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Andy, how would you describe yourself in just
three words? Traveler, party maker, money maker. Did Snoop Dogg like you rapping? Yes. And what is this song called? Pussy Juice. Pussy Juice. I even… Traffic Partner in da house! Sex is for everybody interesting. I will offer two hours exclusive with me on
a one on one chat. This is what I give exclusive to ZorbasMedia. Is that a good idea? Click, click, cash, click, click, cash, you
know, make money. Yo-yo-yoy, that’s Captain Andy in da house,
make some fucking applause, get the cash run on the mobile digger with the golden finger,
I got the Captain in da house, I’m on the bridge, I make you, man, a -fucking rich. Hi, lads! This is ZorbasMedia broadcasting from rainy
Hamburg, Germany. We continue to explore the wonderful world
of affiliate marketing. And today I’m meeting a very special guest,
Andy from Traffic Partner. He has been in the industry for more than
twenty years and is better known as a Traffic Captain. A truly legend of the industry, he navigates
his company in the raging sea of affiliate marketing, and it seems that no conference
is ever missed by him. A few words about Traffic Partner. It’s nothing less than a traffic conglomerate
with more than 400 employees on board. A conglomerate includes payment services,
traffic sources, affiliate networks, media buying unit and dating brands. List goes on. Do you want to know how that all works? Stay with us. But before we start, in order to be always
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talk affiliate marketing. Hey! Hello, Roman! How are you? Come in. Nice to see you, man. Welcome on the captain’s bridge. Nice one. That is a big bridge. Yeah, well, we have left and right wing. Let’s go to my office. There we can talk a little bit. Yeah, let’s talk firstly. So, how have you been, man? Great.I was travelling the whole January and
now I’m back in. Next week I go to Columbia. So, I’m great. Yeah, you spend a lot of time in the aircraft. Here is my office. Come in. Andy, how would you describe yourself in just
three words? Hmmm…Traveler, party maker, money maker. Let’s begin from the beginning. You have started in the adult industry in
1999. Yes. What did you do back then? Well, I came back from Venezuela, I was looking
for a job, and there was an advertisement, “Export manager wanted”. So, I sent my CV, got the job, and then I
discovered, “Oh, I’m selling porn DVDs internationally.” So, I was selling German porn DVDs and licenses
to the world. Did you enjoy that work? Emmm… My problem was my family in the first, in
the beginning, because when you come home and you tell your wife, your mother, “Oh,
I go work for a porn company.” Everybody is like, “Oh my God, you’re
on the red light district”, or stuff like this. But I enjoyed the job, because I had my first
travels to Las Vegas, AVN, ‘99. Then I did other shows in the Cannes Film
Festival. So, the porn industry in ‘99 was really
huge and glamorous. So, that was what I enjoyed most. Have you been in porn yourself? No. That was my first lesson. I had an old co-producer from Italy, Ricardo
Belli. And he told me, “Andy, when you want to
make money, make the money behind the camera, not in front the camera.” So, and that was what took my whole life. You tried to direct some movies, you told
me. Yes, because… Tell me about that. The license-dealing, after half a year I had
some routine in it and that was super easy, and I had more time, and I told my boss, “Hey,
I’m not full working, so do you have something else?” He said, “Yeah, you can do production management
and make some movies.” And my idea was, I wanted to create something
like MTV porn, like, with nice music, fast cuts, nice colors. So, I started to shoot movies in a totally
different way. And my first Award for Best European Porn
Movie I won in 2002 in the Prague Film Festival for Pornographic… Erotica. All right. And how many movies did you produce? As a producer, about 80. Oh my God, 80. Yeah. And when and how you started online? Well, then in my company where I worked there
was a change in the management. I hoped to become the new CEO. Didn’t happen. So, I wanted to bring the company online. And they said, “No, online, that’s no
business, we are in DVD” and stuff like this. So, I decided with Ronald Rother who works
now for imaXcash, we both started together the company Sexy House and did online DVD
shop. And we were one of the first online DVD shops
in 2003 and, yeah… making really good money because we were the price-breakers online. Like, DVD in the shop was, like, 29, and we
sold it online for 9 euro, 9.99. Can you
remember how you got involved in, like, affiliate marketing? Well, in this time I learned what is SEO,
how to be up in Google, and that you need traffic. That was the first time, 2003, I heard about
traffic. I said, “What traffic? With cars or what?” So, then I learned the whole process that
somebody has a website and he puts the banner and he sends to your shop and if sells something,
you need to pay him a commission. Which is, in the end, affiliate business. And in this time I even used only the German
word, it’s “Partner Programm”, and, yeah, that’s how it all started with my
knowledge about traffic, selling stuff online, and now it’s affiliate business
Have you ever thought to change what you are doing to something else? No. I had exactly this… when I won my XBIZ Award
right now in Los Angeles XBIZ, I said exactly this, “I’m twenty year in this industry
and I could not imagine to work in another industry”, because all the people, they
are so friendly. Have you seen in these shows like in Lisbon
