Top 5 Sites To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing In 2019 – Best Affiliate Programs

what’s up everyone Attan here and in
today’s video I’m gonna share with you top five websites that you can get
started with affiliate marketing in 2019 I’m actually also going to share the
best way on how to get started to promote as an affiliate marketer so all
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what we’re going to have a look at today on how to get started to promote offers
as an affiliate marketer and I’m actually also going to share with you
the best way on how to get started to promote these offers so make sure you
watch the whole video so you don’t miss out on any important information also
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for the end of this video for now let’s get started to have a look at five sites
the top five sites to get started as an affiliate marketer in 2019 let’s get
started okay so the first site that we’re going to have a look at is a
warrior plus calm warrior class calm now this site is mainly actually for make
money online make money online offers but they do have a lot of software’s and
plugins and stuff like that that is pretty related also and of course it’s
pretty obvious too that you have to register as an affiliate so you do need
to fill in the details here to get started and there are a lot of ways that
you can get started here you could actually find that something that is
launching on Mon shy comm so let me see here let me just type in munch
Icom this is a site where they do announce all the new launches so let’s
have a look at today we have Kevin here for example he’s launching I am
checklist version 16 so you can actually check out here you see all this w+ is on
warrior plus or you can actually go straight away to warrior plus and have a
look at the top sellers now the top sellers are of course a good indication
that the product sales so you can have a look at what’s the number one products
that is selling today we have cache magnets here and what was yesterday and
a good indicator is actually to have a look at the last seven days over the
last thirty days if you go for if you want to go for something new and hot but
it doesn’t mean we have to get stuck only here because you can go here to the
affiliate section to the products let me see here there you have it basically you
go to the offers here as an affiliate marketer okay and you can neither go
ahead and type in a keyword or you can search for a vendor name or you can have
a look at if it is sorted by pal score and so on so i usually leave it at as a
pulse score so let me just refresh it here a pal score is warrior plus their
own indicator here on what’s hot and not okay so you can see here that create by
vidal you definitely have the hottest pulse score here we have affiliates pro
stocking lee and so on so you can see here we can have a look at how many
sales we can sort it by how many sales this product has definitely been a
popular product since it has sold over two thousand products here and the good
indicator is also a conversion right so we can see how good it converts the
visceral value the average sale and of course also a little bit on the
refund rate because if it is a high refund rate means that it’s not a
popular product and it’s not good to promote also so we should have a look at
all those indicators here and when you find an offer it’s really super easy you
can have a look at the product of course first so let’s say for example that’s
how free products lead to profit I’m just opening opening opening in it up
here so we can see here the stats again you can have a look at what this product
is all about and the next thing that you do is your request approval so it loads
here you tell first if you want it to what kind of a if you want it straight
into your PayPal account or if you want it to worry applies wallet since you
probably knew you you’re definitely going to get into delayed Commission’s
anyway so you want to get paid straight into the PayPal account err and here is
something that is very important if they don’t know you you’re probably going to
get a few negative responses here all you have to do is just move on until
someone approves you so it can be a little bit tough if you don’t have any
stats in Wario Plus and you want to get started to promote the hottest and the
newest offers if they have finished the launching period they will definitely
approve you it’s going to be much easier to get approved and you have to be
honest here okay so tell them that hi I’m new affiliate marketer and write a
few things about you if you have a website or if you’re promoting via
Facebook Twitter or both what you’re going to how you going to promote the
offers okay so when I would like to promote this offer
to my list and you can check out my sides so my I am this is just
to show them that I’m serious as an affiliate marketer and so on I think
it’s good to write and be as detailed as possible here not too much but
definitely tell them if you tell them that hey I do promote thousands of
offers and stuff like that they won’t believe you because they’re going to
have a look at your stats they can see your stats there and they say that you
are a new okay so be honest say I’m a new affiliate marketer I would like to
promote this offer to YouTube my Twitter or whatever my list of what is going to
be and you have to click on the request offer and then you will find of course
when the when the vendor will have a look at this it depends but usually
within 24 hours you will have an answer if not just move
on to the next offer okay so there is about warrior plus so you can see here
there is so many products here and as I said they do focus on make money online
so this was a product for example profit right there you see yeah that I was
approved so I can get my link here straight away if I had a bonus offer you
can insert it here or if I wanted my PayPal the money go to the PayPal but I
have obviously grabbed I have already told them that I want them the payout to
my wallet here so you just grab the link here and you are ready to go to promote
