Trakke Banana Crossbody Bag Review | 2L Sling Bag & Fanny Pack For Men & Women

– The Banana Crossbody Bag from Trakke is a two litre, dry finish wax canvas bag that can be worn across your chest, on your back as a sling, and also around your waist. Plus, it’s handmade in Scotland. Hi, I’m Nathan from Pack Hacker where we use our expertise and real-world experience to
provide practical resources and honest opinions guiding
you towards smarter travel. So if you’re new here,
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Trakke Banana Crossbody Bag for just over a month now so
let’s dive into the review and find out how well it got on. (bright pop music) Before we jump in we must note that this is part of
Trakke’s new collection they released in 2019 where they updated most
of their previous designs and created a few new ones. Today we’ve been able to get our hands on this Crossbody Bag, their updated Lagan accessory pouch, and also their new Vorlich backpack and we’ve really enjoyed
putting their new materials, hardware updates, and designed tweaks to the test. (bright pop music) When it comes to looks this thing is about as minimal as it gets and we’re really digging the style. However, opinions on aesthetic
are always so subjective so we decided to throw this question to our followers on Instagram as well and here are the results. At the time of this review, this Crossbody Bag is available in black, olive, navy, and a guess color which Trakke updates from time to time. At the time of this
review, that color is cumin but beware it may not
be around for too long and it may have already been updated depending on when you’re
watching this video. If you’ve watched any
of our previous content it will come as no surprise to see that we went with the black color, however we must say that we’re digging all of the other colors that Trakke has put out there too. And we especially like
the idea of a guess color that they’re going to constantly update. Moving on to the branding, there is only one small, orange Trakke tag on the side of the bag and we really like how discrete it is. And this is actually a fairly big change from their old designs. They included a larger, white
fabric square with logos and text on. And while this wasn’t bad, we
do really like this new style. Now it’s time to move into the materials and this is actually an even bigger change from their old designs. But fear not, it’s the
same high quality stuff we’re used to from Trakke. The main material is a 400 GSM dry finished wax canvas which is highly durable,
weather resistant, and feels great to the touch. We were fans of the look and feel of their old material which you can see here with the old style Trakke
Lagan travel accessory pouch, but we have to say that this
new dry finish, wax canvas takes the cake as it looks slightly more professional and it holds its shape better and it will look newer for longer. Rounding off the materials the zippers are all weather resistant YKK aqua guard which are actually some of the best zippers around. And the aqua guard seal
that you can see here which covers the zipper is great as it will protect your gear if you get caught in the rain. Plus there are these circular pull tabs that mean zipping and unzipping this thing is a breeze. Finally the buckles
are all stainless steel which is probably a little overspecced for a bag this small especially one that’s designed to be worn around your waist or crossbody but its typical Trakke and we like them. They’re of course super durable and they only increase the overall look and high quality feel of this bag. (bright pop music) Moving into the features and benefits, let’s first talk
about how this crossbody bag can be carried. Starting with the obvious, you can wear this thing around your hip in old school waist pack fashion and it’s actually surprisingly comfortable and sleek this way. Next you can wear it over one shoulder as as slingbag and we’ve actually found it as practical to wear either on your
chest or across your back. This is due to the fact
of its ergonomic design and its sleek and streamlined style. Plus we must note that the shape and style of the sling fits and suits a wide range of body types which is really great. (bright pop music) Now its time to take a
look inside this thing. Let’s start by unzipping
the main compartment here and we’ll take everything
out that we have inside. So we have some sunglasses in a case, we have some wireless earphones, we have an anchor powerbank, we have a phone here, we’ve got an orbit key here, and we’ve got a pioneer wallet here. We’ll put that over there and all you can see here
is when you open it up you’re greeted with
essentially an empty space. We do like that the orange interior is signature Trakke and it makes everything easy to see inside but we are disappointed with the lack of internal organization. We wouldn’t want too much as we do like the fact that you can just drop
whatever you want in, but we would like to have seen a couple of sleeves at the back so you can tidy away smaller objects. And annoyingly, we know
that this is possible as it’s what Trakke has done with their new Lagan
travel accessory pouches as you can see here. They have two fabric sleeves, little pouches that
they’ve built into the side that you can pop little things in say an orbit key here to just organize what’s in there. Taking that out, lets put
everything back inside here. This is kind of the most stuff you can put inside and you can see that kind
of grabbing stuff out is a little bit of a pain especially if stuff gets lost in the back but let’s zip that up. Moving into the back zipper compartment this is a nice area to put anything more valuable in and it’s perfect for
passports as an example. This pocket does help with
organization a bit too and it’s a great addition to the bag opposed to just having
that one large compartment at the front. All in all this two liter
bag is a perfect size for carrying around your
everyday carry items or your travel essentials. Basically anything that
would be in your pockets and more. (bright pop music) At the time of this
review we’ve been testing the Trakke Crossbody Bag for just over a month in Detroit, Michigan and we’re pleased to report that there are no signs of any wear and tear as of yet. And considering the high quality and super durable materials used we don’t expect to see any signs anytime soon either. In testing we did find when you wear this bag as a sling it can rub your neck a little when you’ve just got a T-shirt on which can be a pain. Plus as a sling it doesn’t fit as well as it would if the attachment point were anchored accordingly. Like the Aer Day Sling 2 but this does mean that this bag can also be worn as a waist pack and its suited to both left and right handers if
it is worn as a sling. Finally, we found that Trakke’s new dry finished waxed canvas picked up less dirt and fluff as the previous one did, which is a nice improvement. Moving on to the pros and cons, we’re digging
the sleek and minimal style of this crossbody bag. It can be worn as a sling and a waist pack and it’s highly durable and made with some of the best
quality materials out there plus its handmade in Scotland. Moving on to the cons, the strap can rub your neck when its worn as a sling, the stainless steel buckles can jangle around a little bit but not much. And finally, the main compartment lacks any interior organization which is a bit problematic and we really would like to have seen a couple of sleeves inside. (upbeat pop music) The banana crossbody bag
is another great product from Scottish backpack and gear specialists Trakke. We’re big fans of the new
dry finished, waxed canvas and all of the high quality components like the stainless steel buckles and YKK aquaguard zippers. We would’ve liked to
have seen a little bit of internal organization
in the main compartment but if you’re looking for a crossbody bag that can be worn as a sling and a waist pack, this thing
is definitely worth the look. So there you have it, our review of the Trakke banana crossbody bag. And as ever, we’d love to hear
your thoughts on this thing in the comment section down below. Thanks for keeping it here at Pack Hacker, your guide to smarter travel. We’ll see you in the next video.


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