or in Vegas or wherever you go… it’s like a big family, you know. And there’s nobody who can cheat around
because in a small circle of people if you cheat once, everybody will know it. And even with your competition, you’re still
having fun. It’s not like in other industries where
everybody is fighting against… it’s the adult industry because it’s something that
the society even looks like, “Oh, these bad guys from the porn industry.” So, that makes us even closer together. And I could not imagine to change the industry
and not even the job. You have been to tons of conferences out there. Can you remember the craziest affiliate or
adult conference, or an event you’ve ever been to? Yes. The craziest one. The craziest one was 2002 AVN, and that was
the time when Snoop Dogg was producing a porn movie called Fuck in the Snoopy Dog Style. He is not performing in the movie as an actor,
but he is like the moderator, have all his homies around the pool with nice chicks, and
he made the soundtrack. So, this DVD was selling 250,000 times in
US, and I wanted to buy the German license for reproducing. So, I was one of the three bidders, came over
to the AVN, they invited me backstage, I had… party, I was on stage rapping for them in
German, and then the party is… and the adult industry had tons of money, the DVD was brand
new. So, the times in AVN in the 2000s were really
crazy. Now, I think, the adult industry becomes really
more professional, it’s not more single persons that run the business, it’s more
companies, it has got more corporative. And… still there are good parties. I will not imagine… Did Snoop Dogg like your rapping? Yes, because I rapped in German and they didn’t
understand nothing, but in the end it says, “Hey, I got every pussy in every disco from
East Bali to San Francisco.” And when I said San Francisco all the guys
were, “West Coast!” So, you’ve got, like, lots of awards in
the industry, and what is the award you are most proud of? Well, emmm… Some years ago I got the CEO of the Year from
XBIZ, and as a German to be in US and this executive award… it’s only for ten people. And there’s hundreds of nominees, and to
win this in Los Angeles, CEO of the Year, was really a great experience. But the one that really flashed me was the
first GFY Award, I think it was 2011, I won the award as the Affiliate Manager of the
Year. And in this time I was only, like, six months
in this position as an affiliate manager. And GFY is a forum in US and it means “Go
Fuck Yourself”, and the people there are really… real webmasters, real affiliates,
and they say what they think. So, this is what I won because they voted
for me. So, these awards are very crazy. And, of course, the first I won and I’ve
already mentioned, 2002, for Best European Porn Movies. That was also great. Do these awards come along with some money
or..? No, no. It’s only the… For me I always say it’s the five minutes
of fame. And it’s also the, you know, you are in
the audience, and then they say, “And the winner is Andy Wullmer.” And, “Yeahhh!” And you go on stage, and everybody scream,
and you get an award. For this some minutes of good feeling, that’s
the most important. And how do you feel after, you know, getting
new award? Do you call your mom, like, “Hey, mom, I
won another award.” What do you do when you are back from the
stage? It’s funny because my mom, she always sees
the pictures on Facebook and when she asks me, “Oh, Businessman of the Year GFY! Congratulations, my son. And what GFY means?” And I was like, “Emmm… yeah, Go Fuck Yourself.” She don’t really understand. When she asks me, “How you make your money”,
I say always, “I play a big computer game with real money.” So, that’s how I explain her what I do. So, Andy, you mentioned that you were performing
on that show where Snoop Dog also showed up. Do you rap, like, on the professional level,
on the international level? No, not on professional. But, you know, that was always my hobby, and
even when I was, like, 18, I thought that would be my career, to be a musician, and
rapping, and mix, mix like hip-hop and rock like the Beastie Boys. I wanted to be like the Beastie Boys, you
know. That was my big heroes. But later I… for example, four years ago
we produced a song called Pussy Juice. Can you… can I see this? Yes, of course, come over. I’ll show you. All right. Yeah. Great to be on the camera now. Yeah. So, that was Deezy, he is from Bremen. He was not known and we produced the song,
SGM Crew, that was Sex Goes Mobile and, yeah… and was ten weeks in the German Top Ten MTV
Urban Chart. So, that was shown? On MTV Channel? On MTV, yeah. And Deezy, he is still a rapper, and he raps
now more in German than in English. But we wanted to make the first one in English. We shoot this in Amsterdam, and we shoot this
in Hamburg in the studio, we were in Bremen, even in my penthouse we made a party which
is inside. That looks very professional. I mean, top level, man. Yeah. It’s absolutely top made. We had a German MTV crew shooting for us. Because they wanted to push on to the German
rap, you know. You could have been a rapper, you know. I’m more the producer. Because really… I’m good on stage, I’m good live, but
when you record my voice, the young guys, they are better than me. You know, you have to see, sometimes your
limit. Have you been many times on the stage rapping? Yes, yes. You know, ask everybody in the industry, when
I see a stage and a microphone, I grab it. And I do MC whatever I want, like, “Make
some fucking noise! Let’s start a party! Traffic Partner in da house!” And what is this song called? Pussy Juice. Pussy Juice. I even have a little drink called Pussy Juice. It’s like a shot, it’s, like, with vodka… What is it made of? Vodka and cherry. We should try it today, probably. I think it’s now empty, because we spent
