Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs Which Most Bloggers Use

Hello everybody on the internet
After watching this video, you will learn at least 10 places where you can make money
online without buying or shipping a single product. I am Tahir Yaqub and in today�s
video I�ll show you 10 best affiliate programs which most bloggers use but the disclaimer
is that there are no magic bullets and you have to work hard to make a dime just like
in any other industry, so without further delay, let�s get started.
Music and word digitidea Top 10 best Affiliate Programs which most
bloggers use So at number 10 is clickfunnels
Clickfunnels is a proprietary software which provides marketing funnel to businesses. As
you probably know that most of the websites are WordPress-based. WordPress is an opensource
software but some people they don�t bother coding in wordpress or CSS or PHP programming,
so for those type of people Clickfunnels is a good software. What they can do is that
they pay a premium price and they get a complete solution. Complete landing page and sales
funnel, a complete solution for their website but this is a closed system. If you are into
website development or website designing then you can promote clickfunnels products to your
clients or some other people. So the commissions are quite high, sometimes its upto 40 %. So
it�s a good affiliate program and it was at number ten on our list.
At number nine is Evanto Market or themeforest theme forest is an affiliate program or an
associate program which basically based on WordPress themes and plugins so again if you
are in website designing and development industry, this is a good affiliate program for you.
You can write contents about different types of website or different designs of websites
and then you promote different WordPress themes and plugins., also if you have a YouTube channel
where you talk about website designing and development, then you can use this program
to promote their products on your YouTube channel.
At number eight is eBay Partner Network eBay is a very reputable company and people love
to buy on eBay one thing is very important for eBay is that you should look for a stable
product some of the products are not always available for the promotion and if you are
investing in contents and advertisement this could be an important factor for you so there
is a simple three step process to join the program, you have to just join the program
using your email address and some payment an tax details and then you have to generate
links using their program because they have certain tools to generate links and then you
put those links into your website or other social media channels.
One important thing you should consider is that ebay does not pay you the commission
based on the sales price. eBay pays commission based on the Auction Fee. Auction fees are
the fees they charge for the sale of the product. So, you get commission only that fee. But
still because there is a huge opportunity for sales. eBay is a very popular platform
so there are good chances to make money on this platform.
At number seven is Warrior Plus. Warrio plus is a forum. This is one of the largest online
forums. Most of their products are digital These are about how to make money online,
how to get website traffic or how to do social media promotions. They provide you very important
data about their products such as the number of sales, the conversion percentage and also
the refund rate. Refund rate is also very important for you because if somebody returns
the product and gets the refund, you will not get the commission. So, you are looking
for a product which has a low refund rate and high sale and high conversion percentage
At number six is another popular associate and affiliate program called shareasale. Shareasale
is very famous on ecommerce types of websites. They have a very lengthy signup process and
during this signup process they also ask you some yes and no type of questions so make
sure you answer those questions correctly and properly because this is important to
understand the questions, some beginners might not understand these questions, so you better
find out what is the proper answer and then you fill up the form. This is also very important,
very legitimate affiliate program. And you can use it for your websites.
At number five on our list is JVZOO. JVZOO is an associate program which those people
use who have a certain number of email subscribers, around 2000 subscribers would be enough to
start promoting this if you don�t have email list, you can start building an
email list using some forms on your website. But it�s a very famous platform and they
have a lot of categories and in whatever niche, you are working, you can use this platform
to make some online income. JVZoo also has a very good training program in which you
can participate and learn, so I am not a participant in this program but many online marketers
love JVZoo so you can check this out. At number 4 is the most loved one affiliate
program which was used to call commission junction but now they have a new website
So commission Junction is also a very popular program. They have a huge number of categories
to select from and the best thing about CJ is that they provide an extremely high level
of reporting and insight tools to their associates and this could help us to make our affiliate
strategy. They also have very big brand advertising with them, so we could get access to their
best products for promotion The EPC is basically the earnings per hundred clicks It shows you
an estimate of how much traffic you would need to send to make a certain amount of money.
SO they have many big brands and we have a lot of products to choose from but you have
to complete your network profile before you could join any of these advertising platforms
SO this is a very good legitimate affiliate program, so you should also check this out.
Now we come to the top three affiliate programs SO at number three on our list is clickbank.
Clickbank is probably the eldest affiliate program out there and they have a long list
of products in big markets such as fitness, health or very stable program with
a lot of training videos available both from clickbank and also from other affiliates and
vendors. Vendors means people who actually are selling products making products on clickbank.
The average commissions on clickbank are very high from 50 to 70 %, so you keep the 50 to
70% of the sales value of the product, so this is a huge percentage of commission. In
addition to that there are some recurring profits which you get after the initial sale
happens. For example, if you are able to sell a product where the vendor has an upsell sales
funnel you will also get commission from that. And if you don�t know what an upsale is
. It is simply a process when you first sell an introductory low value product very cheap
and get people into your sales funnel then later at some stage you offer a high-value
product at a premium price. At clickbank, many products have this type of arrangement
upsale funnels and your profit could potentially be very high.
Now at number two on our list is a company called Rakuten marketing. This is a Japanese
company which claim to be number one affiliate program. But this is a very big platform they
have very big brands on their list and you can promote products from any of these brands
and get commission. These brands include Walmart, Udemy, Onetravel, Gearbest. You have to get
the approval from all these company individually but if you have a website, it is normally
not a problem. One of my favorite way is to use deep links. Then I shorten them on,
you can use any other link shortener and then you place these links on your website or on
social media and if people buy from those links, you will get the commission. So this
is the advantage of Rakuten Marketin that you sign up with one company and you get access
to a lot of other big companies products And now the number one. Amazon is ofcourse
the number one associate program. This is thye largest affiliate program on the planet.
Hundereds of thousands of products are available to choose from. Although the commissions on
Amazon are quite low when compared to the other affiliate programs but people love to
buy on amazon and hence more chances for sale. The cookie duration is just 24 hrs.
The cookie duration is just 24 hrs. It means you will get commssion only if someone buys
within 24 hrs of clicking on your link but the best part is that if the person buys anything
and not just the product you are linking with, even then you will get the commission. For
me the conversion rate on amazon is better than any other network I use.
Amazon is very good at upselling because it shows to the people what others have bought
together with the product they just buying. In this way people tend to buy more than one
product when they do shopping on amazon. which means more revenue for you. Almost every blogger
use Amazon SO it is a very good platform and it is number one on top of our list.
This video was about ten best or most famous affiliate programs but there are also some
other programs out there especially the high ticket programs where you sell a high ticket
product for example thousands of dollars and then you make a big margin, big commission,
so how to select those programs There are certain parameters you should be looking for
before signing up for those platforms, so what are those parameters. In my next video
I�ll explain how to check whether this program would be suitable for you or not, so I�ll
list certain parameters in my next video. So if you are interested in this topic, please
subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon. In this way, you will get the notification
whenever I post my new video. Thanks for watching, see you next time.

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