Time Saving Link Tools

we have many options for publishers on how to grab a link for an advertiser in this session we’ll do an overview some time-saving tools and available features in your account the first time saving link tool we have is our deep link generator you can download the tool by visiting our deep link generator page on CJ com or do a search for the tool in the support center we have a great video that covers how that product works in more detail but this bookmarklet allows publishers to grab a deep link to an advertiser’s product page or website in seconds without having to login to the account manager we are taking deep linking to the next level with deep link automation this new tool will allow publishers to put a simple piece of JavaScript on their website and then any advertiser URL that is referenced will turn into a monetizable tracking link automatically this is a really exciting tool that will help save you time and earn more commissions to learn more please reference the support center for publishers that quickly want to highlight products on their site our product widgets are a great option on our widgets tab we have three widget options the first is a slideshow that includes IAB banner sizes a store grid and a collage option to learn more about how to create a widget and fun ideas on how to use them on your site please watch our other product widget tutorials publishers looking to access our advertisers full product catalogs will have access to our product catalog data feeds navigate to the account tab and then to subscriptions from here you’ll be able to see all current data feeds and create new ones please review the support center topic product catalog data feeds which has more information on the format and transportation methods for these feeds in the support center you’ll also find more information about our API web services that more technically savvy publishers and their developers can use to access our links just do a search for web services and we hope these time-saving tools have been helpful


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