Top 10 Best Organizing Items from Target

Hey it’s Abby and today I’m excited to
talk about my 10 favorite organizing items from Target. Now a couple months
ago, I did my 10 favorite organizing items from Ikea and I had lots of
requests from people to do my favorite organizing stuff from other places as
well so today is the day! Unlike IKEA, all of Target’s items are not exclusive
to their store so some of these things you could find at other places as well.
But like my list from IKEA, I limited it to things that I own and use personally
so I could talk about each one from personal experience. If you’re looking
for any of the items I mentioned today I will link to all of them in the
description below. Number 10 is this little cabinet in our master bathroom
that hangs right over the toilet in the water closet. It’s Threshhold brand, it’s
a newer addition to our bathroom, and I love it because it maximizes the
vertical space. We use it to hold our toilet paper which was previously in the
vanity so it freed up some space in our vanity as well. Number 9 is this towel
bar and s hooks that I use to organize my jewelry. I have used this simple
system for organizing my necklaces pretty much my entire adult life and has
work perfectly for me. It’s just a little towel bar that you would normally use to
hang towels on in the bathroom and then s hooks that are normally used to hang
up a shower curtain. Put them together and it’s the perfect way to keep the
necklaces organized and untangled. Number eight are these OXO food storage
containers. I love them because they’re airtight, they’re really easy to just pop
the cap and then get into. Right now we are using them under our kitchen sink to
hold a bunch of items. They’re a little pricey so I kind of collect them little
by little but they’re definitely worth it because they work really well. Target also has their own brand of food storage containers. They are a little less
expensive. When I looked at them at the store, the seal didn’t seem like it was
completely airtight so they could be great, a good alternative for holding
stuff under the kitchen sink then I would just be careful for using them for
food. Number seven are these fabric bins for cube units. I
use these inside our IKEA units, they work in the cube units that you can get
from Target, and what I love about the ones from Target especially is that they
always have cute colors, a lot of different styles, and they’re typically
really on trend as well so they are always my first place I look when I’m
looking for fabric bins. Right now we are using a bunch of them in our boys’
playroom and this one that I’m holding is actually from my office in our last
house. Number six are these acrylic silverware and utensil trays. They’re
just Room Essentials brand, they’re really inexpensive. This one is from a
couple years ago and it has the teal inserts. I think the ones they have now
are gray inserts but either way I love the inserts because they hold all the
utensils in place so they don’t slide around and I like to use them in my
silverware and utensil drawer. I put a pretty drawer liner under them and you
can still see it so if you had the gray inserts you could always put a colorful
drawer liner under it and it would really pop. Number five I have to
give a shout out to the whole wicker basket section at Target. I love that
they have all different shapes and sizes. It seems like any organizing project I’m
doing I can go there and I can find the perfect one for my space. They add a lot
of texture and they’re beautiful. I currently use them in my closet, in our
kitchen, and all sorts of different places around our house because they’re
just so handy and they make the space look pretty too! Number four are these
tall round bins. They are from the kids section in Target. They’re the Pillow
Fort brand and I have used these for so many different things in our house.
They’ve held nerf guns and stuffed animals in the boys’ playroom, they have
held gift wrap in my office. Right now, I use this one to hold the boys’ dirty
clothes. It’s a hamper in their bedroom so I’ve used it for all sorts of
different things and they’re just really fun. They come in all different colors
and patterns. Number three are these acrylic drawer organizers that you can
mix and match. So they unlatch, they’re in lots of different pieces so you can put
them together in different configurations to fit your perfect
drawer. These are InterDesign brand. At my Target, they are in the bathroom
organization section but I use them, I use them in our junk drawer in our
kitchen. I use them in my desk drawer currently and
they’re just really great because you can always fit the exact shape and size
that you need in your drawer. Number two are these by y-weave baskets. I have
declared my love for Target’s y-weave baskets over and over again because they
come in all sorts of colors and sizes, they hold up really well, and they’re
just great for corralling all sorts of different items in our house. So right
now we use one in the boys’ playroom to hold their Bionicles
and I use them all over our kitchen in the cabinets, in our pantry. So you might
be surprised but my number one item that I love for organizing from Target is
three ring binders. I put this at the number one spot just because it is so
hard to find pretty binders anywhere and Target does a great job both in their
school supply section and in the dollar spot of having really pretty, usable
binders that can organize all your paperwork and all your school work as
you need it. I’m always grabbing my Target binders to
clip in notes and different things and you’ll also see a lot of them in the
photos of printables on my blog as well. So those are my ten but I’m sure that
there are other amazing organizing items from Target that didn’t make my list so
make sure you let me know what your favorite items are in the comments below!

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