Toyota Land Cruiser FULL HISTORY – Private Museum Tour

so when you say we was that for you part
of that I did I need five of them so I did Russia Asia Australia Africa South
America and North America welcome back to another Acts family video hope you’re
doing well hope you got a smile on your face
because it takes a beautiful beautiful day we are headed inside to the
landcruiser Heritage Museum it’s right here on a busy street in downtown Salt
Lake City and we’re gonna be looking at a bunch of really cool cars so let’s go
on and head inside alright we are now inside of the landcruiser Heritage
Museum and I want to introduce you to one of my new friends his name is Curt
how you doing guys thanks for coming and Curt is been involved with the
expedition Overland YouTube channel and he’s gonna tell you a little bit about
this museum and we’re gonna take a look around let’s do it this is the
landcruiser Heritage Museum here in Salt Lake City Utah the collection right now
is just about seventy-five vehicles but that number is kind of always changing
and growing we’ll introduce you to kind of tell the language of story as we go
through but the goal of the museum is to have one of every major model or trim
level not one of every model and trim level because that would be too many so
we’re not gonna have you know every color of Land Cruisers there ever was
but make basically every major trim level of every series so that starts
with the 20 series Land Cruiser and we even have a predecessor to that here and
goes all the way to the 200 series Land Cruisers so we have pretty much one of
everything we’re only missing a few so you’ll see a few blank spots and I’ll
mention those ones to you as we do our tour so the museum started because a
gentleman named Greg Miller who was the he founded the museum and got it all
rolling he went to Japan as part of expedition seven to pick up the
expedition seven vehicles and while they were in Japan they went and visited a
few different toyota museums thinking they’re gonna find this giant treasure
chest of Land Cruisers in a Toyota Museum and it just doesn’t exist they
had one or two at miscellaneous ones so he said
we need to have a Land Cruiser Museum that this appreciates these vehicles and
as a great learning experience even if you’re not a Toyota guy you can come
here and learn about Land Cruisers and anyone can come into this room and
appreciate it but if you’re restoring the Land Cruiser
you could come here and open the doors and crawl underneath the truck and see
what we hope is the most premiere specimen of any one Land Cruiser we’re
not there yet but some of these are the best ones that exist undoubtedly and in
some cases they’re some of the only ones that exist so we’ll kind of go through
there and share the collection with you and ask any questions yeah do you have
like a personal connection to the museum I do what I do tours and help Greg I’ve
helped to acquire quite a few of them driven quite a few of them here too so
like some of the e7 ones I was part of a seven I did five of the e7 continents
expedition seven so yeah how about a little bit of connection with quite a
few but yeah just uh volunteer here because it’s fun to show people and it’s
fun to be involved yeah all right well thanks for your opening the doors and
being willing to show us around happy to do it so this is called a Toyota BJT
model and this actually predates the name Land Cruisers so you won’t even see
the Land Cruiser emblem on because it wasn’t called a Land Cruiser it didn’t
get that name until a few years later on the name was kind of in the works but
this would have been just called a BJT and obviously if you look at it you’ll
see a lot of characteristics from other vehicles at that time it’s got a little
bit of a Dodge power wagon front-end like World War 2 era and from the back
it’s got a lot of a Willys Jeep look to it or you know a military Jeep of the
time so no doubt Toyota was was taking style cues and design cues from those
vehicles at the time and they used this as a prototype for the Land Cruiser so
there were very limited numbers of this vehicle ever made like we’re talking
well under a thousand somewhere in like the three
range of these ever made maybe only a half-dozen they’re known to survive and
there were different variations of this one so there would have been a pickup
truck a variation and a couple others and maybe one day if they can be found
we’ll have those here in the museum but the language of story really kicks off
right here which is the FJ 25 and so the FJ 25 would have been the first Land
Cruiser that had mass production and and also the first Land Cruiser that came to
the United States and this language right here is the first one that came to
the United States so this exact truck as best as anyone can tell the
documentation it’s it seems to be the truck welcome yep and it’s a beautiful
truck you can see a little bit of design characteristics between the two they’re
