiful beautiful this is the
sting of a killer Bella and the world’s most dangerous predator as if you could
outrun me if you can fight me off


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