TOP Instagram Engagement Trick (Beat the Instagram Algorithm)

Hi everyone. Welcome back to my channel. In this video, I’m going to show you how to
increase engagement on Instagram so that you will be able to beat the Instagram algorithm
and get more followers in the process. I’ve had my Instagram account since 2014,
but I only started marketing it around the end of 2017 when I started posting guitar
covers. So back then I had around 800 followers and
those people were my friends. I actually started marketing my Instagram
account as a means to finding more guitar students because I used to be a freelance
guitar instructor. I tried all sorts of techniques for organic
growth and I watched my account grow over time. I became pretty obsessed with marketing and
I knew that there was a huge potential to be seen by a much larger audience after seeing
the results. Instagram is a platform that gives us that
opportunity to literally be seen by millions of people, and it’s a social media platform
that you have to take advantage of if you want to do business or market yourself. The focus is basically to work on the quality
of your content. I know it sounds simple and most people focus
so much on other techniques such as using hashtags and following other users so that
they will follow you back. Although these strategies work, I feel that
you need to understand how Instagram works right, before implementing your growth strategy. Most of you know about the big Instagram algorithm
change in 2019. Basically what happened was, Instagram started
to prioritize posts that have higher levels of engagement to show up on someone’s feed. It’s no longer just about the likes or the
time that you upload your posts, because posts are no longer shown in chronological order. So the higher engagement your post has, the
more likely it will be shown to more people because it will be placed at the top of your
follower’s feed. Just because someone is following you, it
doesn’t mean they will see your post show up on their feed when you post it, especially
when it doesn’t receive much engagement. Engagement refers to not just likes, but comments,
shares and saves of your posts. Instagram wants to see that people are actively
engaging with your content, and that’s how they define whether your content is valuable. So what does this mean for you? The answer is simple. Creating engaging and shareable content. Content that people will comment on and tag
their friends, and content that will be shared. When Instagram notices that your post is receiving
high engagement levels, your posts will be prioritized and they will be seen by more
people. And also, this makes sense because if you’re
using all sorts of strategies such as hashtags, and all that, but you have crappy content,
it does not result in creating real engagement, nobody will share or like a post that doesn’t
make any sense, doesn’t look visually appealing, or doesn’t provide any value, right. So no matter what kinds of hashtags you use,
people still won’t see a compelling reason to engage with you or follow you if your content
isn’t good enough. Let me give you an example. Did you notice that most of the posts that
go viral are usually memes? They get a lot of likes, comments and shares,
and these kinds of posts creates the most engagement because people are tagging their
friends non-stop in the comments section, and this basically creates a snowball effect. It boosts that particular post to appear under
the top post category. I made this video because I realized so many
people are focusing on follow for follow, like for like, and buying Instagram followers. I did that research using an SEO tool called
SEMrush, which shows keywords that are ranking on Google, and when I keyed in Instagram followers,
you can see that there are 5,400 searches a month on How to Buy Instagram Followers,
with 224 million results on Google, and that is insane. So honestly, if you take part in these like
for like strategies, what you’re really doing is engaging with random people, not people
who are actually interested in your product or service if you are a business owner or
if you want to build your personal brand. If you want to engage with the right audience,
change your mindset and create a solid content strategy. When you have a content strategy that is valuable
and engaging, you don’t have to worry about any algorithm change because you already own
it with your content. So what strategies have you used to increase
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