Top 3 Reasons You Should Become An Amazon Influencer.

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Bob Heineck, physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinion of course. Today Brad we’re doing a video: three reasons why we are Amazon influencers. Now an influencer by the way that means they say we’re part of the social media and for our instance It’s basically YouTube is the main one And we apparently influence people to do things. Probably to drink a lot No our channel is physical therapy video. We have 415,000 subscribers and growing every day, and we’re also on Facebook, and we’re on Twitter This Amazon influencer program I think was first just made available to people who are on YouTube and now it’s also gonna be available to people on Instagram and Twitter also, okay But if you are on there, and you are in social media this is a very good idea for you to be part of this and we’re gonna give you three reasons. Number one To us it’s always about the subscribers. You know we want to do stuff that’s good for our subscribers Help them out, and this is really convenient Before we’d recommend a product and And someone would watch a video and then they might not buy it at that time and then come back and go Where was that video that you recommended that ball and we’re like I don’t know We’ve done a thousand videos Now all of our products are in one spot, they can they can go on to it and they go oh yeah, there it is right It’s always just really convenient for our subscribers. And we have just our favorite products on there and the ones we talk about on a regular basis and so they just go to any one of our videos, go to our favorite list of Amazon products and there you go, yeah And the second thing, it’s really easy to use. As a person who’s putting products on there, Brad is It’s okay, if I say this Brad? You can. You’re computer illiterate. I am very slow. The computer hates him I mean it actually just really hates him You know that when I’m around a computer, it acts differently than when i’m gone. It done it really does I can’t believe it sometimes, but anyway Brad knows how to put products on there and take them off. Exactly, just did it today, so Great yeah put a nice calf stretch on there that I really like So the third reason we really like it is we use it as kind of our exclusive list in order to make it on there, you’ve got to be good. Yeah I mean you’ve got to be able to go, oh we got a little beeping going on here all right That’s just cueing in that emphasis, the warning sign, right by the way what we’re saying is it’s an exclusive list meaning that it’s products that we think really have good value and are products that we use ourselves And we really like. So we keep it as an exclusive list, it’s kind of an Oprah effect If you make it on Oprah, it was a big deal, so if you make it on our list it’s a big deal. We could make it on Oprah someday. It’s not on anymore. Maybe we can’t All right And the final bonus Brad is that you do make some money on this and we need to make lots of money like so we can keep Lonnie our camera woman in diamonds and pearls and caviar because she’s really kind of a high-maintenance person. You hit it right on the head Bob She is just a lovely woman though. Actually if you knew Lonnie, it’s the exact opposite. That’s why this is kind of funny So anyway if you’re an influencer, if you’re on social media, go ahead and check out Amazon influencers Yes, and on their affiliate page. We’ll put a link down below sure all right. Thanks


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