Top 10 CPA Networks – Highest Commissions for CPA Marketing

what’s going on guys it’s Brian from BG
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being said we’re just gonna jump right in alright guys so today I’m gonna go over
my top 10 list of CPA networks for 2018 so this is relevant to my CPA marketers
out there it’s relevant to anybody across the board that wants to jump in
and get into CPA marketing now I have an entire CPA marketing course it’s not the
CPA marketing like you’re used to being taught or that you’ve learned in the
past it’s this new age CPA marketing method that I combined with email
marketing so if you’re interested in that check the first link in the
description as always that’s paying me ten dollars for you now moving on to the
list and we’re gonna make this really really brief because it’s pretty simple
in my opinion now like I said in yesterday’s video and you if you haven’t
checked out yesterday’s video which is essentially how you can get give
yourself the best chance to get accepted to max bounty CPA Network um because
that’s clearly number one that’s my favorite and in my opinion the best go
ahead and check that out I’ll drop that as a card up in the right hand corner
for you right now moving on here we go first and foremost hands down at least
in my opinion is max bounty now I’ve used max bounty I use math bounty and
all my courses I am gonna I’m a CPA I’m not a CPA I’m gonna affiliate for max
bounty even though it’s a CPA Network and I do a lot of my marketing through
max bounty a couple of the other ones I actually use I’m gonna go through here
in a second with you now max bounties number one
so all these that I’m talking about what we linked in the description as well so
you don’t have to go ahead and search for them they’re not affiliate links or
anything like that I’ll just drop them in the description if you’d like to
check them out actually the max bounty one will be an affiliate link all the
other ones won’t but max bounty squared am i clear number one number two moving
on is click now quick booth is a great one like its partner Clickbank
which is actually an affiliate network click booth is a CPA network and one
that I full-heartedly believe in now I am a member but I can’t speak today I’d
like to apologize for that ahead of time but I actually I’m a member of click
booth myself but I haven’t used it in a while but it gets a lot of good reviews
it’s very very beginner friendly and it’s very very easy to use
click booth number two now W 4 is number 3 for me W
four is a great one it’s one that I’m actually a member and still used today I
don’t clearly use it as much as Max bounty but I still do use it from time
to time when I want to switch my offers up or I’m looking for a different offer
that I don’t necessarily see you know on max bounty or the next one which will be
number four which I do use as well so w-4 is number two now I’m actually gonna
keep these up so I can make sure that I can post these links for you guys in the
description so you don’t have to go ahead and search for them but w-4 is
number three now pier fly is number four for me
pier flies a great CPA network in a lot of different ways like w-4 it’s also
very beginner friendly you have to apply to all these networks
as well but it’s very very easy to get accepted I actually am a member of pier
fly as well and I probably use pier fly the second most behind Max bounty but
clearly like I said I use max bounding the most and that’s it my hands-down
favorite now number five click dealers a great one and I’m gonna roll through the
rest of these pretty fast because while I do recommend them and like them I
don’t actually use these but I’ve done a lot of research and I think that these
are my top the tab that of filling out the top ten after that top four so I
don’t use any of these like I said but they all have high ratings I checked you
know on a bunch of different sites back and forth and I came up with this top
ten list for you so click dealer is number five then we’re gonna move on to
crack revenue and then it’s above all offers for me
finally CPA trend now this is one this one is number eight for me however it
I’ve been getting the more and more I look into this the more and more I want
to recommend this and move it up my list so if you’re looking for one of those
you know Dark Horse’s go ahead and second check out CPA trend
it’s been getting a lot of buzz lately and I’ve been hearing a lot of good
things then finally number nine is a 4d and rounding out the top ten lists for
me is ad pareo so that’s my top ten list guys I hope you like it
umm I’d love to hear comments you know some feedback from you guys if you’re
into CPA marketing I’m assuming you know if you’re watching this video you at
least have an interest in it maybe you have some experience yourself drop a
comment down below let me know which one you use maybe use multiple
um you know and maybe there’s one on my top ten list or that’s not on my top ten
list that you recommend as well I’d love to hear that so drop a comment down
below maybe you can how about some other CPM marketers and drop you know some
some knowledge on one that’s either on this list or recommend one that isn’t so
the reason I’m basically doing this you know yesterday’s video was basically how
you can get accepted in Matt’s County because a lot of the people that you
know have been applying the max bounty have been having trouble getting
accepted lately so I wanted to touch on first and foremost how you can give
yourself the best opportunity to get accepted to max bounty because it’s the
one I recommend and think the highest of and then if you don’t I wanted to give
you some other top ten options on top of that so that you you know you don’t feel
stuff that you didn’t get accepted there’s a bunch a bunch a bunch of CPA
networks these are just my top ten like I said but there’s a bunch of them join
one joint to join them all you know whatever you like but I kinda just
wanted to touch on this today and then tomorrow we’ll move into actually how I
make money online doing CPA offers and combining that with a fill it with not
sorry not affiliate marketing and combining the CPA offers with email
marketing and basically getting my link out to mass people around the targeted
niche so stay tuned for that I’m gonna walk you through all that tomorrow and
then I’m gonna reveal all the earnings that I get you know obviously throughout
that process so hope you guys like this video hit that like button as always it
helps the channel grow comment and subscribe and I will see you guys


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