because we don’t we don’t do fake
around here hey guys it’s Cassie welcome to my channel if you’re new welcome back to
my channel you’re a seasoned member of the 2102 crew guys in honor of national handbag
day yes it’s a thing we are going to go through the top ten real genuine bags on
eBay yes eBay shall we start let’s start ebay’s doing this new feature called
eBay authenticate which basically means that if you buy something and the
product has this little stamp of approval it means that it’s real okay
and in honor of this the whole of October eBay has dropped a number of
rare vintage designer bags oh yes and I have ranksed them these are my top ten but
I will rank them so there is there is a best one most of these are
worldwide shipping so no matter where you are or which you have a bag you’ve
fallen in love with you can have it starting off with number ten we have this Chanel
ladies first tote yes please let’s just do this to make sure that chivalry isn’t
dead okay let’s just remind the people when they open the door let ladies
first i don’t know i thought it was really cute it’s the canvas also she’s not a bad
price a lot of these bags are reasonably priced considering that they are rare
for number nine okay I used to be obsessed with the Stephen Sprouse
collection my gosh there is literally nothing more Nicole Richie Paris Hilton
the simple life than this tiny tiny Louis Vuitton bag and my early 2000 self is
loving it this is a bag I really have never seen and I think that it is very
chic we have a two-toned Chanel quilted bag super cute love the look very chic
very Coco Chanel very I’m French and Parisienne
and number seven we have another Chanel bag as Chanel denim tote listen I love
my denim stuff we know this but I also love this little pop of this is the pop
of orange going on there also I love a tote as a long strap as well as a short
strap because I’m like Oh dual purpose we can we can get you a gal that can do
both yes and I love this I can get super fun super easy casual throw her on and
go oh babe another Louis Vuitton collection that I
died for when I was younger was the let me hope I get this right Yayoi Kusama
wallet and the thing about this is that that LV is embossed inside and then her
print is on top and I think I think that this is another one that is just chic
such a great find because that like the Stephen Sprouse collection it’s iconic
also because it’s quite a loud print such an easy thing to have it on a
wallet because you have a loud wallet inside of a quiet bag if you know what I
mean I love this I love me a good casual Chanel bag oh yes I do
this little like blue bubble I don’t know what’s happened I love it I think
that it’s so cute it’s so casual it’s fun it’s yet yet it’s Chanel never seen
this bag before but I love it I love it oh my gosh okay we all know the petite malle we all know this clutch everybody loves this clutch it’s a winner
okay we know this but have you seen this one from the cruise collection from
2016 with a palm tree leaves well I don’t really know this could be a banana
print I’m not sure don’t ask me about horticulture but anyway what what
absolute sodding babe of a bag and love it I think it’s fun yet it’s chic just
such an absolute find I had to another Stephen Sprouse this time in the speedy and
they have these on eBay in both the red print and the lime and I’m I’m here for
the lime oh my gosh swinging off the arm can you imagine teeter tottering down the street and people are like is that oh yes oh yes bitch
it’s the Stephen Sprouse collection limited edition that is me by the way
hanging it up from my elbow swinging it around my gosh I want this bag coming in
at number two chanel does these bags with like every collection and that
collector’s edition the Chanel acrylic jerry can little oil can whatever it is I
just thought it was the cutest thing I never thought I’d see her again and here she is on
eBay and she’s real and coming in at number one I couldn’t I couldn’t not how
could you not put the Louis Vuitton supreme collaboration duffel bag at
number one again ridiculously expensive however I still think cheaper than the
current resale value of it because people around here spinning it for
thirty thousand that might be an exaggeration but if you’re after one
your dreams have come true and it’s on eBay guys I need to know
which are your favorites down below I’m also gonna need you to subscribe go down now
click the red button turn on the notification bell become a member of the
2102 crew I’ve put out videos on Wednesdays and Fridays and if you like
luxury probably gonna like those too guys I hope you enjoyed this video like
if you did comment your favorite bag down below have an amazing morning
afternoon or evening wherever you are and I will see you in my next video happy national handbag day!


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