them all in our VIP parties. And we always produce new one. It’s not for sale. It’s a free gift. Next time then. And this skull on my chest, you know, this
skull on my chest, SGM skull. So, all the song, it’s is about the SGM
crew. Flying high, we are the best, click, click,
cash, making money. This is my penthouse. That was our crew in this time. Quite a big one. And then in the club, you know. Here the song is not so nice. I will send you the original song. Do, please. And it really beats up in the club. We had a lot of concerts in Ost Germany, then
we had reports about the rapping, we were in the black German DJ list also. There you see the girls drink the shot. And
that is the Pussy Juice. Yeah. Sound check. One, two, three, from Germany. Captain, so, tell me how did you join Traffic
Partner? Well, 2006 I sold my company Sexy House. And my children were small, so I went back
to Venezuela where my wife come from. And I did, like, two years I almost did nothing,
only vacation, grew up my children, fishing, scuba diving, you know, my hobbies. And then the situation in Venezuela became
bad by political reason, you know, it’s now really bad there. So, we came back to Germany and I saw the
offer, “Affiliate manager for Sex Goes Mobile”, and I thought, “Mobile? Do mobile make sense in the adult industry?” So, I met the partners, yeah, in Traffic Partner,
and, like, five minutes we agree, “Yeah, let’s start this. This is brand new. That’s a hot shit.” And, yeah, then… the company was, like,
brand new, it was a start-up, it was not even making money. I created a product, I brought publishers,
and because the product was so new, so revolutionary, and the pay flow was web subscription… What was the product? Sex Goes Mobile, it’s like a mobile subscription
for video clips. So, but the new thing was, people could pay
with one click on their telephone. And we charged them to their telephone. So, that was brand new technology, and the
iPhone was out in the market, so the smartphone started up. And we were one of the first, and the billing
was so extremely cool that the company raised up like a star. And only in one year everybody knows about
the company. We make a lot of profit. And after one year the CEO of Sex Goes Mobile
left, and so I became the CEO. And was SGM part of Traffic Partner back then? Yes. They made an investment in the pre-company,
and so they brought out… I brought, the brand was the skull SGM. That was my idea. So, I took over, like, a new start-up company
and brought it out to a very known worldwide brand. So, you made your way from being an affiliate
manager to CEO. Yeah, in one year. In one year. And now you are CEO Mobile. Yes. What does that really mean? Well, our company have products in the desktop
area and in the mobile area. And I mostly concentrate on the mobile area,
but, of course, the situation now… I would say I’m also like the CMO for the
group. I help every business unit, every investment,
every sister or brother company, I help out with relationship to our customers. So, our customers are affiliates, media buyers,
performance networks. So, I’m like the social connector for the
whole company group because, first, I have the contacts, I’m very known in the industry
and as… since 20 years I was always loyal to my publishers. They trust me, I always bring them the best
products. And does SGM still exist or it’s a Traffic
Partner now? No, it’s… because the decision was, you
know, if you have too many brands, it’s difficult for promotion. You always go to a show and you need to promote
five different brands. So, the shareholders made the decision to
bring everything under the name Traffic Partner so that we have one brand coming out. And because of the change they make me the
Traffic Captain of Traffic Partner. So, I still, like you can see, I still have
my own brand, and here is my old school SGM, and this Traffic Partner Grand Slam is new
school, and that’s me. So, easy. So, what are your core responsibilities within
the company? I would say I’m… social connector, sales
guy and supporter for all the business units if they need help with the customer, they
have… need publishers, they need advertisers. Because my network is more than, I think,
8,000 people worldwide. Wow. So, if you need something, I know the right
person for it. So, you visit all these shows and you’re
looking for new partners for the company? New partners and also existing partners. The convention… because a lot of people
ask me, “Why you go to so many convention? You could do everything with Skype and calls
and whatever.” The point is, the personal relationship is
very important, because if you make money and everything runs well, perhaps you can
call, and everything is ok. But if you have a personal relationship, it
make this also easier if you have trouble shootings. And to find new people, to discuss business,
to grow with existing customers, and, of course, on the shows you do party and have social
relations. You said you have more than 8,000 people and
any of them can just, you know, pick up the phone and call you directly and…? Yeah, but people know me. People know me. When they want to talk to me they send me
on WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype or on Facebook or Instagram, they send me a message, “Hey,
Andy, what’s up? You have time?” And then I answer, “Yes, call me.” And then we do the call. Do you also communicate with just average
affiliates who run the traffic? Everybody who hits me up get an answer. Sometimes if I’m busy, I only write, “Sorry,
