Top 3 Less Known FREE Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to a brand new video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be giving you my top three lesser-known lesser-used free
traffic sources for affiliate marketing now guys these top three are gonna be
lesser-known less you use so they’re not gonna be like huge platforms but they
are gonna be very beneficial to you if you’re actually in a play marketing and
you don’t want to hop on like the big five social media platforms when
everyone thinks of social media marketing and actually utilizing social
media platforms for affiliate marketing they think of like the top big five
which are of course gonna be like Facebook Twitter snapchat Instagram
YouTube but guys these like these lesser-known platforms can still be
extremely beneficial and they can still convert really well to leads and to
sales which so I’m gonna give them to you guys today those of you who are
injured in some smaller platforms and normally want to hop on those top five
huge social media platforms right now with that being said guys I’m gonna show
you that in just a minute by diving into my computer but before I do that guys if
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said guys we’re gonna start this video off right now by diving into my computer
alright guys we’re not in my computer as you can see on my whiteboard top three
lesser-used free traffic sources of course guys I have the black boxes
covering each of the three I have like two or three main points for each of
them then I’m gonna go over a little bit of detail for you guys that we can guys
can get a better idea of exactly how to use these platforms for affiliate
marketing with that said guys I’m not gonna waste any more time let me pull
the first box out of the way so because the first one is gonna be reddit now
guys of course reddit is still a massive social media platform but in terms of a
flight marketing in that aspect of the internet it’s not very heavily used
because like I mentioned guys everyone long those top five social media
platforms web sites like Reddit which it can still
be extremely valuable getting Noord so has the reason reddit is such like a
website to actually do it marketing on is because guys they have millions of
daily users one that’s of course fantastic for traffic purposes because
that’s a ton of people you can actually get in front of out some people you can
actually market your affiliate offers and your affiliate products too with
that said though guys read it also has very niche communities of course he’s
being known as subreddits whereas these niche communities or front
sake for marketing and because again you’re able to establish yourself as a
little bit of an authority figure and a little bit of a smaller community
without needing like hundreds of thousands of followers in order to do
that you can still come off as an authority finger just for what you know
and just where you post on on those form on that forum you don’t necessarily need
sound like 50,000 followers on Facebook and like a thousand followers on
Instagram you can just be known for actually just giving out valuable
content and helping people out so guys when you want ready to actually help
people just putting your affiliate link and like the bottom of your description
or the bottom of your bio or something like that can definitely help you
generate leads generate sales so guys you want to go on Reddit and be as
active as possible any suburb it’s in these forums that way you can actually
establish yourself as an authority figure and somebody who knows what
they’re doing once you’re able to establish yourself as an authority
figure in these communities and as somebody who knows a lot it’ll be very
easy to actually generate leads and to monetize later on that’s because you
guys these people are gonna see you as somebody who knows what they’re talking
about so eventually if you want to sell like ebooks courses maybe even coaching
to them they may be that much more likely to buy is because they know you
as somebody who actually knows knows their stuff and not just another person
on these forums not just another person trying to sell them I ran the product
but you’re actually an authority figure that’s exactly what you guys want to do
no matter what nice rent or no matter what subreddit you’re going into you
want to establish yourself as an authority figure and someone who knows
that knows their stuff and with that said guys that’s the first I’ve like the
lesser-used free traffic sources I know about after
that one guys then the second example I gave is gonna be a Korra so of course
guys Cornell one is gonna be another huge forum where people can answer and
ask questions of course it’s gonna be another great one because again they
have tons of daily traffic there are tons and tons of people on Korra every
single day asking questions answering questions just interacting with each
other in that in that tight little community of people in the website of
course guys Korres isn’t gonna necessarily be like a social media
platform but it is gonna be extremely valuable because guys it has very
similar features to read it because it’s gonna be a very tight-knit who are
people who care a lot about their specific niche and their specific topic
or subject so we’re getting a genève me going in to quarrel with a very similar
mindset of wanting to help people out and do some questions and but just by
doing that you’ll be able to establish yourself as an authority finger and
someone who knows again knows their stuff guys let me keep singing about the
video but it’s very important to establish yourself as that even on the
core guys so when you start answering a bunch of questions people
see your name pop up over and over and over again and I’m never seeing that
seeing how people out there gonna respect you and they’re gonna trust your
opinions and know everything and all the knowledge you share just because you’re
