Tik Toks Ariana Grande would watch if she wasn’t famous

give me some skittles, but I didn’t want
to pay for the moon and then one of the storm tenants came up to me was like put
that back and he grabbed my arm and I said don’t touch it is time do you ever look at someone and wonder
what is going on inside their head do you ever look at someone and wonder
what is going on inside their head Oh this is my voice one day into working at
an Indian call center this is my voice one week after working at an Indian call
center hello your computer has virus excuse me a latte I said hey thank you thank you thank you wait it is hey man asked me about my training okay
are you injury yeah now asking if I’m above all right real Oh No I heard you bitches look for me that’s
the end of that period oh my god his dad is dead we’re gonna change my motto honey I’m home hey babe what’s in the
book I got a sub hi I love it let’s get the leash I just wanted you to watch me dissolve
slowly in a pool father your love but I don’t even know do you ever look at someone and wonder
what is going on inside their head Papa what are you doing inside when you’re
smiling day one of turning my mom into visco
girls today we start with the basics language okay mom repeat after me and I
goop eyes on the road okay it’s disks eyes on the road
okay so anti goop means like uh-oh I made a mistake or it also just means
like oh I just went there you just went there and then this is how fiscal girls
laugh got it look at the road I don’t want to die okay now we’re gonna use
them in sentences I’m gonna go first unlike some people
when I Drive I try not to kill other people in the car and I thought okay
this time while looking forward it’s your turn I’m not your biological mother
you were adopted we are you kidding and I know like are
you actually kidding don’t let me die young I just want you to know my young I
just want you to meet my doctor yo I just realized something crazy my
dad’s name is Freddie his middle name is Ben so that means I’m Freddie Benson and feeling like glasses the door I’m
gonna hit this with a bottle come back hey Jim I have bad news man the storm
last night blew 25% of my roof away what what did you just say Jim ooh Jim
ooh Jim ooh like the word roof has four letters R is 25% of the word remove it
from the equation and you’re left with Jim of my family is in danger do
everyone who thinks I’m pretty it’s just a lie I just have the beauty
filter on I’m gonna take it off now and show you guys the real me this is me
guys I’ll have it or leave it hey do you think I could borrow some Oh
oh my god are you naked ye now pull them up over your chest take the unused pant
leg scrunch it up and slide your head through what the fuck it’s a quarter after one my parents are coming home but I started
to toss to me look at how big it is

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