Top 10 Free Website Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketers

hi there guys Manuel here from
empowerment team doll and today I’m going to be giving you my top 10 free
website traffic sources for affiliate marketing and at the end I’m going to
explain how I personally do it how I personally would use these them traffic
sources so as you don’t get too overwhelmed you know there’s going to be
quite a bit of content today so I would probably pause the video get my notepad
out make sure you write down some of this stuff I’ll just watch the video
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being said they were going to get into the content so I’m going to start with
the first of these my top ten website free website sources and that would be
YouTube this channel that we’re on right here number one would be YouTube it’s
easy to start a YouTube channel it’s free just you just go to Google and once
you’ve done a Google account you’ve got you you can start your own YouTube
channel support videos up as well in this day and age and that’s why I
recommend Google I think 2018-2019 YouTube sorry is gonna is gonna be the
way people really market you know it’s gonna be the way people engage it’s like
most of the time now when people do searches they yeah they go to Google but
a lot of the time they’re watching video so you want to be there promoting your
stuff on YouTube and it’s free that’s one of the greatest things it’s free so
number one for me would be YouTube the second then would be Facebook and until
the Mac Facebook pages and Facebook groups this is my Facebook page it’s
called inner circle riches you know because then you can on your page
can put your own links you can upload your videos it’s all right to put
affiliate marketing links on a page also groups go and find groups in your niche
similar interest groups because on those groups again you allow to write about
interest your interest and also you’re allowed to give links especially open
groups yes oh go out do a search on Facebook itself for groups in the niche
that you’re marketing in another great way to get some free traffic the third
way would be blogging and this here is a blog this is a free blog yeah this isn’t
a completely free blog and if you want I’m going to leave you a link below
where you can get access to two of these blogs for free really and they’ve got
excellent templates yeah it’s really professional template look at this this
is a professional site from a template that they allowing you to use for free
you can put articles on this site you can put videos on this site so you could
be use this as a portal where people will come to find your content and then
click on your affiliate marketing links to take them wherever it whatever you’re
promoting so I would still use a blog and a lot of people think blogging is
dying in 2018 but I still feel you know people still want to see contents people
still want to come to a essential place where they see all of your content so
blogging is definitely a way and if you want access to two completely free blog
sites I’m gonna leave links below this video not only has it got blog sites has
also got training how to use a blog a seven-part training course free how to
use a blog how to market a blog how to monetize a blog and make money from it
alright so moving on then number four is reddit this is a this is a really really
big site a lot of people still using this you know if you you can put
articles on here you can put videos on there and it supports your articles it
supports your videos on YouTube and other things and also read it in and of
itself gets quite a lot of traffic it’s it’s an authority site so people visit
it every day so you can get traffic that as well next one would be tumblr so
tumblr here again another word for it you say you know you can upload videos
articles again people people naturally come to this to tumblr anyway so you’re
gonna get some natural organic traffic for free from tumblr but you can also
use it to support your other things like here for example I uploaded this video I
done a little write-up and this has got a link back to my youtube video so it’s
it’s an authority link a backlink and when you get a battlin from a high
authority site like tumblr it helps push your other your other own
videos and YouTube up higher in the rankings so that people will find you on
YouTube organically also sometimes your YouTube
videos could rank on Google as well so it’s all helping each other and it’s all
for free so tumblr is the next is the next recommendation and another good
thing is I’m finding that when you when you rank on tumblr when you put
something on tumblr its ranking on you Yahoo so you’re getting it ranked highly
on Yahoo as well next one would be Pinterest this is this one here you
would probably they call em means you know you don’t need to worry too much
about that but I would go to something like get a mean made you can
put articles you put these little mean pictures that people come to this and
they like to like look at them and click on them as well so that’s another great
way to get to get free traffic and I think Pinterest is growing now a lot of
marketers are talking about it a lot a lot of marketers are moving onto it so
it’s a great time to start using it to start learning about it and using it
again another free resource the next thing would be Weebly that’s have a look
here yep this here it’s called Weebly yeah now that it’s a niche
site that you can put articles on and these articles in and of themselves get