I’m busy. I can call you tomorrow.” You know. And, of course, there are some people, I don’t
mention any name, you give them one little finger, and they grab your whole hand, you
know. And then there’s, of course, there’s situation
when you say, “Ok, sorry, I don’t have time, man.” But, in the end, for me everybody is the same,
because today you’re a small publisher, tomorrow you’re up in Google and you’re
a big publisher. So, and… I have the same situation when I was younger
I went to shop for Porsche, I want to buy my first Porsche, a used one. And only for my outfit, and young and no money,
they looked to me like, “Oh, what the fuck that guy wants here?” And they treat me really bad. Years later when I had the money, I went to
my BMW dealer, I bought my BMW, I would never buy a Porsche from this dealer, because they
treat me bad when I was small. And in life there’s always the balance,
and for me everybody is the same. What is the most important thing for you when
working with affiliates? You need to understand what they do. You know, my first questions are always, “What
you do right now? What you do right now with your traffic? What is your top key words? Which are your top GEOs?” You know, it’s not like, “Hey, I have
the best products, hit me your traffic!” Yeah, that can be, but I want first to understand
how you work right now, what is your strength, where is your countries, what is… is it
more mobile, is it more desktop. There’s so many questions. When I have all this information, then I can
give them advice for a strategy, how to monetize this traffic. Do you have, like, super big affiliates in
your portfolio? Yes, of course. And how much approximately those guys are
doing a month? You need always to see, like, there’s always,
like, 20-30 guys, they are really big, and then there is a long time nothing, and then
you have a lot of average and small ones. So, the VIPs, you can call and say, “Hey,
I need traffic in this and this country.” And they open the traffic, and you see your
statistics jumping up, you know. But I’d say there’s very few in the world,
perhaps 20-30 really move and can move fast. Because there’s also different… a normal
webmaster, publisher, he cannot change his traffic, his traffic comes from natural traffic
like Google, but media buyers who have existing campaigns or performance networks or people
with really big tube sites, when they put you on the front page, the traffic comes in
from one minute to the other. And just for individual affiliates can you
give me an idea how much is possible to earn with Traffic Partner? Depends on the traffic. I’d say the smallest one makes perhaps 50
dollars a month, and the biggest one make 500,000. 500,000. You have that affiliates? Well, I don’t tell real numbers here. I only say the range is big, but I have a
lot of people that make about 100,000. 100,000 is easy to make. 500,000, then you have to be really number,
number… You probably need to have a team or something. Yes. Media buying teams and performance… media
buying teams. If you’re a one man show, you can only handle
the certain amount of traffic, because media buying is also very time consuming, you need
to do a lot of A/B/C tests, but in the end there’s no… there’s no one number you
can say. For example, my son, I said to him, “Make
a little website, and you can start to make money.” So, in the first month he don’t make money,
second month – he don’t make money, third month – he make his first ten euros. And then it got… No he do it for three years and he make about
400 euros a month. 400 euros a month. Yeah, but he put only, like, 1-2 hours a day
maximum in it. So, it depends on how much time you have,
and also in media buying it’s about cash flow. If you want to be a media buyer, you need
to have the cash flow to spend today money on CPC or CPM and send the traffic to an affiliate
program and wait till you get paid on CPA or CPL. So, that means, if you have no cash flow,
you need to pay today and you need to wait 30 days to get the money back. So, how much budget you can spend every day,
that’s one of the main reason that small media buyers are dying out, it’s more and
more companies that are concentrated, and affiliate programs by themselves they do media
buying. Are there any criteria that your performance
is measured here in your company? In other words, what are your salaries based
on? Salaries, yeah, normally people have a fixed,
as in sales, they have a fixed income and got commissions on the sales of their webmasters. They really work for the affiliates. So, you also have some commission on what
your affiliates…? We don’t talk about me and my money and
stuff like this. Click, click, cash. All right. Let’s then talk about criteria that your
job is measured, your performance is measured. Well, of course, I’m a sales guy, you know,
I need my goals, I need, you know… if you have a fixed salary, you get, you get slow. It’s always, the honey is the money. So, you have targets and you want to reach
them, and that’s the motivation for any sales company. If I hear there’s a sales company and they
don’t pay commissions to their sales guys, they do something wrong. All right. Does your personal brand help you to attract
new affiliates? Yes, because of my social media activities
on Facebook and on Instagram, because on all the shows, like… I made a video for the brand ambassador, and
if you want to be a brand ambassador, like I am, I feel like a brand ambassador, you
need to got to many shows, you need to be different, you need to make good advertisement,
you need to have good swag and giveaways. If there is a microphone, grab it. If it’s on stage, or if it’s on a panel,