not identical by any stretch but you can kind of see how the story you know
progressed from the BJT to the 25 and the 25 came in both a hardtop and a
soft-top so this one was a factory soft top model and this is a hardtop model
and a lot of people easily still to this day confuse these with the 40 series
Land Cruiser which is the one that most people know the best as a land cruiser
and there’s a beautiful row of 40 so there we’ll go visit but a few things
you can easily pick out on these they don’t have a bezel around the headlights
so that’s factory they don’t have you know kind of the full patent and 40 look
that you notice they have rounded out doors on the soft top model here so a
little bit and rounded wheel wells so just a few little things and there’s
some carryover between the 40 you know a lot of things are the same a lot of
shared parts but quite a bit of different stuff two frames axle
suspension brakes so then with the 25 they also had a long wheelbase four-door
variant which is the 28 here and this one is extremely rare it’s the only one
I’ve ever seen this truck took about three years to
acquire and it came from Venezuela so this truck just barely arrived within
the last couple of months and other models are kind of shown here so the 25
hard tops off top but also 28 which are a longer wheelbase so generally speaking
and I won’t bore you to death with too many details but the way the landcruiser
works is the first letter is the engine type so an F J they all have a JM that’s
a Land Cruiser has a J and at the an FJ would be an F powered vehicle and F’s
could be an F 2 F 3 F that’s a gas motor but if it’s a diesel one it could be a B
J or a hze J and that’s going to tell you what motor it has so with the model
code you can learn a lot about a Toyota and then the first number will be like a
2 in this case means it’s a 20 series so F G a 25 tells you that it’s an F
powered motor gas J is a Land Cruiser 20 is a 25 20 series Land Cruiser and the 5
generally speaking is the wheelbase so the longer that last number the longer
the vehicle and that’ll really make the 70 series because they have a 70 through
79 and as that number gets bigger the vehicle grows in length so then the next
one is the FJ 45 so then you start with the 40 series and this truck isn’t
particularly right in place but it’s just kind of cool it fits the story of
this little row here and the 45 is a 40 series front end so now you’ve got the
bezel a little different frame and suspension and this is a four-door wagon
and you could also get a 45 in a truck two different truck variations a short
bed a long bed so a couple different options there is that pretty so now it’s
not just here this is major trim but so every major change but also some
wheelbase ones so both sides kind of go comes back so it’s 40s down to 43 44 ‘s
and then comes back around to 45 47 you see we’re missing a couple because
that’s some that are in the works or need to be perfect
we’ll just roll through the 40s starting this is a really pretty 60 this one is
the 62 so it’s a really early 40 and then a 67 you kind of start seeing
things change you go from the corrugated top that it’s shared with like the 20
series to a solid hardtop on the sides so is the story rolls through they just
get a little more comfortable and a little nicer amenities so you go from
bench seats to a little bit nicer bench seats with more cushioning to bucket
seats that bucket seats with headrests center consoles nicer door handles nicer
windows you know full hand crank windows with actual door cards inside whereas
these ones were just metal you open up the door it’s is still a metal door you
collectability wise they’re all popular but some you know a lot of people favor
the later models just because they have loot they’re a little nicer to drive
these are three on the column so three on the tree it’s fun to drive but four
on the floor is a little easier to drive but a few of these are back all of this
row so far those three are restored these two of not been restored and a few
of these will notice the right-hand drive so they’re Japanese market ones so
everything from here over is a forty series this is actually a forty one BJ
forty one so it’s a diesel so it’s a pee diesel it’s actually a 2 B in this case
and then 41 so it’s a same basis and then you have a 42 and this is an
Australian spec kind of cool thing about this one is the three wiper blades on
the bottom and that’s factory I mean only the LX trim model got that it’s
kind of a rare to see is this a stock model
beefcake now this one’s been cleaned up a little bit this came from Australia
has a like an old man you lived on it it has of course bigger tires got a little
more stuff don’t do it and then kind of a South American market BJT too so these
are pointers and do you think she’ll notice on the late-model ones that you
have the ability to have power steering the ability to have disc brakes that