this offer here there is about warrior plus and the next platform that we’re
going to have a look at is jvzoo a pretty popular in also in make money
online but they do have a lot of softwares here some membership sites
that do promotes there is also and more products like weight loss probably
mainly in the software area I would say and of course again in the
money online is the most popular here so what we’re going to have a look at today
here on jvzoo is you’re going to have a look at the top sellers here ok so you
can see here top sellers today top sellers yesterday 7 days in the past 30
days now 7 days in the past 30 days is definitely a good indicator that this
has been selling for many days so you can see here are something that is
launching just today might disappear tomorrow something like that
and also as I said if it is on a launching period the first 5 days if
you’re totally new they probably might not approve you also so because they
don’t want to hurt as that so they want to be sure that they get sales to not
lower the CPC have a PC and so on ok the earnings per click so you can also go
the other route and of course go for find products as an affiliate here and
it works pretty much the same way let me see here ok don’t show again was a news
so you can see here you can sort show 25 basically you can search for categories
you can see that there is more categories in just make money online
we have green solutions parenting for example mobile sports travel and so on
it works the same way you do need let’s say for example that I want to promote
octo sweet you can see here it has been selling 11,000 plus here is the
conversion rate the EPC which means earnings per click we have the average
price and you can have a look at the refund here also and it works really
similar as the warrior plus you don’t need to request your approval so
depending on the product and how popular the vendor is here you see here we fill
it with previous sales will get instant commissions and delayed Commission’s are
paid out on the 31st day of purchase as per paper refund period
etc etc and you need of course to click the box here that you have read and
follow the instructions if they do have some something else here and the same
goes here just fill in the details and request the affiliate approval and you
will get the notification to your email and here also you will see that you will
get you will be approved and you will just grab the link there so it works
pretty similar also there is about jvzoo alright let’s go into a bigger Network
here we are talking about Clickbank you probably have seen it already if you’re
totally new as an affiliate marketer might be something new for you but a
Clickbank is one of the easiest networks to get started with you get approved and
you can grab your link there but also the cool thing is that there you have a
lot of niches covered inside here so they have really I don’t know ten
fifteen twenty thousand oh how many thousands products I have but there is
so many to pick from here you can see here if you just see also entertainment
as seen on tv betting systems business investing education games probably the
most popular would be health and fitness that most people are promoting offers
but it doesn’t have to be okay they just to show you an example here we have home
and garden languages also very popular reference self-help and sports travel so
you can see that most are covered here and we’re talking about digital products
mainly here okay and membership sites also of course so I
usually pick something about health and fitness let’s do something different
today here let’s pick a business and D marketing so you can see here
bulletproof profits in CNIB it sorts by popularity there is also gravity which
is clickbank’s own matrix it is something that tells us that gravity the
higher the gravity the more sales and the more popular the product is so
high gravity means more competition but it also is a guarantee that the product
sells ok so you can switch between those two you can see that they’re pretty
similar is a bullet proof is number one here again and basically we want to have
a look at the affiliates site here to see if we can get some more information
and you can see here it does tell tells us more information so you can enter
your name here to subscribe to their list to get more information or I have
already done it so I just keep it here and you can see that they provide you
with different promo material depending on the offer it could be actually that
they offer a free PDF book for weight loss product or whatever here our email
swipes and we have banners here but it it all depends as I said okay there is
other people we have them for example here the super affiliate system with
John Chris Tony he has tons of promo material he even has YouTube ads
Facebook ads and so on ok but it’s a it’s a high ticket offer you see here
you can make 465 so when you have checked out all the details it’s good to
have a look here the average per sale if it is a rebel if something with a
monthly recurring you would have seen it here basically what you do is you
actually grab the link here that you want to promote with your account
nickname and you can insert something like broadcasts or something like that
as a tracking idea so you know what where the sale is coming from and you
just grab this link now this is an ugly link so I’ve already shared this in the
past you can use something like bitly or something like that a link shortener to
insert it so it will look more nice there and that’s it about Clickbank as I
said they have tons of products you can see here just to give you a quick idea
let’s say we go for green products you see air power efficiency guide new
battery reconditioning so if you it depends on what you think your expertise
if you do think you have knowledge in this for example you want to promote
something totally different than anyone else you should definitely go for some
of these niches here so do not underestimate this niche just because
they they do though the guys that promote these kind of offers that they
can actually make more than go for health and fitness and make money online