or an elevator pitch, you know. And all these together… of course, I have
the advantage that I’m since 20 years in this industry. So, the longer you are in the industry, the
more people you know. And how do you work on your brand? Are you just being yourself or you have a
kind of strategy to follow? If you see my logo, it’s me, you know with
my beard, my cap, normally I have a cap on, a beard. Personalize, make yourself to a brand, and
be yourself and… especially when I have new affiliate managers in my team, and they
say, “Oh, Andy, one day I want to be like you.” Wrong. Find your own way. You need to find your own way, your own personality,
your own style. So, the Traffic Captain and Andy are exactly
the same person? No, the Traffic Captain is my job. And in my private life, for example, I like
to be alone, scuba dive, or with a buddy go scuba diving where I don’t talk. In my job, I’m always talking, you know. So, I also like the silence when I’m private. And also my children are very important for
me, my family is important for me. So, Captain Andy is the guy on stage, and
Andy private, I don’t tell you how I am. And you see some of my private pictures, but
I don’t, I don’t show my private life. You never see pictures of my house, my car,
my wife, my children, my mother. Very few times that I show something when
they got their 18th birthday or something. So, the Captain is the Captain on stage, on
the bridge, I’d say. The Captain on the bridge. You’re quite often on stage and you visit
mostly all of the conferences out there. If you had a chance only to visit one a year,
what would it be? Well, that’s is difficult, because all the
audience like, “Ah, this is the show.” I would say there’s three. Let me do it with three. I like the Affiliate World, which is once
in Barcelona and one in Bangkok. The Affiliate World is a nice crossover between
mainstream and adult industry because it’s not more any, any separation like only adult
and only mainstream. Like, on a dating site, like, we have a lot
of dating sites, we have also a lot of nutra products or traffic sources, we have even
casual dating sites. So, there’s a nice crossover. The other shows is the European Summit which
is in Lisbon and in Prague. I like these very much. They are more adult concentrated but in the
last year they got a lot of mainstreamers too. It’s very well organized. It’s always in a nice hotel. So, people are very close together, it’s
not like, like… the feeling is not like on a conference where everybody has booths. It’s more like lounge feeling, and a lot
of activities. And the other one is the Affiliate Summit,
which is mostly in Las Vegas and in New York. So, this is the same principle, like, they
do on the Affiliate World, that you have mainstream and adult together. Can you advise how to prepare oneself before
the conference to take the maximum out of it? Well, first thing is, I always two weeks before
a show I start to take a lot of vitamins. Me too. Because on the shows that you get a flu is
very common, you know. You shake so many hands, then you have alcohol,
you don’t sleep well. So, prepare yourself first two weeks before
the show take vitamins, take it slow, get some personal energy. Then the other thing is like the show now
in Lisbon, the next show I go, or the over next show I go, they have an attendance list. So, check who goes there, send them emails. Or, for example, in the Affiliate World, they
have an app, so you can go to the app and send request to meet people. Then show it on social media before you go. If you have a booth or a lounge announce the
booth. So, yeah, use any kind of preparation that
you have already some appointments. Especially if you know there are some companies
you really want to meet. And then, the next thing, when you arrive
to the show, go early, there is a lot of sight events also like welcome party, special dinners. So, try to do as most of the little sight
events, because there you come very close to the decision makers. And, you know, people more intensive there
than on the show floor. Because if you see them on the show floor,
people are like, “Ah, hello, what do you do?” “Ok, I have dating.” “Oh, I have traffic. Here’s my business card.” “Business card.” “Ok, yeah, later we see you. Good buy.” So, this is good for your lead, you have lead
in your system, you can write an email. But if there’s a CEO of a big traffic company,
and I have dinner together with him, and we talk and we talk private. When I call him and send him a message, I’m
sure he responds me faster than the guys on the show floor. So, you have been in the industry for 20 years
already. And do you agree with the following statement
that adult industry was the main driving force behind the development of the modern Internet? Well, and many, and many technologies. For example, when I started I was selling
VHS cassettes. And the reason why VHS won against the Beta
version, you know, the Beta, Betamax video cassette was because the porn industry was
producing in VHS. So, Betamax was dying out and VHS won the
battle. The DVDs. I remember when DVD started, and in my video
shop there were like 50 movies, Hollywood movies, in DVD and like 500 porn movies in
DVD already. Then in the Internet sex is the most, sex…
everything about sex and porn is the most searched one. And the money we… the porn or the adult
industry makes online, that brings a lot of jobs. if you see how many companies in this area,
and how many jobs we create. And now virtual reality. There’s a lot of companies like VR Bangers,
they produce only adult content in VR. And it’s really high quality already. I don’t see so many Hollywood stuff coming
