in this video I’m going to share with
you the top way to make money as a builder all affiliate my name is Rachel
ously and my channel is all about affiliate marketing making money online
automating it passive income so be sure to subscribe to my channel and turn on
the notifications and let’s get into the video so there are many ways to make
money online as a builder all affiliate there are a ton of different ways and a
ton of really cool trainings I have great videos on my channel about it
there’s other people’s YouTube channels there’s trainings that come in builder
all a lot of ways but this one training that I found from chad bartlett is super
good and it’s tied to your affiliate link so you make money by implementing
what’s taught in the training and you also make Commission’s by promoting the
training so let me show you how it works there is this landing page here for the
90 day challenge and it is attached to your affiliate link it has a video from
chad explaining how the program works how to make money as an affiliate what
the commission structure is like and there’s a bunch of testimonials from the
other builder all affiliates who are actually making money online as a
builder all affiliate I’m included I’m not on this page but I’m making my own
video telling you that it is legit if you do the work so how do I get people
to this page though is the question I want people to join this free challenge
and get on a free trial well after they get on the free challenge and get on a
free trial they’ll be able to go in their back-office and locate this
training and its really good training it has I think this is worth like a two
thousand dollar course so there’s the beginning the beginners level and you
guys can go through those videos and then after you start getting results it
will unlock advanced video there’s also a training on how to
promote the 90-day challenge or will where to get your funnel affiliate link
so a few things I did right away in addition to everything else that I’m
doing and everything that I’m learning within this training is a few simple
things I wrote in my Facebook group a strategic comment ladder post and you
guys can do something similar in your if you don’t have a Facebook group maybe
start one or you can do it on your Facebook page or maybe in some other
Facebook groups that let you post like this but since this is my group I just
pulled some copy from the landing page about the making two to four thousand
dollars every month within 90 days and I rewrote it like if I handed you
step-by-step blueprint to making two to four K every month within only 90 days
and you implemented would you be in I said a few things and I said comment in
and I’ll give you the training for free so people were commenting in in in in
and I got a bunch so now I will my VA is replying to each one saying hey here’s
the link and it’s my affiliate link with a tracking link so the other thing I did
is I took that copy and I made it into a facebook chat bot and I sent it out to
my mini chat list years list might be smaller than mine you might not have one
it’s okay these are just some ideas as you start getting momentum all these
things will grow your chat bot list will grow I could have even had every one
click that link go to my chat bot and then go to the opt-in page for the
challenge but I thought that would be like a little too much so I just said
hey my or if I’m curious if I handed you step-by-step blueprint and I got pretty
good open rate and they are really good click rate like 23% 317 people clicked
and a lot of them signed up I was getting like ding ding ding ding and my
back-office newly newly nearly and I was getting touching touching touching
that’s when people just straight up get the software without a trial and then I
something very similar to in my email marketing email I don’t get as great
open rates or click-through rates as chatbot but it’s still good
so I sent very similar coffee and got a 19 percent open rate 5% click 195 clicks
so that was even more clicks and then this is also not including things that
I’m doing with solo ads and things I’m doing this Facebook ads and more things
that I’m doing with YouTube SEO and YouTube ads and retargeting and more
automated email marketing that’s how you scale find these things that work and
funnels that work and then put more ad money into that so that those more
advanced strategies is what I am teaching people who join builder all on
my team that goes through the challenge on my team under my link my link in the
description below you will have access to my private Facebook group where I’m
training in there and there’s a few other expert trainers in there helping
you succeed and help me to keep you accountable and motivated it’s actually
really easy to promote this software it’s super easy there’s you can make
tutorials make videos help people send traffic organic traffic paid traffic
it’s very easy the hard part is actually doing the work and being in the right
mindset and motivated to do the work so that’s what our community is for and my
group is for to help support you so you’re motivated to take massive action
and win with us because when we’re all making money together and helping each
other it makes it way more fun and you want to make more videos and send more
traffic and set up more automations and make more money more of the 100% upfront
commissions from builder all and more of those tools here leverage 30%
Commission’s so check out my link below for the 90 day challenge and I’ll have
some more resources in the description below and if you want to see more videos
where I give affiliate marketing tips be sure to subscribe to my channel and turn
notifications and I would love for you to leave a comment if you like this


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