To Those Who Speak Against me ,I am speaking Out

they say everything happens for a reason
they say there’s a time for everything there’s a season for it all there’s a
season to be quiet and there’s a season to speak up my season to speak up is now
gonna get real with you every once in a while I do these videos and I really get
real with you and I share with you my intimate thoughts and most of the times
they’re perceived very well in fact people are so thankful for these videos
because it helps them maybe understand some situations in their life that
they’re going through today’s topic is about holding grudges and I had a
question and the question was from Sarah and Sarah asked me she said Tessie I’ve
seen in the last five weeks that you gone through severe persecution I’ve
seen people make fun of you and I’ve seen things that some people have said
about you how do you cope and how do you always seem to have forgiveness in your
heart well Sarah I’m gonna share with you a little bit about that holding
grudges for some people is something they really struggle to work with
holding grudges for other people isn’t something that it bothers them most
times men in general don’t hold grudges like women do women are more emotional
and so they hold grudges towards people but we all have situations in her life
where it’s hard to let go and to forgive Sarah is talking about a subject that
happened to me it all started a few months ago a bigger lucky person I like
to smile I like to laugh I don’t hold grudges towards people that’s something
I was born with my mama always said I never could hold grudges and that is
true somebody today could be so awful to me and tomorrow they could be my friend
because I don’t hold grudges but yet sometimes in life you are hurt really
bad and sometimes in life you do want to lash out oh wow now there’s been a few
people that liked to belittle me and make fun
of me they watch my videos to see my every move they like to talk about my
weight and talk about the way I talk and they say very harsh and unkind and cruel
words about me they make fun of where I live and even even talked about my
husband in their talk when you’re on YouTube you have to have really thick
skin and you have to just let people go by the wayside sometimes people will
come into your life and they’ll be there for a moment
sometimes they’re there for a lifetime sometimes people come into your life to
cause a distraction or to steal your joy a little wow girl it all started with me
with that and there was a small group of women who didn’t like me very much and
so they would watch my videos and every single move I made everything I did they
analyzed it just to poke fun and make fun of me
there was nothing off balance for them everything I did it everything I said it
was criticized and condemned and mocked I knew this was happening and in the
beginning I tried to talk to them I tried to share with them Christ’s love I
tried to explain to them I tried all of these things and I wanted to be a
peacemaker and it didn’t work so I ignored it and it kept going on and on
you see as a content creator this happens this happens to almost everyone
and so form or another my crime was I have supporters in my channel they don’t
like I have supporters on my channel that they can’t stand and because these
supporters like me they don’t like me that’s my only crime
and so I ignored it until one day I saw a live stream and it was a live stream
not many people were on it but they were making fun of people and then my name
came up so I stood on my two feet and I said to them I will never do to you what
you have done to me and that was all I needed to say because as Christians we
are not to hold grudges towards people Christ died on the cross for our sins
the very people that praised him when he went and went into Jerusalem only
moments later were cursing his name it hard to show love to people who curse
your name it’s easy to love those that love you but to love those that hate you
that is our calling in life when I sat and saw all of that happening and
talking about my family and my life the first thing I thought was I want to tell
them how I feel I have a right to tell them how I feel I wanted to tell them I
wanted to say they were evil and I say wicked words to them but that isn’t what
God wanted us to do so I pray I pray real hard I said Jesus give me the words
to speak and there were just simple words and that’s all I needed to say and
while in life we’re not supposed to acknowledge people like that every once
in a while it is good to take your stand and share how you feel about things that
was all I needed to say and of course it made no difference whatsoever but it did
for me it made a difference for me because I wasn’t a victim I was
victorious and when you don’t hold grudges you stop becoming a victim and
you become victorious holding grudges is a natural thing to do
holding grudges is something that is easy to do when people have wronged you
but when you let go of those hurts in your life you will live a victorious
life I am happy I’m victorious it doesn’t
mean that everything in my life is perfect they found something that I said
to someone about troubles that I’m going through and they spread that and they
mocked it and said well her life isn’t as happy as she acts like it is but they
don’t understand a life in Christ doesn’t mean that your world is perfect
it doesn’t mean that everything happens your way but a life with Christ means
that you smile and have peace that passes all understanding sometimes God
allows things to happen in your life to help you build character and strength
husi allows things to happen in your life to give you a testimony to help
build you to test you in the book of Job if you read the book of Job look how job
was tested in every way but look what happened in the end we are to love our
neighbors we can love our neighbors but that doesn’t mean that we have to be a
doormat to them and have to accept the words they say to us but we can still
love them with a love that Christ sees in us my blinders were taken off three
