Top 7 Paid Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources of 2019

Hello friend and welcome to my episode We’re going to be talking about the seven top paid affiliate marketing traffic sources of 2019 I’m excited to get started. So let’s go ahead and let’s get it going Alright you guys so there are seven types of paid traffic sources that we’re going to be talking about tonight So I’m excited to talk about them. The first ones being display ads Second being the paid search ads third being the social media ads Fourth is email marketing traffic, which is also called solo ads Is it for? number five is my paid content discovery or Native advertising which also goes with sponsored content. They’re both native advertising both of them and Lastly we’re going to talk about influencer Influencer marketing, so let’s get it started All right, so let’s talk about number one display ads So display ads can be found on just about any website, but the provider is Google Display Network They basically say okay you can pay for display ads Through this service and once you pay through that service You’ll be able to put your ads on any of our sponsored websites so that’s good for you because Google has Reached in ninety percent of the world. So as long as you are in that 90 percent You can get your ads seen by most of the world. And so that’s great for you if you want to use Google Display Network So basically it looks like an ad. Okay. It’s a box or some type of ad looking thing That’s put on a website. So it could either be a banner like we have on the side decide We there could be a banner or a billboard or even a video And generally it be something that they know that you like because Google be tracking you. Okay, so it’s found either at the top or on the sides of your Website and they generally do well especially if they’re big enough to catch your users attention or they move and it’s a lot of opportunities to put them on websites because people want money to advertise on their website They want people to pay so You know people there’s a lot of opportunity out there for people to put ads on other people’s websites the cons are People are annoyed by ads they don’t want to keep seeing them so they have purchased ad blockers and Actually the not the price, but the number of people that have purchased them has significantly rose this year So people are tired of seeing ads. They don’t want to deal with it. So if ads Have to be shown on a specific website. Most people just won’t even go to that website So that cuts down a lot of people that will actually see your ad also There’s a lot of people that have gotten so used to ads that they’re kind of blind to it They don’t even see it anymore. They pay no attention to them So unless they’re big or they grab your attention or they move or something Nobody’s gonna pay attention to it. So that’s the kind of display ads Okay, so the next Paid traffic source that we’re going to talk about today is called paid search ads and These are searches that you get from a search engine So like Google Adwords or Bing ads have their own Advertising side of their company and so basically what you do is you would bid on a keyword So let’s say you want to promote fuzzy bunny slippers. Okay, and You get on the ad and you sign up and you realize that you have to pay $2 per click in order for you to Get on the advertising carousel, which you see at the top of the screen there. So you decide okay, you’re gonna pay $2 a click and Then after you do that people will search for that keyword and once they search for that keyword of fuzzy bunny slippers then They will see your ad On the search engine and it would be in the little carousel at the top if it’s a product and if they click on it Then you pay $2 Also, it could be for a service. So the carousel is mainly for products the service is for at the bottom where it says sponsored or ad on the side of written text and they are found at the top and at the bottom of the search engine page and I’m pretty sure you have seen these before and so These are generally pay per click People pay or you pay based on how many people click on your site? ok, if you’re an advertiser and the Pros are is still very effective? Many people use it marketers other business owners Use this method because it still works. It still gets the job done. You still get money coming in and It is a great way to get started Especially if you are new be learning Google Adwords or Bing ads will be great addition to your Advertising methods the cons are they are? expensive you may have to use longtail keywords to get it into your budget and longtail keywords means that instead of using the simple phrase people will use – or Keyword people will use to actually find whatever it is. You’re selling so like the fuzzy bunny slippers instead of maybe slippers you would use fuzzy bunny slippers or fuzzy bunny slippers for kids or fuzzy bunny slippers for adults Whatever, okay So you would have to use longer keywords to make sure that you stay in budget Because it can’t get expensive and if you are new you may not have the advertising funds to make sure that you can get the higher keywords because the higher keywords can go upwards of Sixty to eighty dollars depending on the keyword and how popular it is So you want to make sure that you stay in budget you check that out? make sure you’re careful with your money in that aspect and That is paid search ads Then X method are your social media ads and those are been coming major one is Facebook People love this book. Okay, and what’s so good about this book is that you can target? Retarget your audience down to whatever you want to the target is going gender you can target based on demographics you can target based on geographical area You can target based on their interests used to be that you could target he still how much money was coming into the house But they did take that out. Praise God so Facebook ads are you know the number one? and of choice are some concert that we’ll talk about a little later but also other ones Other social media media ads are Instagram And Twitter though YouTube