Tik Toks Squidward watches to be less depressed

aha, not only do I have a bad haircut
but now it has malaria Oh bad for me burn him
bad for me work is bad for me but I give in so easily and no thank you
it’s how it should go this is my impression of people who
think not bathing is a personality trait I don’t believe in showering Wow
oh my gosh you guys keep your eyebrows in attack
mode all the time or can you like put them on standby when you don’t need them
I kind of like how standby lux but like if somebody’s fucking with you you know
you gotta like business spill the Jesus I am NOT standing like a ho I have a bad
condition thrifting what’s that I smell tea oops
indie music we stand that what happens don’t work do it look amazing Fe listen
listen listen listen fucker fucker fuck up baka
get out you amaze me every time do me a favor get out yes yeah all over Bob Bob what I said what time
is it now no you fucking didn’t he said a whopper Bob Bob are you sure you’re
okay to drive fine
I went to the shop earlier some guy comes up to me he goes I’ll buy your
lucozade if you tickle my pickle it took my surprise I didn’t I didn’t
know what to say didn’t know what to do Jesus Galileans and I searched
everywhere I looked through hundreds of files such through my text messages I
even looked everywhere in my wardrobe but I just couldn’t find where I asked
for your opinion CJ what do you think we’re going to be
doing today hey wait wait wait you hear that do that CJ yo CJ CJ go here CJ oh
my gosh come on CJ roses are red I am Groot boom said
you’ve got to let me play fucking no little birdie must hit the window yeah
you want some bread little guy no a little bit of bread just have a
nibble go on get some nutrients in you get your strength up you’ll feel better
soon that’s where to run look you do see a
little bit you’ll feel good I promise that you feel bad our little guy where
you’re from yeah say hi like a local god any local delicacies read this and try
not to sound like an Australian okay show us what a typical Australian you’re
gonna be cleaning it up you might carry a book here so much you can throw it all
away I went to high school with one of these cast members this guy here Charles
Milton and here’s my yearbooks or proof right here this guy so magic trick time there’s a sticker on
the table stickers now covered with the water bottle ways to do is look in there
and tell me what the sticker says stop what stand over there
fine I’ll stand over there look go ahead what you even put the cap on if you want
sir I’m not gonna do anything go ahead what did anyone’s parents ever do this oh my
god didn’t look at this mess cleaned up your room right now what mess what mess
what mess look at this crumb clean up this crumb right now if you’re not
supposed to drink and drive then why do they have parking lots at bars how come
your lips don’t touch when you say touch but they do when you say separate
there’s a group of squids called a squad right they they fucking think they can
lay around my house all day doing fuck all will fade a fucking job your fucking
sausage roll okay three-two-one oh sorry to bother you sir
but do you have a second to talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
oh all right go on oh yeah that’s no problem having it wait what did you just
say that I had some time to listen are you sure yeah well if you got to say why
are you really putting me on the spot um I’ve got his diary here that’s the
Bible yeah oh yeah the bibley um it says here that Jesus died in our bins do you
mean he died for our sins um you know what Jesus doesn’t have time for you
just keep walking oh that’s a shame don’t you just hate when you’re playing
tennis and then that bitch comes in and starts doing witchcraft in your tennis
court I don’t order number 69 that’s me do you put extra pickles on it of course
yeah hey you look familiar what’s your name my name is bubble bass it has to
meet you bubble bass did you play extra pickles on a sandwich I swear to God if
you didn’t what if I didn’t put pickles on his sandwich no way mom what did you do this time
Parker I accidentally swallowed my gum Parker you’ll be fine it just takes
seven years to poop out seven years Wow hey everybody it’s my first day in the
hood I’m super excited to make some new friends idea was good first week in the
hood the homies just invited me to the cookout yo what’s good nigga swarm up in
the hood god this bitch sharkeisha pregnant I had to dip when I hope I
don’t it


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