and so on so there is about Clickbank now another very very popular site is
Amazon Amazon really simple we’re talking about millions of products I
would say that you can promote anything from books shows or whatever comes into
your mind phones or whatever and the cool thing here is that if you grab an
affiliate link you can actually just grab a link for the main website okay to
send them here so whenever someone purchase let’s say for example the shoes
here and they purchase something else which is pretty normal that they do you
get a commission for that – also it must be of course cookies in 24 hours since I
have clicked your link there so there is so many things I’ve seen really the most
weird unrelated products that I made commissions for when I promoted
something here in Amazon so you know people might just want to get some razor
blades while they purchase the shoes and whatever so you make a commission the
commission rates are pretty low here but it is the amount and of course the items
here that counts so it is usually between four and could
be up to 10% but the average and the standard I would say is four to five
percent here so Amazon really simple sign up for an account depending on
where you live of course this is Amazon which is the most popular
and as I said millions of product to promote so just to give you a quick idea
let’s say for example that you want to promote this offer here so you just grab
a link here if you want text if you want image or text plus image so let’s say
for the simplicity here that we want the aim and the text only and this is how it
looks we grab that link and whenever we are over let me place it in here and
that you see boom so now I will make something for a four or five percent I
don’t know how much it is exactly here on two hundred and sixty nine dollars
this that this microphone is selling for so that is about Amazon and finally the
fifth website is offer vault of a vault actually is a lot of networks involved
here I think even Clickbank is involved here
but there is tons of networks that are involved here so if you can’t find if
you’re looking for something really odd I’m just going to do something really
simple here you can see your diet and you can see a new tree system I can make
hundred and seventy dollars by promoting this offer max bounty also very popular
network usually those kind of networks that are involved here are more
specialized so let’s say for example a new tree system here this is something
with keto I can I can just guess here because I sake it’s 0 6 X keto straight
us you can make 88 dollars so let’s open it up here on new tab and we can read
through the details so how it works here is that you can see your gratis digital
is a full-fledged digital marketing organization and so on so they tell you
about the network how they pay out so you have a look at it here also and then
you apply here so you have to join the network make sure it works the same way
some might want to have a call with you and they see how you’re going to promote
and so on be honest and up as I said if it is a very popular
Network and they turn you down don’t get disappointed just move on to the next
one that is about offer volt so as I said you can find tons of offers and
networks here look at this so many networks involved here so that is about
offer volt works also pretty much the same way all you have to do is actually
sign up for the network to be approved there now let me just explain a little
bit on the best way to promote this offers this is what I usually recommend
and I will do it of course today here also so I’m going to draw three boxes
here and let’s pick the text okay let me see just make a beginner here so we have
the traffic here and here we want to have a squeeze page and here is where
the offer comes in now I’m all about in my list building and instead of just go
here straight away to the offer because if you go straight to the offer you will
never see the visitor again so the traffic that you’re sending that you
probably have paid or you have worked for to get that traffic you will lose
that traffic and you will lose that potential customers are also so why not
instead have a squeeze page let me see here let me just throw something here
why not instead have a squeeze page and offer them a free report a free case
study or something like that in exchange for their email address and then you can
redirect them straight away to their offer pretty simple pretty
straightforward and the reason is really simple because you can promote a
and again to this subscriber okay it doesn’t mean that you have to bumble of
them five times a day be tell them in the morning hey buy this diet product in
the evening by this make money online and so on but you have to of course
connect with them a bit okay so send a few emails get some value there provide
some value to them and if they like you and trust you they will of course buy
from your link then later on if it is related to them and they feel that I
have a need there so you make sure that you have all this covered also but this
is definitely the best way to get started with and it is pretty
straightforward because if you click the link for example in my description below
here you will get redirected to an opt-in page for to have my case study I
want your email address so I can promote to you some offers or give you some
valuable content there this is how it works this is how it fail yet marketing
works this is what everyone is talking about and why they always preach and
tell you that the money is in the list pretty obvious right so I will
definitely go this route while you can do that direct linking if you want to
test an offer or something in the beginning its good but definitely don’t
lose your traffic there because you have spent money you have spent time to get
that traffic and you will lose them if you don’t have an opt-in page and their
email address so this is the best way and this is what I am all about in my
list building so if you are interested in making a full time passive income
online if you want to build a serious online business then you definitely need
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