Trakke Storr Carry-On Backpack Review | Durable 30L One Bag Travel Pack (Handmade In Scotland)

– Scotland – the birth place
of whiskey, the telephone and penicillin. And in 2010,
to backpack and travel accessory company Trakke. Hey everyone! It’s Nathan from Pack Hacker. And in this video, we’re
going to be taking a look at the Trakke Storr, a
30 liter pack that’s been handmade in Scotland from super durable and high quality materials.
And the best thing is it’s being made specifically
for one bag travel which is what us here at
Pack Hacker are all about. So if you’re new here,
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let’s jump into this Trakke Storr review. [upbeat music playing] The Trakke Storr carry-on
backpack features a minimalistic design and simple aesthetic that we really like the look of. Trakke has somehow managed to design a bag that not only looks
beautiful, but also rugged and ready for adventure,
which is some achievement. The style of the pack will
work with most outfits and environments too, which
is a bonus for traveling. The branding on the Storr
is subtle and discreet. You’ll only find one logo on this pack, a delightful Trakke word
mark with a handmade in Scotland proudly emblazoned underneath. This pack is available in five colors – Olive, Black, Crottle, Navy and Plum. In truth, we’d be happy with
any of the color options but we went with Plum for this review, and we’re actually
really happy that we did. When do you get to rock a purple backpack that actually looks good? Purple is a bold color for a backpack, but we’re happy to report
that this particular shade works really well in practice. It’s a nicely subdued
dark and moody purple much like all of their other colors. When it comes to materials,
Trakke certainly hasn’t cut any corners. And in fact,
it’s something that they take very seriously, which
we really like to see especially from a bag that places itself at the higher end of the market. Back in 2011, they were using Cordura but came to the conclusion
that it was boring and it just doesn’t have much soul. So they went searching for something else. Over on the Trakke website,
they sum up their quest beautifully by saying: “We
always knew that we wanted to make our bags in the
UK – so it seemed crazy to import materials from overseas. Instead, we looked closer to home. We were searching for
materials that were strong, durable and timeless. Materials
that had a track record. A history. Some heritage.
And we found them. We discovered waxed
canvas – a cloth that was developed by Scottish
Fishermen in the 1800’s.” At this point we would
usually chalk this up as a bit of marketing spiel. However, we’re really
feeling Trakke on this one. And we dig the thought
process behind the decision. And just the brand ethos as a whole. Canvas is typically
heavier than other popular bag materials on the market,
like polyester and nylon. So you wouldn’t be crazy to
think that the waxed canvas used on the Trakke Storr
would make it a little bit heavier than other packs available. Surprisingly, the Storr
weighs in at only 3.1 pounds, a pretty average weight
for a pack this size. The waxed cotton canvas
on the Trakke Storr is also highly water
resistant and when it comes to water resistance, Trakke
didn’t stop just there. Because every zip that you’re
going to find on this thing is a YKK AquaGuard on
the outside and also on the inside of this pack. And on this inside is that same waxed cotton
canvas found on the outside but this time it’s with that dry finish. And what that means basically,
is that the Trakke Storr is waterproofed or at least
highly water resistant from the outside and also the
inside – which is crazy to think! We actually emailed
Trakke to ask about this and they came back to
us and said that they just wish to over spec the
whole of the Trakke Storr and with those features
and those benefits, they certainly have done this. But of course, here at Pack Hacker, we had to put it to the test. So we went outside,
absolutely drenched this thing in water for a
good couple of minutes and came back to find that
it passed with flying colors. No water got inside whatsoever. Now rounding off the materials
used on the Trakke Storr, you’ll find stainless
steel clash hooks on the shoulder straps which are
sourced from within the UK and forged from 70% recycled steel. There’s some polyester
webbing that’s expertly sewn around the pack to create the handles. And finally there’s some Molle on the left hand side of this thing. [upbeat music playing] The Trakke Storr is designed
for simplicity and therefore doesn’t have too much
stuff going on externally. They’ve only included external components that they believe will
stand the test of time and won’t compromise the pack’s integrity. Starting with the harness
system – the shoulder straps feature some pretty
dense foam padding which will provide you with an
overall comfortable carry. There are a few things to note with this harness system though. You’re not going to find any load lifters, a hip belt or even a sternum strap. Considering this bag is only 30 liters, there isn’t a real
necessity for a hip belt or a sternum strap. And in
testing we didn’t miss them. However, we did find that
this bag can sit quite far away from your back,
especially if you have a smaller frame. And we feel that
load lifters would help a fair bit here with improving
the carry bringing the top of the pack closer to
your back and shoulders. Hideaway harness systems
tend to be hotly debated. You either think it’s
unnecessary or a vital inclusion. But Trakke has been able
to create a system that works seamlessly without being a hindrance if you don’t want to use it. And if you didn’t know
about it in the first place, you might not even realize
that it’s even there. The Trakke Storr features two handles – one on the top and one
on the right hand side. These look and feel like
they’re going to last a lifetime and while this is great,
you do lose a tiny bit of comfort due to the lack of any padding. We would’ve liked to have
seen a bit of padding on these handles but in all truth, you’re not going to be using
them for any length of time. After all, this is a backpack that’s designed to be worn on your back. There are also a few
accessory attachment points found on the exterior of the pack. First up – there is a D ring
located on the top left of the pack which is designed
for your luggage tags, or anything else you want to clip on. Next up – you’ll find some
Molle on the left-hand side. This Molle can be used
in conjunction with their Molle lashing straps which
provide a system through which you can attach certain accessories, like the Laggan Travel Accessory pouch to the side of the pack. However, you do not have to limit yourself to Trakke’s Molle products here. The Molle is primarily
designed to make the side of the Storr a versatile tool that you can attach whatever you’d like to. Some of you are going to
love the versatility that this Molle provides. However, we suspect there’s going to be some
people that will complain about the lack of a standardized
side water bottle pocket. So we’re going to leave
whether you like this or not up to you and your use case. Finally, as we’ve previously mentioned, every zip on the Trakke
Storr is a YKK AquaGuard 5CN. We love the decision here from
Trakke choosing one of the most water resistant zips
available on the market. Additionally, each zip features
a bright orange zipper pull that we think looks pretty
cool and it will help you easily open the pack whenever you need to. [upbeat music playing] The Trakke Storr features a
long diagonal zippered pocket on the front of the pack.