is not really a social media site as a search engine put it on here anyway, because basically you do the same thing who targets your audience o not going to be as clear or as fine as Facebook, it’s you can target your art audience and then you add up you said this is what I want to show and a Perfect or per view of your actual ad and so Those very well cons pros YouTube Instagram and Twitter they are cheaper now because they’re not as Widely used as you as Facebook at this point but as They get more and more use probably cost more and more and probably will have same con that Facebook has which right now is very strict rules and regulations Because Facebook such a major marketplace, you know, they’ve been hit several times with No, privacy and protection laws and not providing a good social media experience because Facebook has been hit with all of these things a number one five Expense up or purchasing Facebook ads and then number two they Fix you with a whole lot of rules and regulations other ones haven’t got to yet and so the problem with Facebook is won’t tell you change their rules and regulations you just end up and and a lot of people have got Facebook accounts canceled bad accounts canceled because They messed up when some rule of regulation was fine the day before So those are the cons of Facebook, of course YouTube Sue Graham and Twitter do not have the same reach the same targeting methods that Facebook has so that’s the con for them Also YouTube you can have two different ways that you can advertise on YouTube first from being sponsored content Where you get? like this have little pads or videos And have an ad with it and attached to it all over your website at the top It could be at the bottom. It could be on the sides. So Those are called sponsored content Also have extreme videos and those to me are extremely annoying now I’m watching the video listen to my favorite song Or playlist that middle of the song or in the middle of the video pauses and goes to an ad So annoying, so that’s what in-stream videos are. It’s those little yellow blocks in the video and I’ve gotten smart to the point, you know, I like in front yellow block bad You know, I might want to do YouTube videos when? Videos YouTube ads one day and the people are gonna be clicking in front of my block. It’s gonna be really embarrassing You cannot skip through them so are really annoying Lord have mercy anyway Those are social media ads and next is called email traffic clicks and they are known as Solo ads and here are some of the companies of solo ads. It’s traffic for me. Click on me, Demi and Supremacy solo ads. Ok. So all of these are basically Email traffic clickers and you are basically paying the person Who? Basically advertise to their email list. So you tell them you give them your link and they send it their email list and Let’s send it to your email list Email list. They are the people who are interested in your link. Click your link and you get traffic Alright, so the pros are you can get traffic extremely quickly No, I’ve done traffic for me, and I did 500 and he clicks believe 550 clicks and I got all my clicks in like 2 days and you know I’m thinking it’s gonna take like a month. So me being a newbie it didn’t it took like 2 days and so, you know, I’m sitting there and I’m like, yeah, I got all my clicks and then I’m like Oh, no what I’m gonna do for the rest of the month because I can’t chill out, you know $400 for two days, so Get traffic extremely quickly. It is expensive, you know, 500 clicks and run you 300-400 dollars So you Know if you have a budget or you’re low on cash Google Ads might not be the best thing for you. Also you have an issue with quality of traffic. There are some traffic solo ad providers that do not Care what type of traffic giving you just give you ever and If they’re dirty you call a dirty is if is a robot that robot clicks that there’s a robot in the back of The traffic just clicking on your link. Click it all up So you used up all of your 500 they have your money the sole ad provider Does you have no lead no? conversions so as extremely frustrating so that’s the quality of traffic is very very big and you have to be really really careful with solo ads and make sure that who you’re with and Certified that wherever they’re getting their traffic from. It’s clean don’t have any robots Coming to it clicking up all your links also Targeting What you are selling so if you are a loss provider You want to make sure that you have traffic coming to your link if people are interested in losing weight? for fitness or nutrition you don’t want people who want to art a Bronze I putting business Coming to your traffic by coming to your link. That isn’t going to help you out. Okay? So you also run the risk of getting cold traffic You know in the list everybody might not interested in what it is that you are providing so it could just be clicking on your link and Not have any intent of buying from you that is the risk that you fun with solo ads with a lot of ads but let’s leave solo ads because you haven’t oh Poor you have no no no like and trust with them. They don’t know you you don’t know them so in a relationship until opt in to your email list if they do so and so with even then there’s no guarantee that they will open your email because like I said, they don’t know you so a Lot of this cold traffic – you know might not get there All right Next one is paid content cover. This is a type of native advertising pay major widgets in this actual arena it’s called out brain and Okay Basically what you think these widgets do is they amplify your content so you pay em? Whoo amplify your content get people Interested in your content. It kind of looks like an ad is like it’s over here and It does is it has like your name or some type of headline to it? It gives some type of information at the bottom it looks like that it looks like it should be also part the site fits in so it looks Native, it looks like she belongs which is good for people who not like ads Because it doesn’t look like ad really this looks like part of the website so people, you know, maybe not