started in 76 countries got that and then also factory AC so this has got
factory air conditioning so this is a real neat one it’s an 84 so with the
very tail end of the 40 series production and has kind of all the stuff
people want one other thing changed in the later years is the bezel so I went
to a square bezel instead of the rounded out bezel so when you look at a Land
Cruiser you can really narrow it down to two or three years just by looking at it
from the front on the forty series because you got to turn signals change
hard tops change so if you get really geeky with it you can start to figure
out what they yeah a 42 then we go to 43 and 43 is just give you a longer
wheelbase which is a really cool platform size because then it gives you
a more room but we never got the the only one who ever got in the US was the
40 so the ones twos threes we never got we did get 45s which are
the truck in the web but these mid wheelbase ones we never saw and they are
I’d love to have one because it kind of be the perfect one to build up and have
as a trophy vehicle it gives you a little bit longer wheelbase and more
importantly more room inside 40s get kind of tight so then we move these two
beautiful BJ 44s and these vault these are zero restoration that in Japan
there’s Japanese market and they’re really low mileage so it back.this this
brown one here if you look inside the visor still has the plastic on it the
door car still has plastic so these have less than 20,000 miles on them each so
really low miles and no restoration works it just kind of really to cool
trucks back to soft tops and then you get into the 45 45 15 three
ways as I mentioned a long bed truck a short bed truck and then the LV wagon up
front now this guy in the middle it’s kind of a it’s a mud a beautiful month
this is a bon durante body and these were built in Brazil and so they were
domestically produced in Brazil and that’s why you could get a four-door and
if you look closely well everything’s similar there are a lot of weird body
lines just a little bit different but they were built under license so it does
say Toyota on it and a full bon durante would this one’s actually built on a 45
chassis so it’s a this is a Jonathan Ward from TLC icon in California it’s
one of his creations really neat trucks it’s a v8 power and all modern
drivetrain it’s a cool setup that is really cool you like that one else you
want like this pickup here there’s no option to you can fold the windshield
out so I’ll just kind of move it in there
so you notice we’re missing a couple vehicles here’s a couple other 45s that
the museum’s gonna have because 145 that we don’t have here that we never got in
the US but will be coming as a true p45 series true P there’s a true P over here
I’ll show you but it’s not that these are the tire wheels that they did those
are not the right wheels for this truck came over from Japan that way and this
is a 46 so again this is a JDM market 46 and you can see a lot of stuff on it
that’s particular to what you a lot of times see in Japanese models such as the
Fender Mountaineers you never see this in the United States but even a lot of
other markets but in Japan that was quite a popular offering Toyota always
had options they were about having options for people we’ve talked about
short wheelbase mid well based trucks four-door wagons
but when the four-door wagon stopped in the 45 series the green went up front
there they had to have an option and even though the 40 series kept going
they cancelled the wagons so they had to come up with a new wagon if we got the
50 series the two ways those paint and they made these from sixty seven to
eight these are often called the Einar Pig of the piggy you know just 55 and
they’re probably one of the either most loved or most hated Land Cruisers a lot
of people don’t like them and think they look like I don’t know international
scouts or you hear him called a lot of names and value-wise for a lot of years
they didn’t do well the price was kind of get him out of my backyard was the
price of a beat-up rusty fj55 the more recently they’ve become a more
sought-after 18,000 original miles so this is like the most pristine fj55 that
anybody knows about unrestored so this is have no restoration work done so it’s
a really special truck and this came out of Canada we went up there found that
collector it had a handful of beautiful Land Cruisers and this was one of them
that Greg was able to work out to get here in the museum so as far as anyone’s
ever seen or knows of this is probably the most pristine sample of fj55 that
exists and a lot of times people ask the value and the problem is since there’s
only one of them it’s hard to put a value on it but I mean it an option
could go crazy and hit a quarter million dollars or you know could sell I over a
hundred thousand anyway for a chocolate yeah maybe more hard to say and then it
kind of has a twin brother over here that is a tag ilanic expedition vehicle
