Times May Get Bad ,People Need to Learn These Skills

today’s video is all about bringing
grandma back into the kitchen you know the kitchen of the good old days and
this is my preserving kitchen in this kitchen you know no matter how
big your house is you always seem to spend your time in one area I never
quite could understand big houses because how much space does a person
really need well let me tell you what today is a busy day and it’s been a long
time since I had a vlog but I have so many things that I’m doing today it’s
just easier to make it this way so I’m working on making tomato juice
I’m canning green beans lots of cleaning it seems like I always have so much
cleaning to do in the kitchen because my kitchen is always a food processing
center so you can think of it like a restaurant there’s always food that just
been harvest there’s food that I’m starting to preserve his summer time is
really big into all of this food production and all this food harvesting
and all of this food preserving and so you’re just gonna follow along with me
today that’s the only thing I can do it’s just to have you come along with me
and just see what I’m working on day to day really wish YouTube would allow more
music and allow things cuz it’s nice to you for you to hear what I’m hearing
oftentimes when I’m working in the kitchen I will listen to Charles Stanley
I really like pastor Charles Stanley I will listen to some of the pastors from
the eighteen 1900’s I really really enjoy the revivals of the 1800s
they tend revivals of the old Reformation and all the revivals that
happened in the 1800s and in the 1900s so that’s what I really listen to
unfortunately I can’t play it so what I have right here is this is my steamer
and I really like this I have wanted this now for ten years and last year I
was able to buy it so what it is it steams you can steam apples pears grapes
today I’m doing my tomato juice all you do is I’ll show you how it works isn’t
that expensive and it’s stainless steel so it should
last a long time what I have in here are my tomatoes cut up and this is homegrown
celery now it looks like parsley but it is celery but the stalks never form very
well but it’s a little bit like the broad leaf parsley but it has a real
celery scent to it so I have that in I’m going to have to use some dried onions
because I don’t have any onions right now put a little bit of garlic powder in
it what I would do is I’ll add two teaspoons of lemon juice per quart and
I’m gonna put this in court I was going to do in pipes but quarts is something
I’m gonna really need because I use this tomato juice for making my vegetable
soup and canning it which will be later in the year so I think it’s not going to
give that many because these tomatoes are the plum tomatoes so they’re not
very good for juicing but this is what I have this is what I’ll use so hopefully
I can get hopefully I can get two cores out of this or three at least alright
they’re starting to cook down just a little bit wonder how much juice I have all right so that’s cooking down just a
little bit we’re gonna keep it cooking down this isn’t for drinking this is for
making vegetable soup so I just need some really good tomato juice for that
and it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a little thick so I’m gonna keep cooking
it down it takes a couple hours actually to get it cooked down whenever I have
things like tin pans I’ve begun to save them and I can’t wait to share with you
what I’m gonna be working on I have to wait to it comes to end the mail but
it’s gonna be neat it’s gonna be using these big number 10 cans for something
really unique and to not throw much away these days so I’m really trying to use
thing that you can repurpose so I gathered my
eggs in this tin can yesterday I know a lot of people set their eggs out and
leave them out but I wash all my eggs and put them away all of my chickens lay
their eggs now so I have enough eggs to feed my whole family really swell
because they’re used to my eggs and Rohde eggs are so much better than
store-bought ones so now I’m gonna be filling up my jars with green beans I guess I’m just gonna can these plain I
normally use some Lipton onion soup mix and if you didn’t see it I have a video
on it and I will share with you guys at the end of this video like I said every
year I do the same things over and over again so it’s really not proper to just
have a video always the same thing year after year so I’m trying new ways of
sharing with you what I do on a daily basis that is a little different now I’m
normally do my green beans and pints but today I thought you know what let’s just
do them in quarts it’s a lot be easier that way and then of course these get
pressure can for 30 minutes at 10 pounds per nuts for my altitude it’s hard to believe this Saturday’s
Food Pantry day and I’m gonna go once again and see if there’s any food left
that’s gonna be thrown away and I’ll glean it so I really want to get my
rough done this week so I’m not so swamped with so much work because you
never know what they’re gonna have now this time they might not have anything
but who knows this is actually giving me pretty many green beans it’s a stove my
original green bean patch that the deer first ate then I went got that light oh
my word that light works amazing the deer have not touched it since for $15
that light sure did save me a lot it’s called a predator light I don’t like
about modern conveniences and fast food restaurants and things like that the
kitchen used to be a hub of excitement it used to be a place where people
gathered sadly very few people eat meals at the table anymore you know before
there was TV there was radio and people would after their meals would sit by the
radio together and listen then soon came the TV and that TV just really
industrialized everything people no longer sat at the kitchen table they sat
while watching TV while they ate I find that really sad my kitchen is what I
call a preserving kitchen everything I do in my kitchen has to do with food and
cooking and preserving so my tomato juice is finished my green beans are
finished and I have to pick some more this week now I can wash these jars and
put them on my pantry there’s so much about my kitchen that I wonder the
people who lived here before me what they would think of it the very first
owners of this home were elderly people and after the husband passed away the
wife moved out to Florida the second owners of this mobile home
was an elderly gentleman and his wife he passed away and she did here at this
mobile home it was said that the gentleman loved this this property and I
think he would be really pleased to see what I’ve done with it you know our
properties they have a history there’s character in properties especially ones
that are very old and you often wonder about the lives of the people who lived
in these properties before us I like to think that I turned a dilapidated
property into something that it was meant to be he had cancer very long time
and by the time he died this property was unlivable I think he would be
pleased to see that I put love into this property it’s not about where you live
how you live with what you got there are always going to be people that have more
money than you there’s always going to be people that are poorer than you we
need to enjoy the things that we have in life and make the best of it no matter
where we live I think that we should embrace modern ways of living but I
think we should also never forget the traditional things in our life and never
forget the values and never forget the memories and never forget what it was
like the way of life when life was a slower pace take care everyone we’ll see
you guys tomorrow


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