reading the sponsored free you may you may also like or the ad part and just go ahead and click the link and Go to your website not knowing that this is actually an ad for something else. So that is a great thing It’s a great way to get people to your site a great way to get people to your bed and Also is great for as I said people who are consumer conscious Ones that know not like ads not click on the display ad no matter how big it is or how Overcoming it may be but they may click on this because it’s related to what just read about So it’s good for you. Only problem with is it’s only used for content You cannot use this for an affiliate link. You can’t just say ok Come to my capture place come to my capture page. It’s not going to work that way so only works for content only send them to content so aid content discovery is only for people who have content hogs YouTube videos or something that they can give Consumer other than a link ok Their net next one it’s called it’s also called a it’s also a native advertising for me It’s also a form of native advertising and it’s called a sponsored content. Ok, and Does is the content that promotes your brand? Ok, there is no advertising in this there’s no call to action There is no link or a headline to go anywhere else to purchase anything else It’s just straight content and it’s basically help you turn man without Make you look like an accordion your niche but if some type of storytelling who your niche which you know makes people trust you and know you and Eventually buy from you hopefully and so that those are different types of ways that you can use native advertising The content is again, you know there you can’t Not ad you you can’t send them to an affiliate link It should just straight content If you’re looking to put up your wareness, you know get into markets where people come and go you in We get to know you get your bread to your your brand and get to know your personality and go wow I really like this person. What else do they have to offer you following you? You can eventually make a customer out of them or out of the people. They know. Okay, so that’s great So here’s some examples of this. This is the renewal project. This is combination or a collaboration collaboration between Allstate the Atlantis Magazine. Okay. This is cocaine cocaine anonymous okay, Nanami, okay, which I think with some type of video and it is a collaboration between Netflix and The Wall Street Journal and the last one was a particle and this particle was Collaboration between BuzzFeed and Wendy’s, okay, so there’s many collaborations going on Many different ways to get your mint and your name out there. You don’t mate you have to pay for it, but If your sole purpose is to get your brand out there then this is a good way to do it Last but certainly not least is your influence or marketing and basically influencer marketing Entails as it should find social media personality. It has a huge following Okay, then you just pay them promote a product your link or you know, whatever You are trying to get out into the marketplace. And so That is a great way to get things out because if you have a person that already has a huge following a huge Way of a huge personality and reach a whole lot of people And you don’t have to try to figure out how to get traffic you can just use Or borrow their traffic a little bit and get your name out there and if they like what you got You have some conversions coming your way So that’s an awesome way to get out there the pros are you get this happen to different markets? Italy it’s a flat rate Oh their ads you have to pay for each click or paper Each time it’s viewed where with this you’re basically Spelling the influence are okay. I’m gonna pay you this amount for putting you know my link on your Site for this amount of days. Okay. I’m gonna pay you some amount for viewing my product where I’m paying you this amount for No talking about my product and getting people to know it so You know that kind of will save you a money depending on how much the radius So that’s also a great thing. Some cons are Influencer ethics, you don’t know these people They’re just paying them and maybe you do know them if something comes up and find out criminal You know, they do something. That is Cle Morally wrong to a huge fanbase maybe even your fanbase Then you run the risk of losing money and losing business based on Ethics and their morals so you have to be careful when you are letting somebody Promote your product especially when you don’t know what their home life is like okay How they actually conduct themselves behind closed doors So you wanna think about that and you know, At least follow them a little bit and see if that’s a person that you actually want promoting your products Will they be fit for you and your brand? Next thing is fake influencers out there There’s several apps that people can get can hype up for numbers and you think they have you know a hundred thousand followers and they really only have two so You really have to be careful Do your homework? Research and make sure that the people that you pick are Really gonna blow up and do what’s good for you and your business – what’s just good for them? And unfortunately, there’s a lot of people in this world that are like, so that’s influence So as a recap all the different marketing tools are marketing all the different paid traffic sources are Displayed on the screen. So the first one we talked about was display ads paid search The next one was social media ads then we talked about solo solo ads or email traffic links. Also paid content discovery sponsored content, which is both of these under the native advertising with the last one in influencer marketing So if you have gotten any value from this video today, please make sure that you like and subscribe Down below If you want to find out what I am doing to hired my boss in 2019. I’ve also left link in the description box as well as in the first comment of the comment section so until next time Think big and dream big to own life of your dreams


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