one this is a company in Moab that still runs to this day they still use a lot of
light of cruisers and they do mountain bike and river rafting tours in the
Bobby Rio and the neat thing about this truck is not only is it like that
picture it’s that truck it’s an exact vehicle that was used in their brochure
that’s command yeah it has an awesome patina to it and if it could tell
stories it’s probably been on a lot of amazing adventures and yeah yeah you can
see that the interior compared to the you know these two next to each other oh
yeah how much you use this at home yeah this one’s an Australian specs so
the reason the the major trim difference it represents are the ambulance doors on
the back so most of them are gonna be a tailgate with Believe It or Not a power
window just kind of cool in the you know seventies to have a power up and down
rear window doors Toyota’s a solution provider so when
they’re done in 1980 with a wagon they’re still making the 40 series all
these years their utility vehicle but their wagon they’ve got to have an
answer so in 1980 the FJ 60 comes out of the 60 series specifically in the US we
got that as an FJ 60 it’s got that same 2f gas motor that the 40 has in the
4-speed but that came in three variants 61 and 62 and there’s just little
changes across the board sixty ones we never had in the US there gonna be a
turbo diesel model and then there are sixty twos and we actually don’t have
the perfect FJ 62 like a US model one here yet so that’s one on the list this one also came from the collector
Japan but if you peek inside it not only has super little miles but when it was
brand new they put all those plastic seat coverings on it so it’s like never
had anybody sitting in the upholstery that wow so it has 23,000 kilometers so call that
like 16,000 miles and then plastic its whole life so this is another one of
those you probably won’t find one that lower miles ever again and these are HJ
s so that means they have an H family motor in these case it’s gonna be a 2h
and a 12 HT a diesel diesel of the turbo diesel so we never got those in the US
either made it through the 40s and 55 s and the wagons well the 40 ends in 1984
they’re they’re done with the 40 series but they need to have a heavy duty
offering for those markets that require that but not a wagon and that’s where
the 70 series comes out and so in 1985 they launched the 7 and the 70 series is
still produced to this day so 1985 to current they make the 70 series and it
comes in a wild amount of configurations not only different motors do
lynx-o again there’s a 70 through 79 offered it’s in light duty and which is
be like a Prado and heavy duty chassis so the length is r1 it all be the heavy
duty soft tops removable tops trucks and true peace so we have all of those
represented here we’re only missing one – we need an LJ 72 which is a shorter
wheelbase Prado and we did an hzj or a 77 of some variant which is a four-door
but overall you can see how many seventies it takes to tell the 70 story
and we never got these in the US which is unfortunate because they are so cool
but there’s a lot of people importing them quite a few of these came from
Japan were imported fact nearly all of them or South and Central America
there’s a couple here from Australia we’ll talk about – so really cool though
soft top still can fold down the windshield vinyl seats and be just super
utilitarian all the way – like real plush models chrome turbo nicer seats
they came in a lot of different packages they get refinement we kind of skipped
we’ll go down the side like this is a newer product from end they just look a
little more modern and that’s a 91 so by no means new but as that number gets
bigger so does the wheelbase so 73 and 74 they’re going to be the same
wheelbase removable tops but non turbo and Turbo variations so this could be a
gas or diesel non turbo and the 74 is got a 13b T in this case really cool
motor and it’s got a removable fiberglass top so kind of a neat package
and then pickup trucks so this is 75 and you could get a 75 in a truck or a true
P so much like the 40 series you can you know a lot of variations and then you
can do four-door so these are 78 which are their products so they’re the
lighter Duty chassis they’re in a four-door then you have
kind of two of the gems of the museum and that’s these these are brand-new
well 2015’s but seven and eight miles respectively grj 76 and a 79 so in the
30th anniversary which was 2015 of the landcruiser of the 70 series started 85
with the 30th anniversary they reintroduced these trucks in Japan only
they were still making Land Cruisers and the semi series in many markets but they
weren’t doing it in Japan so they rerelease them and these have a 4o gas
motor so just like the same motor 4runner FJ Cruiser Tacoma has of similar
vintage just kind of cool I’d prefer diesel but it’s neat that they were
offering this in a full row gas motor so these are brand new factor Toyota
winches electric winches these have factory locking discs front
