Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners In 2018

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be giving you my top 3 affiliate marketing tips for beginners
now guys it’s 2018 there were so many people getting involved with online
business whether it’s Shopify drop shipping amazon or affiliate marketing
of course guys with that said they’re gonna be a lot of beginners and in for
the marketing we’re gonna need some help and I’m here for you guys today
with my top three tips just for you guys with that being said guys we’re gonna
dive into my computer in just a minute it started this video off but before you
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off alright guys we were now my computer as you can see on my whiteboard top
three affiliate marketing tips for beginners now I’m not gonna waste any
time here guys I’m gonna pull the first box away right now let me just delete it
get it out of there so here’s my first affiliate marketing tip is gonna be to
learn as much as you can but huge but here you guys also take action as I see
so many people just spend hours a day learning watching videos reading
articles books even even taking course after course we’re not getting any
results guys and the reason why because they’re taking zero action on anything
guys they’re absolutely doing nothing they’re taking any action on anything
and that’s the reason they’re getting no results they’re spending all day
learning learning learning course after course watching videos reading articles
whatever it is guys that is spending all day learning and not taking any time to
actually take action in to execute on any of the things that they learn there
guys definitely learned definitely educate yourself guys definitely watch
these videos but at the same time guys you have to be taking action all the
things that you’re learning if you don’t take any action anything that you learn
you’re not gonna get any results because you’re not actually gonna be doing
anything I can actually be building a business you’re just going to
continuously learn forever how to build a business and of course
you’re not gonna be making any money because again you’re not actually
building a business you’re just learning how to build
and that doesn’t really pay that well unfortunately with that being said guys
that’s my first tip is this take action on everything guys and of course again
I’m not saying to not learn definitely learn guys you can learn every single
day maybe an hour two hours a day but don’t spend all of your time just
learning and never taking action u.s. can of course spend a lot of time
learning especially if you’re a beginner but at the same time guys you should be
learning taking action learning more and taking more action learning more taking
more action and just kind of repeat the process that way you don’t want to learn
learn learn for like three weeks and then take action on one day and then
learn for like another two weeks and then take some more action because that
point it’s also gonna take you just forever to actually build your business
well with all that being so guys it’s gonna be my number one tip for beginners
who are just starting out in a flip marketing definitely taking time to
learn but definitely take action as well on everything that you do learn with
that being something guys my next tip and get rid of this box is gonna be to
avoid shiny object syndrome or switching business models now for those of you
don’t know what tiny object syndrome is it’s essentially going into one business
mile let’s just say for example Shopify you’re in shop five for like two three
months you’re kind of not really making that much money you’re kind of breaking
even but you’re putting in a relatively average amount of work and all of a
sudden you see a YouTube ad for somebody who’s in actually Amazon FBA he serves
you the results how he’s making like a hundred thousand dollars a year in
Amazon FBA and shipping these products Amazon and actually having Amazon sell
them and they’re like wow this is a great business model just completely
screw shop right let me go onto Amazon FBA it spent some time there you do is
to go through the students course you learn all about Amazon FBA and then
there are two day months you see an Instagram ad for affiliate marketing
you’ve seen affiliate marketer making a ton of money absolutely killing it
online and you’re like you know what let me go over there and do a flip marketing
now and you’re pretty much is switching from business model to business model to
business model just because you see something new and something shiny and
you want that instead don’t do that guys that’s definitely the wrong move I
definitely fell victim to that very very badly in the beginning of my online
career with online business if you guys follow my channel at all I thought me
then you know I pretty much ran through every single business model out there
just because I had shiny operations I’m just to the max and Emily solved that
until I actually sell down or flip marketing anyway see much success
anything until I really just settled down and it’s picked one business model
that of course being the one I love now affiliate marketing but in the beginning
guys I definitely struggled with that with that being said
guys we haven’t want to stick to one model and stick to one plant and you’ve
got ten times the amount of results versus actually squishing business
models every three months and swishing your niche every other week I see so
many people online who have this problem and of course guys I see a little bit
more in beginners I feel like today’s day and age news is so quick to jump
from business model to business model and that’s definitely the wrong thing
you guys you definitely want to avoid that as much as possible because like I
just mentioned guys the results you’re gonna get from sticking to one business
model and one niche and is grinding and hustling it out
for an entire year versus being in like four different business models in like
18 different issues throws out the same exact year what do you guys think your
anymore results of doing doing that one thing or the entire year and just
grinding your ass off or switching business models every 3-4 months it’s
kind of dabbling and everything but never really committing a hundred
percent to one business model and one niche what do you guys think is gonna do
better and that’s exactly why it’s my second point for a flame marketing for
beginners if you guys want to get into affiliate marketing definitely new stuff
guys because the flame marketing is definitely a fantastic business model
for a lot of people there’s definitely a ton of opportunity here they’re showing
people killing it I’m not telling you to not do it for the marketing or different
going to ident to avoid Sonny on his changeup at all cost
stick to your flight marketing stick to the model stick to the business plan and
you guys will get that many more results at my try so I can’t guarantee that of
course but like I was mentioning as with the examples what do you guys think is
gonna do better with that being said the guys my third and final tip for
affiliate marketing for beginners is going to be be patient because building
a business takes a long time guys I see so many people coming to a foot in
marketing with this idea that in the first week they’re gonna come in and
make a thousand dollars profit or like two thousand dollars profit and like the
first month you’re gonna be buying a brand new BMW and then you expect to
clear like ten thousand dollars in profit like their first three months of
allign business in affiliate marketing guys that’s not I would happen that’s
not really how it works of course you see all these advertisements were these
get-rich-quick schemes that are gonna be telling you something very opposite of
this but guys the cold hard truth is that building any business online any
flame marketing business it’s gonna take time
hey guys whether you’re in shop fine drop shipping amazon FBA or you’re just
getting started in affiliate marketing I’m telling you right now it is not a
get-rich-quick scheme it will take time to build up a business that you actually
want with that being said guys they can take weeks months maybe years be patient
and on top of that guys you be taking consistent action every day
and overtime it will happen do not expect these instant crazy results that
everybody’s trying to sell you on in the advertisements at scale assembly not the
truth it’s gonna take time but if you’re willing to dedicate the time and energy
actually putting that house low putting that in grind to actually grow your
business and scale it up the point that you want it to be at then it will
definitely be worth you guys and the number one way to do that is just taking
a consistent action every single day because over time guys those that little
amount of action and taking every single day will build up to a huge business
you’re gonna love to be involved with look guys all that being said quick
recap number one learn as much as you can but also take action on everything
that you can number two avoid shiny object syndrome as much as you can do
not switch business models stick to the plan
number three guys be patient because building a business takes a long time
with all that being said I pretty much wraps up this video guys if you enjoyed
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that being said guys my name is Anthony villa I will see you in the next one I
am out peace


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