And this is for your quick-grab items – like your
passport, any chargers you may have, a wallet maybe –
and it is enormous and stretches nearly all the way down
to the bottom of the pack. You may think that this is
great, but in practice we found it to be a tad problematic. If you want to store your
small quick grab items like your passport in this pocket, you’re going to be fishing around
to find it most of the time. We would’ve loved to have seen
a smaller, additional quick- grab pocket somewhere on this pack. Now it’s time to open
up this pack all the way via it’s full clamshell opening and check out the main compartment. You’ll be struck straight away by Trakke’s vivid bright orange interior. Now it may be a little
bit off putting at first. But this really helps
kind of turn the lights on inside of the pack, and
it’s really easy to see exactly what’s going on inside of it. On the left hand side are
two zippered compartments for smaller items that
would otherwise get lost in a larger compartment, but can also be used for general organizing. We found them to be very useful and think they’re a great
addition to this compartment. On the right hand side there
is essentially a large bucket that is ideal for packing cubes. As with every bag, packing
cubes are never essential – but we always like to
utilize them with large clamshell compartments and
would recommend that you do too. Trakke does have their own packing cubes that are sold additionally to the pack, and they’re made of that same orange dry-finish waxed cotton canvas. These packing cubes aren’t
the most compressible, but they do work really well and are incredibly water resistant too. The final internal organization pocket within this main compartment
is cleverly tucked away along the middle seam of the pack. And it’s a long thin zippered pocket that is perfect for any valuables that you’d like securely hidden away. Every good one-bag travel pack
needs a laptop compartment. And just like the harness
system on this thing, Trakke has absolutely nailed it. Located at the back of the
pack just above the shoulder straps, this compartment will fit a 15 inch laptop with ease. And with dense padding on
the outside, you can be assured that your laptop
is going to be protected. [upbeat music playing] We’ve been testing the Trakke
Storr for the last two months and it’s seen use in Spain
and the southwest of England. When we first got our hands on this pack we could tell that we
were really going to enjoy putting it to the test.
And it didn’t disappoint. It’s tough to put into words
but the waxed cotton canvas and quality materials creates
a bag that just feels great. And so far, it has been an
absolute pleasure to use. Because of that waxed canvas exterior, marks can appear when
something rubs or catches on the outside. But it’s
important to remember that these aren’t actual
marks on the material – it’s just the wax. And
because of the bag style, we think it actually
improves the overall look. Trakke does sell reproofing wax if you ever need to layer up the
outside of the bag again, which will improve it’s water
resistance and its durability. In testing, the only real
cons that we found with this pack was the lack of a
standardized water bottle pocket on the side. And also the
fact that when you really fill this thing out
full of stuff, the front diagonal pocket here
can be a little bit hard to gain access to because all the room and the space inside is compressed. So getting your hand down
is just a little bit tight. Now depending on your
use case, the severity of these cons will differ –
but we just thought there’s a couple things to be
aware of from our perspective. When it comes to durability, the Trakke Storr doesn’t mess around. The waxed cotton canvas,
YKK zips, stainless steel and simplistic design all
come together to create a bag that is quite literally
made to last a lifetime. Trakke strive to make their
bags live as long as you do, which is quite the target.
But they’re certainly giving it their best shot. Even though we’ve only been
testing the Trakke Storr for around two months
now, we’re confident that it’s going to hold up for
a lot longer than that. And Trakke has even put their
money where their mouth is when it comes to this by
offering free repairs forever. Any company that stands
behind their product with a warranty like this is commendable, and we’re over the moon to see that Trakke has gone down this route. Now moving onto some pros and cons. The Trakke Storr is super durable and made with high quality materials. It’s perfect for minimal
one-bag travel. And the hideaway harness system
works flawlessly in practice. And we really like the way that they’ve handled this design feature. Now onto some cons. The
front pocket is hard to access when the pack is full. We feel that load lifters
would improve the overall carry significantly. And
the handles aren’t the comfiest when you have to hold
them for any length of time due to the lack of padding. The Trakke Storr is one
of the most beautifully crafted bags we’ve ever tested. And the pros heavily outweigh any minor gripes we have with this pack. It’s hand-made in Scotland
from quality materials sourced from within the UK. And even comes with free repairs forever. At 30 liters, this pack is ideal
for minimal one bag travel. It looks good in many
different environments and can handle just about any
adventure you throw at it. If you’re in the market
for investing in a bag that you can trust will
last you a lifetime, and maybe even a few years after that, then the Trakke Storr
is worth checking out. Thanks for taking a look at
our review of the Trakke Storr. And we’d love to hear
from you in the comments what you think about this pack. So make sure to leave one below. As ever, make sure to head over to,
sign up for our newsletter and never miss an update. Thanks for checking this one out. We will see you in the next video. (singing inaudibly) Vivid orange interior. (singing inaudibly)

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