rear solved front axles I mean these are like the perfect trucks we just don’t
get them here so a lot of people ask well how are they here then this is a
museum it’s officially recognized as a museum from the EPA government so these
trucks are here on museum import status there’s quite a few in the museum in
that way the unfortunate part is that can never be driven on a public highway
so they are here in the museum for us to appreciate and share and learn from but
you can’t just hop in these and drive away so a lot of people ask like hey how
do you guys have those that’s not fair I want one well start a museum and never
drive it that’s the unfortunate farm so you can as you can imagine it’s quite an
investment to have these here and not be able to drive them but that’s the
purpose of the museum is to appreciate and share what the bankers are is so we
finished with the 70 series and again they still made that one 1985 and you
can buy a brand-new 70 series in Australia Africa Central and South
America a lot of markets still have them never in the US and really though we
need to kind of buzz we’re gonna / this guy just for a moment this is a
us-spec 200 series fantastic truck but a little out of place on the story the
next bump is the 80 series so 1989 early 90 the FJ 62 or the 60 series is done
and they have to have again that wabbits to get your utility line and your wagon
line and the 80 series comes out in 90 and it was a big shift for Toyota and a
lot of Land Cruiser owners didn’t love it because it went to the option of
leather or advice or interiors if the 80 series rolled on but the big change was
coil suspension underneath and everybody was so used to leaf springs that they
thought this thing was the devil and fast forward 30 years now everybody
loves the 80 series turned out that is you know that truck to house so the ad
goes from 1990 to 1997 January of 98 and then the hundred series comes out but in
between to get the 90 series so we never got the 90 series in the US it’s again a
Prado they’ll see it badged even as Prados on here Land Cruiser Prado and
the 90 series came in two toward 4-door and then there’s also a few other proud
of models one 20s and one 50s and those would literally be the exact equivalent
of our forerunners they kind of changed in the similar eras I’ve had very
similar Drive trans so these have like 3.4 liter gas motors it’s called the 5
VZ it’s the same as a 96 204 Tacoma or 96 202 4runner would have had so very
similar you fire these up they sound just like a us full rudder
suspension similar bodies are different I mean that’s what the big changes cool
trucks yeah like real funky JDM graphics again you see the fender mount mirrors
we never saw stuff like that the the cool push bars they’re cool they’re not
really practical for off-road stuff but they look so in the US and 98 when the
80 series finishes up we get a hundred series you guys were mad when you got
coil springs now you have ifs under the front
in the US and people were like flipping their lids and having meltdowns and then
as these things got out on the trail and tried true there are awesome platforms
they do have ifs but it’s really burly stuff it’s not a rock crawler but the ad
kind of was a sway away from that anyway it’s a big body to vehicle so playing in
a real tight stuff it definitely has an edge but the
hundred series in the u.s. got a v8 and then v8 has big power increases over the
AG series and really just drivability comfort wise so the hundred has quickly
become a popular vehicle still now guys are you know still buying them up and
building them the motor this is a four seven and Toyota had a Tundra I don’t
remember what year it was that got a million miles on it the toy election
into buying back from the customer it was also the city two for seven then the
two you see it’s a fantastic motor so it’s not as powerful as the newer Land
Cruisers have or even the newer hundred series but it’s a I think this is the
one he took on our trip so this is a really beautiful bill but they’re also
early in late model 200 so the dashes are a little different little different
headlight configurations and the motor got beefed up a little bit too so these
have around 235 horse and he’s got 285 as I recall right in that range a little
different motor configuration and a four-speed turned into a five-speed just
cool usability things nothing super crazy and then outside the US know they
still stuck with that solid axle and this is a so it’s a 105 105 has a solid
front end on it still didn’t get the didn’t get the IFS and that came in
different variations diesels and this is a gas model so it’s a gas model with the
salt axle the kind of a neat truck in Australia and this is Cruiser Dan who is
the curator here at the Museum during the day or all the time but he’s here
every day Dan found this one Australia it’s a really rare one because probably
one of the only trucks in Australia that doesn’t have a bull bar on it and hadn’t