able to help so many people out and it’s because your knowledge is not much more
valuable there Horace guys my second third point for Cora is that it’s very
easy to drive traffic on there because the gang guys all you really have to be
doing is actually answering questions all you have to be was answering
questions in your niche so for example guys if you don’t like the health and
fitness niche and somebody comes in and says hey you know I’m going to a wedding
in like three months but I want to be able to lose like 15 pounds in that time
or like ten pounds in that time what do you guys recommend what should I do they
said their thing to actually achieve that goal and then all you I all you
guys have to do as an acclaimed marketer is coming in just give them some
knowledge guys drop like a paragraph or two of us valuable knowledge and then
guys you can also link out to your landing page or to a free ebook or
something you’re giving away at the bottom but guys once you actually
provide that value they’re gonna trust you enough to actually go ahead click
that link and actually sign up – with that said guys that is exactly why Cora
is gonna be a great lesser-known traffic source to use because there aren’t that
many people using it for affiliate marketing and again guys this is gonna
be completely free traffic Cora and reddit are both completely free
platforms you guys can leverage for their free traffic which is a course
fantastic and another great point here is guys that it’s gonna be a lot easier
if you to compete on these platforms when it comes to the competition because
guys on reddit and Cora it doesn’t really matter how many followers we have
it doesn’t think none of that stuff matters on there and it’s fantastic but
you guys can just help people out and just give value and give your knowledge
away for free and they actually get something in return you don’t need like
five thousand people following you on Twitter or ten thousand people following
your facebook page to actually be seen as an authority figure and somebody who
knows their stuff you just have to actually know what you’re talking about
and then help people out on these forums on Quora on whatever it is you’re
actually going into an established up as an authority figure in that way you know
after we’re bowling and following building up an audience building up a
following account when you’re giving away your knowledge for free on these
platforms with that being something guys Quora is gonna be another great one
that’s very undervalued not any people using it and without say guys I’m
actually pulled the third box way now showing you guys the third lesser-known
free traffic source you guys can use this one isn’t gonna be necessarily a
website but this one’s gonna be niche forum there’s someone’s gonna be little
more of a topic or a category and what I mean by niche forums arguing as
individual forums dedicated to one specific niche one specific topic or
they’re gonna be things like health and fitness forums bodybuilding like ham is
a great example of that they’re gonna be like home gardening forums they’re gonna
be very niche specific small website forums but they can still be fantastic
for affiliate marketing and the reason that is and the reason that is guys is
because they’re usually a very tight community of people and if you can
actually establish yourself and within that community as an authority figure
it’s gonna be very easy for you to sell and market your services your products
whatever it is just because you’re able to establish yourself and everybody in
that community knows you and they know you as an authority figure we should be
very easy to actually market to them and to anybody else who ever comes onto the
forums just because you’ll have built up so much rapport with everybody on the
forum they’ll know you in that community and it’s gonna be a lot easier to
actually establish yourself as that authority figure in these tight-knit
niche forums just because guys you’re gonna keep seeing the same people over
and over and over again whereas the red ink were there any literally millions of
people all in websites every single day with these niche forums it might be the
same 5,000 people the same 10,000 people and of course guys I might that’s all I
got insane amount of people to market to but if you can establish yourself as a
serious authority as somebody who’s really at the top in this on niche in
this market you guys can really make a lot of money just also I was like ten
twenty thousand fifty thousand people that visit the website every single
month with that being said the guys don’t go to too crazy and go into these
forums like 50 people and show the market and sell to all of them because I
mean you want to go too crazy with the guys of course they’re gonna be extremes
but pretty much all these examples you want to stay away from those and it’s
kind of stay in the middle but guys with me swarms are extremely
undervalued they’re extremely underrated because of course guys again I won’t
watch this ticks like those top five even read it in court a little bit more
known but nobody’s really going for those very niche forums that I think are
very undervalued and it’s very easy to build yourself up as an as an
established authority figure in those tiny communities where everybody kind of
knows the top people in that and that niche in that category
with that being said the guys that pretty much wraps up this video those
are my top three lesser used with that being so other guys if you did enjoy the
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get whether it’s actually on these free traffic sources but it’s on a plate
marketing online business whatever it is guys any questions you might have
I’m here to help we’re that said I’m Anthony Villa I will see you guys in the
next one and I am out peace


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