Tips To Generate Affiliate Passive Income

Welcome to this week’s episode of Simple
Steps to Online Success. Yes for passive income! No kidding. I tell you, I am gonna
dispel some myths about passive income. Let me just tell you that.
Generating passive income in your business. And I am going to share some
personal experience I had over the last month or so in acting as an affiliate
for a product launch. Now when we talk about passive income I do want to talk
about, in my book there are two types. There is more of the ever… what I would
call an evergreen marketing or affiliate programs. And the evergreen tend to be
more when you are recommending products and services on an ongoing basis. For
example, I am an affiliate for Kajabi. I promote Kajabi because I love it and use
it and think it is an excellent tool for the vast majority of you online course
and membership site creators. It doesn’t matter at any particular time that is an
evergreen type of promotion. I can promote it constantly they do offer
specific promotions. I will give you a heads up right now, they always do an
amazing Black Friday promotion but for the most part I can promote that product
year-round. Now the second type and this is my most
recent experience is with a launch and that is a digital product launch that
happens in a very short period of time and you have the opportunity to generate
affiliate income for the number based on the number of people that sign up
through your affiliate link. The recent one that I did was with Amy Porterfield
and her Digital Course Academy. And so many of you, you very well may have been
inundated with promotions from people that
you follow that we’re promoting Amy’s course. And to talk about that I do want
to jump in and and kind of dispel this myth of passive income. I think passive
income has been perceived as you don’t have to do anything and the money just
rolls in. Well I think most of you realize that in the real world that is
not exactly what happens. Now, true… with our evergreen model you can put forth
some effort on the front end to promote those evergreen whether it is a
resources page on your website, whether it is creating a mini training about
whatever the tool or product is but you have to do something and then you can
kind of let that roll if you will. When you’re doing a launch style
affiliate program it’s a completely different beast. You… I’ll just cut to the
chase you get out of it what you put in. And
I’m going to share with you some of those lessons right now. Now my first tip
for you and this actually does apply to both evergreen and this launch style
promotion, is promote something that you know and you trust. And that means
trusting the person as well and the reason for that is, you’re putting your
reputation on the line. At least that’s how I feel about it.
Putting your reputation on the line when you’re recommending something. I follow I
have followed Amy Porterfield for about five years. I have all of her programs I
know she is a person of the highest level of integrity. So I promoted Digital
Course Academy because I was a student I’ve been a student of Amy’s I had taken
the course I have implemented what I learned in the
course to a level of success where I know I can replicate that. So that was an
easy sell for me it was easy for me to share my kind of experiences and what I
learned with people that I was talking to. Now the second tip is treat that
launch, your launch for the affiliate program you’re promoting just as
seriously as you would treat one of your launches. And that is why it’s so
important that you plan ahead by that I mean and this is going to be one of our
tips later on, the emails that needed to go out, the Facebook lives that I needed
to schedule, all of the outreach that needed to happen and really planning it
out to keep in alignment with what the overall launch calendar was. So the first
promotional period actually started August 15th even though the cart did not
open until September 12th. So there was very nearly four weeks worth of pre
promotion to get people ready to join webinars and then be invited to
enroll. So that was a tremendous amount of time to really start to warm up your
audience and be able to get people engaged in the content and prepared and
ready to go. Study that launch calendar and make it your own.
I mean, superimpose your launch plan over that calendar. And again from a
lesson standpoint how all of this was structured was extremely educational for
me. Now this one is going to be a little bit of controversy I imagine. Which is,
you’ve got to email like crazy. Those people… I am going to give you an
additional tip here shortly n addition to emailing. But people were
emailing a lot. Most of us if we have not if we don’t have large lists are
hesitant because we’re concerned that people are gonna unsubscribe. And it
happened. I was pleasantly surprised it was no more than people would normally
unsubscribe. So I would say it wasn’t they were necessarily unsubscribing
because of the launched content but if they were, I hate to say it, but so be it.
What I did do I was extremely careful every single promotional email at the
bottom had a link that if somebody did not want to receive anymore
communication about the launch they could opt out. So that way, I was
in integrity that I kept my word that I didn’t email anybody that didn’t want to
get those emails. I don’t personally think I emailed enough. And I was a
little… you know, do I really want to send another email today? But the people
that were received the greatest success emailed a lot. Now the other thing that
never occurred to me but really really was a game changer not only for me but
also… I know the top affiliates did this they reached out personally and by
personally, so it’s just so you know when somebody would opt-in through my link I
would get their name and email address now based upon anti-spam laws and GDPR
and all of that I couldn’t automatically add those
people to my email list because that just… that was not… not kosher let’s say.
However I could send an individual email to them and say, Hey!
I see that you signed up for something you signed up for a webinar, you signed
up for a lead magnet under my link, can I answer any questions for you? And that
kind of outreach I think really really helped. At least I saw many of the
affiliates say once you could get somebody on the phone and reassure
them or you know legitimately address their concerns it made all the
difference in the world. Passive income isn’t always passive.
Product launches and this type of affiliate program can be extremely
lucrative depending on the price point of the program. Amy’s program was nearly
two thousand dollars and she paid a 50% affiliate commission. So that’s important
for you to realize as well if you are looking at generating or recruiting
affiliates for your programs. The going affiliate commission rate for an online
program course of that type is fifty percent. So just a quick recap when we’re
talking about passive income again we’re talking about affiliate income that can
be evergreen from products and services that you use and those are available to
generate for you every time all year round. And then this was a example of
dealing with a launch style affiliate program. Where I promoted somebody else’s
digital course and received affiliate commission. My top tips: promote what you
know and trust what you feel comfortable in recommending. Because as I stated
integrity is a very key value for me and I would not be comfortable promoting
something I didn’t have personal experience with and something I didn’t
have a good result from. Treat the launch just as seriously as you would treat
your own launch. Study the launch calendar that you’re given and plan your
promotions well in advance and that includes your emails and write your
emails ahead of time even if you have sort of a framework. And then if things
take place during the promotion you can personalize them a little bit more. And
then email like crazy and always always always give your subscribers an option
of opting out of getting those promotional emails just so you are not
basically burning out your list right? The last tip is the personal touch. I
mean in this digital world in the world of social media it’s so easy to kind of
hide behind the camera and hide behind the email. So that is my recommendations
for this style of generating affiliate revenue. I hope this was helpful for you
today and join me again next week at Simple Steps to Online Success and I
hope you have a really great week.

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