been heavily will it’s just a really clean truck cloth interior which you
don’t see on late-model ones here in the US on any hundred
would be really rare so kind of cool chocolate and then when the hundreds
done in 1998 you get the 200 series that’s where things get pretty dang
awesome it’s what Alex and I drove down here
today and he was sitting there commenting like this thing is smooth
they are nice trucks they in the US we got a 5.7 liter
it’s got 381 horse so like massive power increase over the hundreds in any
previous Land Cruiser and that’s what the one down there on the end is and
they have a six or eight speed transmission depending on the year
this particular truck is an Australian spec and this has a one vdf TV this is a
4.5 liter twin-turbo diesel back there Toyota so these trucks are awesome power
wise it’s real similar to the 3 you are and speed wise
done a little little drag racing with them side by side but fuel economy this
diesel roxas so it’s it’s a you know performance spec wise it’s not the most
amazing diesel but they just work reliability wiser
they’re pretty stalwart that’s really the landcruiser story this back row here
is all months Alex that’s the truck john was driving on the trip right there oh I
didn’t want to look because I was getting distracted for sure that was the
truck use right now you don’t so the true because they see the flu we can
talk these are the expedition 7 vehicles if you’re not familiar with them
that’s the trucks that went on it’s called expedition 7 comm and it was a
global journey so this middle truck here the one that sideways his name name is
firm way and that is the only vehicle that way for old vehicle that is driven
on all seven continents and crossed six of them in fact so it drove on an
unaccompanied it drove across six of the covers so really neat truck and the
other four are really best best awarded is kind of support vehicles for the
expedition seven journey this one here they went on six continents it did
everything but the sound Antarctica did not so these two trucks on the end are
79 series a 4-door and a two-door variation so it’s it’s really cool this
one was this end one was built out of parts it’s actually on a 60 series
chassis but it’s a 79 body and that one started the trip but it has a 180 C
6-cylinder diesel that has an aftermarket turbo it’s a great truck but
it couldn’t keep up with these v8 turbo-diesel trucks so that one kind of
got left behind and shipped home and we built this one in Australia that’s a bdj
79 so this has got that v8 turbo diesel and that’s one of the first 4-door
models that came to Australia it’s got locking dis front where as the rest of
them and then the two trophies are 78 and there’s a 76 series on the end so it
kind of went to flow these two did it this one did all seven that one did six
this one did for that one did two and the one on the end got bought at the
tail end of Africa and just did South America back to Salt Lake here so they
shipped we shipped of window saris drove it down to the bottom you show AF and
drove them all the way back to something here so when you say we was that were
you part of that I did I did five of them so I did Russia Asia Australia
Africa South America and North America not do I didn’t do the Europe segment
and I didn’t do the anarchist segment they only took one truck so this was my
baby between the two trucks when I spent the most time in big rolling story
that’s awesome there’s a cool video online so go check it out expedition
seven calm this is the mutt row here these you can see some of them are Land
Cruisers some of them are kind of Land Cruisers this is a Q Series truck this
is actually a predecessor to any Toyota truck so kind of a uncle of the Land
Cruiser if you will this one here is called a delta mini
Cruiser and I don’t know when they stopped because as it’s not a true land
because your I haven’t personally invested a ton of time learning a lot
about them but this is kind of a cool model here px 10 and these were built in
really low numbers by Toyota or at least Toyota’s body company and these were
built as kind of a soft sell to see what a modern looking land cruiser would look
like on older drivetrain so this is a 97 also part of the story is the FJ Cruiser
it’s not a Land Cruiser a lot of people debate that whether it is or not it’s a
great vehicle it stands on its own is a perfect vehicle brought a lot of people
to the toyota marque guys have taken these and done all sorts of awesome
extreme and amazing trips with them built them into desert racers built them
into rock crawlers they’re very cool vehicle a little different lineup they
do share a lot of parts with a prado so outside the US so this one is a 45
custom truck this is actually was a short wheelbase pickup truck that was
turned into a troop carrier and we called this one Frankenstein I don’t
know where exactly it got that name but it’s appropriate if this truck has