found because we believe is a great little authority site but you can also
put links on there to support your other articles on your
the blog I was talking about or you can put videos on there to support your
videos on YouTube so it’s a great way these these these ways here are great to
get traffic and they’re also really really good ways to get these high
authority backlinks that support your content and push your content up higher
in rankings alright the next way then is Twitter
this here Twitter very very well none loads of people are using Twitter I
think the best way to use Twitter is to make sure that your auto posting every
two to three hours and most people haven’t got time to sit down and post
every two to three hours that’s why I would use a bit of software that does
this auto posting for you loads of free software out there you got to do is
ghost go to google and type in you know Twitter auto posting software and see
what’s out there because the more regularly you post especially that often
two to three hours you’ll get more followers you’ll get some traffic some
organic traffic as well and you know you’ll be all your posts will rank
higher yeah your post will be seen higher and another great thing you can
put your links on there so your links will be found people will find your
links and click on it to go to your main content like here I put might one of my
youtube videos and it’s here at the top so people click on that and go over to
my youtube video so again it’s helping they all support in each other the next
thing is forums that be number nine is forums now every niche that you’re in
has a forum what a forum is is is basically a place where people they’re
interested in that niche come to Talk this forum here is called the warrior
forum and this is for people in internet marketing in affiliate marketing and in
make money online business opportunities so this is a great place to come and
leave some value you know you leave a little people are asking questions you
can ask the people’s questions you can write articles and but all the people
come in here are people that are in your niche if you’re in the make money online
or the business opportunity world you know but every single niche out there
has a forum so you just go in type in whatever your niche is type in forum go
and have a look for the free for out there start posting on forums do it
regularly with all these things you need to be doing it regularly you know you
need to be posting every day you need to to be answering questions and then you
can leave your links with all of them it’s the same even like let me go back
to what I was talking about with Top 10 Free Website Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketers blogging blogging is the same every day
you should be leaving a blog post the more you do that if you did have to say
30 to 60 days Google start to love you they start to give you some some love
and push your articles up same with all of these things you know the more you
post the more that the actual platform or Google starts to see these things you
start to rank you start to push everything higher and they all support
each other and then you start to get found and people start to click on your
affiliate links and so you’re getting loads of free traffic and in the last
way number 10 is Instagram you’re probably already using it Instagram is
the new way that people are marketing nowadays it’s a great way to be to be
adding value every day post it could do free pictures it could be short videos
it could be post you know is it and and then you’re allowed to put your link on
there to whatever your affiliate whatever the affiliate thing your market
you know if you want to give it to you send it to your youtube or to your blog
sites up to you most people do it to their affiliate link all right so that’s
10 that’s the 10 ways there and guys but the most important thing is you might be
saying to yourself for example do I have to do 10 things every single day no I
would I would focus on one of the big ones would be either a YouTube or blog
in and you use the other ones to support it and also if you put a piece of
content I’m sorry I put a video up or I wrote an article now that same article I
can repurpose that articles to Twitter change it up a little bit then I upload
it to one of the other platforms you know if I’ve done a video I might upload
it to I don’t know the Weebly site but then change the description a little bit
so the same piece of content you can repurpose and use on loads of these
different platforms here I would focus mainly on one or two of them and then
maybe use one or two to support the main one so say so you were doing
YouTube and blog in so you wrote an article that article you could use in
your description on YouTube you can use it on tumblr you can use it on Weebly
you know you and but they all support each other that’s the beauty of just
doing one piece of content but sharing it on all of these platforms here and it
will all help each other and eventually you’ll see your YouTube videos rising
and your traffic going up and your affiliate links getting clicked more and
more alright then I hope that will make sense and I hope you got some value from
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guys thanks for listening then till next time take care and I’ll speak to you
soon all the best Top 10 Free Website Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketers


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