up in VR. So, in a lot of technologies the adult industry
is always one step ahead. But in other things, for example, like, in
traffic sales, like real-time bidding, the mainstreamers were ahead of the adult industry. So, you cannot say that the adult industry
is always ahead, but in many cases, especially when it comes to points with final customers
because imagine, I always say every person, every man, at least every man is by nature
somebody who likes to see sexual content online, at least. And there’s a lot of women also. But not everybody wants to see travel sites
or he want to go to sports sites. So, sex is for everybody interesting. And all the other niche and all the other
Thematiks in the mainstream is only for certain amount of people. Of course, adult and sex related things have
a big influence on modern technologies. What do you think was the most lucrative time
for the adult industry, adult online industry? For the online industry it’s definitely
mobile because if you see the last 8 years there were a lot of mobile companies coming
out like SGM, then there was… everywhere mobile, mobile, mobile. Because it was a new device which you have
always with you and a lot of customers I imagine, I never made a study about this, but I see… You have a wife and girlfriend, so you… children, you cannot use the desktop in your
living room to watch some porn because your children are there, your wife is there. Later your wife checks something and then
you see in the browser YouPorn, YouPorn, YouPorn. So, the mobile device is one of the last very
personal devices you have. Now I see in a lot of relationships when a
girlfriend take the mobile phone of the man, it’s like, oh, it’s a taboo. Don’t watch my telephone. And a telephone you can use in the car, in
the toilet, everywhere, it’s always with you. And I think that’s the reason why mobile
for the adult industry is a very good device and very profitable, because it’s a private
device where you have your own secret world. So, the most lucrative time for adult industry
was like eight years ago in the beginning of that online, mobile revolution? Yeah, that is, from my perspective, but also
the pay sites. When I see… even before, like, 2003, ‘5,
‘6, ‘7, ‘8, there were a lot of pay sites, like in US Brazzers or other like Reality
Kings, Bangbros. So, that was the time when the DVD died out
because people could watch the movies directly on video-on-demand or on a pay site. So, this was also a lucrative time. Andy, can you give me an idea how big you
are as a company? Well, we have several offices and about 220
employees. Our main office is in Hamburg, then we have
a Berlin office, a Kiel office, one in Holland, one in Switzerland, and with Grand Slam Media
in Toronto. Aha. So, the company is, like, investing in other
companies and, yeah, we are worldwide. I read that you are over 400 employees. Is that accurate or..? Yes, but in terms of change and optimizing,
because if you buy several companies together, their synergies, and then some employees are
over. So, we reduced a little bit our number of
employees. Aha. I know that you acquire quite a lot of companies
and I wanted to ask what your decisions are based on? How do you take decisions before acquiring
any company? Well, the most important thing is that we
want to keep the founder and the CEO who was right now in the company, that he stays. So, we normally take minority of shares of
the company to keep the original founders with their spirit, with their experience on
board. And important is also that the company match
our strategy or our product, that we find synergies. So, important is, yeah, that the shareholders,
the owners, they stay and that they bring their spirit and experience. That’s the most important. And what is your strategy? What are you trying to build? Well, we are good in dating. Dating is our main focus. So, if a company trading for, like, Grand
Slam Media, they are trading member areas traffic from dating sites, so it’s good
because they can monetize our dating traffic and we have the double profit. First, we got the money as a company and we
got the profit from the investment. And the other thing is, for example, Fuckbook,
it’s a nice investment because they are strong in US and our dating products are good
in Europe. So, it’s like, yeah… you need to find
the right puzzle. Investment is like finding a puzzle that match
with your existing structures. Let’s name your existing business units. Yeah, well, we have all the dating offers. We have Traffic Partner here in Europe, and
then with MadOffers we are specialized in Netherlands and Belgium, then the Fuckbook
is good in US, then we have an AmateurCommunity which is mostly focused in Germany, and Grand
Slam Media, it’s a real-time bidding platform for buying and selling traffic. So, that’s our main… Then we have VR Bangers in Los Angeles for
virtual reality products. And how big is your entire audience for your
products? Oh, difficult… I’m not so technical… I don’t know. I’m not the statistic guy. Is it millions? Yeah, it’s millions, of course, yeah. And also we buy a lot of traffic. So, we get all the traffic from the tube sites. It’s really, it’s really a lot of visitors. So, you sell traffic from your products and
you also buy traffic? Yeah, yes. We have a big media buying team, but we sell
the traffic not directly, we put it in Grand Slam and other product called This is a real-time bidding platform. So, we put our banner places and traffic places
there, and then other advertisers want to buy the traffic, they do bids, and then the