everything so this has got a diesel put in it
it’s got cut it’s a total nut 60 series axles probably 80 series parts but it’s
the best of of a true like utilitarian truck this has a FLIR camera so it’s got
basically you know night vision if you will on a full down camera both
remote control that and remote control spotlight it’s got like more lights and
switches and instruments and converters inverters this thing is like a total
apocalypse vehicle and a really neat truck it works it just works real well
to Australian BJ 73 non-turbo but that one ran in the outback challenge really
typical Australian builder lights lights higher the bumper than
antennas it’s just it’s a neat truck Land Cruisers across the globe are used
for everything I’ve seen them as hearse I’ve seen tow trucks you have a fire
truck here this is a this is a radio I guess and can a repair vehicle for a
television station so if you go look at the back there’s a full workstation with
comply computers and testing equipment back there but yeah they please speak as
ambulances I think I said tow trucks but around the world you’ll find them as
everything which is kind of cool that they are such a utilitarian it’s such a
diverse platform so we hope to get some more working ones here in the museum but
these are just two cool ones that kind of show off things they can be some of
these are personal vehicles that go out and still do trips others are museum
ones that don’t really fit in the lineup because they’re built or they’re not
stock they don’t see anywhere on there they are mega cruisers so they’re much
bigger than a Land Cruiser and the mega cruiser comes in two variations of VX
d-10 which is a military version and a bxd 20 the VX d-10 was used by military
forces most predominantly the Japanese Defense Force is a Japanese vehicle
you’ll notice it has a lot of similarities to like a US Humvee and
that’s by no mistake they were NATO designs they want to fit the same design
requirements the same lengths a lot of the same look Japan at that time and to
this day is an ally of the United States so we were doing a lot of cooperation on
our militaries so it’s no doubt that that vehicle has a very Humvee looking
design to it a couple neat things about the the mega cruiser like a Humvee house
or will independence is fan so real high-class ground cleaners but
one thing the mega Cruiser has that the Humvee didn’t is four-wheel steering so
the back axle back tire type she turned as well and provide a lot tighter
turning radius of those turn a little tighter they’re not built to the same
spec service-wise weight wise as a Humvee these have a four-cylinder diesel
in them it’s a great diesel that it moves these around just fine really
yeah it’s a kind of a larger displacement for silver diesel but they
like a military one you wouldn’t ever see them like fully up armed or at least
I haven’t as like a Humvee would you wouldn’t put you know ten thousand
pounds of armor on one of these they just weren’t designed for that they’re
more a light mobility vehicle and then they built a really small number less
than I want the numbers 281 comes to mind under 300 of the civilian versions
civilian mega cruiser so if you look in there
that’s very the same drivetrain as this military one but with a civilian body
wrapped around it so totally different sheetmetal the full top and they were
available with low tops which this one is or a high roof just like some of the
80s and 60s can come that way the crazy thing is to sit in the two seats and you
can barely fist bump across the middle I mean there that why I mean they’re neat
but they’re big well so that’s actually a 40 series four-door body on a mega
Cruiser Castle so that’s one of these same drive trails with a four-door body
so you notice the four-wheel independent suspension the four-wheel steering oh
yeah so this is a mega cruiser drivetrain and body frame or you know
frame and chassis and drivetrain with a 40 series custom aqua loop cord or
aluminum body I don’t have a whole lot of Land Cruiser DNA that’s weather it so
they’re hidden over here well I don’t have to test drive a few decide which
one I want pop the door open they’ll run oh well thanks for joining us here at
the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum you can learn more about it at land cruiser HM
comso land cruiser HM is in Heritage Museum and you can learn more about the
expedition 7 trip at exhibition 7 calm if you go down in the description down
below there’s a link for you guys check it out thank you so much for
showing us around I beat you for good to meet you not you come yet well well that
knowledge about all these cars you’re probably the perfect person today to
lead us through this oh well thanks for coming I hope you guys enjoyed I know it
was a lot of information to promise there or to process there will be a quiz
before we get out of here we’re gonna do quiz okay so if you’re new to my channel
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