years ago when I came onto this channel my blinders were taken off because I got
to see a world where people were good I’ve been hurt in life I’ve been hurt
deeply by people and when I started with my making my videos I didn’t have much
faith in human nature but I realized there’s such good and loving people in
this world and we can take a bitterness and make it better we can take the
things that are happening in our life and we can make it better it can help us
build character and help us understand when somebody now is belittled and made
fun of I understand that because I’m seen with people they do not like they
pass judgment on me even though I’ve done nothing wrong but you know what that’s how life is
we’re always going to be judged no matter what grudges it’s something that
everybody has to work through at one time or another but it’s something that
we can strive to become better we can strive to show forgiveness and love
holding grudges towards those people wouldn’t do me any favors at all I go
around and be mean and mad and having bitterness in my heart then my laughter
my joy wouldn’t be there I know who I am in Christ and that’s all that matters
you know who you are in Christ and that’s all that matters
we’re not perfect we make mistakes on a daily basis but we know who we are in
Christ and when you ask the Lord into your heart you become new you are a new
creature sometimes when people see you living a happy life they don’t
understand it and it irritates them and it makes them mad but you keep on
sharing your smile you keep on sharing your laughter you keep on sharing your
love because someday somewhere that little mustard seed may flourish and
grow you all remember this story about the
woman about a year and a half ago it was so cruel to me and how forgiveness came
and how we became good friends you remember the story about how love and
forgiveness conquers all sometimes these stories have happy
endings sometimes they don’t nothing that I say or do is ever gonna make a
difference at least not for now but maybe someday it will so when your flesh
wants to cry out because you feel that you’ve been mistreated take a step back
and just in a reflect what would what would the Lord want you to do in the
Bible it says vengeance is mine says the Lord and when he said that he meant that
we aren’t supposed to take vengeance on ourselves and become bitter but we’re
supposed to rest in him and knowing that he knows the best in our life and
knowing that he knows what to do and how to take care of situations I gave it all
to God I gave it all to God weeks ago and now words can hurt sometimes they
can hurt you briefly for a moment it’s up to you whether those words penetrate
into your soul and change your life when hurtful words come your way you
have the choice to either deflect them or reflect them by reflecting on them
that means you’re taking those words in and you’re letting them eat at you but
if you deflect from them that means those words come at you you hear them
but you turn them right back away and that was a little bit about my video I
did on spiritual warfare spiritual warfare is about just when things come
your way and you know that they’re not from God it didn’t have to do with
sorcery or things like that other
I can be part of it too I encourage you to not hold grudges I encourage you to
not allow the people that come your way to say things that hurt your feelings I
encourage you to hear them but don’t take them in and you need to stand tall
and know where you are in the Lord and know that you are precious no matter who
you are in life since you is are you holding your grudge toward someone are
you feeling down and out because of what somebody is said to you today are you
feeling that your self-esteem is about squashed to nothing
just remember when things come your way that aren’t uplifting they aren’t happy
they aren’t joyous the art of good things they don’t come from the Lord the
Lord only brings good in our lives he allows things to come our way he allows
them to build us to mold us to shape us it’s your choice
come better for a bitter that’s your choice today I hope you think about it
and I hope that it resonated with you in something that I said today whoever you
may be and I hope that when people come your way that you can give it to God and
don’t allow on your own hurt and pain to speak and lash out at others God’s here
to take our burdens God he hears your hearts and if you’re in a trying
situation no matter what it would be just remember give it to God no matter
how little it is how big it seems that’s there for any situation let’s pray father gotta asked that you would be
with each and every one of us father God oh man skin right now that
people’s lives would be changed for you Lord and that people who have dealt with
hurt and pain in their life could learn forgiveness and to not hold grudges
towards others other God I asked that you would give people peace that passes
all understanding and that when things come their way Lord no matter what it is
that they can give it to you God and they can rest in knowing that you’re
there for them people that are in situations right now God where they’re
hurt so deeply I’m asking that you would be there for them that you would give
them wisdom that you would give them words of encouragement that you would be
there to help them to lift them to ask all these things and you’re bullying
take everything you guys know to season for everything in life there’s
made silent there’s a season to speak out there’s the season to take it stand
for you know what’s right everything in moderation but sometimes in life you
have to take a stand sometimes you have to take a stand for what you believe in
you got to stand for something on your fault for anything you’ve got to be your
own man not a puppet on a string never compromise what’s right and
withhold your family name you’ve got to stand for something or your fault for
anything so what am i standing up for today I’m standing up for my beliefs
than what I believe in


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