guy with the highest bid get the traffic. Do you know what is the volume that you are
having? I don’t want to speak about numbers, you
know that. Yeah, but traffic volume, I mean. Yeah, that’s a lot. I don’t want to speak any details here. Yeah, ok, but it’s sold on Adnium, and it
can be accessed there. Yeah, you can go to Adnium. Sign up at and I will have the
pleasure to introduce you to the managers there, and then you can buy traffic there. Does Adnium sell only your own traffic or
also some external traffic? Yeah, from other companies. There’s concentrated a high quality member
area traffic and they have a lot North American traffic and European traffic mostly. So, you told that you are focusing mostly
on dating. Yes. And how would you estimate the entire adult
dating market? It’s huge. It’s really huge. Because if you see all the Western countries,
we have a lot of single people, marriage meant, or weddings are not so much anymore, people
get divorced. So, if you see a country like Germany, I think
we have more than 12 million people living in a single household. So, that’s potentially 12 million clients
because they look for datings with people. Then we have casual dating, and we have sex
dating, and we have also mainstream dating, so… From fast affairs to marriage men we offer… Are you biggest in any of the categories? Well, the biggest… You know, I don’t look for the competition,
I look that my product is good. I don’t care what the other guys do. And what is your biggest product in terms
of users? We have different names, you know. We have a lot of white labels. So, all our affiliates get white labels, and
they can have any name they want. It’s one database but split out in different
white labels. So, you’re saying that someone can reach
out and use your database… Yes.
…of the white label product and, you know, built a brand around that? If you have certain kind of… volume of traffic. Normally the smaller affiliates, they send
traffic to our existing products, we have also some brands we promote by TV, and we
do media buying on some of our own products and if you are a bigger player, a bigger affiliate,
you get your own white label. And you can have the domain and whatever… Captain… Yes. Is there any quote that you live by, that
you think about often? Well, I like the Spanish “Hasta la victoria
siempre”. What does it mean? It means “To the victory always.” So, I want to win, I’m not the guy for the
second place, I want to be the winner. And in the industry because of… the kind
of affiliate business I always say “Click, click, cash, click, click, cash”, you know,
make money. It’s rapping. Yeah, rapping. You see the skull on my chest, you know I’m
the fucking best. Oh, man, you are. You definitely are. What is your favorite thing about Hamburg? Well, in summer it’s super nice. The sun goes down very late like 10:30-11
in June. And you have a lot of activities in summer. Like the biggest, one of the biggest sailing
festivals, the Hamburg Sail. So, a lot of ships come in. For example, on the sunny afternoon you go
down to St. Pauli, sit on the harbor and you see all the big ships. You know, this is the reason they call me
the Captain. I love ships, boats, ships, everything. Have you ever tried sailing yourself? Yes, when I lived in Venezuela I had my own
boat. And sometimes when I go on vacation I rent
a catamaran and then I do my trip on the Caribbean Islands or in Spain. I like, I love boats, I love the water, you
know, I’m a big scuba diver. Everything that’s related to water is my
thing because I was raised on the water, you know. Cool. Let’s talk a little bit about how dating
products are monetized. You have probably a subscription based model,
then you show ads, something else? Yeah, mostly it’s like… when we buy traffic
or for affiliates we have the CPL models. So, you send a single opt-in or a double opt-in,
so, people put their email address and confirm. So, you get your money directly. That’s called CPL. Then, of course, we have CPA for actions,
for sale, or some people call it PPS, pay per sale. And when we buy traffic we also buy traffic
on CPC and CPM. So, for one click or for thousand clicks. And we accept also if it’s verified we accept
email traffic, social media traffic. So, any kind of traffic that’s legal and
then different payment models. And how you monetize your users? We have… in our dating products it’s the
monthly subscription. And in our AmateurCommunity it’s that people
buy coins. So, it’s a re-buying. People buy coins to do different functions
and then they have to re-buy, to spend their coins they have to re-buy. And what traffic, what kind of traffic do
you think best suits to promote dating products? Well, dating traffic is, of course, everything
that is sex-related because even if you see the guys who were on the tube site, they have
their fun on the tube site, but then they have, they imagine, “Oh, I would like to
have a real girl, not only to see videos.” And I think especially the moment when they
had their fun already on the tube site, and then you have the right advertisement like,
“Meet a girl in your area.” And we can do, like, we can see their IP-address
whether it’s a desktop or mobile, and then we can say, “Hey, meet somebody in your
city.” Like Berlin, Hamburg, whatever. And I think that’s something because people
have desire, and the desire is not to watch porns, they want to have a real… Real. Real girls. So, and this, when you catch the user in this
moment when they have a desire to meet a real person, then dating works very well. So, display traffic on some adult-related
websites would work the best? Yeah. And you see some social traffic coming from
