Trading Education Warning: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, let’s
talk about this real quick and how it can kind of muddy the waters when it comes to trading education. (swooshing) Now, I wanna do this
video as I recently had an email exchange with somebody
and they were bringing up some points and we were talking about it and it kinda just dawned on
me, yeah, I can see why people would be skeptical of it and
then, from my perspective, from the business point of
view, it actually makes me look pretty good, which is
what the guy pointed out and I never claimed to be
the sharpest tool in the shed or the brightest bulb in the box, the brightest crayon in the box, I could keep going with
these terrible analogies but, point being, I’d never thought
like, oh, this actually does make me look pretty good
from a business perspective and that is everything regarding
the affiliate marketing. Now, in a nutshell, what
is affiliate marketing? It’s just a way where
people get paid to recommend other peoples products,
services, whatever, that’s just a very
basic way to look at it. And when it comes to the world of trading and trading education specifically, it is definitely something
that you should keep a very close eye out for
because it can really create some shady instances, it
can really, like I said, muddy up the waters and I
just wanna kinda talk to you about how to look for it
and just what to look for to be a winner of it. So, let’s just say real quick that we have our good old friend
Billy Bob and he is just chirpin’, chirpin’, chirpin’, oh, this is the greatest thing ever, these are supposed to be
exclamation marks, but he is about, ah, A, so this could be some sort
of subscription service, some sort of training program, but it’s some sort of training education, trading subscription, chatroom, whatever, but he is just chirpin’
about how great it is. Now, to be fair to Billy Bob,
maybe he’s talking about it because he’s 100% genuine about it. 100%. Now, where does this 100% come from? How can you get 100% genuineness? Well, if there is no
affiliate, if there is nothing going on behind the scenes, then he is truly chirping about it, he’s truly talking about
it, because he believes it. There is no ulterior motive
here, he’s not gonna get paid if you go and sign up, but the
question that you need to ask yourself is and look for is over here, behind the scenes. Is there somebody over here
with a little moneybag saying, yeah, yeah, you tell
people how great it is and for everybody that signs
up because you’re chirping, I’m gonna give you a cut. And some of these cuts can be crazy like, 30, 40, 50% of the money. It can be a very lucrative
business is what I’m getting at and that’s what could be going on. Now, how do you tell if
Billy Bob is doing it because he’s 100% like, wow, that’s
great, I’m talking about this because I fully, fully 100% believe in it or he’s talking about it
because you have the seller of A so, he’s trying to sell a product. So, who’s the actual seller of it? Who created it or what have you? Or is it because that person is paying them to talk about it? And the easiest way to
do that is to look at, let’s pull out another, the link. Now I am assuming that
this is all being done online and you gotta look at the link. So, real quick, I wanna
show you a fully non affiliate link and it’s, you’re
gonna look at it and say, duh, but that’s the whole
point, so let’s quickly go over a screenshot here where somebody
was talking about my site. So this message here was
taken from a message board, a public message board, so
it’s out there for all to see, and I want you to look at the link there. Basically, in a nutshell,
this person’s saying, hey, if you wanna learn how to use charts and trade with charts,
go to but look at the link. and then there’s nothing. Now the link is the way it is
because I’m proud to say that I offer no affiliate
marketing program whatsoever. If you see somebody out
there publicly talking, making comments about my
products, then that’s on their own behalf, they are not
getting paid anything. And again, if you don’t believe me, well that’s what I’m
gonna be showing here is we’ll just look at the links
that these people are sharing or linking you to and you’ll notice that they’re not affiliate links. There’s nothing special about
’em, they don’t look goofy, they don’t look weird, anything like that. So, and I’m very proud of
that, that I can still generate marketing through people
just because people genuinely enjoy what I have to offer
and that’s what the guy was pointing out and it’s like you
should probably pat yourself on the back more because I’ve
seen a bunch of people out there talking about it and
to know that none of this affiliate marketing, hey,
props to you, so, yeah, I guess I am proud of
that and some people, aw, you’re a cheapskate, no,
I just don’t want things to muddy the water because,
as we’ll see here, things can get pretty muddy
but let’s get back to this. So, let’s say you XYZ and
then a lot of times there’s a bunch of numbers here and then a lot of times
you’ll see afl or affl for affiliate and then you’ll have equal and then some sort of random number, which is probably
because, you know, that’s associating with the person
that’s trying to sell. The point being, if it’s a very goofy link after the backslash and
there’s all sorts of different coding and weird
things going on back there, odds are, it is an affiliate link. If you’re not sure, just
go to this person’s site and start to research, do they offer an affiliate
marketing program? And that’s gonna tell you
right there, is that person an affiliate or are they saying it because they’re actually true. And I bring all this up because, from an affiliate marketing perspective, I see it all the time, people take this and their business model is, I’m making money from affiliate dollars. Not from the trading, I don’t even, maybe these people don’t
even trade, I don’t know, but when you see videos and I see it a lot and they’re talking about,
they’re all fancy with clothes or this, that, the owner in
the background trying to imply that, oh, this trading course
will make me so much money, no, this subscription service
is the greatest thing ever and they’re just talking it
up, talking it up, chirping, chirping, chirping, and then
you look down and you see an affiliate link, huh, is all
of that stuff really, what, or is it maybe that
you’re just a really good affiliate marketer and you’re
trying to make people think that the program that you’re selling, that you’re chirping about,
is what linked to that, or is it actually the affiliate marketing? So, just be very aware of
that when you see somebody that’s proclaiming such and
such oh, helped me out so much and now I can do this and
now I can take my family and they’re telling
all these great stories and this, that, and the
other, and, to be fair, maybe it is all out of the
goodness of their heart but, in the world of affiliate marketing, things can get a little shady, I’m just gonna leave it at that, which is one of the main
reasons that I definitely choose not to look at it because it
can create a bad perception for yourself when people are out there doing this sort of thing. So, just be aware of affiliate marketing when you’re in your search
for trading education and if you never buy anything from me, that’s perfectly fine, I
just want you to be aware of kind of the game and how
people try to take advantage and use affiliate marketing
to then just make things sound much better than what they really are because if you go through ’em, they’re gonna get a pretty nice cut of it. So, make sure to check those links, that’s the moral of the story here. If the links look totally
normal, totally clean, then, hey, it’s just somebody
referring you to something without any sort of ulterior motive. Where the links get all
kind of funky looking, that’s probably a sign
where you gotta say, huh, do you really believe in it? Or are you just wanting
me to click on your link so you get paid? And that’s for you to decide
but make sure you keep this in mind as you go on
your journey of searching for trading education. (swooshing)


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