social networks? Yes. If you see… if a girl with a social account
and they tell, like, “Ok, you want to meet me? Meet me here.” You know. Social media like Instagram and Facebook becomes
more and more interesting especially for dating because… if a good-looking girl have 50,000-100,000
followers and she posts, “If you want to meet me and know me more, sign up in this
dating site.” I think a lot of guys do this. Yes, it can be a good approach to promote
dating products. Yeah, yeah, of course. And what is a policy of, you know, Facebook
towards dating products? Are they strict about that? Yes, Facebook often, definitely. You need to have a real… mainstream product. You cannot do anything sex-related on these
sites. And Google? What about Google? Same rules. Especially in Germany. In other countries it’s more liberal. And do you see some popunder traffic, push
notifications, something like that? Push notification is definitely very interesting
in the moment because most of the people they always accept the push notifications. If you go on a website, it pops up, you want
more information, click, people click, you know. That’s always… we as professionals we
always try to avoid this kind of pops and push, but the normal customer, the normal
people outside, they always accept. Same was the new data protection law. Now you always have popping up you accept
our terms and conditions. People click “Ok”, “Ok”, “Ok”. Without even paying attention. Of course. Nobody reads the small print and stuff. So, you see lots of traffic coming from push
notifications? Yes, push is very good. If you have push traffic, hit me up. And do you think it takes a lot of investment
to launch a new dating service? Yeah. The problem is in the beginning how to build
the database. We are since, like, 15 years in this dating
area. So, and its growing and growing and growing. But it’s in every niche. To start a new company if you don’t have
a unique product, because there is a lot of dating sites, there’s a lot of webcam sites,
there’s a lot of tube sites. If you want to start something from the scratch. you need a lot of money in the background
to build up everything. Do you think one million would be enough to
launch a competitive product, dating product? How would you estimate initial investments? I don’t know. I bet at least 20 million or something. All right. 20 millions. You can start something small for sure, but
to make it profitable and really to be in the top game playing, you need a lot of money. Because it’s also not only the database,
you need to buy a lot of traffic. I would say in the first year you need to
spend at least one million in buying traffic. So, in the first year you’ve already spent
12 million only in buying traffic. So, firstly, when you have a product, you
need to start with your affiliate program, as I understand, to attract users and that’s
the most difficult thing. Yeah, but if the product is brand new, no
affiliate want to work with you, because, you know, it’s always the question of what
was first, the chicken or the egg. So, if there is no, if there is no database,
you send traffic and nobody signs or they sign up for free and then they see, “Oh,
it’s empty here.” And they leave. What is that, Andy, that you would like to
have as your legacy? That’s a difficult question. Well, my legacy are my children. I believe in this. I’ve always had a very close relations with
my children, and I teach them a lot. I teach them how to swim, when they were young,
they got their diver license, I talk about my business, my travel. I take them on my travel. So, I think, you know, you can leave money,
you can leave a company, whatever. My biggest dream is to make a Hollywood movie
about my life. If I can finish that, so that I leave a nice
movie, Live in the Captain Style, or whatever. Yeah, let’s hope that we see it finally. Well, let’s see. Ok, Andy. As I have already told you, Andy, in the end
of every interview we have competitions and bonuses to our audience. Do you probably have something for us as well? Especially for ZorbasMedia I will offer that
you get two hours exclusive with me on a one-on-one chat. You can show me your existing products or
what you do, I will give you advice, I can teach you all about my knowledge from 20 years. And this is what I give exclusive to ZorbasMedia. Is that a good idea? It’s amazing idea, I’m really glad to
have it. And I just need to announce the rules, how
to receive that exclusive bonus from the Captain, two hours of personal training. All you have to do is comment on this video
and suggest us three topics that you would like us to cover in our next episodes. You know what we do. We talk to the most notable companies and
people in the world of affiliate marketing. So, let us know what you would like us to
discuss in our next episodes. Best comment will be chosen by us, we will
do that together? Yeah, of course. And the winner will receive that exclusive
bonus and, mark my words, you life is going to be different after that. So, Andy, thank you very much for taking a
time. Pleasure. Welcome. Yeah. It has been very interesting for me. And I hope to see you in St. Petersburg. Yeah. I will come. It’s still on my bucket list. I was in Moscow. I go to Moscow now for the MAC conference. And for sure I’ll come to St. Petersburg
to see you. Thank you for watching. Check it out! Now on YouTube. ZorbasMedia. Subscribe now. With the Captain. That was amazing. ZorbasMedia. Show me if you are YouTube Jah. Make the subscription live on ZorbasMedia. You check it out, you got the flow, we got
the show. With Roman, we are the guys on the floor.


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